Yannian Yishouyang Life’s Meal: White Porridge

Congee and porridge for food. Originally, the salty and sweet meat is the lowest, and it is suitable for both light and thick.

  Cao Tingdong, a well-known health-care family in the Qing Dynasty, was sick with adolescents, and never traveled to his hometown. He lived in the villages and mountains, cultivated mechanics, works of poetry and painting, and became a literary man.

Cao Tingdong was able to enjoy a long life in his 90s because of the medical environment at the time, which has become a health talk.

And Cao Tingdong also combined the ancients’ health experience with his own practical experience and wrote it as a “healthy essay”, named “Old and Old Humble Words”. Old and old, that is, old and old, have the meaning of old age, old age, and enjoy a healthy and long life.

Cao Tingdong’s article in the book “Chenxing” said: “Every day on an empty stomach, eating light porridge for a short time, it can promote Chen Zhixin, promote quick stomach, and benefit.

If mixed with sweet and salty things, such as ordinary diet.

“It is made clear that if Qing porridge is added with other condiments, it is equivalent to ordinary food.

  The Tang Dynasty medical scientist Sun Simiao, who studied medicine because of his many illnesses, and used the wisdom of Buddhism and Taoism to maintain his health. He lived to over a hundred years old.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine is used to cook porridge, using “rice qi” and water as “medicine lead”, according to the “biological clock” of the five internal organs, to condition the body and treat diseases.

  In ancient times, there was no refrigerator. Porridge was ready to be eaten after the meal was cooked.

Nowadays it is used to fill hunger, porridge is cooked, ca n’t finish eating, put it in the refrigerator, boil and add other accessories when you want to eat, anyway.

But as a healthy morning porridge, it is still freshly cooked and beneficial.

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Questions and Answers about Practicing Hot Yoga

Reporter: Does hot yoga have any age restrictions on the practitioners?

  VJ: There are no special restrictions. As long as you are healthy, people without diabetes can practice hot yoga.

  Reporter: Who is not suitable for practicing hot yoga?

  VJ: People with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, diabetes, serious illness or weak constitution are not suitable for practice.

For beginners, if you are overcome in this high temperature environment, in some cases excessive sweating, dehydration, nausea, fatigue, abdominal pain and other symptoms, you can go out to rest and breathe at any time. If you have the above diseases, it is not suitablePractice hot yoga.
  Reporter: What are the precautions for practicing hot yoga?

  VJ: You ca n’t eat before practicing hot yoga. Generally, you have to eat meat with a high accumulation, and you need to practice for three hours after eating. If you are eating a small amount of food, you must also practice it after one and a half hours.

  In addition, because the high-temperature environment of hot yoga has exceeded the normal temperature of the human body, beginners may feel dizzy, which is normal.

  Before practicing hot yoga, you should take 500 ml of water. During exercise, you should also replenish a small amount of water several times. It is very dangerous to exercise at full speed in a thirsty state.

In addition, after practice, you cannot take a bath immediately. After the sweat dries, washing after the pores shrink is more conducive to the discharge of toxins.

  Reporter: What preparations need to be done before practicing hot yoga?

  VJ: It is very necessary to wear a comfortable and loose yoga clothing, because hot yoga will sweat a lot, and you should try to choose short yoga clothing.

In addition to towels, water or sports drinks, it is best to have a chocolate that can replenish energy.

  Reporter: How often should you practice hot yoga?

  VJ: From a scientific perspective, you should practice hot yoga every 48 hours, that is, once every two days.

Once a week and once a day are not the best choices. If you do not exercise your body’s joints every day, it is easy to cause damage to the body, and the hot yoga once a week often does not work as expected.

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The effects and effects of okra

Okra is rich in content, few are few, and it is supplemented with vitamin C and fiber intake, which is a nutritious and healthy vegetable for all ages.

So, what are the effects and effects of eating okra often?

Let ‘s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

  Okra’s Efficacy and Function 1. Hypoglycemia: Okra’s mucus is rich in soluble dietary fiber, which will prevent the initiation of digestion and reduce the absorption of glucose, which can reduce blood sugar after meals.

  2. Hypolipidemia: The combined rate of okra’s supplementary fiber and bile is higher than other vegetables (such as asparagus, green beans, carrots, cauliflower), which reduces the absorption in the diet for a long time.

  3. Antioxidant: Okra leaf extract can eliminate oxygen free radicals, eliminate tubulointerstitial disease, reduce proteinuria, and improve renal function.

  4, anti-cancer: the main components of okra polysaccharides glucuronic acid, rhamnose, galactose, arabinose, mannose, glucose, etc., it is speculated that okra polysaccharides can inhibit the growth of human tumor cells.It is speculated to be associated with tumor cells.

  5, weight loss: Okra contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, high protein, high nutrition, low milk, low calories, and the unique advantages of cholesterol-free, making okra a weight loss product, very suitable for dieters.

  Eating okra in this way is healthier and softer and smoother. Its flavor is relatively unique and its nutritional value is high.

If you want to lower blood sugar through okra, you can try a recipe, that is, soak the water with okra. After drinking okra water, it will lower blood sugar.

  Okra’s mucus and rich soluble dietary fiber can prevent the digestion of tandem insertion and reduce the absorption of glucose; as long as the fresh okra is removed from head to end, soaked in room temperature water for one night, drink okra water on an empty stomach in the morning.Okay.

  Okra’s tender fruit, tender fruit pods, and young leaves can be eaten, fried, boiled, fried, and soup are all fine and delicious, but diabetic patients are mainly light in cooking methods.

  In addition to reducing blood sugar, eating okra, as it can supplement trace elements such as zinc and selenium, can also enhance the body’s anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions.

  Okra contains vitamin C and soluble fiber, which has a health-care effect on the skin and can whiten the skin.

Okra is a cold vegetable. People with cold stomach and diarrhea should eat less.

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An hour angry and tired of overtime for six hours

Scientific experiments have proved that when people are optimistic and happy, the body adds chemicals that are beneficial to health, such as hormones, enzymes, and acetylcholine, through the biochemical process, which play a role in regulating blood flow and exciting nerve cells, making the body in a good condition.State function status.

When people’s emotions have improved, and negative sadness exceeds normal physiological limits, it will cause physiological dysfunction and cause disease.

  Medical experts have confirmed based on a large number of medical records that eliminating extremely serious emotions can cause psychological conflicts, cause excessive mental and physical exhaustion, and lead to a decline in immune capacity, which can cause various diseases and even cancer.

Being mentally depressed for a long time can lead to diseases that infect the system, because the mood is low and the deterioration of peristalsis and the secretion of digestive juice are suppressed, and the slenderness causes loss of appetite, and even leads to functional disorders and organic damage.

However, the physical and mental consumption caused by one hour of anger is equivalent to the consumption of over six hours of overtime in three days, and the anger can sometimes lead to violent death.

  Impetuous people often get angry for little things. In fact, being angry is a kind of torture that a person commits to himself. This kind of torture makes himself more and more aging, seriously damages his health, and angry also leads to many tragedies.happened.
Although life is short and beautiful, we really should not be our own executioners.

  Do you often get angry about something?

I think most of the answers are yes.

In this world, it is difficult to find a person who is not angry, but it is extremely easy for us to find a person who is grieved for a little thing.

  One day, I helped out at a friend’s psychological clinic, and a young guy came. I could feel his anger, and he was very impetuous, and it turned out that my intuition was right.

He told me that at home, his wife always annoyed him, and in the unit, his colleagues always annoyed him . Finally he said that he was going to be mad.

I quietly listened to him for ten minutes after finishing his various experiences and said, “You are under 30 years old, but you look like you are over 30 years old, and your physical condition is very bad. I am right

“He nodded easily.

I continued to say to him: “A person who gets angry often becomes like this.

In fact, others are not intentionally offending you, and you should try to tolerate others.

“Some people often get furious and angry when they encounter something unpleasant. As a result, instead of helping to solve the problem, they will hurt their feelings.

In fact, the bad emotions caused by anger will seriously damage physical health. Previous German scholar Kant said: anger is to punish others for their mistakes.

  Chinese traditional medicine also believes that anger is harmful to health.

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic also warned explicitly: “Anger hurts the liver.

“The liver plays an important role in physiological functions. It not only secretes bile, regulates the metabolism of proteins, trace amounts, and residues, but also has the effects of detoxification and coagulation.

It can be polished from here, and the health hazards of anger cannot be ignored.

  An American scientist found that when exhaling a person’s breath into a liquid, there is no obvious change in the liquid when it is calm, a white precipitate when it is sad, and the liquid becomes cloudy when angry.

If a person is mad for five minutes, it is no less than the physical energy consumed by a two-kilometre run.

Scientists have therefore concluded that people are not dying, but are dying, and it seems that the harm of anger to us is visible.

  When a person is angry, the brain nerves are highly excited, causing the nerve endings of the skin to be tense, the capillaries to contract, the blood flow to be slow and blocked, which reduces the supply of oxygen to the skin, and the skin appears purple to varying degrees.

If you lose your temper often, your race will become darker and darker.

At the same time, the capillaries contract or rupture due to anger can cause skin capillary circulation disorders and the metabolism of various nutrients delivered to the skin, so the skin gradually becomes dry, atrophied, wrinkled, loose, yellow, tarnished, and even died.

In addition, some cells are easy to degenerate, which will cause pigmentation, melasma, freckles, kidneys, etc., especially the elderly.

  When you are angry, you can’t fall asleep because you can’t calm down.

The extreme anger helps the brain to break through conventional activities, often causing reckless or excessive actions, leading to fights, even killing people. This is how many tragedies occur; sometimes abnormal behaviors caused by anger can cause serious stimulation to the brain’s center.Blood rushes often lead to cerebral hemorrhage.

  Since anger is detrimental to health and prone to tragedy, people should learn to control themselves and try not to be angry.

When you encounter something that makes you angry, you must first learn to “dissipate yourself”; indeed, when you encounter something that is particularly infuriating, you must also take the word “quit” first and quit.

Of course, this is not simply a matter of making up your mind. There are also issues of moral cultivation and cultivation of sentiment.

The ancients thought that “responsibility is strict, treat others with leniency” and “warm, good, respectful, frugal, and letting”, and think that the sign of interpersonal communication is very beneficial to human health.

Being calm in dealing with problems, being generous, and being able to restrain one’s emotions appropriately can not only prevent oneself from being angry, but also actually reflects one’s inner cultivation.

  If you are not angry and less angry, you need to be open-minded and generous. Don’t worry about the trivial matters.

In fact, taking a step back does not mean cowardice, but rather a good strategy for resolving contradictions, and may lead to the release of suspicion, in exchange for the clouds disappearing and the sky widening.
We must also be good at controlling and conditioning our emotions, and eliminate the bad mood of anger in the bud state.
Do not think that anger is an expression of integrity, frankness, and bold character.

Being angry and angry at the same time is not beneficial to others, not to oneself, and it hurts others and punishes yourself. It is not cost-effective.

  In your daily work, you can try to prevent yourself from getting angry in the following ways: 1.

When something goes wrong, after encountering misunderstandings, he uses psychological relaxation to say to himself, “There is no need to be angry about a small matter.”


When you are angry, remind yourself that everyone has the right to act according to their choice.


When you first get angry, take a few minutes to think about how you feel and how the other person feels.


Ask people you trust to help you and let them remind you whenever they see you angry.


Learn to say “It doesn’t matter”.

Pioneer’s anger was indeed doing a stupid thing.


When you are not angry, talk to those who are often mad at you, and point out each other’s words and actions that are prone to anger.


Try to get angry in advance, and book a few seconds more each time than the previous one. Over time, you can control yourself.


Remind yourself that “happy life is better than rich money”, anger can’t get through.


Self-love, remind yourself how bad things even others do, anger hurts your body first.

  Finally, let’s read a story, and we should remember it.

  A Zen master of the Jin Dynasty loved orchids very much. In addition to teaching on the weekdays, he spent a lot of time planting orchids.

  One day, he would go out and travel around, and before discipling, he told his disciples to take good care of the orchids in the temple.

  During this period, the disciples always took good care of the orchids, but one day they accidentally knocked down the orchid stand while watering. All the orchid pots fell and the orchids were scattered all over the floor.

  The disciples were therefore very panicked, and planned to wait for Master to return and pay Master a penalty.

  The Zen Master of the Jin Dynasty came back. When he heard about this, he called his disciples. Instead of blaming him, he wrote: “I plant orchids for buddha, and for embellishment, pleasant temperament, not for angryOrchid’s.

The Master Jin Dynasty said it well, not to grow orchids for anger.

The reason why a Zen master can see is that although he likes orchids, he doesn’t care about the gains and losses of orchids. Therefore, the gains and losses of orchids do not affect the mood and anger in his heart.

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What kind of food does a woman eat in the autumn?

Foods for nourishing yin can nourish the yin and body fluids of the human body, nourish and moisturize the organs of the viscera of the whole body, and the organs of yin deficiency have the lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys.

Chinese medicine believes that the main symptoms of yin deficiency are five: upset fever or hot flashes in the afternoon, night sweats, redness, weight loss, red tongue and less moss.

For women, Yin deficiency causes fine lines on the skin.

As long as the yin can be eliminated, wrinkles can be eliminated, and there is no need to buy any wrinkle cream.

There is also a difference in yin deficiency. Some people will have fever in their palms and feet, or they may have symptoms such as dryness, dry eyes, dizziness, tinnitus, etc. These should start paying attention to fill the yin.

  The organs affected by yin deficiency are the lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys.

The main manifestations of lung yin deficiency are dry cough, phlegm loss, dry mouth and dry throat; the main manifestations of stomach yin deficiency are dry throat, thirst, and dry stool; symptoms of liver yin deficiency include dizziness, headache, dry eyes and dryness; kidney yin deficiencyThe main manifestations of soreness are waist and knee aches, hot hands and feet, upset and insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus and hot flashes and night sweats.

Someone is always shiny when they are young, but after 25 years of age, they become dry skin.

The first reason is that the liver fire is too strong, and the second reason is yin deficiency.

This is how wrinkles occur.

  Foods for nourishing yin can nourish the yin and body fluids of the human body, nourish and moisturize the organs of the body.

Tremella lily pear soup and sugar cane, the two flavors have a good effect on yin, and ripe pears can nourish the internal organs.

Another good thing everyone knows is soy milk.

Milk and soy milk are both tonic foods, but soy milk is recommended instead of milk, because plant-based is generally more reassuring than animal-based.

In addition to pears, sugar cane, black sesame, soy milk, white fungus, and lily, food for tonifying can be paired with duck meat, because it not only nourishes yin and clears heat, but also has a diuretic function.

  Bird’s nest and jujube soup: 25g of bird’s nest, 15g of candied dates, appropriate amount of brown sugar, soak the bird’s nest with clear water to remove impurities, and then put it in the pot with the jujube (coreless), add an appropriate amount of water, cook until the jujube is ripe, and then season with brown sugar.
This formula has the effect of nourishing and wrinkles, making the complexion shiny and moisturized.

  Oriole: 25 grams of snow fungus (tremella), 15 grams of red dates, 6 grams of peel, 1 egg, moderate sugar.

First pit the red dates and boil for 30 minutes, then put in the peel and cook for another 10 minutes. Add the rock sugar and beat into the eggs, mix well and serve.

This formula has the effects of beauty, skin wrinkles, and discoloration, and the uniforms transform the skin into white, tender, delicate, and elastic.

  Fruit red soup: 15 grams of hawthorn, 5 grams of honeysuckle, 200 grams of red candle, 100 grams of rock sugar.

First add hawthorn and honeysuckle into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water, and cook for 20 minutes to filter the residue. Cook the red beans and cook until they are ripe, and season with a small amount of rock sugar.

This soup has a sweet and sour taste, and is a regular drink for appetizers, spleen, heat, beauty, and beauty.

  Apricot flower dew: 12 grams of almonds, 6 grams of sweet-scented osmanthus, and the right amount of rock sugar. Take the almonds and mash them into the pot. Cook for 15 minutes and then cook the sweet-scented osmanthus for another 10 minutes. Filter the residue and add sugar to taste and serve.

This soup is fragrant, delicious and delicious. It has the effect of nourishing the skin and removing freckles, and it is recognized that women often drink it all year round.

  Apple Sydney Pear: 2 apples, 2 Sydneys, 120 grams of lotus rice, 9 grams of tangerine peel, sugar.

Peel the apples and syrups and leave the skins. Place the rice with the rinds in the pot, cook for 30 minutes with the right amount of water, and put the apples and syrups together for 50 minutes. Season with sugar and serve.

This soup has beauty, skin care and anti-aging effects.

  Papaya milk soup: fresh ripe papaya, fresh milk each amount.

Cut the papaya into small pieces, add water, and cook with the sugar until the papaya is ripe. Then add the fresh milk to the boil and serve.

This formula has the effect of beauty skin care, black hair, regular drink can make the skin smooth, tender, delicate, wrinkles reduced, and complexion.

  Three-flavor beauty juice: Cut the coriander, carrot, and apple into small pieces, add them into the juice maker and twist them together, then season with any honey.

Contains a large amount of phosphorus, potassium and multivitamins, carrots, apples contain the fruit acids, carotene can restore skin nutrition, make it shiny, delicate and soft.

  Lemon honey juice: Inject a suitable amount of honey into a predetermined bottle, then slice the lemon into thin slices and dip in the honey.

Mix with cold water (warm boiling water can be used in winter), this can make the skin tender and smooth, can put freckles, dark spots.

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Stay up late to quickly recall the beautiful face

Finally changed back to the prototype of party animals!

However, this time I don’t want to become “Cinderella” after the carnival all night. If you also have this wish, enter the fast maintenance time with us and start a battle between sleep and maintenance!

  180’Escape Makeup Fast Track: Cleanser and facial sponge are combined to take out 1/3 more cleansing milk than usual, put it on the palm of your hand, dip it in your eyes and massage for 30 seconds, then wipe off with cotton pad; wipe the restApply the lotion evenly on the surface. Massage both hands together in a circular motion for 60 seconds, taking care not to miss any corners; soak the face sponge, gently scoop out the excess water, and wipe repeatedly for two or three times until the makeup and dirt are dissolved.The lotion is completely removed.

  Reasons for saving time: There are some lotion-like facial cleansers that can gently wash away dirt and dissolve makeup, so any skin can use it to remove makeup and clean in one step.

In addition, using a face wash sponge instead of ordinary facial tissues can even eliminate the need to rinse your face with water.

  60 ‘Search pores fast track: use a cosmetic liquid with exfoliating function instead of ordinary lotion and evenly apply the exfoliating cosmetic liquid on the cleansed skin surface. Use your fingers to draw a small circle from the inside to avoid opening the eyes.Massage the entire face for 30 seconds.

Then wipe it gently with a cotton pad soaked with beauty fluid, and massage the forehead, nose, and cheekbones that are prone to keratinization and deposition of dirt.

  Reasons to save time: Many beauty fluids and toners have the effect of softening horny and deep cleansing.

In some poor conditions or if you want to save time and can only clean easily, this function can be used to further remove the stubborn stains that are not taken away by the facial cleanser, which can achieve a fast and reliable deep cleaning effect.

  30 ‘Happy Nourishing Fast Track: Add a layer of essence to speed up the absorption of the essence on the clean skin before the night cream, and pat it gently with your palm. After it is completely absorbed, apply the usual night cream, and thenThe speed of speed rushed to the longing soft bed.

  Reasons for saving time: The essence is easier to absorb than ordinary creams, and this liquid rich in nano-penetration technology or a variety of plant extracts is more likely to penetrate deep into the skin, stimulate cell activity, and promote metabolic cycles.

Just like an invisible cell engine is implanted in the skin, no time-consuming and labor-intensive massage is needed, and the nutrients can be absorbed all by one.

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White combat 24 hours whitening without slackening

Asian women’s skin tone is originally dull and yellow, so whitening has always been the hot topic of beauty all year round!
In fact, if you want to defeat melanin, you must attack the tough battle step by step. You cannot relax for 24 hours!
  Only by grasping the correct whitening concept and facing the key to the skin’s exact nourishment, effectively preventing melanin production and catabolizing it out of the body, and having the concept of “healthy whitening”, can we create pure whiteness from the inside and have loveApple-looking, healthy-looking skin.
Although whitening does not happen overnight, accumulate a little every day, and you will go further from porcelain white skin!
Now let’s see how to make the most of 24 hours a day to fight melanin!
  Whitening lock: The basic maintenance and protection of the melanin invasion of North Korea, Midnight and Night, and the active removal of dull metabolism and speckle problems. The sense of clarity is officially up!
Today, Xiaobian and the sisters cut from the two perspectives of daytime protection and nighttime breakthrough, and aimed at the isolation and sun protection, basic maintenance and centralized repair strategies, occupying a flawless white state in all aspects!
  朝美白  7:00 早起勤美白,快速利用化妆水湿敷重点区块集中亮白  早上起床的时候,先大口喝下500CC的白开水,搭配湿敷化妆水,特别敷在有斑点的地方,约10In -15 minutes, it can achieve the similar effect of intensive supplementation of the mask. The whitening ingredients penetrate the bottom layer to increase the skin’s brightness and moisture, and then the subsequent basic maintenance procedures are performed.
  7:30 冬天搭配SPF系数较低的防晒产品,抵挡艳阳的抹黑  上妆前别忘了细心做好紫外线防护,属于干燥肤质的女性,可挑选质地较为滋润却不油腻的脸部专用防晒,At present, many sunscreen products have been launched on the market that have a high coefficient, do not have a sweltering airtightness, and have a touch-up effect.
  9:00 Concealer + Fade, dual effects simultaneously solve the problem of local dullness. Due to the irregular relationship between daily work and rest, modern women’s perfect makeup will always be defeated by the defects of dark circles.
Use concealer products to cover the problem of dullness around the eyes. While modifying, choose concealer products with whitening ingredients that additionally add vitamin C or arbutin, which can also help to reduce the eye melanin problem.
  Whitening lotion recommended: DHC whitening lotion Reference price: 300.
0 / 100ml DHC whitening lotion is a double-acting lotion on the surface and deep of the skin. It contains & alpha-arbutin.
Provides sufficient moisture to the stratum corneum and prevents dullness caused by UV rays.
Utilizing the efficient penetration of & alpha-arbutin, it brings unprecedented transparency and fairness to the skin.
  午美白  12:00 保湿喷雾,随时随地补充水能量   因紫外线及夏日气温引起的肌肤红热,感觉肌肤干燥时、或是让人在意的脱妆及出油情形浮现时,可在补妆之前, Replenish the moisturizing spray containing whitening ingredients, replenish water vitality for the tired face, keep the overflowing moisturizing luster, and evoke a soft and transparent feeling.
  Recommended moisturizing spray: Sea Blue Mysterious Revitalizing Soothing Spray Reference Price: ¥ 600.
0 / 125ml The active magnet contained in the spray, like flowing energy, continuously charges the beneficial ingredients in the product to maintain its optimal energy state, creating a rich anion water environment, instantly improving skin vitality and nourishingDry skin, awaken dull skin, let users marvel at “moisture see”!
In addition, the spray also contains precious rose water, which gently soothes wrinkles caused by dryness, calms skin surface irritation, and exudes a delicate fragrance.
  夜美白  21:00 定期去角质+美白,帮助代谢沉淀的黑色素   因肌肤因为老化、压力、环境的种种伤害而新陈代谢不佳时,角质层会排列不整齐,无法自然脱落,而形成粗糙、暗黄The old horny horny, which has no luster, is attached to the new horny horny. These old horny horns will make the skin’s water-retaining function worse, and then make the skin dull.
Moderate exfoliation 1 to 2 times a week can further help skin look brighter!
  22:00 进阶型保养,加强深入净白,重现晶透嫩滑   去除掉表面废的暗沉角质之后,是肌肤吸收营养最有效率的菁华状态,而晚上是一天当中最放松的时候,With a good mood, it helps the skin to absorb the nutrients of the mask, especially from 12 to 3 in the evening is the best time for skin self-repair. Applying the mask before going to bed can help the skin send nutrients into the skin with metabolism and absorbContains whitening ingredients.
  Recommended for deep whitening masks: Beggas High-Performing White Collagen Activated Mask 膜 Reference price: ¥ 760.
0/6 tablets stimulates collagen hyperplasia, quickly lifts the skin, restores elasticity and smoothness.
Collagen is derived from unpolluted deep-sea blue sharks.
Can effectively improve the face, wrinkles, dark spots and increase skin elasticity, repair damage caused by UVA.
Can effectively improve skin texture and increase moisturizing effect.
It is especially suitable for premature appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, looseness, dryness, discoloration, dullness or aging caused by aging.

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Mental health measures

In order to guarantee people’s healthy mental state, mental health care must be carried out.

Mental health care can be carried out through mental health science popularization, lectures and regular psychological consultation.

  Mental health care should pay attention to the following two aspects: 1, mental health care principles: pay attention to four principles.

  1) Maintaining self-awareness Good self-awareness is understanding of yourself and “me”.

The core of good self-awareness is to achieve self-knowledge and self-love.

Self-knowledge is to understand the true level of your ability through self-observation and self-evaluation, and you must “do what you can” for all kinds of behaviors.

Self-love is to love yourself, protect yourself, and be aware of yourself.

To truly realize self-knowledge and self-love, the following points should be noticed in actual life.

  ① Cultivate self-knowledge by comparing with others, but it is by no means ruled out as the only measure of oneself.

  ② Expand your own life field, make more contact with people and things, and earnestly accumulate life experience, so as to reflect your own qualities and talents in reality.

  ③ Take your work and experience seriously.

  ④ The difference between ideal and reality should be adjusted at any time, otherwise it is easy to produce frustration or self-grief, which is not good for mental and physical health.

  2) Maintain good social function.

The so-called social function is to adapt to society.

  3) Maintain good interpersonal relationships.

When dealing with people, you should also pay attention to: sincere encouragement and praise instead of grandma; starting from the desire for unity, making corrections in good faith; considering the personality of others, and not forcing opinions on others.

  4) Actively participate in labor practices.

Labor promotes the development of individuals including both physical and psychological aspects.

Through labor practice to maintain close connection with reality, to achieve ideals through labor, correct unrealistic dreams, and promote people’s friendship in labor.

Labor enables people to eliminate unnecessary anxieties and superimpose excessive self-attention, making life rich and fulfilling.

The success and results of labor make people realize the value of their own existence, so they are full of confidence in life.

  2. Psychological regulation The psychological reactions caused by contradictions and events in life are mainly emotional responses, so the most basic point of psychological regulation and control can be said to be regulating and controlling emotions, making it a substitute or an onset that is appropriate.

However, this adjustment is closely related to the individual’s objective perception and evaluation and self-evaluation.

Therefore, learning to be good at mastering oneself and being good at controlling and regulating emotions is essential to adapt to social development and maintain mental and physical health.

Because emotional activity can be said to be the most powerful and powerful component of psychological stimulation in health.

Any activity of a person is based on emotions and accompanied by emotions.

Therefore we must pay attention to fostering a healthy emotional life.

Pay attention to the appropriateness of emotional performance and moderate emotional tension.

Moderate emotional tension is enough to make people’s life full of rhythm and interest, and can effectively use people’s potential to achieve mental and physical harmony and mental health.

Emotional performance is appropriate to cry and cry, laugh and laugh, not to limit your emotions infinitely.

In addition, cultivating an optimistic attitude and a sense of humor can maintain a good feeling of self and relieve psychological tension in a timely manner.

Psychological adjustment is based on correct understanding and evaluation of the individual’s environment, and strives to eliminate those unpleasant psychological stimuli and life events, rationally accept the reality that non-personal ability can change, so as to adapt well, make the emotions positive and stable, and maintain self-awarenessGood, to achieve the purpose of maintaining physical and mental health.

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Star decompression sports premiere yoga

Why can exercise reduce stress?

This is because there is a phenanthrene hormone in the human body. This hormone called “happy factor” is produced during exercise. When exercise reaches a certain amount, this phenanthrene can promote nerve pleasure and take awayStressed and unpleasant.

  Facing high-voltage lines in the entertainment industry, stars often have to withstand the unimaginable pressure of ordinary people.

Too many people choose a variety of ways to reduce stress, and exercise is the most common way to reduce stress. Let’s find out together, which stars are most passionate about sports?

  Representatives of the Yoga School: Sun Yan, Jolin Tsai For women, yoga is the best fitness exercise.

It is a decompression and weight loss exercise that fully meets the requirements of beauty stars.

Sun Yan said that she is a perfectionist. She often puts pressure on herself when receiving a variety of scripts, and practicing yoga allows her to adjust her body and relieve the stress.

After the ever-changing days, Jolin Tsai is also a loyal “fan” of the yoga movement. This “sports completely independent of outdoor weather” keeps her petite figure, achieves slimming, and recuperates.

  Representatives of the crazy running: Yu Quan, Yang Qianyu Yu Quan first called “Run” song, in fact they like to release their pressure by running, running on the court can bring them the most original motivation, especiallyWhen the sweat is dripping, the tired body not only relaxes, but also inspiration comes.

Besides being known as “laughing aunt”, apart from depressing with “laughs”, Yang Qiandi likes to run on the street. She also said: “The more unhappy you are, the faster you run, the only onevent.
Representatives of the violent faction: Nicholas Tse, Yu Wenle, and many handsome stars like to reduce pressure by punching and playing field games.

Nicholas Tse once wrote on his blog that his pressure was released through punches and knocks at the door to release his anger, while Yu Wenle was enthusiastic about playing field games. Although these are violent sports, psychologists said that excessive mental stress can easily develop into various diseases of the body., And occasionally a normal vent.

  Representatives of the basketball pie: Jay Chou and Liu Genghong became the favorite activities of male stars in the circle by playing basketball. They can put aside chores, release pressure on the court, and meet friends with the ball.

One of the most distinctive is Jay Chou. From passionate basketball to group formation, to playing with friends and golfers Liu Genghong to play on the big screen (showing the movie “Slam Dunk”), Tian Wang loves to play, and everyone knows it.

  Shopping representative: Cecilia Cheung, Fan Wenfang Cecilia Cheung is a well-known shopaholic in the entertainment industry.

Fan Wenfang, who also likes shopping, believes that this is a good “decompression” exercise, and walking aimlessly on the street can not only forget all the troubles, but also lose weight.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, if you persist in shopping for about 3 hours a week can burn up to 495 calories, no wonder women like to ease stress by shopping.

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Poria, spleen and lowering blood sugar teach you to use Poria

It is a commonly used traditional Chinese medicine for strengthening the spleen. An important reason why it is commonly used is that Poria is very peaceful. Chinese medicine is called “seasonal medicine”.

Because the sexual taste is gentle, no matter the hot summer or the cold winter, Poria is not a problem because of the bias of sexual taste, so it is also the most suitable medicine for daily diet.

… Poria is effective in reducing spleen and lowering blood sugar. From the perspective of medicinal effects, Poria can help to soak up water, soothe the spleen and calm the heart. It can treat unpleasant urination caused by spleen deficiency, sputum drinking edema, spleen deficiency, bloating, constipation, and palpitation.

  Pharmacological evidence now confirms that it is also a good diuretic and can lower blood sugar.

  In the ancient classical medical books, the supplementary spectrum of medicine and food homology is inseparable from Poria.

  800 years ago in the Song of the Confucian Confucian Family, “Fruit Poria is forty-two, white noodles are two-for-two, water is used to make pie, and it is fried with yellow wax.

“In the early Qing Dynasty, some people proposed that” the cake is expensive and loose, and the cake is conducive to thinness “, which gradually evolved into the current” Poria sandwich cake “.

  It is said that once Cixi did not think about diet, the chef used pine kernels, peach kernels, osmanthus, honey as the main raw materials, combined with an appropriate amount of Poria powder, and then baked it with high-quality starch stand to make a crust. This is Beijing.The predecessor of “Poria Cinnamon”.

  For patients with renal failure, edema or even ascites, pleural effusion, you can cook Poria 60g to 90g in a single package or cook it in traditional Chinese medicine prescribed by a doctor. The cooked Poria is eaten as food and has a spleen and swelling effect.well.

  Including diabetics, eat more staple foods with high blood sugar, you can use Poria powder in the hair cake, add 60 to 90 grams of Poria powder to 500 grams of white noodles, and mix with the white noodles. The rest is the same as steamed buns.The steamed Poria cocos buns have the effects of Poria cocos spleen and spleen swelling, and on the other hand, the intake of staple food is reduced.

The trace is low, taking into account the blood sugar problem.

  If steamed buns are not steamed, porridge or milk is used to prepare oatmeal, you can use Poria powder to replace part of the rice or oatmeal, so that both spleen and hypoglycemia can be taken into account.

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