Let your baby exercise with mother

Babies under the age of 1 have limited abilities, but they are curious about new things, and the best time for their mother to recover within one year after delivery

Baby and mother can exercise together.

  ● The squat exercise improves the strength of the mother’s pelvic floor muscles, while training the baby’s sense of space movement.

  Action essentials: The pregnant mother does squats, and the range of squatting does not need to be very large. After 2 seconds, the movement will be restored.

Tighten your thigh and hip muscles as you stand up.

Can each group repeat 6?
10 moves.

  Tip: When squatting, aim at the toes, and do not move forward beyond the toes.

  ● Bird-type exercise effect strengthens the strength of the mother’s shoulder and spinal muscles, prevents the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, and trains the baby’s reaction ability and arm strength.

  Action essentials: baby and mother sit facing each other, mother with both hands raised sideways, and constantly moving arms up and down 50?
100 times, let the baby do the same with the mother, pay attention to observe the baby’s reaction.

  Tip: The mother should encourage the baby to wave his arm with himself.

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Yoga in the rain improves human immunity

Watching the computer before bed affects the reproductive system and causes cancer?

Yoga in the rain improves human immunity?

Look at these unheard of new theories.

Yoga in the rain improves the body’s immunity. Whenever it is rainy, yogis will go to the skateboard floor through this book to add “vitamins in the rain.”

Rainwater is rich in a large number of negative ions. This negative ion is called “vitamins in the rain”, which can effectively improve the human body’s immunity, soften the limbs, and move the joints.

More and more yoga practitioners believe that practicing yoga in the rain increases joint mobility and reduces the chance of injury.

In addition, meditation yoga in the rain can also effectively empty the brain and reach the state of “forgetfulness” during practice.

Yoga in the rain is currently very popular in Malaysia.

A new type of rice that can be whitened by South Korean scientists is a rice variety derived from artificial mating of black glutinous rice and “giant germ” rice.

This kind of rice has the characteristics of black rice, glutinous rice and large high-grade rice at the same time, and also has the special effect of treating alcoholism.

When the rice was fed to mice with symptoms of alcoholism in the state of alkaline rice, it was found that the alcohol intake of the rats was reduced by about 50%.

The rats that consumed germinated brown rice reduced their alcohol intake to about 65%.

The reason is that a nerve-transmitting substance called GABA in this rice is 9 times higher than ordinary rice, which can help the body reduce the absorption of more than alcohol.

According to researchers, this new type of rice also has higher levels of antioxidant anthocyanins and whitening ingredients, oryzanol, than ordinary rice, which has the effect of whitening the skin.

Watching the computer before bed affects the reproductive system According to a recent large-scale study, people who use the computer for a long time before going to bed are more likely to hide 5 hazards than people who do not use the computer.

First, it causes sleep disorders.

Under normal circumstances, people’s body temperature is high during the day and low at night, and it is easy to get deep sleep if the two are separated.

If you use a computer before bedtime, the bright display and the switching program will irritate the eyes and nervous system, which will destroy the body temperature change law, make the originally lowered body temperature relatively high, and affect the quality of sleep.Even sleep disorders such as insomnia and dreams appear; second, it is easy to induce cancer.

Computer radiation pollution will affect the human circulatory system, affect immune, reproductive and metabolic functions, severely induce cancer, and accelerate the human reproductive spread; third, affect the reproductive system.

The main manifestations are reduced sperm quality in men, spontaneous abortion and oxidized malformations in pregnant women. Fourth, it affects the cardiovascular system.

It manifests as palpitations, insomnia, some women’s menstrual aberrations, bradycardia, reduced blood pressure, sinus arrhythmia, decreased white blood cells, decreased immune function, etc .; Fifth, affects the visual system.

Because the eyes belong to the human body’s sensitive organs to electromagnetic radiation, the excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution causes the visual system to be affected, which mainly manifests as decreased vision and causes cataracts.

“Morning Dog” brings the owner healthy morning running. For lazy office workers, the Australian Pet Association specially trains the uniform “Morning Dog”. This puppy wakes up the owner at 6 o’clock every morning and takes the owner to do morning exercises.

And when a higher owner runs, this kind of puppy will adjust the pace according to the owner’s physical strength. If the owner is behind, they will intentionally slow down the running speed. If the main body strength increases, they will run faster and faster.

This expensive “morning dog” is extremely popular in Australia, and the speed of breeding and training is far from meeting market demand.

Several unions have explicitly banned the export of these puppies to protect limited “morning dog” resources.

Honey can replace wound sticks to accelerate wound healing. High-viscosity honey can form a protective layer on the surface of the wound and effectively prevent wound infection.

When the skin is slightly infected, a bit of honey can be used instead of a band-aid.

In addition, drinking a glass of honey water or eating a small spoon of honey can also speed up wound healing, because honey contains a special enzyme component and antioxidants, which can effectively relieve local swelling.

Wearing dark sunglasses is prone to dark circles. When the eye lens is compressed, the muscles around the eye will also be tense, shrink, and produce fine lines, which will gradually increase.

In particular, the darker the sunglasses, the more likely it is that crystal fatigue will occur. Over time, the elasticity of the crystal will decrease, and the problem of dark circles will follow.

In order to keep the crystal in a relaxed state, it is recommended to choose sunglasses with light red and light brown lenses as much as possible.

Listening to music can beautify your skin. It has been found that listening to music can prevent acne, promote skin blood circulation, and make the skin more delicate.

Beauty experts say that when people feel stressed, the brain releases leather alcohol, which can easily stimulate the skin (especially the skin and skin) to produce oil, which can cause acne and allergic symptoms.

Therefore, in the reduced working space

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How to prevent underarm odor often occurring in summer?

Guide: arm odor, also known as body odor, from the under the arm emits a pungent smell, especially in summer.

So how to prevent arm odor in summer?

Here are some tips for preventing arm odor in the summer. I hope to help you.

To prevent underarm odor, you should develop good habits. Underarm odor is common in adolescence. It is caused by bacterial action of the sweat gland secretions of the armpit skin. It is a bad body odor and has a great relationship with heredity.

1. In daily life, pay attention to personal hygiene and keep your skin clean.

Pay attention to cleanliness, wash the affected area with soap, wash frequently, change clothes frequently, and keep the skin dry.

Especially keep arm sockets, perineum, breasts and other parts clean, wash with soap and water every day.

2. Take a bath after exercise.

When you usually do cardiovascular activities or excessive exercise, especially after summer exercise, it will cause a lot of sweat, which will create favorable conditions for bacterial growth.

Therefore, you must take a bath after cleaning, clean your skin, and change your underwear frequently to reduce bacterial reproduction.

3. Reduce the irritation to the armpit skin.

Usually, it is necessary to reduce chronic chronic irritation to the skin of the armpit, such as frequent shaving or plucking of sleeve hair, so as not to cause hair follicle hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

If the sweat glands are hypertrophic, they can secrete excessive sweat and increase the amount of lipid excretion.

At the same time, the armpits are warm and distorted, and are not air-permeable, which is easy to breed the growth and reproduction of bacteria, decompose excessive unsaturated fatty acids, and produce odor.

Therefore, do not pull the armpit hair often.

4, quit smoking and alcohol, eat less spicy and other irritating foods, such as: onions, garlic, pepper, mustard and so on.

5. Wear loose underwear.

Young men and women like to wear tights, denim clothes, etc., which causes the skin to stick to the clothes and prevent the volatilization of secretions. Especially in summer, these local temperatures are high and humidity is high, which becomes the “culture medium” for bacteria, which promotes the growth of some bacteria, Decompose, and produce special odors aggravated.

6, can be used topically.

External medicine can have antiperspirant and antiperspirant effects, so that sweat glands cannot produce sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids or bacteria can not breed, only temporarily, to avoid odor.

In addition, it is usually best to maintain emotional stability and not to be emotional.

Arm odor prevention can not be ignored, we should actively do a good job of arm odor prevention, so that arm odor no longer has the opportunity.

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Recommended six rabbit food products

Ingredients for wolfberry rabbit: 15 grams of wolfberry, 250 grams of rabbit meat.

  Method: Add wolfberry and rabbit meat to an appropriate amount of water, simmer in low heat, and season with salt.

Drink soup and eat meat once a day.

  Efficacy: can nourish liver and kidney, nourish qi and nourish blood.

It is suitable for dysmenorrhea with soft waist, dizziness, tinnitus, reddish tongue and fine pulse.

  Ingredients for yam rabbit: 500 grams of rabbit meat, 60 grams of yam, 60 grams of trichosanthin, and vegetable oil, monosodium glutamate, and salt.

  Method: Wash and cut rabbit meat, add water to sauté, simmer the boiled water, add yam, trichosanthin, and simmer until the rabbit meat is rotten and mature, season and take thick juice, and drink immediately when you are thirsty.

  Efficacy: The soup made with rabbit meat in “Experimental Set of the Sea” is used to “relieve thirst, lose weight, and urinate”.

Chinese yam and tianya powder are used for antipyretic and tonic benefits of ancient recipes.

It is suitable for those who suffer from limb burnout and fatigue and coughing due to lung deficiency.

  Ingredients for Chenpi rabbit: 250 grams of rabbit meat, 5 grams of Chenpi, and salt, shallot, ginger, cooking wine, pepper, dried pepper, soy sauce, vinegar, spicy oil, sugar, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil.

  Method: Wash the rabbit meat and cut it into diced meat, put it in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of refined salt, vegetable oil, shallots, ginger slices and cooking wine, mix well and marinate for 30 minutes; soak the rind in warm water for 10 minutes, cut into small piecesHeat the iron pot with martial arts heat, pour in an appropriate amount of vegetable oil, when it is 70% hot, add dry peppers and fry it to brown, then add the diced rabbit, stir-fry until the flesh is white, add the peel and an appropriate amount of pepper, green onionFestival, ginger slices, continue to stir fry, after the rabbit diced dried, cook into fresh soup, soy sauce, vinegar, spicy oil, sugar and monosodium glutamate, collect the dried juice to cease the fire, drizzle with sesame oil to serve.

  Efficacy: Suitable for those with yin deficiency and hotness, drinking thirst, drinking goodness, reducing body shape, dry tongue and upset, yin deficiency and blood heat, vomiting blood and blood in the stool.

  Ingredients for Panax notoginseng: 1 rabbit, Panax notoginseng, 10 grams each of Codonopsis, 2 coriander, and onion, ginger, garlic, cooking wine, pepper.

  Method: first wrap the ginseng and Sanqi with gauze, then wrap the peppercorns and aniseed with gauze for later use; wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces; cut the green onion into slices, slice the ginger, and beat the pine with a knife;Add the prepared rabbit meat to the boiling water pot, add an appropriate amount of cooking wine, and remove the bloody smell; remove the rabbit meat and add it to the water to wash, and then put the medicine bag and pepper pepper anise bag together in the pot and boil over high heatAfter 10 minutes, put the simmered rabbit meat into the casserole, add the prepared shallots, ginger, garlic and cook over high heat, add salt, chicken essence after boiling, and then simmer for 40 minutes with low heat, put the medicine bag and anise bagPick the onion, ginger, and garlic and discard it. Add coriander and serve.

  Efficacy: It can promote blood circulation and disperse blood stasis, nourish blood and reduce lipids, and is suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia and coronary heart disease.

  Lo Han rabbit ingredients: 300 grams of rabbit meat, 1 Luo Han Guo, 100 grams of lettuce, cooking wine, ginger, spring onion, soy sauce, salt, MSG amount, 300 ml soup, 50 ml vegetarian oil.

  Method: Wash and break Luo Han Guo; wash rabbit meat and cut into 3 cm square pieces; peel the lettuce and cut into 3 cm square pieces; cut ginger and shallots.

Heat the wok over the heat, add plain oil, and when it is hot to 60%, add ginger, spring onions and fragrant rabbit meat, Luo Han Guo, lettuce, cooking wine, soy sauce, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, and fresh soup.Ready to serve.

  Efficacy: It can moisturize the lungs, relieve cough, and beautify.

It is suitable for those who have dry lungs and coughs, whose skin is not moist and has no Chinese complexion.

  Ingredients for rabbits: 500 grams of rabbit meat, 20 grams each of angelica and astragalus, and rice wine, ginger slices, refined salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

  Method: Wash the rabbit meat and cut into pieces. Angelica and astragalus are washed and sliced, put into a gauze bag, tie the mouth of the bag tightly, and put it in the casserole.

Inject 600 ml of water. After boiling, skim off the froth, add rice wine, ginger slices, refined salt, and simmer until crispy. Remove the medicine bag, put MSG, drizzle sesame oil, and eat the meat in hot soup twice.

  Efficacy: It can nourish Qi and nourish blood, strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach.

It is suitable for those with chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis, weight loss and general weakness.

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Lumbar intervertebral disc herniation 2

Prescription: Lamb bone, root, rice wine amount.

  Usage: Roast the lamb cavity bones to a burnt yellow color, smash, and grind.

Take 5 grams of warm rice wine after meals 2 times a day.

  Indications: Lumbar disc herniation.

  Prescription: 100 grams of beef, 5D grams of previous rice, allspice powder, appropriate amount of refined salt.

  Usage: Cut the beef into thin slices, and cook the porridge with the same amount of rice and water as before.

  Indications: Lumbar disc herniation.
  Prescription: 1 tadpole, 200 grams of pig spinal cord, 10 grams of ginger, 10 grams of light onion, peony powder, MSG.

  Usage: Burn the cricket with boiling water, remove the crickets, and remove the internal organs, head, and claws.

Wash the spinal cord and place it in a bowl.

Put the meat into the pot, add ginger, pepper, and boil over the fire. Cook the meat with bonfire, put it in pork bones, and add MSG after cooking.

Eat meat and soup and finish serving in portions.

Yang deficiency constitution and cold are not to be taken.

  Indications: Lumbar disc herniation.

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Alarm clock is a health killer

Those who participated in the wake-up test by the alarm clock had a best score of only 65% of their normal state, which is equivalent to being drunk-participants’ performance was worse than they were deprived of 26 hours of sleep.

Although the severe effects gradually diminish in the first ten minutes after waking up, some damage can still be found two hours after waking up.

Researchers say that the results will be implicated in staff members who need to be replenished in the best state immediately after being awakened, such as firefighters, doctors and other workers who deal with emergencies.


hzh{display:none;}  Technicians explained that electronic watches emit electromagnetic fields. Although electronic watches are much better than before, they still generate electromagnetic fields.

The health hazards of electronic watch radiation are still being raised, but some people believe that this will cause cancer, especially children, and many other neurological problems.

  The alarm clock ringing was too loud, which caused high blood pressure.

Young Gao was found to have high blood pressure, which surprised her and her colleagues. The doctor did not know the cause until after careful examination.

  Ms. Gao, 28, works in a foreign company. She often works overtime late. To ensure that she can get up the next morning, she always sets the alarm clock on her mobile phone to the maximum volume, and places it on the bed next to her head.The place.

  Over time, she clearly felt that whenever the alarm sounded in the morning, her heartbeat would suddenly increase, her body was extremely uncomfortable, and she felt dizzy.

She thought it was due to her work pressure and she didn’t pay much attention until her high blood pressure was reduced during the company’s physical examination.

  Physicians point out that long-term wake-up sounds of alarm clocks can adversely affect human health.

Suddenly being awakened by an alarm clock during deep sleep can cause protective reflexes in the body. Adrenaline levels in the body increase rapidly, heartbeat speeds up, and blood vessel systolic blood pressure rises. Long-term exposure to this kind of stimulation may cause sleep problems, and evenCauses high blood pressure.

  Waking up often with an alarm clock will bring more sickness alarm bells and increase your overall stress level.

Sudden noise can cause the body’s protective conditioned reflexes to “fight or run away” and increase adrenaline levels.

Doctors who specialize in how to deal with this disease think that although a bedside clock may be good for you to work on time, if this activated state lasts for days, weeks, and months, it will cause chronic stress.

Stress can cause high blood pressure, sleep problems and mental depression.

  Those who participated in the wake-up test by the alarm clock had a best score of only 65% of their normal state, which is equivalent to being drunk-participants’ performance was worse than they were deprived of 26 hours of sleep.

Although the severe effects gradually diminish in the first ten minutes after waking up, some damage can still be found two hours after waking up.

Researchers say that the results will be implicated in staff members who need to be replenished in the best state immediately after being awakened, such as firefighters, doctors and other workers who deal with emergencies.

  技术人员解释说,电子表会发出电磁场,虽然现在的电子表比以前的要好多了,但它们仍然会产生电磁场。The health hazards of electronic watch radiation are still being raised, but some people believe that this will cause cancer, especially children, and many other neurological problems.

  The light is the alarm clock of the biological clock in the body. When the circadian body clock notices the emergence of the sun’s light in the morning, the body’s melatonin secretion decreases, serotonin secretion increases, metabolism accelerates, and all parts of the body gradually transition from deep sleep to light sleep until waking up.

  There is no sunlight in the rainy morning, and the sun’s rays scattered in the clouds are not enough to wake up the sleeping biological clock.

Due to inertia, the time to get up has not changed, and parts of the body have not been summoned and are not ready to wake up.

  There is a difference between winter and summer sleep. The average summer sleep time is one hour to one and a half hours shorter than autumn and winter.

In the summer, the sun rises early. After being exposed to light, the body naturally wakes up early and is comfortable.

In the autumn and winter and early spring, the morning sunlight appeared late, and when I woke up, I did not experience the stimulation of the morning sunlight, and the biological organ parts and related secretory glands that were not clearly instructed were still dozing off, but we had to get up alive.It will make our brain, heart and some parts of the body feel particularly uncomfortable, depressed, flustered, and sleepless. It has become the first meal in the morning.

After waking up in summer, body function quickly returns to normal from sleep, while autumn and winter are more difficult.

Therefore, it is not uncomfortable even to get up early in summer, and it is uncomfortable to fall into bed even in autumn and winter.

People with severe upset symptoms may even suffer from winter depression and complications.

  ”I was woken up by an alarm clock in my sleep, then turned it off reluctantly and slept, and finally got up as a last resort and hurried to work.

“Maybe, everyone has this experience, especially in winter, the warm and comfortable quilt is even more reluctant to leave.

However, in order not to be late for work, many people will set the alarm clock up in advance, and then use this time to hurry to sleep for a while, thinking that this can supplement sleep and improve the spirit.

In fact, this is not the case. The latest issue of the United States “Prevention” magazine pointed out that people who wake up after the alarm sounded a few times are not sober and unconscious.

  According to Dr. Jody McDonald, Ph.D., Sleep Disorders Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, once long-term sleep is awakened, it is difficult to enter effective sleep again.

For example, if you have to get up at 7 in the morning and set your alarm to 6:40, after the alarm goes off, your brain will consciously receive such information and remind you that you have 20 minutes to get up.

At this time, you want to continue to sleep, although the psychological requirements are met, your brain will continue to send out reminders, the sleep quality will be greatly reduced, and you will feel more tired after waking up.Conversely, if you wake up at a point and let the alarm sound once, you will feel refreshed when you wake up.

  Therefore, Shi Ming, an associate professor of the Shanghai Collaborative Center for Chinese Medicine for Insomnia, pointed out that in general, deep sleep time is from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am, and someone will enter a light sleep state after 6:00 am

At this time, once awakened, it is difficult to fall asleep again, or to remain in a confused state, which is why some people sleep more and more tired.

  Therefore, if you want to have a full day, you must wake up.

In addition, you must develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, you can listen to some light music before going to bed, let the beautiful melody send you to dreamland, completely relax the alarm clock at least 1 meter away from your head, and keep your alarm clockHead at least 1 meter away.

It is better to use soothing music as the ringtone, and the sound is not easy to be too loud.

In addition, do not place the alarm clock next to or under the pillow, but on low furniture 1 meter away from the pillow.

  Do n’t use mobile phones as alarm clocks Some people like to use mobile phones as alarm clocks. Experts warn that this habit is very bad and will cause the body to receive more electromagnetic radiation and even increase the risk of accidental injury due to mobile phone failure.

  Don’t use your phone as an alarm clock. Don’t put your phone on the bed (especially under the pillow) at night.

The shorter the phone call, the better.

For more than 15 minutes of calls, it is best to choose a landline.

Cordless phones emit the same radiation as mobile phones.

Therefore, you must use a landline for long distance calls.

When the signal is weak (especially on mobile alignment such as trains or cars), it is better not to use a mobile phone.

Because when the cell phone signal is only one or two cells, the incidental electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cell phone is the strongest.

  1. You must have heard that going to bed regularly every day is very important. If you ca n’t do that, try to get up every day. It does n’t take 6 weeks for the actual sleep rhythm to match your physiological rhythm.The physiological clock is very important.

“2. If the sun rises early, it is impossible for you, then let the sun help you.

Because those full-spectrum sunlight can regulate the concentrations of serotonin and melatonin in the blood.

When exposed to light, the metabolism of the serotonin-targeted body is accelerated, and you will want to go to bed early that night and get up early the next day.

  3. Did you find that it ‘s easy for you to press the alarm clock that has been with you for many years? Because your brain is used to getting close to familiar sounds, you can prepare two or three alarm clocks to take turns, or use romantic music to wake you up, because concerts promoteThe flow of oxygen and blood in the brain makes the body want to rhythm.

  4. After taking a deep breath, taking a deep breath can make the body step out of a comfortable day.

Inhale slowly, as if you are breathing to the top of your head, and then exhale all the air. After stopping for two seconds, you can do it again to fill your body with fresh morning air.

  5. After the water is in bed, immediately go for water to drink, and let the body know that a new day is about to begin.

And humans will sweat about a glass of water during sleep. If they drank the wine the night before, they would put their bodies in the desert. Therefore, drinking water first, and then entering the toilet to expel old waste materials will make the body veryComfortable.
  6, scent will also stimulate the brain, improve sensory function, drive away drowsiness and fatigue.

So some people make coffee early in the morning and wake themselves up with the aroma of coffee.

If you have a vanilla plant on your balcony, you can also pick up a slice of mint and soak it in the water after washing it on the washstand. Mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also good for the skin.

7. I always feel dizzy when I wake up in the morning, because after one night of digestion, the brain is nourished, and the brain’s energy source is glucose. At this time, sweet foods such as bananas and apples are added immediatelyeffect.

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The more noisy “arguing secrets”

No couple does not quarrel, this is the experience of all “come here”, but some couples quarrel and lose each other, and finally have to wave and say “bye”; some couples can become more noisy and love each other, in the quarrel to understand and affectIndex rose.
  A recent British survey shows that if you make good use of the “secrets” of quarrels and fight well, they may become a catalyst for the relationship between the two, making your feelings more stable and solid after experiencing the “conflict”.
  The secret secretary will discuss the matter without harming the innocent. Does your brain seem to have a database when a quarrel occurs? As long as the people related to the other party, whether they are parents, friends, or colleagues and neighbors, will “kill without pardon”?
A simple dispute, but because of your “fire”, extended from him: his parents did not invite you to eat last year’s Mid-Autumn Festival; his dead party wearing “open crotch pants” is very blind, often come to your home to cheat. to the end, you say a hurtful sentence: “I wish I was single!
British psychologists point out that you must not drag out a lot of old things during a quarrel, and do n’t hit each other ‘s family, friends, colleagues, and bosses, otherwise the battlefield will be infinitely expanded, and the problem you originally wanted to solve will beNo shadows were seen.
  Psychologists suggest that you ask yourself three questions 30 seconds before the start of the war: 1. What is making you angry?
Second, is this matter terrible and needs to be resolved through quarrels?
Can quarrels solve the problem?
After answering these three questions, you will find that some things are not worth arguing at all.
  Secret No. 2 retreats from complaint to communication “Sugar Cannonball” is sometimes more powerful than real ammunition, because men usually eat soft and not hard.
The “highest realm” of the art of quarreling is that he doesn’t make a roaring lion of Hedong by pointing at his nose, nor does he fiercely contract three chapters with him, but “Yu Rougang”.
  Sandy planned to introduce her husband to her high school classmates when she attended the class reunion, but her husband was one hour late, and he simply greeted Sandy’s classmates and left the venue in a hurry.
When the party was over, Sandy’s anger could not be restrained anymore, and she began to accuse her husband: “You always have no one like this!
Those are the dead parties I have n’t met in 5 years. How can you be so indifferent to others?
“But her husband didn’t feel that he had done something wrong:” Why should I listen to you?
“A civil war broke out like this.
  Psychologists suggest that instead of accusing him of being too rude to your friends, you might as well calmly understand him when faced with this situation.
For example, “If you say hello and disappear without saying a word, it’s really hard for me to do it, because there are a lot of topics about you to talk to everyone.
“–In this way, you become a victim, and no longer a hysteria accuser, which will also lay a good foundation for further communication between you.
  Secret Concentration 3, do not quarrel air-to-air. Ms. Li has just emerged from a failed marriage recently. The reason she broke up with her husband is simple: the escalating argument.
Two people often quarrel over trivial matters, quarrel over which restaurant to eat dinner, when to have children, and even quarrel over inappropriate adjectives in a sentence.
Marriage gradually lost its original tenderness in such bad argument.
Finally, one day after two years of marriage, the exhausted husband submitted an application for divorce.
Ms. Li blamed “disharmony” on the breakdown of the marriage, but one week after the divorce, her husband and her had a long conversation that surprised her: What the husband “revenges” is what Ms. Li said in each dispute”Qi”.
  Psychologists believe that many couples quarreled into a “complaint meeting” in the end. You ca n’t wait to get your heart out, but he is misunderstood. In this way, almost all the quarrels will be over.
So, how can we communicate effectively when arguing?
Experts made three “no” suggestions.
  ● Say “I” and not “You”.
“You treat me this way?
“” You’re ill again.
Is this familiar?
When we began to condemn the other party with the “you” sentence, we have already forced the other party into a corner of self-defense.
The other person thinks that you are judging under chaos. The first natural reaction is to defend yourself and then counterattack.
When the defense system was established, communication stopped immediately.
  ● No sarcasm.
“You don’t take me out to play, and I want to thank you for giving me freedom!
“Taunt is a lame trick often used by couples in quarrels, only to irritate each other.
However, the negative impact of this tactic is great, it will cause great harm to both parties, and it is likely to lose a lot of points to the relationship at once.   ● Don’t interrupt him.

Rob him or interrupt him. You think you know exactly what he wants to say. This is nothing more than an excuse.

If you refuse to listen, how can the other person listen to you?

Tell the other party what you understand, step by step to determine if this is what he wants to express.

When arguing, often use “Do you mean .?”

“,” What do you mean . “repeat what the other person said, and if there is an error, let him correct your misunderstanding, so as to achieve the purpose of listening.

  Tip 4 Don’t fight the consumable cold war. Although the trick is not very bright, but everyone likes to use it, that is the cold war.

After the quarrel, they did n’t answer the other party ‘s phone, deliberately “forgot” the temporary agreement, or moved to their parents ‘house in a hurry . A match in the Cold War took place with patience. It depends on who chooses to compromise first, and what is left out is affection.

Experts suggest that don’t think of various ways to punish each other, because at the same time you also punish yourself.

  When you wander aimlessly on the street and want to go home later, it is better to warm up the feelings after the quarrel with a positive attitude: go home to eat together; do not hesitate to answer the call he made after you quarrelA call, unless you never want to answer his call, what is the difference between the first call and the fifth call?

  Editor’s Note: How to Reconcile after Conflicts?

The subtlety is on a “step”.

Smart people, using “steps” at critical moments, will immediately solve problems and elevate their feelings.

Therefore, the loving and interesting couples in the world all know how to give each other steps, and they will also be masters of steps.

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Want to lose weight must put an end to absolute negative thinking

A new concept about weight loss is that the degree of success in slimming is directly proportional to the positive level of human psychology.

People who look at themselves with optimism are more likely to lose weight successfully and maintain good shape for a long time after losing weight.

  Check-in: Combating a slight negative thought Psychologists summed up a typical negative attitude that is not conducive to slimming success, may wish to sit in the right.

If you find yourself talking about painful love with them, hurry and say that the breakup is still too late.

  One of the negative thinking: the absolute dichotomy defines its own behavior with absolute words such as “right”
and “wrong” and “good” and “bad”.

There are six days in the week to pay close attention to the recipes. On some days, due to the old friends gathering party, I have regretted the belly and immediately regretted it.

  The second of negative thinking: the impossible dream goal is too ambitious, unrealistic, and create frustration to fight yourself.

TONY is about to get married immediately, and he decides to use his last two weeks to get his weight down – minus at least 5 kilograms.

Obviously, his goal has put him too much pressure.

  The third of negative thinking: demanding that you take yourself as an opponent, and you can’t live with your own life.

“I will never drink Coke!

“” There can never be fried food in my recipe!

“Never take the elevator to the office!”

“Once unfortunately “breaking the ring”, immediately annoyed.

  The fourth of negative thinking: sour grape psychology “Why is he eating and drinking like a pig, and his body is like a model?

“ERIC loves to eat supper, why not fat?”

“It will be uneven for a while, and it will be “sorrowful and angry” for a while. It will refuse “why only I can’t lose weight” and fight against myself.

  Ah Q is reasonable: three kinds of slimming spirit victory method fear and prevention will lead to the failure of slimming.

Psychologists suggest that you should change your slimming process from a passive and tolerant “devil training” to a “happy experience” with anticipation by establishing a positive way of thinking.

Here are three scientifically proven “spiritual victory methods” recommended by experts: narcissism: Imagine yourself being thin.

Sometimes, it is not enough to have a positive attitude. It is also necessary to cooperate with positive imagination to make the slimming effect more remarkable.

The experiment found that when patients with hypertension imagined Hawaii, their blood pressure would drop. Cancer patients could imagine that white blood cells are destroying tumor cells and resisting the spread of tumors.

In the same way, in order to make yourself slim down, you can also imagine that your body becomes more standard and more fit.

Psychologists say: “The beginning of slimming success is that you become confident and self-respecting.

“Let some time to think about your new image after you’ve done it. Maybe you can start a new relationship while dressing more fashionable and more entertaining. Ample self-confidence gives you the motivation to say “no” to negative things.Instead of sitting on the Internet for 5 hours, or use this time to go to the gym to make your body look better.

  Fetish law: Let the clothes help you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to wear “vertical error” in dark clothes with vertical stripes to comfort yourself.

The crux of the matter is that clothes are symbolic for those who want to pursue perfect body.

Psychologists have found that people who have lost weight and then rebounded in weight have always had many different numbers of clothes in the closet.

Expert advice: throw away the large clothes!

Buy clothes that fit the size you want.

If you want to be better, what do you want for those big clothes?

Just leave them in the closet and you will doubt if you can succeed, so you may be able to regress!

  Psychological “dieting”: Food is not a placebo.

When people are unhappy, they will use food to comfort themselves, because searching for a refrigerator is easier than excavating unhappy emotions.

Therefore, in order to control emotions and relieve stress, your body loses control without knowing it.

Some professionals believe that when people want to maintain their body shape and solve their dietary problems, they must first solve their emotional problems. This view is not entirely correct.

So, what can solve this problem fundamentally?Expert opinion is that excessive diet is associated with a weak self-concept.

We must learn to face problems, be responsible for ourselves, tell ourselves: I can control the situation, I love my own body, I have the responsibility and ability to make it a charm!

  TIPS: After 30 years old, why do you look at office white-collar men over the age of 30 who are particularly at risk of getting fat?

The reason is as follows, please pay special attention.


There are about 30 billion unfortunate cells in a man’s body, and these cells will heavier as they get older.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier than before when he is 30 years old.

And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism all began to affect his abdomen.


Growth hormone, abbreviated as HGH, is a natural hormone secreted by the human body. Its main function is to promote bone and muscle growth, and it can also accelerate the burning of adults in the body.

The amount of HGH secreted will decrease with age and will decrease rapidly after the age of 30.

Therefore, the closer to middle age, the more bloated, the body is not easy to maintain, or even deformed; even if we maintain the 20-year-old exercise and eating habits, it is difficult to maintain the standard weight, mainly due to insufficient secretion of HGH growth hormone in our body, leading to the bodyThe natural phenomenon caused by the lower rate of new generation.


Long-term sedentary office, lack of exercise due to work stress;

Feeling depressed, seeking comfort from food or alcohol;

Weight and the stress you are subjected to will create a vicious circle: the average person is prone to overeating under stress, and the indigestion causes weight gain, so the pressure is severe.

  Although the laws of nature cannot be resisted, we can still strive to achieve it through unremitting efforts – our own body to master!

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Zhan Huanglian welcomed the 3 great news, once again surpassed Curry, and also tried to break the record of Ou fat 18 years ago.

James was excited in July. He made a decision about the family and went to the favorite Lakers team. In August, James was leisurely. He prepared for the various activities and started the “health basketball” mode.

From this perspective, James and the Lakers have won a win-win situation, winning the championship has become a icing on the cake rather than a must.

In the case of a single core, the Lakers are hard to compete with the courage, but they are already on the road to rise.

Although it is a win-win situation, James will certainly have some wins.

From joining the Lakers, James realized the advantages of being a Lakers player.

He can establish a closer relationship with Hollywood movie stars, and can also open up his own entertainment industry, even his wife has been invited by a reality show.

But what really makes James feel happy is estimated to be the four good news, all of which the emperor is eager for.

First of all, James is called the NBA’s best signings this summer, with a total of 161 points, and the second-ranked Leonard scored 69 points, which can be said to be an overwhelming advantage.

This was judged after James and the Lakers teammates, and in a list on July, James’s signing was even considered one of the top five garbage contracts.

Obviously, James changed his opinion with his own strength and attitude.

In fact, according to US media reports, James defeated Stephen Curry and became the best male athlete of this year’s Children’s Choice Award.

Although it is not comparable to the gold content of professional awards such as MVP, there are three points that are very rare.

First, this is a prize that includes all sports. It can be seen that the influence of Zhanhuang has surpassed the basketball field. Secondly, this is a prize selected by young people, which can make James feel younger. Third, he defeated three consecutive awards.Curry, James also began to get the recognition of “primary school students.”

What James wants most is MVP. The 5 regular season MVP can not only match Jordan, but also create a history of MVP in three different teams.

There is also a few details, the US media clutch point recently published and issued a message: “The last center won the MVP is O’Neill 18 years ago.

“James will end this record if he wins the MVP, because he will be more of the center in the new season.

Winning the championship is naturally James’s biggest wish, and there is good news in this regard.

Recently, the US authoritative sports media invited a team of experts to predict the title of the NBA championship next season. The Warriors Green Army is the top two, the Rockets Raptors are close behind, the Lakers are ranked fifth, behind the Thunder and 76ers.

Warriors Cousins, Green Army Owen, and Raptors Leonard are extremely likely to leave. After the introduction of the giants, the Lakers will very likely compete with the Warriors. James has four years to rush, and now he is optimistic.His confidence.

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Women’s Post-Conditioning Ground Morin Soup

The third week of a woman’s period is called the third stage of conditioning.

At this time, the yang is more sufficient and will prepare for the next menstrual period. Its nourishment will be based on supplementing the yang of the foot. In the cooked Angelica mutton soup, Huaishan, which nourishes the spleen and kidney, and Chinese medicine, such as Morin, which will nourish the kidney and yang, will not be used.The use of lamb for bone is to make the body’s yang better.

This soup should be taken 2 times a week?
3 times, it is not suitable for pregnant women and women who are planning to become pregnant.

  Ingredients: 9 grams each of cooked land, 6 grams of Chinese angelica, 6 grams of Angelica sinensis, Cuscuta chinensis, 3 grams of Morinda citrifolia, 50 grams of mutton, and two slices of ginger.

  Cooking: Soak the medicinal materials a little; wash the lamb, cut into pieces, rub each with raw flour and raw oil, roll the boiling water with ginger wine for a while, and then wash (ie, “simmering water”), and then cook togetherClay pot, add 1000 ml of water (about 4 bowls), boil the fire and boil it for about 1 hour, then add salt.

For 1 person.

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