Yoga and other 8 strokes to drive away constipation during pregnancy

In the clinic, pregnant women often ask the doctor what to do if constipation occurs in the second trimester.

In fact, constipation during pregnancy is mainly related to excessive fine diet and too little exercise.

In order to supplement nutrition, pregnant women will eat a lot of high-protein, high-feces foods, ignoring the fiber intake of vegetables.

In addition, excess women greatly reduce the amount of activity after pregnancy, sitting or lying all day, resulting in weakened peristaltic kinetic energy, aggravating the occurrence of abdominal distension and constipation.

Constipation during pregnancy can persist throughout pregnancy.

Some women start constipation early in pregnancy, often 3?
Defecation only once in 4 days; it is more serious in the third trimester, and the uterine swelling and compression shift, even 1?
No bowel movements for 2 weeks.

Therefore, pregnant women can alleviate constipation by adjusting their diet and lifestyle.

Here are eight ways to get rid of constipation during pregnancy.


Regular bowel movements determine a time for your bowel movement.

Even if you do n’t have any instincts, go to the bathroom and squat for a while. Long-term adherence will form a good habit of defecation on time.


After getting plenty of water to get up, drink a glass of cold water or honey water on an empty stomach before eating breakfast, which can promote implant reflex.

Usually drink plenty of water, drink more than 2000 ml of water every day.

When constipation occurs, drinking large amounts of water can soften stools and increase pressure in the large intestine, which promotes excretion of stools.


Adjust your diet. Eating more vegetables with high fiber content, such as cabbage, radish, celery, spinach, pumpkin, artemisia, bean, onion, rape, etc., can effectively relieve constipation.

There are also foods containing precipitated fibers of carbohydrates, such as bananas, sweet potatoes, shiitake mushrooms, kelp, konjac, sweet potatoes, etc.


Drink more yogurt Yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria, which are beneficial bacteria in the large intestine.

Supplementation with lactic acid bacteria can improve the characteristics of feces and promote the excretion of feces.


Avoid irritating foods. Eat garlic, pepper and other irritating foods as little as possible, and drink less tea, coffee, and carbonated beverages to reduce stress on the large intestine.


Proper exercise to avoid sedentary and long standing, the purpose is to promote blood circulation and help perfusion.

Take a walk every day?
2 times, each half an hour.

Those with conditions can do pregnancy yoga, abdominal massage, etc. under the guidance of professionals.

It should be noted that the doctor recommends that pregnant women who are resting or have other symptoms should follow the doctor’s advice.


Eliminate mental stress When tension or stress is too high, the peristalsis in the hospital will also slow down, so pregnant women must learn to relieve tension.

At this time, you can listen to music and read relaxed and humorous books to help relieve stress and tension and help prevent constipation.


If pregnant women have more severe constipation, it is recommended to use drugs to soften the anus under the guidance of a doctor. Never use drugs without authorization.

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Various “people” show health

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to hearing, smelling, asking, and cutting. Nearly listening to an old traditional Chinese medicine introduction, each of us can understand our body from the color and condition of our own. These important signals allow us to understand and grasp our own physical conditions.Now introduced as follows: 1.
Healthy people are neat, in the middle of the position, the ditch is clear and symmetrical, and the color is yellow and red.
If the person is narrow and narrow, or the channel is narrow and narrow, the person is short, and the color is dark, the heart is generally not very good, and angina is easy to occur.
The color is red in people, especially near the lips, showing the invasion of heat and evil, and blood stasis in the body.
The yellow color in humans indicates weak spleen and stomach. If it is yellow, the spleen and stomach are cold, and there may be chronic diseases.
Relaxation of sulcus muscles in humans indicates weak spleen and kidneys and insufficient blood and qi.
People are blue, but there is cold and damp inside, lesbians may have dysmenorrhea, and gays may have testicular problems.
The color is green and black in people, indicating that the liver and kidneys may be sick.
People are dark green in color and may have cholecystitis and biliary colic.
People are pale in color and may have chronic ulcerative colitis.
The color is dark in humans (this black is different from dark complexion), which means that the cold is severe and there may be genitourinary diseases.

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Avoid common sense of bad healthy life

In daily life, people will develop all kinds of habits, but some lifestyle habits will endanger your health. Here are some types of bad habits that should be paid attention to and avoided in daily life.

  When a person gets up and folds in bed, during the sleep process, the skin will emit a large amount of water vapor, and the quilt will be wet to varying degrees; a person’s breathing and body pores will emit a variety of gases.

Eager to quilt, wet and chemically contaminated quilts will endanger human health.

  People who do not eat breakfast for a long time will cause malnutrition, anemia, decreased resistance, and pancreas and gallstones.

  Loose belts after meals are prone to intestinal torsion, which can cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, vomiting, and susceptibility to stomach sagging and other diseases.

  Sleeping immediately after meals can easily cause heartburn and indigestion, and you will gain weight.

If the blood supply is insufficient, falling asleep after a meal can easily cause a stroke.

  Full food can easily cause memory loss, mental retardation, lack of focus, and reduced emergency response capacity.

If you eat frequently, it will induce gallstones, cholecystitis, diabetes and other diseases.

  Eating sugar on an empty stomach For a long time, eating sugar on an empty stomach will affect various normal functions of the human body, making the human body weak and prolonging life.

  Eating too salty foods can easily develop or worsen high blood pressure and hypertension.

  Rest at the desk Most people will have temporary blurred vision after taking a nap at the desk, and their vision will be damaged in the long run.

  The spine bends during prone sleep, which increases the pressure on muscles and ligaments, so that people still cannot rest when they sleep.

In addition, it will increase the pressure on the retina, heart, lungs, and face, causing swelling and bloodshot eyes in the back.

  The blood circulation of Kenjiro’s legs is not good, which affects his health.

In the case of venous tumors, arthritis, neuralgia, and venous thrombosis, the disease is more serious.

Especially people with long legs or pregnant women can easily get venous thrombosis.

  Forbearing urination may cause acute cystitis, frequent urination, dysuria, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

People with a urination habit may develop bladder cancer five times more than the average person.

  Lazy sleep can cause a certain degree of artificial brain dysfunction, leading to impaired understanding and memory, and will reduce immune function.

  After over-stressed and mentally and physically laboring, life is accompanied by a weakening of anti-fatigue and disease prevention capabilities, and boots may cause a variety of diseases.

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The magical health effects of yoga

In simple terms, yoga is a training that restores the body’s self-healing ability by adjusting the breathing by consciousness, achieving body balance in the body posture.

  ”Only you can cure your own illness.” Focusing on spirituality and social services, Lin Chongming, a senior yoga teacher of Ananda Maga, believes that yoga can stimulate the body’s glands and nervous system and return to the most natural state.The fact of coordination can also be improved.

  For example, research has found that yoga can improve discomfort in menopausal women.

  Physicians at the Boston College of Physiology use yoga’s forward bending movements to massage the neuroendocrine gland axes, such as the thyroid and adrenal glands, to adjust the emotional instability and insomnia caused by hormonal disorders in menopausal women.

  However, it is generally recommended as an adjuvant therapy and cannot replace hormone therapy.

  Practicing yoga for more than 30 years, 57-year-old is still a girl’s posture. Yoga teacher Zou Baoxiang, wearing a t-shirt and flared pants, smiled. When the classmates knew that she had almost no symptoms of menopause, a group of people came to learn yoga with her.

  Yoga emphasizes complete physical training and is also helpful for special diseases.

  A recent experiment supported by the US Department of Health’s Center for Complementary Therapies found that yoga can improve fatigue in patients with multiple sclerosis and outperform other sports.

  The deep breathing of yoga helps to concentrate; the complete and balanced contraction and contraction movement can train the muscles and joints of the whole body, which is an effect that cannot be achieved by a single exercise such as walking or cycling.

  At present, the National Multiple Sclerosis Association of the United States has recognized yoga as one of the projects, and even has a specially designed yoga teaching manual for multiple sclerosis patients who want to take yoga classes.

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What’s your attraction to the opposite sex?

Would you like to share a short life with some kind of opposite sex?

Are you attractive enough to him or her?

When will he spend time with you?

  1 When you know a person of the opposite sex, and he promises to call you, the result: A The other party calls the next day, and this is true every day.

  Although B called you, he seemed very busy.

  C didn’t call you.

  D only called you in the middle of the night and asked if you would like to see him right away.

  E keep his promise.

  2 What do you think is the opposite sex with you: A is too romantic.

  B is easily moved.

  C is a rational person.

  D is only occasionally enthusiastic.

  E is enthusiastic most of the time.

  3 When you call your favorite opposite sex, the other party’s general response is: A encourages you to do this often.

  B let you know that they are ready to call you.

  C seems very busy and has no time to talk to you.

  D They promised to call you and they broke their promise.

  E Li is still in business, and I call you from time to time.

  4 In ordinary life, how do you want your favorite person to treat you?

  A taxi for you.

  B scrambles to pay.

  C is always with you.

  D often goes out with you.

  E each pays, and no one owes anyone.

  5 When he is in a bad mood, he will: A keep talking, hoping to get your advice.

  B confesses that his problems are not as serious as yours.

  C showed nothing.

  D appears to be solving the problem for you.

  E tells you that he is in a bad mood, but can overcome difficulties independently.

  6 When you discuss the problem, the other party’s reaction is often: A speaks out his serious problem.

  B tells you how to solve the problem.

  C avoided talking.

  D thinks you have enough ability to deal with it independently.

  E discusses issues with you and supports your opinion.

  7 When you have a great disagreement on a certain issue, he will: A agree with you and give in everywhere.

  B convinces you that he is right, and you are wrong.

  C considers your opinions, but his own views remain unchanged.

  D turns a deaf ear to your opinions.  E discuss with you patiently.

  8 When your sweetheart is with your friends, he will: A ignore them.

  B politely chats with each other.

  C wantonly laughed at them.

  D talks about someone who looks good and is sexy.

  E appears friendly but respects you very much.

  Come to see which one you choose the most among A, B, C, D, E, and then analyze and judge against the following!

  Analysis of results Mostly choose A. Your charm lies in your strong and independent personality. The reason why the other party loves you is because you show a strong appearance, so that the other party can rely on and rely on you. You are often financially independent and know how to express your feelings.And thinking people, you who are enthusiastic, will feel that you can give them hope.

  Mostly choose B. Your charm can bring you a weaker like a little girl, and weak Liu Fufeng’s posture or temperament.

What the other person likes you the most is the poor person who shows weakness and needs protection. The other person will feel that he is very important and must be with you all his life.

You will make people feel that taking care of you is a responsibility that you don’t have to shirk, nor can you shirk.

  In most cases, you can give the other party enough psychological space, so the other party will find you considerate and considerate.

You can attract the other person because you can make the other person to have a love relationship with you without any psychological pressure. You know how to be considerate of the other person’s workplace or other unspeakable things.

  Mostly choose D. You are a contented person.

Know what you want and what you want.

You don’t have much demand for the opposite sex, and the other person naturally appreciates this.

And your love objects are almost self-centered people. When you fall in love with them, you often reduce your value and accommodate the other person.

I don’t think much about my inner feelings, even if I am not willing to do it, I will force my thoughts in order to achieve harmony between the two sides.

  Mostly choose E to indicate that the person you are interested in is a person who is decent and knows how to solve problems on your own, and you are also a strong and efficient person who is very human and loves creating life.

It is because of the different things, different views, and different personalities between the two of you that you are attracted to each other by these independent and different flash points.

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Treatment of skin diseases

Skin diseases are common diseases in our daily lives.

Spring and autumn are changed every year, especially when spring is coming, pollen floating in the air, flying dust, catkins, and people’s various bad eating or living habits. The decreasing awareness of immunity can cause various skin diseases at any time.

Its main manifestations are: eczema, acne, urticaria, pigmentation and acute sores.

  For skin diseases, doctors generally use both internal and external treatment.

Diet therapy, although not absolute, can completely treat patients’ diseases, but it is of great help to alleviate the patient’s condition and accelerate or consolidate the treatment effect.

  Ingredients for allergic dermatitis: take 10 grams of windproof powder, 5 grams of nepeta, 5 grams of chinese bellflower, and 10 grams of licorice, boil it for tea or filter its juice and add rice for porridge.

  Eczema is divided into acute eczema and chronic eczema.

  In the acute stage, purslane, barley kernel rice, windproof, red beans, raw licorice are used for tea or porridge.

  For chronic eczema, use lily, barley kernel rice, angelica, raw licorice, as above, but insist on it for a long time.

  Urticaria ingredients: 10 grams of windproof, 10 grams of cicada, 10 grams of raw licorice, 12 grams of purple grass are boiled as tea.

Hand, foot and sweaty raw materials: 30 grams of kudzu root, 30 grams of dried staff washed with water, smoked and then soaked.

once a day.

  Stained peach blossom baijiu raw materials: Take 250 grams of peach blossom, 30 grams of baijiu, and 1000ml of baijiu respectively in two porcelain bottles and soak. After sealing for one month, take 10?
20 ml.

You can also pour the affected part of your face in the palm of your hand.

After 60 days, there will be significant effects.

  Ingredients of black fungus and red date soup: Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates to remove the seeds, boil on fire, boil for 1 hour, add honey and mix well, drink soup once in the morning and evening.

  Take the red radish raw materials, wash the white radish to remove the roots and green pedicles, cut into small pieces and squeeze the juice and drink.

Radish can also be used as a vegetable, even for several months, the effect is also obvious.

  Ingredients for walnut milk drink: take walnut kernels, grind sesame into powder, mix with milk and soy milk, add a small amount of white sugar and pour in a pan and cook.

One bowl each morning and evening.

Eggs can be added during cooking.

  For patients with long pigmentation, eat more Chinese wolfberry, peach blossom, fungus, persimmon, mung bean, winter melon, cow’s milk, pig kidney, trotter, cucumber, goat’s milk, coriander, eggs, honey, eggplant, etc.

  Ingredients for crisp sore celery juice: 100 grams of celery, 1 small tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, and 1/5 of lemon.

Wash them and squeeze the juice.

  Ingredients for radish juice: radish, celery, onion juice.

Wash and squeeze the three vegetables as above.

  Ingredients for peach kernel and hawthorn tea: Take 9 grams of peach kernel, 9 grams of hawthorn tea, 9 grams of Fritillaria, and make a moderate amount of green tea.

The effect is obvious around 30 days.

  Brittle sore soup takes 15 grams of kelp, 15 grams of mung beans, 9 grams of sweet almonds, 6 grams of roses and boiled brown sugar, drink soup, eat kelp, mung beans, sweet almonds.

One dose per day, even 20?
30 days.

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What to do: constipation favors women

The reporter learned from the adult hospital that in recent years, the number of constipation patients visiting the hospital has continued to increase. Among them, women and the elderly are the majority, and the proportion of students at school is also high.

  Healthy people also have constipation According to experts, in fact, eating and defecation are a habit.

People often say that they are hungry after eating, but even if they eat more in the next meal, it will affect people’s health and defecation.

People do a lot of work every day in order to live, and sometimes they feel that they have a bowel movement, but they ca n’t or do not have the conditions to defecate, so they just do n’t want to.

After more times, I gradually felt that my stool was dry and it was difficult to defecate. Even when I could n’t go to the toilet, I became constipated.

Young people have irregular diets, go online, do not exercise, get up late and get up early, which may cause constipation.

  Experts engaged in long-term digestive treatment for long-term use of drugs for defecation told reporters that suffering from constipation need not be overly nervous. She said that if constipation is obtained, it will not cause complications and will only cause abdominal distension.

Long-term constipation may cause hemorrhoids. Due to long-term inability to constipate or block defecation, the stool becomes hard and dry, and it is easy to cause hemorrhoids.

  Too many people think that even if constipation is caused, as long as you take an excretion medicine or an enema to eliminate the feces accumulated in the body, there is no major obstacle.

If the drug is used for a long time to defecate, it is easy for the body to have complications with the drug, leading to hypothyroidism and anal function.

Long-term enema can shorten the rectal mucosa feeling dull, slow defecation reflex, and aggravate constipation, but it is conducive to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  To avoid constipation, it is not difficult to avoid constipation. Experts will give detailed introductions from various aspects, such as diet and daily life.

First, eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, including vitamins and fiber.

Eat less spicy foods, such as pepper, mustard, ginger, etc. Get up every morning with a cup of warm boiling water to increase moisture and help smooth bowel movements.

  Regarding the rules of daily life, we should develop good bowel habits.

After getting up in the morning and after meals, it is the best time to defecate. The whole body oscillates faster after meals, which helps to defecate.

  In addition, strengthening exercise is also critical.

Regular participation in a variety of sports activities, increasing the amount of activity, etc. can enhance the body’s resistance, reduce the incidence of disease, and have a certain preventive effect on hemorrhoids.

  Experts remind: if constipation occurs, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Do not use medicine at will. If you use the medicine improperly, your condition will worsen, and serious complications will cause other complications.

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Reveal the secrets of unknown sleep!

What do you do when your head touches the pillow?

There is no doubt that sleep can meet people’s very basic needs-like maintaining your physical health, let alone preparing for your precious time the next day.

But after you go to bed and turn off the lights, a lot of things will happen that you don’t know.

  But after you go to bed and turn off the lights, a lot of things will happen that you don’t know.
Did you know that sleep affects your memory, heart condition and even the health of your teeth?

Here, we will unveil the facts and tell you some questions about sleep that you have never known before.

  Transitioning from a special holiday to a holiday rally, the brain restarts the experience during sleep, and long-term memory is mainly formed at this time.

But how do you remember what happened?

Researchers who follow the University of Lubeck in Germany say that in addition to deepening their memory while sleeping, they also have a clearer understanding of the sequence of their experiences.

  Students are better able to remember reservations for supplementary words.

They allowed one of the students to sleep and the other group could not.

Those who were allowed to sleep remembered the order of the words more than those who did not.

  A good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy body.

Lack of sleep can lead to high blood pressure, and in the case of high blood pressure, people’s blood pressure will be elevated for a long time.

Naturally this increases the risk of high blood pressure.

  Seriously, ordinary, healthy citizens who continue to be deprived of normal sleep also have a long-term increasing threat of high blood pressure.

A constant lack of sleep can cause changes in the body’s chemicals and hormones, including the release of stress hormones such as adrenaline.

  Sleep and smile Shaking and turning over while sleeping can affect your smile.

A survey in the Journal of Periodontology shows that the length of sleep can have a significant effect on your teeth.

Although smoking has the greatest negative impact on oral preventive care, the amount of time you sleep also affects oral care.

The survey followed 219 Japanese workers from 1999 to 2003.

  Those who had seventy hours of sleep at night had fewer periodontal diseases than those who had six hours of sleep.

Researchers believe that lack of sleep can contract the body’s immune system, which can lead to unhealthy teeth.

  People’s sleep has its own rhythm. If you find that you are often awake and very active late at night, you may have a genetic mutation.

That changed gene could explain why some people like late at night.

Genes affect the cycle of the body’s physiological rhythm, that is, the biological clock that keeps our metabolism, digestion, and sleep patterns synchronized.

  Researchers found that some mice had abnormally long circadian rhythms, about 27 hours.

The normal cycle is 24 hours.

These mice have mutant genes.

Similarly, night owls stay in bed longer than normal, even longer.

In addition, people who do not sleep late at night are even more unable to control their sleep, which also makes insomnia worse.

  Sleep as little as possible Some people can tolerate very little sleep, while others need a lot of sleep to live properly.

If you lack sleep but still feel good, it should be your genetic problem.

A survey by the University of Surrey shows that some people have a hard time staying awake for 2 days without sleep, but others can stay awake anyway.

  In order to investigate further, the researchers gave those experimenters a chance to sleep normally, and then found that some experimenters spend more time in slow-wave sleep, which is the deepest form of sleep.

For them, it is more difficult to stay alert and healthy with physical activity if they lack sleep.

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How to prevent it everyday

What is the “power” of Western medicine?
How to prevent it everyday

Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, referred to as dysfunctional uterine bleeding, is a common gynecological disease.

It refers to abnormal uterine bleeding caused by dysfunction of the neuroendocrine system regulating reproduction, and there is no organic disease in the systemic and internal and external reproductive organs.

Menstrual blood can occur in women of any age from menarche to menopause. The main symptoms are that the menstrual cycle becomes different, the menstrual period is prolonged, the amount of menstruation is excessive, or irregular vaginal bleeding.

What is the dysfunctional uterus?

Gynecologists said that dysfunctional uterine bleeding is generally divided into two categories, namely, anovulatory and ovulation, and no ovulation is more than 80%.

More common in adolescence and menopause, ovulation occurs mainly in the childbearing age.

Many factors inside and outside the body can cause dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

For example, mental stress, fear, sadness, fatigue, environmental and climate change, malnutrition and anemia.

Adolescent dysfunctional uterine bleeding is due to follicular development in the ovary but not ovulation; uterine growth and dysfunctional uterine bleeding due to various internal and external stimuli may cause ovulation dysfunction or stop in a short period of time; menopausal dysfunctional uterine bleeding is due to natural decline of ovarian function, ovulation stops.

Uterine bleeding is directly regulated by estrogen and progesterone. When the ovaries do not ovulate, progesterone can not be produced. The endometrium is only stimulated by estrogen and proliferated. Because of the different levels of estrogen, females will occur.Hormone hormone withdrawal blood or estrogen breakthrough bleeding, endometrial reduction caused by anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

There is no organic disease in dysfunctional uterine bleeding, but massive or long-term bleeding leads to weakness and causes complications such as anemia and complications. Female patients should be treated promptly while relaxing their spirits.

How do daily women prevent dysfunctional uterine bleeding?

So how do women prevent dysfunctional uterine bleeding in life?

Gynecologists introduce you to four aspects: 1, pay attention to the weather: add and subtract clothes, blocked, to avoid excessive cold and overheating caused by the body’s secretion disorder caused by prolonged menstruation, increased bleeding.

2, the normal pace of life: work to achieve a relaxation, to avoid overwork.

Adolescent girls don’t want to go online all night, entertain, and prevent endocrine disorders caused by irregular life and overwork, leading to the occurrence of puberty dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

3, pay attention to emotional regulation: avoid excessive stress and mental stimulation.

Studies have shown that adolescent girls’ emotional changes are often greater than other periods in their lifetime, and mood swings or mental stimulation are one of the important triggers of puberty dysfunctional uterine bleeding.

4, strengthen budget adjustment: increase protein, iron and vitamin foods, such as meat, eggs, milk and fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

Reasonable and reasonable is not only beneficial to improve the body’s metabolism, enhance physical fitness; it is also conducive to enhancing hemoglobin content and reducing the degree of anemia.

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Those embarrassing things with children

Moms often encounter awkward things when they go out.

At this time, if you are alone, regardless of whether the method is proper or not, and the result, you will soon forget it afterwards.

But if your child is right next to you, then pay special attention to how to deal with it.

  Because the child ‘s eyes are like a camera, he photographs your way of doing things and burns them in a small head of melon. If you do n’t handle your way well, it will have a bad impact on your child ‘s psychological behavior.

Have you and your child encountered the following embarrassment?

How did you handle it?

How much do you rate your approach?

  Field 1 Jing Wenwen’s mom took Wen Wen to a clothing wholesale market to buy clothes.

She fancy a red blouse, and the hawker selling clothes urged her to try and said it didn’t matter if she didn’t buy it.

But when Wenwen’s mother was trying on clothes, the buttons fell off when she touched the clothes. As a result, the hawker selling clothes had to buy Wenwen ants and took the opportunity to ask for a very unreasonable price.

Wenwen’s mother knew that she had been a hawker, and she was fighting hard on reason, but she was afraid to scare Wenwen. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

  100 points mother: revolution first civilized, reasoned, not buying, if the other party is too tough and unreasonable, you can call 110 or find the market management department to solve it.

In order to protect the personal safety of yourself and your child, you can also buy it first, then leave the place where you sell clothes and then dial 110 or ask for help from relevant departments.

  Opinion: It protects your rights without affecting your child.

  60 points mother: I’m sorry to encounter this situation.

In the past, children were taught to be polite, so in this case, they should not be too tough and make children feel impolite.

If you teach your child to argue for everything, there will be more trouble in the future, and the girl should teach her to be courteous, right?

Too struggling is easy to feel unhappy.

The things are not too expensive and can be bought.

Just pay attention to adopt a certain way to make the child feel that they have not encountered a strong buy, just like not to show a very angry look, even to temper the child.

  Opinion: Protecting children but losing their rights should also prevent them from an opportunity to learn how to protect themselves.

  Failing mother: Mother A: arguing with the hawker, swearing, or even tearing a ball, regardless of whether the child has been scared to tears.

  Mother B: I bought clothes with a look of anxiety, but turned around and lost my temper at the child, and even took the child out of temper.

  Opinion: Mother A will scare the child and make the child uncultivated; Mother B will easily make the child lose the principle of doing things, forming a cowardly and timid personality.

  The scene of 2 scenes and a 3 year old gratitude is a very energetic little boy, and one day he got into trouble to let his mother take him out to play.

Since he would not take off his trousers and wear trousers by himself, it would not be possible to fool alone and poop.

Therefore, every time his mother goes out, he should take him to the men ‘s toilet or the women ‘s toilet. Going to the women ‘s toilet, let him see so many aunts and many things that should not be seen in and out, not very good; it ‘s best to go to the men ‘s toilet., But it is impossible for him to follow up.

Is it best to let your baby be on the street?

  100 points mother: I usually take him out with the baby’s father, and when this happens, give him a poop to take care of the baby, boo.

When I take a baby out, I usually let him pull the stinks at home. When I go out alone, I have also asked a man who looks good to help take the child to the men’s toilet, but sometimes the child is very shy and refuses to have someone bring it.

If it does n’t work, I ‘ll take the child to the women ‘s toilet, but I ‘ll go first to see if there ‘s an obstruction in the toilet, otherwise I ‘ll never take him in.

He certainly doesn’t know the difference between boys and girls, but after all, the child is curious about sex at 3 years old. I don’t think it is wise for a boy to see his mother and change his sanitary napkin.

Some mothers take her son to the ladies ‘toilets often, which makes me embarrassed, and many public ladies’ toilets are not covered.

I think it’s impossible to find a place to solve, anyway, boys are not afraid to look.

  Opinion: Mom is very careful and thoughtful.

  60 points mom: There should be nothing, there are educational articles on Cradle Online about parents that should be positive about their children’s sex.

A colleague from my unit told him when the child was very young that the sanitary napkin was used to wipe the buttocks. As a result, the child is now 10 years old and uses it as sanitary paper whenever he sees the sanitary napkin.

It may not be necessary to take the child to the women’s restroom and let him see some things that should not be seen properly.Moreover, the women’s toilets are now covered.

  Opinion: The mother’s starting point is good, but positive sex education is not the same as this kind of direct face-to-face, such as changing a sanitary napkin in front of a baby boy, in front of the child, and intimate with her husband.Not suitable.

  Failing mother: The child is so small, there is nothing to do on the street.

  Opinion: 3 years old has already reached the age of etiquette education. When you are on the street, it may make your painstaking results into nothing, and it is not conducive to the concept of cultivating children.

  Xiaoqiang’s mother took Xiaoqiang to the supermarket to buy things. Xiaoqiang took the gum on the shelf into her pocket while her mother didn’t pay attention.

They were stopped by security at the exit and told the supermarket that “stealing a penalty of ten” and insisting on a fine.

Xiaoqiang looked at the stern security guard and hid behind his mother.

  100 points mother: If it is me, in this case, I will protect myself: first call the relatives or friends who are not in the supermarket and let them take the child first, and I will stay to solve the problem.

Then find opportunities to educate children in later life, this cannot be the case.

  Opinion: This may have the least psychological impact on the child.

  60-point mother: You can call the police. Security guards only have the right to arrest, but not law enforcement.

I will not quarrel with him, causing the child to say, baby, we have a little trouble to solve, you stay quietly next to your mother, wait until the mother invites the police uncle to make a game together, don’t be afraid.

  Opinion: If you can’t control the situation, there will be people watching, and the rude attitude of the security may scare the child and make him feel like a thief, thus shame and panic.

However, this can allow children to learn how adults can solve difficult problems in life.

  Failing mother: Let them punish.

Just let the child know that they can’t do it next time.

  Opinion: From your attitude of understatement of paying fines, the child cannot understand that the generation is wrong. If he does not think well, he will think that taking things is a fun game behavior.

  Before the embarrassing things of taking a child to be promoted to parents, I believe that many small families have done a lot of preparations, and even confidently think that they can be qualified parents.

However, really meeting the little guy who thinks about day and night, and the clutter and overwhelming is definitely the norm for novice parents.

Let’s share the experience and experience of Amy’s mother!

  Before Amy was born, I read a lot of parenting books, and often learned from friends who have children. I thought I was ready to meet the baby’s arrival, but the moment I met the baby, thisEverything is messed up, and there are these embarrassing things . In the first few weeks of Amy’s birth, I wish I could find advice from everyone around me, but don’t do that.

Because there are often different opinions from different people, and these opinions may contradict each other, just like a friend told me that my baby should sleep with her mother, but the parenting book strongly opposed it.

It is said that the baby has no problem sucking the little finger, but the pediatrician says that she needs to be soothed, and even different experts have different parenting suggestions.

Who should I listen to?

  Solution: Your own baby knows best.

Believe that you can do well. Our intuition is the best guide. If we listen to everyone’s opinions, then we will lose the fun and principles of creating life. You must understand that baby is your own.

  After Amy was born, whenever I held her in my arms, I felt that she was the whole of my life. I often ignored the child and her dad. Later, I thought about it. From the carefree two-person world to the arrival of the baby, it is actuallyThe biggest challenge to marriage, if we often put our children first and ignore each other, then the other party will inevitably be “jealous.”

  Solution: Give the other party more attention in a timely manner.

Give yourself one night each week as a date for two.

We can talk about babies and other things.

Paying attention to each other and becoming a habit is very helpful for marriage.

  Sometimes when Amy was crying, watching her child and her dad were clumsy, I would blame and order him constantly.

In fact, we are all the same. Parenting requires a learning process, so do not exclude novice dads from parenting.

  Solution: Learn together and progress together.

When two people learn to be parents together, both parties will feel more relaxed, learn from each other, and master more skills.

  When Amy was born 15 days ago, she had a very heavy breath, like a cold. It scared me into a cold sweat, and quickly called my husband. The husband was also anxious. Finally, the girl ‘s second grandmother came over, looked at her nose, and got dirty.Good, well, a false alarm.

  Solution: Take it easy.

In fact, we don’t have to worry too much, the baby is not as vulnerable as we think.

  I have a bad habit. Whenever I meet a friend who has a child, will she ask her baby to sleep all night?

Do you laugh? Wait, and then secretly take your own baby companionship, always hope that your baby is stronger than others.  Solution: Each baby’s development is different and has its own rules.

We need to treat our baby’s development with an ordinary mindset and a relaxed mood.

  Everyone will tell novice parents that babies will change the lives of novice parents.

But no one tells the novice parents that the baby ‘s money bag with the novice parents is drying up. The novice parents want to give everything to the baby, and have no regrets.

  Solution: Reasonably plan for moderate expansion.

Creating a table will reduce overpayments for novice parents.

Find experienced parents and novice parents to buy things together, they will tell the novice parents what is really useful, novice parents can also be fooled

  After I have a baby, I feel that time is not enough. I always turn around Amy. My own affairs are always dragged behind. Since I became a housewife, I feel like I am out of society.Take care of yourself moderately and give yourself some space and time.

  Solution: While Amy is asleep, you can go online, watch TV or a book, and find a friend to talk on the phone. This will relax you after a tiring day.

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