Tongwei shares (600438) 2019 semi-annual report review: silicon material business gradually enters the Jiajing single crystal market or will pick up
Incident Description The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved operating income of 161 in the first half of the year.24 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.39%; net profit attributable to mother 14.51 ppm, an increase of 58 in ten years.01%. Investment Highlights Cell Business: The performance in the first half was outstanding. The market price in September-November attempted to rebound to Chengdu. Hefei had a total of 6.The production capacity of 4GW monocrystalline PERC cells reached production in the first quarter. Until the release of the Interim Report, the utilization rate of the new production line has exceeded 110%, and the capacity utilization rate continued to exceed 120% during the year.According to PV Infolink data, the average market price of monocrystalline PERC cells in January to June 2019 was at 1.16-1.At 30 yuan / W, it maintained a high level. In the first half of the year, the company’s monocrystalline PERC cell sheet gross margin was close to 30%, and the polycrystalline cell sheet gross margin exceeded 20%, both maintaining market-leading levels. In July, due to the release of domestic bidding project product demand, the overseas market entered the off-season and other factors, the battery chip prices were temporarily low.We expect that from September to October, the full release of domestic bidding projects and the overseas market will gradually enter the peak season. The battery chip market price is expected to gradually pick up. In the second half of the year, the company’s overall battery business will remain at about 20%. The company is currently constructing Phase 4 and Meishan Phase 1 high-efficiency crystalline silicon battery projects. It is expected to be completed and put into operation at the end of 2019 to the first half of 2020. By then, the company’s battery capacity will be further increased from 12GW to 20GW, and the profitability of the battery business will continue to increase. Preliminary business: Full release will be ushered in 合肥夜网 the second half of the year, and the dense material rate will continue to increase in the first half of the restructuring volume.2 baseline, the overall single crystal rate of 40%, mainly due to the new investment in Leshan, Baotou each increased throughput and climbing and quality improvement later than expected.According to the company’s semi-annual report, Baotou and Leshan’s new production capacity reached 100 tons / day in March and June respectively. The production cost has replaced 4 million tons / ton and the gross profit level of the new production capacity has reached 30%.In the second half of Leshan, the single crystal rate of Baotou’s new production capacity is expected to increase from 60% and 40% to 80-85% respectively. Considering that the current price of dense materials is higher than the price of cauliflower 武汉夜生活网 materials by more than 30%, the profitability of the company’s profitable business is expected to be significant.With the improvement, the gross profit margin of Leshan and Baotou’s new production capacity is expected to further approach 40%. Feed business: price reduction and volume increase, profitability has increased steadily. Affected by the swine fever in Africa, environmental protection requirements of farming and fluctuations in raw material prices caused by international trade disputes, the cost of feed companies has increased.The company adopted a sales strategy for profit-making customers, achieving a 17% increase in feed sales in the first half of the year, an annual increase in operating income of 14%, and a gross profit increase of approximately 10% each year.With the advent of the peak sales season in the second half of the year, related performance is expected to continue to improve. Profit forecast and estimation We expect that the company will achieve a net profit of 30% in 2019-2021.4.1 billion, 40.8 billion, 50.07 trillion, the EPS of the current share capital is 0.78 yuan, 1.05 yuan, 1.29 yuan, corresponding to 19.24 times, 14.34 times, 11.68 times P / E, continue to give “Buy” rating. Risks indicate that the market price of photovoltaic products has fallen or exceeded expectations; the company’s product segmentation volume has fallen short of expectations.

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Dongfang Cable (603606) In-depth Report: Inclined sales structure towards submarine cables to boost company profitability

Investment points: First, although the output value of the cable industry in developing countries is relatively long, it has reached 9935 at the end of 2018.

09 ppm, but most of the products are concentrated in the low-end level, the industry’s gross profit margin has decreased, about 3.

5% -5.

3%, and the high-end products represented by submarine cables in the products ranked first among all types of cables with a median gross profit margin of about 39%.

Submarine cables play an important role in cross-sea connections, offshore wind power, and offshore oil and gas surveys. According to public information in 2016, the global offshore wind power market ‘s demand for submarine cables accounts for 47% of the total submarine cable market, which is among the three major marketsWith the highest demand, according to the estimated investment of offshore wind power projects, the demand for offshore wind power offshore cables in 2019 is expected to reach US $ 12.7 billion to US $ 15.6 billion.

  Second, there are only four companies that research and develop and sell submarine cable products in listed companies. The total submarine cable revenue of listed companies in 2018 was about 33.

21 杭州夜网论坛 trillion, accounting for 0% of the total cable market revenue.

3%. In the same year, the gross sales profit of the industry was 40.2 billion, and the total gross profit of submarine cable sales of listed companies was 10.

7.6 billion, accounting for a market gross profit ratio of 2.

67%, submarine cable products have a higher contribution to the industry’s profits.

  3. Dongfang Cable, as a leading company in the upstream cable industry, is also the first company to develop submarine cable business. In 2018, submarine cable sales revenue was 10%.

7.2 billion US dollars, the current market share of the submarine cable is about 30%. From the perspective of the restructuring company ‘s sales structure, the proportion of its submarine cable sales has increased from 7% in 2017 to 36% in 2018.The high profit, the company’s net interest rate also changed from 2 in 2017.

5% rose to 5 in 2018.


In the future, the company will also continue to increase its investment in research and development of submarine cable cars. At the end of 2017, the company will raise funds through a fixed increase6.

USD 900 billion to develop high-end marine energy equipment cable system projects. It is estimated that the annual output of marine new energy equipment cables will reach 630km, marine power equipment cables 250km, offshore oil and gas equipment cables 510km, and intelligent transportation equipment cables 92,450km., The company will continue to benefit from the development of submarine cable business.

  4. According to the development trend of the company, it is estimated that the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 will be 37.

80, 45.

36, 54.

US $ 4.4 billion, with growth rates of 25%, 20%, and 20% at the beginning of the year, and net profit attributable to mothers was 2 respectively.


45, 4.

25 trillion, a growth rate of 46 in ten years.

9%, 41.

18%, 23.

4%, corresponding to EPS (diluted) are 0.

373, 0.

527, 0.

650 yuan, the current industry PE is 20.

11 times, the company’s lowest in the past year is 26 times PE, the highest is 44 times PE, to be conservative, the company is given 25 times PE in 2019, slightly higher than the industry value, corresponding to the target city valuation of 60.

50 ppm with a target price of 9.

25 yuan, give “hold” rating.

  Risk disclosure: risks from tilted business structure; market competition risks; investment projects fail to meet expectations

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Wanhua Chemical (600309): Performance in line with expectations

The company released its 2018 annual report: operating income of 606.

2.1 billion (+14 compared to the same period last year).

11%), net profit attributable to mother 106.

100,000 yuan (YoY-4.

71%); in the fourth quarter, it achieved operating income of 146.

9.8 billion yuan; net profit attributable to mother 15.

8.9 billion (YoY-52.

QoQ-23, accounting for 20%.


Since the overall listing has been completed, the company estimates that the operating income under the merger and acquisition caliber in 2018 will be 728.

3.7 billion (+12 year-on-year.

33%), the net profit attributable to the parent company is 155.

6.6 billion (YoY-1.


The output of polyurethane and new material series increased every year, and the petrochemical series decreased slightly.

In 2018, the company’s polyurethane product output was 187.

4 for the first time (annual growth of 2.

99%) and sales of 188.

7 initially (4 per year).

71%); the output of the petrochemical series reached 150.

9 initial (down 5 a year.

44%), and sales were 151.

5 initially (down 4 per year.

64%); output of fine chemicals and new materials 32.

9 for the first time (an increase of 29 per year.

08%), sales 32.

17 initially (34 per year).


MDI prices rebounded strongly in 2019, eliminating the market’s decline in company performance.

The aggregate MDI price continued to rebound from the bottom in mid-December 2018 (minimum 11,000 yuan / ton), and the current market price is stable at 18,000 yuan / ton.

From the perspective of supply and demand budget, 2018 is the biggest year for supplementary supply pressure. In addition to Wanhua in 2019, there is almost no MDI capacity added worldwide. In addition, domestic manufacturers will continue to overhaul in the following April and May. We expect that MDI prices are expected to remain relatively high in the near future.High level.

The sales revenue of fine chemicals and new materials series has grown rapidly, and the company’s future growth will remain strong.

The company’s first phase 7 budget / year PC device will be put into production in early 2018, and the second phase will be 13 inputs / annual capacity is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2019; the first phase of the annual production of 8 to PMMA project will be successful in one time and produce early qualified products in early 2019. Multiple indicatorsReached the level of mainstream products in Europe and Japan.

In addition, the company’s large ethylene project is expected to be completed in October 2020, and the US MDI integration project is expected to be completed in October 2021, which will increase important growth for future growth.

R & D investment continued to increase, and the company continued to pay high dividends.

In 2018, the company’s R & D expenses were 16.

100,000 yuan, an increase of 30 in ten years.

03%.In 2018, the company’s cash dividend was 6.3 billion US dollars, and a dividend of 20 yuan was paid for every 10 shares, and the net profit margin of cash dividend / attribution reached 45%.

Profit forecast and investment grade: The company’s MDI, ethylene, new materials and other projects continue to progress, and it is expected to become a world-class chemical giant in the future.

Maintain “Buy” rating and maintain profit forecast. EPS is expected to be 4 in 2019-2021.

49, 6.

12, 7.

59 yuan, corresponding to the current 武汉夜生活网 PE of 10.

4, 7.


2 times.

Risk Warning: The price of MDI drops, and the progress of new projects is less than expected.

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Foreign fixed investment day: Northbound capital inflow hits record high, two shares were robbed

It’s another scheduled foreign investment day!

The net inflow of funds from the north hits the next highest in history. These two stocks were robbed by the Financial Union (Shanghai, Xiewei). On the foreign exchange “fixed investment day”, the net inflow of northbound funds was about the same as in the end.High fall.

  (Image source: wind) According to S & P and FTSE official 武汉夜生活网 news, in September S & P and FTSE Russell also expanded at the same time to allow it to take effect when the market opens on September 23. This means that September 20 will be the last trading day.The inflow of funds will be “one step in place”.

According to the agency’s prediction, S & P and FTSE Russell’s simultaneous expansion will bring in passive capital of US $ 5 billion (among which, FTSE Russell is US $ 4 billion and S & P US $ 1.2 billion), and the amount of capital is more than ever.

  It is said that according to Wind data, the net purchase amount of northbound funds exceeded 30 billion yuan in the intraday session, and then dropped vertically until the close, with a net purchase of 148 northbound funds.

6.2 billion, only 173 on November 2, 2018.

The record high of $ 8.5 billion was the second-largest net inflow of the day.

  Among them, Northbound funds have maintained a trend of continuous net inflows since the beginning of the month. There was only one net exchange in 14 trading days, with a total net inflow of 607.

6.8 billion yuan.

  For major changes in northbound funds, the three major stock indexes have generally remained stable, while multiple stocks have undergone significant changes in late trading.

  Many were divided into Standard & Poor’s. The mainland stock market of the FTSE index rose sharply in the late trading, and Wanhe Electric fell slightly from zero in the late trading.

62% straight up to rise to 9.


  Only Education has grown from flat to straight 9.


  Guocheng Mining rose from 1.

36% straight up to rise to 6.


  At the same time, several stocks such as Biylefen, Shanghai Airport, China International Travel Service, and Pudong Jinqiao dived slightly in late trading.

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In the second quarter of 2019, the share-based net purchase of more than 43.9 billion cargo-based redemptions was the most.

Original title: The stock base’s net purchase of more than 43.9 billion cargo bases has been redeemed the most. The reporter’s reporter Wan Yu reset the fund’s second quarterly report, and fund purchase and redemption data surfaced.

In the second quarter, there was a net redemption of public funds.

However, net purchases of equity funds, index funds and QDII appeared. Among them, the purchase ratio of equity funds was the highest, reaching 5.


Other types of funds have experienced net redemptions to varying degrees, with the largest redemption shares being currency funds.

In the first quarter, currency funds were the fund type with the most net purchases.

  The purchase ratio of stock funds reached 5.

96% Tianxiang Investment Consulting data show that in the second quarter, the fund’s total subscription share (including linked funds) was 11.

71 trillion shares, with a total redemption share of 12.

36 trillion copies, net redemption of 6508.

7.6 billion copies, with a subscription ratio of -4.


In the first quarter, the overall net purchase of public funds was 882.

7.7 billion copies, with a subscription ratio of 0.


  From the perspective of fund types, equity funds, index funds and QDII achieved growth.

Among them, the total purchase share of equity funds was 2674.

8 billion shares, with a total redemption share of 2234.

9.4 billion units, with a net subscription share of 439.

8.6 billion copies, with a subscription ratio of 5.

96%; the total subscription share of index funds is 2368.

8.5 billion shares, with a total redemption share of 1865.

6 billion, a total of 503 net purchases.

2.5 billion copies with a subscription ratio of 0.

10%; QDII’s total subscription share is 104.

5.5 billion shares, with a total redemption share of 95.

1 billion shares, with a net subscription share of 9.

45 billion copies with a subscription ratio of 1.


  Hybrid funds, actively investing in stock funds, currency funds, bond funds, FOFs, and commodity funds all experienced net redemptions to varying degrees.

Among them, currency funds had the largest net redemption shares, with a total purchase share of 10 in the second quarter.

85 trillion shares, with a total redemption share of 11.

36 trillion shares, with a net redemption of 5095 shares.

2.1 billion copies with a subscription ratio of -6.

63%, is the type of fund with the largest net redemption share and the highest redemption ratio.

The total subscription share of hybrid funds in the second quarter was 1779.

3.1 billion shares, with a total redemption share of 2016.

04 billion copies, net redemption of 236.7.3 billion copies, with a subscription ratio of -1.

61%; the total subscription share of bond funds in the second quarter was 3,916.

5 billion shares, with a total redemption share of 5,537.

6.3 billion copies, with a net redemption of 1620.

7.1 billion copies, with a subscription ratio of -5.


  45 companies realized net purchases From the perspective of fund companies, of the 134 companies in a separate statistics, a total of 45 companies achieved net purchases, 1 company’s share has not changed, and 88 companies have net redemptions.

Among them, the only companies with a net subscription share of more than 10 billion are Huabao Fund and BOC International Securities, respectively, with a net subscription share of 145.

6.9 billion copies and 111.

8.1 billion copies.

In addition, there are 18 companies including Harvest Fund, Invesco Great Wall Fund, Haifutong Fund and other companies with net subscription shares of more than 1 billion.

In 天津夜网 terms of subscription ratios, a total of 14 companies have a net subscription ratio of more than 10%, and China Capital Securities and Chinachem Futures Fund each reached 329.

29% and 244.


  Among the companies that have net redemptions, 21 companies have net redemption shares of more than 100 billion.

The company with the largest net redemption share is ICBC Credit Suisse Fund, with a net redemption share of 6508.

76 billion copies.

The company with the highest redemption ratio is Hang Seng Qianhai Fund, with a redemption ratio of 54.


  Specifically for a single fund product, in the second quarter of the market, a total of 5 funds had a net purchase share of more than 10 billion shares, of which the 3 fund swap currency funds with the largest net purchase share were Jiacheng Jintianli and ICBC Ruyi Currency BHuabao Tianyi A; there are two other bond funds, namely BOC Securities Huijia and BOC Fenghe and Dingkai.

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Spiritual “fitness” is more important than physical

Core tip: Mehta, a personal fitness trainer from a celebrity in the United States, said that before performing physical fitness, he must first complete mental “fitness”.
  For weight loss and fitness, people usually think of exercising, burning fat and building muscle.
People often forget that a healthy body also includes and can bring good spirit and will.
Most fitness instructors only improve your body through exercise. However, American famous fitness coach Vrinda J Mehta has a different way. In her fitness center “Vibrations: Wellness Zone”, MehtaIn addition to letting customers exercise, they pay more attention to mental health.
  ”I have learned a handstand during my years of exercising and practicing yoga, and if you can improve your willpower, you can change your body more effectively.
Mehta explained that she recently launched a fitness DVD called “I Can Make You Healthy” and she invented a combined fitness method that can strengthen people’s mental “muscles.”
  She said: “I told the guests who came to me to ask for weight loss methods. If you don’t have a positive view of your personal image, then exercise will not see results.
We work out the mental first, then the physical.
“Meg Mehta also encountered obesity as a child. When she was 13 years old, she successfully lost weight from 80 kg, and her weight dropped to 50 kg.
“If the body image is poor, the damage is very great.
She explained, “I work very hard to lose weight, and the whole family encourages me.
“Mekhta’s comprehensive fitness approach includes dieting, advice, yoga, aerobics, and weight loss classes.
In fact, Mehta’s method has been esteemed in ancient times. The theory of Ayurvedic physician claims that the human body is composed of three types of Dosha (referred to as energy).) Is a sport that balances various Dossa.
“We encourage a lot of guests to release their stress, and you can seek better emotional balance through yoga,” Mehta said.
To stay in the best shape, it’s good to take a vacation every month. It’s like mental oxygen.

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Touch from trading

The first time I heard about the gift trading section, it was about six months after I came to Sohu. On that day, I poured water in a post chat. The two MMs who talked about the transaction talked about what kind of gift they exchanged for.The memory seems to be a love letter of love.

I was stupid at that time, listening to it one by one, before that I did n’t know that there was such a layout in the pot, I did n’t know that the gift could have been traded, then MM explained it to me patiently and sentGave me the link, so I went there occasionally later.

  When I first contacted, I felt very novel and did not follow it. It depends on how people traded. Remember to come to the pot long and long after the first bottle of perfume. At that time, I did n’t have this gift in my present box.The small bottle, with a purple ribbon floating on it, was really attractive, so I took the courage and posted the first interchangeable post in the transaction. I changed it out soon and looked at myself.The perfume shown in the box is really happy, hehe.

  I have n’t felt much about these gifts for a long time. I just go to the deal when I ‘m bored or happy. Most of the time I just dive and see a gift I like or friends like., Almost changed.

Occasionally, posting myself also allows others to bring the price. Although I do n’t know the mixing time, I ca n’t remember the points and the exchange rate. I do n’t know how to change it. Generally, I dare if the military commander is next to me.Posting can almost mint a few transactions, otherwise I will always be messed up.

Later, when I went back, I simply stopped posting. When you see a gift posted by others, you should do it when you should.

  I went online last night at more than eleven o’clock. When I was ready to take a break, I habitually entered the transaction and saw that there were a lot of gifts that my friends liked. The husband urged me to go offline quickly, and I did n’t.I went to follow the post, and I did n’t know if I changed it. I just passed a small note to the landlord to know that the gift was still there. I was so happy at the time, but my favorite thing was worse in my box. Later I askedCan someone keep it for a while and ask a friend to borrow some and send it to him the next day, or I will pass the only ones and wait for him to receive all the gifts before sending them.

  Almost all the messages you see in the transaction are “receive as soon as you receive them”, especially the two IDs that do n’t know each other. Most of them are like this, so this form is basically replaced.

Actually, to be honest, I don’t like these four words. Just like Sister Shan Ying said, these four words are a manifestation of distrust in itself. I don’t think anyone will stain the soul for some virtual things.

I still remember that time I wanted to receive a cheer to send a friend. As long as a MM needs roses, I said that I ‘m not enough. I can only ask a friend to help me send some. She said that the vest is not allowed. I said it was definitely not a vest.Take a look. After reading it, you need to link to the information. At the time, I was really uncomfortable. Why didn’t I trust people?

Virtual gifts are meant to be happy, can they be deceived?

Virtual network, virtual gift, ID is traded, but the life behind ID is still alive. I still believe that character is one thousand times and ten thousand times more important than those virtual gifts, or this is simply incomparable.

  Dizzy, seems to be far away, continue to talk about the gift exchange last night, I will wait for the other party to reply after passing the note, if he agrees, I will be very happy, and then people return the note saying “You tell the IDLet me. I may not be able to come up tomorrow. I do n’t worry about the gift I want. Do n’t send it first.

“I was touched to death at that time. This person is so nice. It’s very late. I’d like to say good-night and I’ll rush off the line.

  Just came up this morning and saw his message “The gift has been given a designated ID, and the message is happy every day!

“Hey, good, really good, I can only move on with me.

  I have always been attached to the Internet, and I never want to go out. I think maybe it is because there is always too much happiness, too much emotion, and I always touch the sensitive nerve inadvertently. Here, I am really happy.It’s simple.

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White combat 24 hours whitening without slackening

Asian women’s skin tone is originally dull and yellow, so whitening has always been the hot topic of beauty all year round!
In fact, if you want to defeat melanin, you must attack the tough battle step by step. You cannot relax for 24 hours!
  Only by grasping the correct whitening concept and facing the key to the skin’s exact nourishment, effectively preventing melanin production and catabolizing it out of the body, and having the concept of “healthy whitening”, can we create pure whiteness from the inside and have loveApple-looking, healthy-looking skin.
Although whitening does not happen overnight, accumulate a little every day, and you will go further from porcelain white skin!
Now let’s see how to make the most of 24 hours a day to fight melanin!
  Whitening lock: The basic maintenance and protection of the melanin invasion of North Korea, Midnight and Night, and the active removal of dull metabolism and speckle problems. The sense of clarity is officially up!
Today, Xiaobian and the sisters cut from the two perspectives of daytime protection and nighttime breakthrough, and aimed at the isolation and sun protection, basic maintenance and centralized repair strategies, occupying a flawless white state in all aspects!
  朝美白  7:00 早起勤美白,快速利用化妆水湿敷重点区块集中亮白  早上起床的时候,先大口喝下500CC的白开水,搭配湿敷化妆水,特别敷在有斑点的地方,约10In -15 minutes, it can achieve the similar effect of intensive supplementation of the mask. The whitening ingredients penetrate the bottom layer to increase the skin’s brightness and moisture, and then the subsequent basic maintenance procedures are performed.
  7:30 冬天搭配SPF系数较低的防晒产品,抵挡艳阳的抹黑  上妆前别忘了细心做好紫外线防护,属于干燥肤质的女性,可挑选质地较为滋润却不油腻的脸部专用防晒,At present, many sunscreen products have been launched on the market that have a high coefficient, do not have a sweltering airtightness, and have a touch-up effect.
  9:00 Concealer + Fade, dual effects simultaneously solve the problem of local dullness. Due to the irregular relationship between daily work and rest, modern women’s perfect makeup will always be defeated by the defects of dark circles.
Use concealer products to cover the problem of dullness around the eyes. While modifying, choose concealer products with whitening ingredients that additionally add vitamin C or arbutin, which can also help to reduce the eye melanin problem.
  Whitening lotion recommended: DHC whitening lotion Reference price: 300.
0 / 100ml DHC whitening lotion is a double-acting lotion on the surface and deep of the skin. It contains & alpha-arbutin.
Provides sufficient moisture to the stratum corneum and prevents dullness caused by UV rays.
Utilizing the efficient penetration of & alpha-arbutin, it brings unprecedented transparency and fairness to the skin.
  午美白  12:00 保湿喷雾,随时随地补充水能量   因紫外线及夏日气温引起的肌肤红热,感觉肌肤干燥时、或是让人在意的脱妆及出油情形浮现时,可在补妆之前, Replenish the moisturizing spray containing whitening ingredients, replenish water vitality for the tired face, keep the overflowing moisturizing luster, and evoke a soft and transparent feeling.
  Recommended moisturizing spray: Sea Blue Mysterious Revitalizing Soothing Spray Reference Price: ¥ 600.
0 / 125ml The active magnet contained in the spray, like flowing energy, continuously charges the beneficial ingredients in the product to maintain its optimal energy state, creating a rich anion water environment, instantly improving skin vitality and nourishingDry skin, awaken dull skin, let users marvel at “moisture see”!
In addition, the spray also contains precious rose water, which gently soothes wrinkles caused by dryness, calms skin surface irritation, and exudes a delicate fragrance.
  夜美白  21:00 定期去角质+美白,帮助代谢沉淀的黑色素   因肌肤因为老化、压力、环境的种种伤害而新陈代谢不佳时,角质层会排列不整齐,无法自然脱落,而形成粗糙、暗黄The old horny horny, which has no luster, is attached to the new horny horny. These old horny horns will make the skin’s water-retaining function worse, and then make the skin dull.
Moderate exfoliation 1 to 2 times a week can further help skin look brighter!
  22:00 进阶型保养,加强深入净白,重现晶透嫩滑   去除掉表面废的暗沉角质之后,是肌肤吸收营养最有效率的菁华状态,而晚上是一天当中最放松的时候,With a good mood, it helps the skin to absorb the nutrients of the mask, especially from 12 to 3 in the evening is the best time for skin self-repair. Applying the mask before going to bed can help the skin send nutrients into the skin with metabolism and absorbContains whitening ingredients.
  Recommended for deep whitening masks: Beggas High-Performing White Collagen Activated Mask 膜 Reference price: ¥ 760.
0/6 tablets stimulates collagen hyperplasia, quickly lifts the skin, restores elasticity and smoothness.
Collagen is derived from unpolluted deep-sea blue sharks.
Can effectively improve the face, wrinkles, dark spots and increase skin elasticity, repair damage caused by UVA.
Can effectively improve skin texture and increase moisturizing effect.
It is especially suitable for premature appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, looseness, dryness, discoloration, dullness or aging caused by aging.

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Those embarrassing things with children

Moms often encounter awkward things when they go out.

At this time, if you are alone, regardless of whether the method is proper or not, and the result, you will soon forget it afterwards.

But if your child is right next to you, then pay special attention to how to deal with it.

  Because the child ‘s eyes are like a camera, he photographs your way of doing things and burns them in a small head of melon. If you do n’t handle your way well, it will have a bad impact on your child ‘s psychological behavior.

Have you and your child encountered the following embarrassment?

How did you handle it?

How much do you rate your approach?

  Field 1 Jing Wenwen’s mom took Wen Wen to a clothing wholesale market to buy clothes.

She fancy a red blouse, and the hawker selling clothes urged her to try and said it didn’t matter if she didn’t buy it.

But when Wenwen’s mother was trying on clothes, the buttons fell off when she touched the clothes. As a result, the hawker selling clothes had to buy Wenwen ants and took the opportunity to ask for a very unreasonable price.

Wenwen’s mother knew that she had been a hawker, and she was fighting hard on reason, but she was afraid to scare Wenwen. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

  100 points mother: revolution first civilized, reasoned, not buying, if the other party is too tough and unreasonable, you can call 110 or find the market management department to solve it.

In order to protect the personal safety of yourself and your child, you can also buy it first, then leave the place where you sell clothes and then dial 110 or ask for help from relevant departments.

  Opinion: It protects your rights without affecting your child.

  60 points mother: I’m sorry to encounter this situation.

In the past, children were taught to be polite, so in this case, they should not be too tough and make children feel impolite.

If you teach your child to argue for everything, there will be more trouble in the future, and the girl should teach her to be courteous, right?

Too struggling is easy to feel unhappy.

The things are not too expensive and can be bought.

Just pay attention to adopt a certain way to make the child feel that they have not encountered a strong buy, just like not to show a very angry look, even to temper the child.

  Opinion: Protecting children but losing their rights should also prevent them from an opportunity to learn how to protect themselves.

  Failing mother: Mother A: arguing with the hawker, swearing, or even tearing a ball, regardless of whether the child has been scared to tears.

  Mother B: I bought clothes with a look of anxiety, but turned around and lost my temper at the child, and even took the child out of temper.

  Opinion: Mother A will scare the child and make the child uncultivated; Mother B will easily make the child lose the principle of doing things, forming a cowardly and timid personality.

  The scene of 2 scenes and a 3 year old gratitude is a very energetic little boy, and one day he got into trouble to let his mother take him out to play.

Since he would not take off his trousers and wear trousers by himself, it would not be possible to fool alone and poop.

Therefore, every time his mother goes out, he should take him to the men ‘s toilet or the women ‘s toilet. Going to the women ‘s toilet, let him see so many aunts and many things that should not be seen in and out, not very good; it ‘s best to go to the men ‘s toilet., But it is impossible for him to follow up.

Is it best to let your baby be on the street?

  100 points mother: I usually take him out with the baby’s father, and when this happens, give him a poop to take care of the baby, boo.

When I take a baby out, I usually let him pull the stinks at home. When I go out alone, I have also asked a man who looks good to help take the child to the men’s toilet, but sometimes the child is very shy and refuses to have someone bring it.

If it does n’t work, I ‘ll take the child to the women ‘s toilet, but I ‘ll go first to see if there ‘s an obstruction in the toilet, otherwise I ‘ll never take him in.

He certainly doesn’t know the difference between boys and girls, but after all, the child is curious about sex at 3 years old. I don’t think it is wise for a boy to see his mother and change his sanitary napkin.

Some mothers take her son to the ladies ‘toilets often, which makes me embarrassed, and many public ladies’ toilets are not covered.

I think it’s impossible to find a place to solve, anyway, boys are not afraid to look.

  Opinion: Mom is very careful and thoughtful.

  60 points mom: There should be nothing, there are educational articles on Cradle Online about parents that should be positive about their children’s sex.

A colleague from my unit told him when the child was very young that the sanitary napkin was used to wipe the buttocks. As a result, the child is now 10 years old and uses it as sanitary paper whenever he sees the sanitary napkin.

It may not be necessary to take the child to the women’s restroom and let him see some things that should not be seen properly.Moreover, the women’s toilets are now covered.

  Opinion: The mother’s starting point is good, but positive sex education is not the same as this kind of direct face-to-face, such as changing a sanitary napkin in front of a baby boy, in front of the child, and intimate with her husband.Not suitable.

  Failing mother: The child is so small, there is nothing to do on the street.

  Opinion: 3 years old has already reached the age of etiquette education. When you are on the street, it may make your painstaking results into nothing, and it is not conducive to the concept of cultivating children.

  Xiaoqiang’s mother took Xiaoqiang to the supermarket to buy things. Xiaoqiang took the gum on the shelf into her pocket while her mother didn’t pay attention.

They were stopped by security at the exit and told the supermarket that “stealing a penalty of ten” and insisting on a fine.

Xiaoqiang looked at the stern security guard and hid behind his mother.

  100 points mother: If it is me, in this case, I will protect myself: first call the relatives or friends who are not in the supermarket and let them take the child first, and I will stay to solve the problem.

Then find opportunities to educate children in later life, this cannot be the case.

  Opinion: This may have the least psychological impact on the child.

  60-point mother: You can call the police. Security guards only have the right to arrest, but not law enforcement.

I will not quarrel with him, causing the child to say, baby, we have a little trouble to solve, you stay quietly next to your mother, wait until the mother invites the police uncle to make a game together, don’t be afraid.

  Opinion: If you can’t control the situation, there will be people watching, and the rude attitude of the security may scare the child and make him feel like a thief, thus shame and panic.

However, this can allow children to learn how adults can solve difficult problems in life.

  Failing mother: Let them punish.

Just let the child know that they can’t do it next time.

  Opinion: From your attitude of understatement of paying fines, the child cannot understand that the generation is wrong. If he does not think well, he will think that taking things is a fun game behavior.

  Before the embarrassing things of taking a child to be promoted to parents, I believe that many small families have done a lot of preparations, and even confidently think that they can be qualified parents.

However, really meeting the little guy who thinks about day and night, and the clutter and overwhelming is definitely the norm for novice parents.

Let’s share the experience and experience of Amy’s mother!

  Before Amy was born, I read a lot of parenting books, and often learned from friends who have children. I thought I was ready to meet the baby’s arrival, but the moment I met the baby, thisEverything is messed up, and there are these embarrassing things . In the first few weeks of Amy’s birth, I wish I could find advice from everyone around me, but don’t do that.

Because there are often different opinions from different people, and these opinions may contradict each other, just like a friend told me that my baby should sleep with her mother, but the parenting book strongly opposed it.

It is said that the baby has no problem sucking the little finger, but the pediatrician says that she needs to be soothed, and even different experts have different parenting suggestions.

Who should I listen to?

  Solution: Your own baby knows best.

Believe that you can do well. Our intuition is the best guide. If we listen to everyone’s opinions, then we will lose the fun and principles of creating life. You must understand that baby is your own.

  After Amy was born, whenever I held her in my arms, I felt that she was the whole of my life. I often ignored the child and her dad. Later, I thought about it. From the carefree two-person world to the arrival of the baby, it is actuallyThe biggest challenge to marriage, if we often put our children first and ignore each other, then the other party will inevitably be “jealous.”

  Solution: Give the other party more attention in a timely manner.

Give yourself one night each week as a date for two.

We can talk about babies and other things.

Paying attention to each other and becoming a habit is very helpful for marriage.

  Sometimes when Amy was crying, watching her child and her dad were clumsy, I would blame and order him constantly.

In fact, we are all the same. Parenting requires a learning process, so do not exclude novice dads from parenting.

  Solution: Learn together and progress together.

When two people learn to be parents together, both parties will feel more relaxed, learn from each other, and master more skills.

  When Amy was born 15 days ago, she had a very heavy breath, like a cold. It scared me into a cold sweat, and quickly called my husband. The husband was also anxious. Finally, the girl ‘s second grandmother came over, looked at her nose, and got dirty.Good, well, a false alarm.

  Solution: Take it easy.

In fact, we don’t have to worry too much, the baby is not as vulnerable as we think.

  I have a bad habit. Whenever I meet a friend who has a child, will she ask her baby to sleep all night?

Do you laugh? Wait, and then secretly take your own baby companionship, always hope that your baby is stronger than others.  Solution: Each baby’s development is different and has its own rules.

We need to treat our baby’s development with an ordinary mindset and a relaxed mood.

  Everyone will tell novice parents that babies will change the lives of novice parents.

But no one tells the novice parents that the baby ‘s money bag with the novice parents is drying up. The novice parents want to give everything to the baby, and have no regrets.

  Solution: Reasonably plan for moderate expansion.

Creating a table will reduce overpayments for novice parents.

Find experienced parents and novice parents to buy things together, they will tell the novice parents what is really useful, novice parents can also be fooled

  After I have a baby, I feel that time is not enough. I always turn around Amy. My own affairs are always dragged behind. Since I became a housewife, I feel like I am out of society.Take care of yourself moderately and give yourself some space and time.

  Solution: While Amy is asleep, you can go online, watch TV or a book, and find a friend to talk on the phone. This will relax you after a tiring day.

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Several countermeasures after offending the boss

First, don’t expect to understand others.

  Regardless of the reason you “offend” your boss, we often want to tell our colleagues about their difficulties.

If the mistake is made by your boss and your colleagues make bad statements and are not willing to get involved in your dispute with your boss, how can you comfort you?

If you caused it yourself, they ca n’t bear to say that you ‘re not. Sprinkle salt on your wound. People with bad intentions will add branches and leaves and feed back to the boss, deepening the cracks between you and your boss.

  So the best way is to sober the crux of the problem and find a suitable solution, so that you can start a good relationship with your boss again.

  Second, find a suitable opportunity to communicate.

  It is necessary to eliminate the gap between you and your boss. It is better to take the initiative to call yourself an “olive branch”.

If you are wrong, you must have the courage to admit your mistakes, find the crux of your differences with your boss, explain to your boss, and show that you will learn from this in the future and hope to continue to get the attention of your boss.

If it is the cause of the boss, when there is a lot of looseness, communicate your thoughts with the other party in a gentle way. You can also impulse or ask the boss for generosity.Not only can achieve the purpose of communicating with each other, but also provide a decent step for them, which is beneficial to restore the good relationship between you and your boss.

  Third, use some light occasions to show respect for him.

  Even an enlightened boss can easily notice his authority and hope to be respected by his subordinates, so when you conflict with your boss, it is best to let the unhappiness be a thing of the past, and you do not hinder in some casual occasions, such as dinners, networkingSay hello to your superiors at events, toast your wine, to show your respect for the other party, your superiors will keep it in mind, eliminate or dilute hostility towards you, and at the same time show people your culture and manners.

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