The elderly suffer from ailments: going to the hospital is equivalent to “spending money”

The old human body is weak, and the body is uncomfortable. It is normal, but as a child, we are anxious, hate that we are not a doctor, and can not help, so we can only bring the elderly to the hospital, and peace of mind.
However, most of the elderly are ill-healed, which makes the children very puzzled, obviously uncomfortable, and stubborn.
In fact, the elderly are not willing to go to the hospital is not reluctant, but they have their own views on illness.
  Going to the hospital is tantamount to “spending money.” The old people are now experiencing hardships. When they were young, they went to work late and late to work hard to pull the children up. Now every corner of the body is hard to come by.
In addition to the difficulty of the hospital, the registration of the hospital, not only the high cost of testing, inspection fees, even the ordinary medicine is more expensive than the pharmacy, more terrible is sometimes tossing all day, but can not check the problem.
  The elderly nowadays are generally chronically ill, even if they are uncomfortable, they would rather go to the pharmacy to buy medicine than to go to the hospital.
  If you have a small illness, you can’t let your child worry. Even if it is a small illness, if you go to the hospital, you can always find out some problems under the test of various instruments.
This not only makes the old man psychologically afraid, but also the family members are worried.
So many times, the old man simply does not show it, and he wants to endure it.
  However, Xiao Bian also reminds the elderly that if he suddenly feels some pain in his body, he still can’t bear it, so as not to aggravate the condition and delay treatment.
  This disease is not serious, and it is better to raise a lot. Many elderly people have no concept of certain diseases, and they have never even heard of it. They simply think that it is delicious and good to raise.
This is a big mistake. Some common colds and back pains can really get better through nursed back to health, but some of the viscera still need to go to the hospital for treatment, in order to heal.
  Therefore, the elderly must have a basic understanding of the disease, and when the body is in trouble, they can judge in time whether they need medical treatment.
  There is no dutiful son in front of a long illness bed, and he is afraid to get sick. As the saying goes, “There is no filial son in front of a long illness bed.” Children have their own work. It is impossible to stay with you every day, and the economic pressure at home is long, and the feelings will be alienated.
  Therefore, the reason why the elderly are ill-healed is because they are not convinced, and they are not willing to believe that they are ill.
In the face of this situation, the family must not be angry, need to slowly solve the old man, make sense, and move with emotion is the best way to persuade.

10 foods that should not be missed in spring health

The ancient famous doctor Sun Sizhen said: “Spring is suitable for the province to increase the sweetness, to raise the temper.

“It means that in the spring, you should eat less acid and eat more sweet.”

Chinese medicine believes that when the liver is vigorous in the spring, eating sour foods that the liver is too strong and damaging the spleen and stomach, so should eat less sour food.

And people’s outdoor activities in the spring are more than winter, the physical exertion is prolonged, and the required conversion is increased.

However, at this time, the spleen and stomach are weak, and the gastrointestinal digestion ability is poor. It is not suitable for eating greasy meat. Therefore, the transformation can be supplied with appropriate sweets.

Jujube is just like this spring fragrance spleen.

  Spring bud spring day food spring buds.

Confucius said “from time to time, not eating”, meaning that it is not something that is not eaten this season.

The traditional Chinese medicine classic “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” also said that it is necessary to “eat the valley”, that is, to eat seasonal food.

All the plants in spring produce green buds, and there are many spring buds that can be eaten, such as citron, bean sprouts, garlic, bean sprouts, and lettuce.

  Honey Chinese medicine believes that honey is sweet, into the spleen and stomach, can make up the benefits of Qi, laxative.

The weather in spring is changeable, the weather is cold and warm, and people are prone to catch colds.

Because honey contains a variety of minerals, vitamins, and the function of clearing the lungs and detoxification, it can enhance human immunity and is the most ideal tonic in spring.

Therefore, in the spring, if you can take 1-2 spoons of honey a day, take a cup of warm boiled water or add milk, it has a nourishing effect on the body.

  Longan longan dry and sore liver and blood deficiency, poor blood circulation, easy to sleep in the spring, no spirit.

The longan can enter the spleen and nourish the blood, the spleen and stomach can nourish the liver, the liver and the gas are also sufficient. If you can’t sleep well at night, people who are prone to dizziness can eat more.

However, people who are often dry and easy to get angry, and those who are hot and dry are less likely to eat. It is recommended not to eat more than half of the palm of the hand for one day.

  Glutinous rice glutinous rice cake supplement glutinous rice has Buzhong Yiqi, supplement the role of nutrition, cold and early spring to eat glutinous rice, can warm the spleen and stomach, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, suitable for spleen and stomach qi deficiency, often diarrhea, it is suitable for cold weatherPeople who have abdominal pain or diarrhea or cold stomach can eat it, but glutinous rice is not easy to digest. If it is easily indigestible, eat about half of the palm of the hand in one day.

  The spring climate of leeks is different, and it is necessary to maintain yang, and leeks are most suitable for human yang.

Amaranth contains nutrients such as volatile oil, protein, traces and multivitamins. It has the functions of strengthening stomach, refreshing and strengthening kidney.

Spring 韭 is the best among the leeks, and the taste is especially delicious.

Its roots are as white as jade, green leaves are like green, and the fragrance is fragrant.

Spring 韭 eats a variety of methods, both meat, eggs, shrimp, cuttlefish, etc., can also be used as steamed dumplings stuffing.

Add some spring scallions when fried green bean sprouts or tofu, especially aromatic and delicious.

  The spring bamboo shoots, which are known as the “first vegetarian food”, are delicious dishes that have been loved by people since ancient times.

Scholars and foodies are amazed at it, and there is a saying that “the early adopters have no springs.”

The spring bamboo shoots are rich, delicious and refreshing, rich in nutrients, and can be used.

Different practices, different flavors, fried, stewed, boiled, and simmered into a dish.

Local famous spring bamboo shoots occupy a place, such as Shanghai’s “Huangchun Bamboo Shoot”, Nanjing’s “Spring Bamboo White Chicken”, and Zhejiang “South Meat Spring Bamboo Shoot”.

However, it is very difficult to eat fresh spring bamboo shoots in the north. If it is a bubble in the Marmaris, it will be fine.

  Cherry has the reputation of “the first branch of spring fruit” and is currently cultivated in some places.

The cherry fruit is thick, juicy and juicy, rich in color and rich in nutrients. Its iron content is particularly prominent, more than 20 times more than citrus, pear and apple, ranking first in fruit.

Cherry is warm, sweet and slightly acidic, with Buzhong Yiqi, Tiaozhongyiyan, spleen appetizer.

Spring cherry can be sweating, qi, hurricane and rash.

It should be noted that the cherry is a fire, not too much food, the body yin and anger should not eat or eat less.

Can’t eat cherries, strawberries are also a good choice.

  Raisin raisins are good for gas, the role of blood, can raise liver and blood, suitable for people who are prone to anemia, often dizzy.

People who are prone to dizziness in spring usually have insufficient blood and raisins are enough for iron. For women, it is necessary for hematopoiesis. However, because of the high sugar content, they are afraid of fat. Diabetic patients and people who are prone to diarrhea should eat less.Do not eat more than half of the palm of your hand.  Onion, ginger and garlic are not only seasoning products, but also important medicinal value, which can increase appetite, help Chunyang, and also have the effect of sterilization and disease prevention.

In spring, onions and garlic are the most nutritious and tenderest in the year, and the most fragrant, best-tasting. At this time, eating can prevent the most common respiratory infections in spring.

The scallions scrambled eggs or scallions and sauces that the northerners love in spring are the best way to eat nutritiously and conform to the solar terms.

Men choose a total of Chinese patent medicines to be more MAN

Nocturnal emission refers to semen self-existing during sleep. Generally, the dream is called spermatorrhea, and no dream ejaculation is called slippery essence.

Adult men once a month with secondary spermatorrhea, is a normal physiological phenomenon, only excessive repetitive spermatorrhea, and even semen out during the day, is pathological.

  Premature ejaculation means that ejaculation occurs shortly after entering or entering the vagina before the penis enters the vagina.

  Impotence refers to a disease in which the penis cannot be erect or erect, and it is not enough to perform sexual intercourse with a woman.

  In addition to organic damage, the main cause of these sexual dysfunctions is the mental factor.

However, Chinese medicine believes that kidney yin deficiency, yin deficiency, or kidney yang deficiency is called causing sexual dysfunction.

According to different conditions, the appropriate Chinese medicine, the treatment of nocturnal emission, premature ejaculation, impotence, can receive good results.

  Kidney yin deficiency 1.

Zhibai Dihuang Pill has the function of nourishing yin and releasing fire.

Indications of yin deficiency, nocturnal emission, night sweats, dry throat and pain embolism.

Take 9 grams each time and take 2 times a day.


Zuogui Pill has the function of nourishing kidney yin.

Indications of kidney yin deficiency, often low fever, nocturnal emission, night sweats, tinnitus, soft backache, dry throat and other symptoms.

Take 9 grams each time and take 2 times a day.

Sancai Fengling Dan attends nocturnal emission, backache, Shenpi fatigue and other symptoms.

Take 9 grams each time and take 2 times a day.
  Kidney yang deficiency 1.

Wuzi Bushen Pill This medicine was originally called Wuzi Yanzong Pill, also called “Five Son Pills”.

It has the functions of tonifying kidney, impotence and solidifying.

It is suitable for slippery essence, premature ejaculation and impotence caused by lack of kidney yang.

Take 9 grams each time and take 2 times a day.

Bushenqiangshen tablets This medicine has the functions of tonifying kidney, impotence and solidifying.

Applicable to impotence caused by kidney yang deficiency, slippery essence, chills, backache and soft legs embolism.

Take 5 tablets each time and take 3 times a day.


This product has the function of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, replenishing qi and blood.

It is suitable for impotence caused by yang deficiency and weakness, slippery essence, weak bones and muscles, and difficult to walk.

  Liver Meridian Dampness Longdan Xiegan Decoction This medicine has the function of diarrhea, liver and gallbladder fire, clearing the heat of the coke.

It is suitable for impotence of liver and gallbladder dampness, not strong, perineal soreness, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, bitter throat and so on.

Is it slimming to please others?

Originally, there is no reason to lose weight, it is purely a personal matter.

But doctors’ warnings and social pressures have formed all kinds of legitimate reasons: too much will increase the burden on the heart, affecting the overall image, and even more than being associated with stupidity, laziness, and doing nothing. Finally, obese people seem to beCorruption is not without concern.

  The media’s report on the disaster caused by obesity also gave psychological pressure to many people: according to foreign surveys, obese people are less likely to be employed; slim bodies are a few percent higher than obese people, etc.Wait.

  With so much pressure, there is so much power.

People should look around at any time and search for successful people who lose weight.

So in the common greetings that ladies meet, the most repeated use is the phrase “You are slim.”

The speaker looked up and down, and the reader was happy.

At this time, the real reason for weight loss is highlighted: it is to please people.

  Because of the difference in value orientation and the acceleration of the social rhythm, people’s demands on the body are becoming more and more demanding, so that those who are fuller will refuse to thin themselves up. Too many extras will feel the aesthetics of “the fat is beautiful” in the Tang Dynasty.View.
  People who often come back to the country say that when they travel to Europe and the United States, they are standing next to the foreigners who are high in the country. They only feel that they are thin and thin, and they are more shabby than people, and they do not seem to show the superiority of the oriental characteristics.

Although people’s obesity standards are different from ours, we are small and we have to lose weight. There is no reason.

It is in the country, see a lot of obese and foreigners, but also completely inferior to others, inferior and arrogant, and fat and confident.

  In fact, people who maintain a normal state of mind do not need so many weight loss drugs, just want to lose weight, and do not need so many reasons, as long as you live scientifically, work diligently, master the normal body standards of each age group and different families.There is no need to deliberately pursue the “skinny” and blindly join the ranks of the weight loss family.

Principle of living and health

According to ancient doctors, the general principles of living and health include four seasons, expensive nature, still neutral, and local factors.

  In the case of the fourth time, the yang of the human body began to tend to appear in the spring, the skin gradually stretched, the supply of qi and blood on the muscle surface increased, and the limbs felt sleepy and drowsy, and there was a saying that “the spring sleep is not known, and the ostrich is everywhere”, often high and high.Zhang, sleepiness has not disappeared, however, sleep late is not conducive to yang hair growth, therefore, in the living area requires early rise, no crown to wear, loose belt, stretch body, walk in the courtyard or venue slow, overcome the emotional burnoutTo help yang produce hair.

In the spring, the climate change is fierce, and it is easy to appear warm and cold. In addition, the human body begins to loosen and the resistance to cold evil has weakened. Therefore, it is not appropriate to go to the cotton coat in the spring, especially the elderly and the weak, and get rid of the winter clothes.It is especially prudent to avoid drastic reduction.

  In the summer, you should fall asleep later and get up early to conform to the changes in the natural environment.

  Summer is hot, and it is also invaded by wind, cold and dampness. When sleeping, it is not advisable to use a fan to supply the wind. It is not suitable for sleeping at night. It is not suitable for indoor and outdoor temperature differences. When it is cool, do not under the eaves, pass through the aisles, and close the gap between doors and windows.In the shade of the trees, in the water pavilion, on the gazebo, let’s cool down, but don’t take too long to prevent the thief from getting into the heat.

  In the autumn, the yang of the natural world tends to converge from the evacuation, and the daily routine should be adjusted accordingly.

“Su Wen, four temperament and big talk” said: “Autumn March, get up early and get up early, and enjoy the chicken.”

Early lying to meet the yang qi, early rise so that the lungs can recover and stretch, and the prevention of too much, early autumn, heat is not exhausted, the wind is cold, the weather is changing, even in the same area will have “days have four seasonsThe situation of ten different days.

Therefore, you should prepare a few more autumn clothes to increase or decrease as appropriate.

It is not advisable to wear too much clothes at once, otherwise the easy-to-expand body can adapt to the cold weather and it is easy to catch cold.

In the late autumn, when the wind turns cold, clothes should be added in time.

  In the cold winter, it is not suitable to disturb the yang, and destroy the physiological ratio of the yin shape to the yang.

Therefore, it is necessary to go to bed early and get up early, to make a sunrise, to ensure extra sleep time, to hide in the yang, and to accumulate yin.

According to the cold and warmth, it must also be done according to the principle of “no nuisance”.

Explain that winter housekeeping, raising and maintaining sperm, is of great significance for preventing spring disease.

  Expensive nature is another big principle of living and health. It refers to nature and does not deliberately create.

First of all, this is an open-minded attitude to life. The natural life that comes out of the daily life is like Zhuangzi’s so-called “no guide and longevity”, “no leisure and leisure”, that is, in the daily health behavior.Weightlifting is light.

  Shang Zhonghe refers to the health care behavior “nothing”, “nothing”, the pursuit of just right, such as for work and rest, Sun Sizhen said: “The way to maintain health, often wants to work, but is too tired and strongear.

“Infrared people mainly focus on the scale of health behavior, and the scientific daily living arrangements and health activities are determined according to the climate, geographical conditions and other conditions of the residential area. Because of each person’s body quality factors and psychological quality, chooseSuitable for your daily routine, living and wellness forms.

There are 4 kinds of symptoms in the body, it is diabetes close, learn 3 strokes blood sugar steady down

At present, through the improvement of living standards, there are more and more people with diabetes. Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia. According to the survey, hyperglycemia has become one of the most serious social health problems.The average ten people have diabetes, this data is very amazing!

Diabetes itself is not terrible, the serious is the complications it causes, some portraits of heart attack, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, high blood pressure, edema, etc. These complications seriously threaten the health of the human body.Harm to people’s lives.

Therefore, for diabetes, sugar friends should control blood sugar as soon as possible to prevent complications.

In the face of diabetes, the best way is to find it early, prevent it early, avoid elevated blood sugar suppression or in the opposite state. Early diabetes, typical symptoms of more than three and one less, should be prevented in time.

1.Polyuria: Diabetes patients with elevated blood glucose levels, can not be fully utilized, especially after glomerular filtration and can not be completely reabsorbed by the renal tubules, resulting in the formation of osmotic diuretic, polyuria.

2.Drink more: It is because of urination, excessive water loss, intracellular dehydration, the body needs to replenish water, the more urination, the more drinking water, forming a proportional relationship.

3.Eat more: the body can not make good use of sugar, lack of energy, the body is in a semi-arid state, lack of energy needs to be supplemented, causing appetite hyperactivity and increased food intake.

4.Physical strength and weight loss reduction: the body can not fully utilize glucose to accelerate the decomposition and protein decomposition, resulting in accumulation of body, traces and protein is consumed in large quantities, coupled with loss of water, patients lose weight, body weight loss, severe weight loss,Often feel tired and weak.

What should we do to prevent diabetes?

1, detecting blood sugar If you find that you have some symptoms similar to diabetes, but can not be sure, then you need to go to the hospital to do a blood sugar test.

2, people who control weight have obvious hyperinsulinemia, and hyperinsulinemia can reduce the affinity of insulin and receptors, cause insulin resistance, cause resistance and insufficient insulin secretion, thereby causing diabetes.

3, diabetic patients with stable blood sugar control, can also control stable blood sugar from the diet, a type of diabetes growing in the tree, can be used to soak water to help lower blood sugar, reduce the occurrence of diabetic complications, this tree tombIt is called B. chinensis, also known as B. obliquus.

B. edulis contains a glycoprotein (FIS-1) and a small amount of disaccharide (F1). Using the crystalline polysaccharide (F1) as an experiment, it was observed that the blood sugar of the hyperglycemic mice decreased by nearly one and a half.It is proved that B. chinensis is a “natural blood sugar lowering” substance.

It can be seen that the replacement of birch Phytophthora tea can greatly help lower blood sugar, and can make natural fiber reduce the main strength of blood sugar at the same time, and maintain the trend of stability for a long time.

The old man lurks some hidden danger when squatting

Defecation is a common and easy thing for many people, but it is a big burden for some elderly people, especially those who have difficulty in defecation and difficult constipation.

Their defecation time can be more than 30 minutes, which increases their psychological burden, affects the quality of life, and in some cases still lurks more or less hidden dangers.

In daily life, when there is a danger in the toilet, there is a smell.

So what are the potential hidden dangers when squatting?

How to prevent it?

  Cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents require breath holding and contraction of the abdominal muscles during defecation.

During the breath holding, the pressure in the lungs, chest and abdomen is obviously increased, which reduces the amount of blood returning to the heart, reduces the cardiac output, and causes the heart rate to slow down and the blood pressure to drop, causing the heart and brain to be insufficient. When the breath is over, the lungs and abdominal pressure suddenly decrease.The increase in blood volume suddenly increases, and the cardiac output increases, resulting in a sudden increase in blood pressure.

Therefore, excessive forceful bowel movements may lead to hypertension, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, old-aged cardiac colic, arrhythmia, heart failure, myocardial infarction, fundus hemorrhage, stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, dissection of dissection aneurysmAnd even drowning.

In order to prevent problems before they occur, the elderly must be alert to the smoothness of bowel movements. If necessary, use some laxatives.

Patients with recovery from stroke and myocardial infarction should not squat alone and must be monitored by family members.

  Some elderly people are used to smoking in the toilet. They do not know that nicotine in the smoke can stimulate the sympathetic nerves, speed up the heart rate, increase blood pressure, and the combination of carbon monoxide and hemoglobin produced by the incomplete combustion of the smoke will greatly reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells in the blood.
Breathing and defecation while smoking, often increases the chance of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents.

  The orthostatic hypotension toilet squats for too long, and the rapid contraction after the end of defecation is likely to cause transient cerebral palsy caused by changing position, dizziness, vertigo, and fall, so it should be slow to stand up at this time.

  Osteoarthritis in the elderly often has knee osteoarthritis. Due to the destruction of the joint surface of the knee joint and the formation of osteophytes at the edge of the joint, it often causes difficulty in squatting in the elderly.

Therefore, the elderly should use a toilet, if the conditions are not convenient, you can make a self-made or buy a toilet stool.

  Long-term constipation of acne, diarrhea, sedentary, can cause increased intra-abdominal pressure, resulting in poor blood flow in the lower part of the rectum or the subcutaneous skin of the anal canal, varicose formation into acne.

Some older people are used to reading newspapers and magazines in the toilets, which inadvertently prolongs the time of squatting, causing or aggravating acne.

  When the anal fissure is squatting, if the stool is dry and hard, and the diameter of the feces exceeds the expansion of the anal canal, the force is forced to hold the breath, and the skin of the anal canal is easily torn and the anal fissure is caused.

The anal fissure is repeatedly infected and can form a chronic ulcer.

After an elderly friend has an anal fissure, the anal sphincter will undergo contraction and fracture contraction.

The method of prevention is to pay attention to excessive force when defecation, in order to prevent tearing the anal canal.

When large pieces of feces are not easily discharged, apply a little force to the back of the anus, or use some pressure agent, such as glycerin, or a small piece of soft soap.

When there is an anal fissure, you can use the hand pad and hand paper to hold the anal fissure.

When the pain is painful, it can be applied locally to relieve the anal infarction.

Severe anal fissure that has not healed for a long time should be treated surgically.

  Anal canal rectal prolapse is also called rectal prolapse. It is manifested as a full-thickness rectal or rectal mucosa temporarily removed from the anus when the toilet is squatted.

This disease is generally only seen in the body is thin, visceral tension is low, and more related to long-term constipation and sustained increase in abdominal pressure.

At the beginning of the disease, there is a rectal mucosa with a rosy color during defecation, but it can be retracted afterwards.

With the development of the disease, in the case of a slight increase in abdominal pressure, the phenomenon of correcting the escape and not resetting itself occurs.

At this time, wash it with warm water, gently lift it with a soft towel to help return.

Patients should not take a bowel movement or avoid prolonged toileting. Defecation should not be used.

Shrinking the anal retina a day can increase the strength of the muscles around the anus.

  Elderly women with uterine prolapse should pay attention to squatting to promote uterine prolapse.

Due to insufficient estrogen secretion after menopause, the pelvic muscles are atrophied, the elasticity is decreased, and the ligament elasticity supporting the uterus is also reduced, causing the entire pelvic floor tissue to be slack and weak, and the uterus loses support and is prone to downward prolapse.

For patients with obvious visceral tension and weak body, prolonged squatting can promote uterine prolapse.

At this point, you can feel the lower abdomen bulge, pain; when the symptoms are serious, you will find foreign bodies in the vagina, especially those with long-term constipation should be especially careful.

The way to prevent it is to keep the stool smooth and avoid squatting for too long.

If the cervix is prolapsed, it should be slowly returned after the stool, and the doctor should be treated in time.  Although there are many hidden dangers in the elderly toilets for the elderly, these hidden dangers are related to the physiological characteristics of the elderly and certain diseases. Therefore, strengthening prevention can often avoid or reduce constipation.

  Older friends with constipation should strengthen their exercise, drink more water, and eat more coarse grains.

Eat less or not eat foods that can induce constipation, such as fried food, chestnuts, etc.

If a variety of methods are used, the effect is still not satisfactory, and some laxatives can be used appropriately under the guidance of a doctor.

It should be noted that some drugs may induce or aggravate constipation. When you seek medical treatment, you should take the initiative to explain the condition and consult a doctor.

  In general, it is very important for the elderly to develop regular bowel habits and keep the stools open.

In addition, family members should also pay close attention to their day to eat, drink, pull, urine, and sleep.

In this way, the dangers and sufferings caused by the toilet can be greatly reduced or avoided.

Get it now, the whole family will benefit!

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These hard-to-find health folk remedies!
Get it now, the whole family will benefit!
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We are always looking for recipes for ourselves to help longevity.

So today, we have compiled some healthy health remedies for everyone, which can save a lot of time.

However, it should be noted that each person has different physiques and is not suitable for many remedies. You need to ask the doctor when you are practicing to ensure your health.


Oral ulcers: Long ulcers in the mouth, all pain will affect the daily diet.

The white staff can be placed on the wound. The size can just cover the ulcer. After standing for five minutes, it can be kept for 8 hours without eating.


Toothache is not a disease, it hurts to kill.

I believe many people have the fear of being overwhelmed by toothache.

Two tablets of fluorophosphatidic acid plus two painkillers, the water can be taken for 20 minutes.

Fluorophenolic acid is another alternative to this product, but with painkillers it is a good cure for toothache.


Older hair will not only turn white, but also have the risk of hair loss at any time.

Looking at the hair on the comb, I must be very uncomfortable!

An old Chinese medicine practitioner told you.

Keep these three things in mind: cod liver oil, cystine and vitamin B6. Take it according to the prescription. If you stick to it, it must be effective.


Even if you are old, you always want to have a drink with your old friend, but what if you accidentally drink more stomach?

Salt orange tea to save you.

Ingredients: One orange, rinse with water, dry, sprinkle with salt, then rinse with water. At this time, peel the orange into boiling water and add a small amount of salt.

The hangover salt orange tea is finished.



We generally divide diarrhea into sudden or chronic.

Sudden diarrhea: You can have a cup of ginger tea: add ginger and a small amount of green tea and boil for 3 minutes. It can have an immediate effect on sudden diarrhea.

Chronic diarrhea: usually caused by excessive cold in the stomach.

Daily warm water is added to a tablespoon of milled white pepper to serve, which can be alleviated.


It is very uncomfortable to have a headache with a cold.

Use scallion, ginger and parsley, add in cold water and cook for about 5 minutes.


Snoring is either not playing, and you can’t stop it in one dozen.

Taking warm water and taking the pepper can stop the cockroach.

Bad breath doesn’t dare to talk to others.
Chinese medicine has a remedy that specifically treats bad breath.

Take white coix seed three times a day, one tablet at a time, and put it in the mouth first.


Thickened blood lipids increase the risk of illness in the body.

In fact, this situation is also very good governance, peanuts and peanuts are poured into half a catty of vinegar, marinated for seven days to eat.

Three times a day, two times each time.


It is said that vinegar soaked peanuts can cure blood thick, in fact, vinegar soaked black beans can also treat cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Buy some good black beans, wash them, dry them, add vinegar and soak for 7 days.

Three times a day, 15
times a time, delicious and healthy.

It is a good helper to prolong life.


Sour the acid in the stomach and eat some sesame seeds.

It will take effect after one week.


People with chronic gastritis know that it is uncomfortable to eat something that is intolerant. In fact, you can drink it with cucumber vines and continue to stick to it. The stomach can be cured.


Seasonal changes, when the temperature changes, it is easy to have adverse reactions in our body, especially the scorpion will be inflamed.

In the evening, cut the watermelon into pieces and eat it with salt. The next day, you will feel that the donkey is not so uncomfortable.


Constipation is very painful.

Eat some pumpkin or sweet potatoes, and you can defecate the next day.

The body grows awkward and has a good therapeutic food: eggplant.

However, the eggplant here is not for eating. Choose a fresh long eggplant and wipe the dust from the eggplant pedicle with the water squeezed out.

In addition, eggplant can also treat frostbite. Take two or three eggplant clams (roots) in winter to fry water. After boiling water, cook for another 20 minutes. Use this blisters to wash the affected area and scrub the affected area with eggplant seedlings two to three times.It can be cured.


People with foot odor or sweaty feet are always awkward when they go out.

The water boiled with white radish soaks your feet every night, and you can effectively deodorize it for one month.


There is a case of motion sickness, but I am not sure if I have frequent motion sickness, so that there is no standing motion sickness medicine in my home.

Use one or two vinegar against two white water, drink in front of the car, can effectively stop vomiting.

There are a lot of small remedies. The choices for everyone here are all that will be used or often used in life. You can experiment with your own needs.

However, if you want to live healthy and longevity, the most important thing is that even if you have some minor problems, you can face it optimistically and positively, and you will not affect your health because of your inner feelings.

I don’t know if you have learned these longevity remedies. If you have learned it, share it with your friends, relatives and family. Let everyone learn and harvest the secrets of health and live together for a long time.

Self-care for elderly presbyopia

Presbyopia is a common eye disease in the elderly.

Modern medicine has proven that presbyopia can be prevented.

Frequently blinking, use the open and closed blinks to invigorate, maintain the eye muscles, and then use your hands to gently rub your eyes, so that the eye muscles can often get exercise and delay aging.

Always turn your eyes, because the eyes often turn up and down, up, down, left, and right, to exercise the eye muscles.

Correctly understand the reading method, sit comfortably when reading, relax the whole body muscles, read objects more than 30 cm from the eyes, and do not lean forward too much, otherwise it will cause strain on the pedaling muscles.

Don’t lie on the bed and read a book. Don’t force yourself to study when you are tired.

Close your eyes from the dark to the sun, and don’t let the sun shine directly into your eyes.

Watching TV, movies should not be too long, keep good eyesight.

Pay attention to exercise and reasonable expectations.

Do more body movements and increase systemic blood circulation.

Eat more vitamins, high-quality protein foods such as lean meat, fish, milk, etc.

Eating black beans and black sesame often slows vision loss.

Massage the eyes, the index finger of both hands is bent, from the inner eye to the outer corner of the eye, and then from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye, moderate force; then use the tip of the index finger to press the temple several times.

Do it every morning and night, every time you can replace old-fashioned flowers, or suffer from chronic eye diseases such as cataracts.

Five taboos for daily health care for the elderly

Older friends have been busy for most of their lives, and in the later years they should enjoy the blessings.

However, due to the poor immunity of the elderly, older friends should pay more attention to their daily lives.

Let’s take a closer look at the relevant common sense.

  One avoids sitting for a long time, and the sedentary is hurt.

Sitting is a necessary rest to eliminate fatigue, but sedentary is easy to make muscles decline and shrink.

Therefore, the elderly should take more outdoor activities suitable for themselves and strengthen their muscles to enhance their physical fitness.

  Two bogey for a long time, the long-term person is hurt.

The blood movement of the elderly relies on the combination of dynamic and static to adjust the balance. If it continues to move, it will affect the operation of blood and blood, causing partial imbalance of tissue and cell nutrition in the human body, and qi stagnation and blood coagulation, which may lead to disease.

  Three bogey for a long time, long-term injury.

When people are old, if they are long-sighted, they will hurt their blood and cause dizziness and dizziness.

Therefore, the elderly should read or watch TV. The film should be controlled within one to two hours and should not be viewed continuously.

  Four bogey for a long time, long-term injury.

A moderate sleep is good for the health of the elderly, and a long time is weak.

To meet the four o’clock, get up early in the spring and summer, get up early in the fall, get up early in the winter, and get up early in the winter.

  Five bogey for a long time, long and quiet.

Too quiet, lonely, boring, lonely situation, leading to the elderly become mentally weak, temperament, loss of confidence in life, leading to a decline in health.

In addition, beautiful music makes people feel relaxed and refreshed.

Therefore, the elderly should have appropriate benign sound stimulation to promote disease health.