Spiritual “fitness” is more important than physical

Core tip: Mehta, a personal fitness trainer from a celebrity in the United States, said that before performing physical fitness, he must first complete mental “fitness”.
  For weight loss and fitness, people usually think of exercising, burning fat and building muscle.
People often forget that a healthy body also includes and can bring good spirit and will.
Most fitness instructors only improve your body through exercise. However, American famous fitness coach Vrinda J Mehta has a different way. In her fitness center “Vibrations: Wellness Zone”, MehtaIn addition to letting customers exercise, they pay more attention to mental health.
  ”I have learned a handstand during my years of exercising and practicing yoga, and if you can improve your willpower, you can change your body more effectively.
Mehta explained that she recently launched a fitness DVD called “I Can Make You Healthy” and she invented a combined fitness method that can strengthen people’s mental “muscles.”
  She said: “I told the guests who came to me to ask for weight loss methods. If you don’t have a positive view of your personal image, then exercise will not see results.
We work out the mental first, then the physical.
“Meg Mehta also encountered obesity as a child. When she was 13 years old, she successfully lost weight from 80 kg, and her weight dropped to 50 kg.
“If the body image is poor, the damage is very great.
She explained, “I work very hard to lose weight, and the whole family encourages me.
“Mekhta’s comprehensive fitness approach includes dieting, advice, yoga, aerobics, and weight loss classes.
In fact, Mehta’s method has been esteemed in ancient times. The theory of Ayurvedic physician claims that the human body is composed of three types of Dosha (referred to as energy).) Is a sport that balances various Dossa.
“We encourage a lot of guests to release their stress, and you can seek better emotional balance through yoga,” Mehta said.
To stay in the best shape, it’s good to take a vacation every month. It’s like mental oxygen.

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What kind of mentality can you find a good job

The most important preparation for career planning is to fully understand the potential true self. First, you must conduct a comprehensive analysis from your personality, talents, and interests to find the areas that are most likely to succeed. Next, you need to fully grasp the existing job search system., Avoid the misunderstanding, bypass the minefield, go straight to the target, a hit.

  Occupation is an unavoidable choice in most cases, while career planning is a management art based on reality, ideals and dreams.

  The two concepts of dream job and dream job are some of the slight attitudes required to find a dream job are becoming impossible in today’s culture. In the United States and in many parts of most countries in the world, peopleWhat kind of work is a very lucky thing.

  But dream jobs still exist and can only be obtained with luck or persistent research.

Have the right job in the right place, and combine your skills and interests.

  If the ideal job you require is permanent and stable, which can allow you to “rest by paddles”, have reliable guarantees, and can be promoted and raised as you wish, then it is not very likely that you will find this kind of work in the world that will make you happy.
  Can an attitude help people find their dream job?

Have the following attitude.

  1. Treat every job you get as temporary.

  (At least in the United States) 90% of the workforce is not independent, so you will most likely end up working for someone else.

How long that job lasts is up to them, not you.

As long as they are willing, your job may be suspended at any time without any precaution.

This is true to some extent, and it is more appropriate now than ever.

This is absolutely the essence of the current job market.

  Therefore, when looking for a job, you must tell yourself, “The job I’m looking for is essentially a temporary job and I don’t know how long it will last.

So this is by no means my last job search.

I have to be prepared for a new job search at any time.

“Thank you for your dream job with gratitude.

It may not last, but when you have it, you must taste it and enjoy it.

  2. Treat every job you find as an opportunity to learn.

  In essence, almost every job you find today is constantly moving and changing. The speed is so fast that you have to look at the job you are looking for as an experience of your own exercise.It is the entrance registration of the class.

  If you want to think of it as your dream job, you must like to learn new tasks and workflows, and also highlight each person who may become your employer during the application time. How passionate you are to learn new knowledgeTechnology, and you learn fast.

  3. Book an adventure for every job you find.

  Most of us love adventure.

An adventure means a series of unpredictable and mysterious events.

That’s what I do today!

Power . Desire . Wrong Correct Choice . Strange Alliance . Betrayal . Retribution . Wait for the plot to appear one by one.

Suddenly, no one can predict the change in front of you.

  If you dream of your dream job, then you are passionate about things you can’t predict, excited rather than fearful.

  4. You must understand that the joy and satisfaction of every job you find must lie in the work itself.

  Regardless of the job you are about to do when you apply for a job, you must seriously study it. You may only find a job with a boss who does not have a good eye. The boss ca n’t see your outstanding contribution, so you have a kind of unloved and appreciated.Sense of loss.

  It can be seen that if this is your dream job, it must be a job that allows you to find satisfaction from your job.

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Five tips for junior high school students’ early love

Today, while chatting with netizens on the Internet, she asked me a question, saying that her child might have fallen in love early.

She said she was scared.

do not know what to do.

Her son is in third grade.

I said it was nothing, it was normal.

Here are some of my views on this issue: 1. It’s nothing to make a fuss about children’s early love with ordinary heart.

We ourselves have come from this period. Whose heart has not longed for a good yearning?

Have you ever had a first love?

It’s just that your first love is hidden!

But to be honest, first love should be the best, and it is also the memory of our lives.

  2. Don’t treat the children who have fallen in love rudely.

Early-born children are likely to fall in love early in junior high school.

This is also very normal physiological development.

We as parents should have this mental preparation early.

Don’t feel ashamed of your face when you find that your child is in love, and lose face.

So he interfered with the child or threatened him with force.

  3. To clarify the consequences to the child. The child in this period must not think too much.

They just do things with curiosity under the influence of physical growth.

But it is impossible for people in this period to extricate themselves.

So parents should talk to their children about the consequences of doing so, but don’t threaten them.

That way you can only make the child feel that you are not getting warmth in you, so he can only go to find his loved one.

The last is counterproductive.

  4. Parents should prepare in advance for their children.

Therefore, we as parents must make psychological preparations in advance.

This problem should be communicated with the child from time to time after the junior high school.

It ‘s okay to ask them if their school has a target.

Make your child feel that you don’t care much about it.

At the same time, the more he says, the less curious he may be.

  5. Don’t be too serious. Parents shouldn’t be as close to enemies as possible when talking to their children about this.

It’s easy to say, you can even joke with your child when he is happy, and tell similar things.

In this way, the child will not be too nervous and will be very cooperative with you.

  In fact, each of us as parents hopes that their children can grow up healthy.

Then adjust our own mentality first!

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What should you pay attention to in chronic gastritis?

Many people suffer from gastritis at a young age because they don’t pay attention to their diet, which brings a certain waste to work and life.

Gastritis can’t be cured, even if the drug can only relieve the pain of the moment.

So we must learn how to prevent gastritis.

So what should you pay attention to when preventing chronic gastritis?

Let’s take a closer look below.

Precautions for the prevention of chronic gastritis 1. Mo diet is unrestrained.

Should eat less meals, regular quantitative, to avoid obesity pain, or more obvious pain, you can eat one or two soda crackers.

2, avoid eating MSG, hot and sour and salty food.

When the food is mainly light, the excessive taste is heavy, and the hot and sour products will stimulate the secretion of gastric acid and aggravate the condition.

However, a small amount of ginger and pepper can warm the stomach and enhance the protective effect of the mucosa.

3, avoid eating two hours before going to bed.

Frequently eating in the two hours before going to bed, it is easy to cause the sphincter to relax, causing the stomach acid to fall into the esophagus. De people are used to eating supper, full stomach and supine, which makes the stomach acid easier to backflow.

4, do not eat too greasy or fried food.

Diet When you try to choose digestible foods, you can eat meat in moderation, but you must cook it properly, and cook vegetables should not be half-lived.

5, fasting frozen and over-hot food.

In order to avoid excessive stimulation of the stomach, the diet should be moderate in temperature, and soup or drinking should not be excessive.

6, cancel drinking, strong tea and coffee.

Because wine is the most irritating to the stomach, gradually the ulcer disease worsens or worsens. If you like to drink tea, you should try to drink light tea and avoid strong tea.

7, fasting fruit with a lot of acid.

Patients with excessive gastric acid secretion should be careful not to eat fruits containing too much acid such as bayberry, green plum, plum, lemon, etc.

Otherwise, the condition is aggravated and the normal healing of the ulcer is seriously deteriorated.

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The original name of the squid was black owl, which had already seen its name in “Su Wen” and was included in “Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” for inclusion in top grade.

The squid bone medicinal material is jellyfish.

  The taste is salty, slightly warm and non-toxic.

  Squid bone contains calcium carbonate.

  Functional squid bone is a good and gastric antacid with astringent and hemostatic properties.

  [胃及十二指肠溃疡,胃酸过多]  乌贼骨适量,研成极细末,糖水调服。3 grams per serving, 2 to 3 times a day.

  [肺结核咯血]  乌贼骨9克,白芨9克,藕节15克,水煎去渣,加蜂蜜调服,一日3次分服。  [小儿软骨病]  乌贼骨9克,龟板12克,茜草根6克,水煎加红糖,一日2-3次分服。  [创伤出血,皮肤湿疹,下肢溃疡]  乌贼骨研极细末外用。

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How to protect your eyes

Nowadays people’s work and life are more and more inseparable from computers, but dealing with computers is getting longer and longer, which leads to dry eyes.

So do you know what to eat for your eyes?

Xiaobian helped everyone summarize a few “Eye Congee” recommended to computer families, let’s take a look.

  Chinese yam porridge materials: dried mountain mixed with 30 grams, glutinous rice 50 grams.

  Method: yam, glutinous rice, add the right amount of sugar and cook porridge.

Make it warm for breakfast and dinner.

  The porridge nourishes the spleen and stomach, nourishes the lungs and nourishes the kidney and solidifies the essence.

Suitable for spleen deficiency diarrhea, kidney deficiency nocturnal emission, chronic chronic diarrhea, exhaustion cough, insufficient blood and qi, lack of appetite, dry mouth and happy drinking, and constipation.

  Radish porridge materials: 60 grams of carrots, 20 grams of chrysanthemums, 30 grams of previous rice, shallots, salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

  Method: Wash and slice the carrots and add to the dish for later use.

Add the right amount of water to the chrysanthemum, fry it twice, boil it for 20 minutes, and combine the two rotations (about 500 ml).

  Cook porridge with carrots and previous rice. When the porridge is hot, add spring onion, salt, and sesame oil seasoning to serve.

  Cinnamon Cassia porridge material: 15 grams of cassia seeds, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of rice, rock sugar.

  Practice: Boil porridge once a day.

The porridge can also be added with some honey when taking it, which can increase its intestinal moisturizing effect, and wolfberry also has eye-catching effects.

  Pork liver and mung bean porridge materials: 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, and MSG.

  Method: Wash the mung beans and rice, boil in the same pot over high heat, and then slowly boil over low heat. When it is mature, cook the sliced or stripped pork liver in the pot and cook again.Serve with seasoning.

  This porridge nourishes the liver, nourishes the eyes, clears the heat and brightens the eyes, and has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

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Sirloin with red dates and clay pot

[Materials]: Half a chicken, 1 burdock, 8 jujube (dried), 20 wolfberries, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 piece of ginger;[Method]: Wash the chicken.

Burdock peeled and cut into pieces, soak in water, pour water in a pot and boil over high heat. Put the chicken gizzards and blanch until they are discolored and remove them. Do not pour the water out of the pot.

Cut the ginger into pieces, or pat it with a knife. Put the simmered chicken into a casserole, pour a sufficient amount of cold water at one time. After the high heat is boiled, change to medium-low heat, add ginger slices, burdock, red dates and wolfberry.Cover with flour paste for 2 hours, then add salt;[Effect]: The fiber of burdock can promote colonic peristalsis, help defecation, reduce internal cancer, reduce toxins, and accumulation of waste in the body, to prevent stroke and prevent gastric cancer, uterine cancerefficacy.

Western medicine believes that in addition to its pharmacological effects such as diuresis, depletion, expectorant and diarrhea, it is also used for constipation, hypertension, and hypercholesterolemia.

Chinese medicine believes that there are effects such as evacuation of wind and heat, declaring lung rash, detoxification and swallowing.

  [Note]: 1. Burdock is prone to dehydration or lignification, so it is best to wrap it in a newspaper and put it in the refrigerator after purchase.

  2. Burdock has a high iron content. After peeling, it is easy to oxidize and turn black after contacting the air. Immediately after cutting, soak in clear water, or add a few drops of vinegar to prevent oxidation, but don’t soak for too long.

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Test your divorce cordon

If you are a married person and your spouse wants to divorce you, guess what might be the reason why he wants to divorce you?

  1. Economic problems.

  Answer: Divorce for financial reasons is one of the big reasons for your divorce. Your marriage has already turned on a red light. He often refuses to approach you, has the money to entertain friends, and is unwilling to invite you. You become his burden.He doesn’t even want to face you squarely. Only when you make a lot of money can you have his love. At this time, he is a very enthusiastic and positive person.

  2. He had an affair outside and fell in love with others.

  He is amorous, and often has difficulty suppressing his enthusiasm. He needs to find more love experiences, or he has been married for too many years, which makes him boring to your attraction.

If you want to retain such a lover or husband, then you can give him a lot of freedom to fooling around, exaggerating from time to time that he is a lover of everyone and satisfy his vanity.

But if you can’t stand a fancy companion, hurry up and say goodbye to him.

  3, feel that each other is no longer attractive, do not want to love anymore.

  He is a romantic person. The sentiment is very important to him. His chance of having an affair is very high. In order to retain your spouse, you should create a fun and happy atmosphere in your life. You should dress yourself up and wear him more.Look at the clothes, say more sweet words he likes to hear.

  4. There are obvious differences in life values between each other.

  He may already have an affair, or be prepared to have an affair at any time, you seem to be in a state of love.

Maybe he needs to get something that is very important, and you don’t know it. Maybe someone needs to help him perform in his career, or make more money, but you can’t help him.

Hurry up and meet him!

Otherwise, make some plans for yourself after breaking up.

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Are you a temperament

We have studied many temperament people like Li Ao, Lu Yao, Li Jimin, etc., and summarized the basic characteristics of “Humanity in Nature”.

To summarize, there are the following 25 articles.

  1.People in temperament like to believe in others, are often deceived and hurt themselves.

Even if it was someone else ‘s casual admonition, he would rather take him seriously. Later, others have long forgotten to come to the country of Java, but they are still waiting heartily, until the truth is finally revealed, they will wake up and yell:Someone mistaken me!

People in nature often lament the unfair destiny, always thinking that they have the talents for the world, the virtues of governing the country, and breaking through the big duties.

When I see my colleague or subordinate speculative camp next to me, I don’t think it’s a problem, I think it’s a villain’s trick, and I don’t care.

I thought “I was born to be useful.”

But when others went to the front one by one, but they still remained the same, they had to hide in a corner alone and sigh alone: “Seven thousand sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and ten thousand trees spring in front of the sick tree”.

In front of people, there is still something to say: I look down!

  3.People in temperament generally do not have great achievements.

Their belief is to eat by their own ability and to be a man of conscience.

Somewhat capable.

I don’t like speculative camps or playing with power.

Like to do things, don’t like to find people.

They are often regarded as horsemen’s pawns and pioneers.

Make wedding clothes for others.

  4.People in nature disregard justice and make money, and make friends. They often treat others as confidants in three good words, and tell others what they say.

Everyone knows that your words are deliberately inflicted on you, causing a lot of disadvantages to yourself, shouting!

  5.In his temperament, he is thin-skinned, and likes to help others, rather than bother others. He would rather aggravate himself in case of trouble, rather than embarrass others.

When others rely on their own help to get the benefits, and they have nothing in the end, they have to ridicule themselves: “Sometimes you have to have a life, and you don’t have to demand it all the time.”

  6.People in nature like fantasy.

Imagine tomorrow, Imagine the future, Imagine love, Imagine glory and prosperity, and daydream when I have something.

Often lives in dreams.

But when reality and dreams are out, borrowing wine to dispel “Where does the wine awake now, Yang Liuan, Xiaofeng is the moon”.

  7.In nature, people like to be free and unwilling to manage people, and they don’t like to manage people.

Nothing happens, nothing happens.

I do n’t like to procrastinate on any work. I ‘d rather finish it three times, five times two, and do whatever I want.

  8.The man in his temperament loves to travel, “stolen for a few days, free time, travels around the world.”

Often learn the appearance of the ancients, read a few books, walk a few miles, send affectionate landscapes, and enrich their experience.

Sometimes it also pretends to be like “Deng Dongzheng uses Shu Shu, and prose poetry near Qingliu”.

  9.People in their temperament like to drink alcohol, especially with three friends and four friends together.

Rather hurt the body than hurt feelings.

Often people haven’t had a good drink, but their mouths are foggy.

  10.People in temperament like to hang sadness on their shoulders.

Hu played a good card and danced happily.

Tempered, thunderous.

Like a three-year-old child when happy.
When he was angry, he looked like he had “borrowed his rice and returned him the chaff”.
  11.The person in the temperament is rich in emotions and is not very interested in news. He likes to read novels, movies, TV shows and other plot-oriented things. He often watches the characters who accompany the plot and watch tears together.”Why is it so useless?

People in temperament often have a good family environment, grow up in a good education, rarely encounter the suffering of life, and the road to growth is relatively smooth.

Parents are charitable, brothers are harmonious, and children are filial. Except that the wife cannot stand his willfulness, on the whole, life is more comfortable.

  13.In general, people have better living conditions. They are neither rich nor expensive, nor are they stretched.

Believing that “life is dead, wealth is in the sky” and that “there is not much money, just useful” is a typical life of peace.

  14.In nature, people talk more casually and are more willful in doing things. They always like their little cleverness.

I often say something when I open my mouth, regardless of the consequences, and often regret “I shouldn’t say that!

“Too much work, but not much success.

Sometimes when you think about it, you can’t do it in the end.

  15.People tend to think in their temperament.

Xinglai sends it: or wave a little bit of ink, Fuqin Yin, or point to mountains and rivers, to stimulate the text.

Xing Qu stop: cover your head to sleep, Pepsi does not ask, “regard your prince ascending to heaven”.

  16.People are often very real and transparent.

He is not hypocritical and cannot look at hypocrisy.

You can work, but you can’t complain.

“A horse runs on your arms,” but you have to rub a grain of sand in your eyes.

Like to use feelings, most afraid of others deceiving their feelings.

  17.People in their dispositions are generally talkative. Tiannanhaibei, ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign, it seems that any topic can be talked about.

I like being a lobbyist, but I don’t like being an audience.

  18.People in temperament often have a double-sided personality, sometimes they are more flexible and insufficient in principle; sometimes they are more flexible and insufficient.

Sometimes I’m afraid of offending people, and always excuse others for one reason or another.

Sometimes they are not afraid of offending at all, and they always ask others to ask themselves by strict standards.

Of course, he will also quibble on his own shortcomings.

Although you know you are deceiving yourself, you have to be justified.

  19.In temperament, people are easily excited and discouraged.

Sometimes the heart is higher than the sky, but it is at ease.

Sometimes small buildings are unified, regardless of spring and autumn.

When excited, there is a lot of pride, such as “Nine Thousand Miles Fengpeng is moving.”

Dejected when he was depressed, “but the sky is cool for a good autumn.”

  20.In his disposition, he is quick-thinking in humanities and strong in long jumps, but his thinking is not strict enough.

About everything, it’s all about consciousness.

  twenty one.People are often neither thick nor dark.

Sometimes, “death is to save face and suffer,” and to pay attention to people and things, “pass and pass” and “whatever you want.”

  twenty two.In temperament, people like fantasy and prefer to remember.

Some beautiful people or beautiful things in the past, even if it was a beautiful moment, often relived in my heart hundreds of times.

  twenty three.People in temperament like “to be happy with others”, but don’t like “to be alone”.

Can’t bear loneliness, can’t stand loneliness.

When they gathered, their enthusiasm was soaring, “the wine-sellers are drunk, and the wind is drunk.”
  twenty four.The person in the disposition is a good person, but not a “very” person.

It is easy to get the respect of others, but it is not easy to get the respect of others.
  25.Behaviour is sometimes weird, often incomprehensible or unacceptable.

Open-minded and unrestrained.

Often it is what you want to do in case of trouble.

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Kidney deficiency is easy to get old

Introduction: In the autumn and winter seasons, too many women’s faces gradually become dark yellow, their hair is severely distorted, their eyes are swollen early . Many of these problems are warning you that you need kidneys!

And now this season is a good time to “nourish the kidney”, Xiaobian will guide everyone in the food to find a good medicine for kidney, so that you can eat peach blossoms.

  The kidney is the birthplace of women’s beauty and health.

If the kidneys become weak, a series of aging phenomena will occur.

Kidney deficiency in adolescence may delay menarche and sparse menstruation; infertility in infertility, apathy in sexual desire, early menopause; prone to osteoporosis and heart disease in menopause.

Kidney deficiency makes women no longer beautiful and their eyes no longer bright, allowing various women’s physiological problems to be reported in advance. Sjogren’s syndrome comes in while “virtual”.

  Chinese chives and kidney tonic 1.

Leek porridge: 50 grams of fresh leek, 10 grams of leek seeds (ground fines), 100 grams of rice, fine salt content.

When the porridge is almost cooked, add leek (washed and cut into pieces) and leek seeds, fine salt, and cook for a while.

Function: Tonifying kidney and aphrodisiac, solidifying essence and stopping leftover, strengthening spleen and stomach.


Leek scrambled eggs: 100 grams of fresh chives, washed and chopped, 3 eggs (shelled), mashed with chopped leeks, stir-fried with vegetable oil, salt and cooked until cooked.

Function: warming blood, warming kidney and waist.


Leek stir-fried shrimp: 150 grams of chives, 250 grams of fresh shrimp (without shell), stir-fried and served.

Function: Bushen Yijing, impotence treatment.

This product is hot and hot to help fire, body impotence should not eat.

  Chestnut-Fruit for Kidney-Reinforcing Kidney Traditional Chinese medicine lists chestnut as a medicinal top grade. It is believed that it can nourish the kidney and promote blood circulation, nourish Qi and thicken the stomach, and can be combined with ginseng, astragalus, and angelica, and have good curative effect on kidney deficiency, so it is called “fruit of kidney”.

Jiufu can enhance physical fitness, eliminate illness and prolong life.

Chestnuts should be air-dried. It is not advisable to take too much at one time. Chestnuts have a high sugar content, and diabetic patients should not eat more.

Such as the treatment of waist and leg disease, you need to eat raw, chew carefully, and even swallow fluid.

Stewed chestnuts and ginkgo together with lilies are the best supplements for autumn.

  The wonderful formula of tonifying the kidney and qi-pine nuts and pine nuts, is flat and sweet.

It has the effects of nourishing kidney and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and intestines, smoothing bowel and laxative, nourishing lungs and relieving cough.

Pine nuts are mainly fried and cooked. They can be eaten for many years.

Pine nuts contain a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids. If you eat pine nuts regularly, you can strengthen your body, especially for the elderly who are weak, low back pain, constipation, dizziness, slow children’s growth and development, relieve kidney and qi, nourish blood and intestines, and nourish the body.

  How to nourish the kidney and nourish blood-eat black food and black rice: sweet and warm nature, nourishing qi and blood, warming the stomach and spleen, nourishing liver and kidney, reducing stool, cough and asthma, especially suitable for spleen and stomach weakness, weak body, anemia, blood loss, heart palpitationsShortness of breath, cough, asthma, frequent urination and other patients.

Black rice is rich in protein, starch, traces, multivitamins and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc and natural melanin. It is an outstanding leader in cereals.

  Black beans: sweet and smooth, has kidney-building, blood circulation, water detoxification, and is especially suitable for those with kidney deficiency.

Soymilk, tofu and other soy products made from black beans are also a good winter treatment for patients with hair loss caused by kidney deficiency.

  Black sesame: It has a sweet taste and can nourish liver and kidney, and nourish blood and dryness.

Black sesame contains protein, traces, multiple vitamins, multiple amino acids, and trace elements such as calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which can delay aging.

  Do you know the food of kidney tonic? Chinese wolfberry: kidney and liver, Yiming eyesight, strengthening muscles and bones, in addition to back pain, Jiufu can extend life.

Especially middle-aged women who have kidney deficiency should eat best.

  Roselle: rich in vitamin C, fruit acid pectin can remove oil and greasy, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, with menstruation function.

  Chinese yam: Xingping and sweet taste. It is the medicine of “top grade” in traditional Chinese medicine.

Those with kidney deficiency should eat it often.

  Shrimp: Skilled craftsman can nourish the kidney and aphrodisiac, detoxify milk.It is rich in protein, lipids, minerals, vitamins, calcium, and phosphorus. It is a good product for strengthening bones. The shrimp meat supplement also contains immune-enhancing substances.

  Polygonum multiflorum: It has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney and nourishing essence and blood.

Those with kidney deficiency have early white hair, weak waists and knees, sore bones and bones, or men’s spermatorrhea, and women who take it with them are suitable for eating.

  Avoid or eat less: coriander, persimmon, radish, lettuce, cucumber, raw cucumber, watermelon, melon, onion, pepper, mustard, clove, fennel, pepper, mint, amaranth, chrysanthemum, salt, sauce, white wine andCigarettes and so on.

  补肾食谱推荐——四物木耳汤  [原料]当归6克,熟地9克,白芍6克,川芎3克,大枣5枚,黑木耳(干)15克,红糖30克。  [Methods]First wash and slice the medicines and wrap the gauze bag, remove the impurities after the black fungus water, then add 1000 ml of water into the pot, cook with gentle heat for 1 hour, remove the medicine bag and add brown sugar to taste, and boil it.Drink service.

  [Function]Nourishing blood, activating blood, nourishing blood, regular clothes can make the face rosy, and the skin delicate.

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