Top Group (601689): Starting a new stage of growth

The decline in the third quarter narrowed, and Top Group achieved revenue in the first three 重庆耍耍网 quarters.

RMB 660,000, down 15 previously.


Among them, Q3 revenue was 13.

28 ppm, a decrease of 3 per year.

90%, an increase of 11.

30%, which is 25% higher than the upper limit of the second quarter, and the decline has narrowed significantly.

  The net profit attributable to the parent company was 3 in the first three quarters.

400 million, exceeding 45% of the real interest rate.

One in the third quarter.

3 billion, 30% in the previous decade, an increase of 30% from the previous quarter.

A year ago, gross margins and net profit margins dropped by one each.

55 and 3.

Five are single, the industry’s prosperity is down, and the increase in depreciation is preliminary.

  The rebound in sales of major customers led to the cumulative improvement in production capacity in the third quarter. The improvement in the third quarter was mainly due to the improvement in downstream customer demand.

The company’s main customer Geely / SAIC-GM’s output in the third quarter increased by 9 sequentially.

3% / 3.

At 8%, SAIC Auto and Changan Ford crops also improved month-on-month, driving the company’s production capacity to recover and the gross profit margin to increase by 0% in the second quarter.

6 up to 26.

4%, net profit margin also increased by 1 from the previous quarter.

4 up to 9.


We expect that through the further improvement of sales volume of major customers in the fourth quarter, the company’s profitability will continue to rebound, and the growth rate of net profit will promote normalization.

  The company continued to reduce costs and increase efficiency in the face of adversity. In the third quarter, the total sales + management + research and development expenses accounted for 14 of the total revenue.

76%, a decrease of 0 from the second quarter.

92 units.

The company has good cash flow and a net inflow of operating activities2.

2.6 billion.

Inventories fall by 12 every year.

9% to 11.


  Lightweight and automotive electronics business ushers in potential for development Tesla’s Shanghai plant is faster than expected. Trial production will begin in October, and production of nearly 20,000 vehicles will be completed by the end of the year.

As production capacity gradually climbs, production will reach 150,000 units in 2020 and is expected to exceed 250,000 units in 2021.

The total amount of bicycles supplied by Top for Tesla exceeds 5,000 yuan. It is expected that the Model 3 models will bring 9,300 and 1 to the company in the next two years.

The net profit increase of 8 million accounts for approximately 12% and 24% of the company’s 2018 net profit.

In the field of automotive electronics EVP and IBS, the company’s forward-looking layout puts it in a leading position among domestic manufacturers, and it is expected to break through the technological monopoly of foreign giants and achieve domestic substitution.

  The company’s lightweight chassis and automotive electronics business are in line with the industry’s upgrading trend and will inject momentum into the company’s new round of development.

  Estimates and investment recommendations We expect the company’s net profit for 2019/2020/2021 to be 5.13/7.


690,000 yuan, corresponding to 0 EPS.



92 yuan, although the performance in 2019 is under pressure, the company’s performance will usher in an inflection point under the acceleration of Tesla’s localization, and we are optimistic about the company’s lightweight business and the development prospects of automotive electronics.39/28/21 times PE estimate for 2020/2021, maintaining “overweight” rating.

(Current price as of December 19) Risk new business progress progress gradually expected product price decline raw material growth

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Black Cat (002068): Carbon black industry boom expected to rebound from the bottom
Affected by the downturn in the carbon black industry, in the first half of the year, it was better than the previous month: 31 in mid-2019.700 million, down 18 a year.64%; deducting non-net profit may be 1.1.9 billion, net profit attributable to mothers can increase by 1.1.6 billion, falling within the scope of the notice, in line with expectations.Q2 is better than the previous month.Among them, the income increased by 3 from the previous quarter.3%, deducting non-net profit decreased by 43.87 million yuan, Q1 decreased by 75.17 million yuan, a decrease from the previous month.Due to the carbon black industry defect for about a year, the industry operating rate is about 青岛夜网 60%, but the consumption growth rate is faster than the output and capacity growth rate, and the global car ownership replacement tire market has become the main consumer power.It is expected that starting from the third quarter, the company’s single-quarter performance is expected to turn around and form a breakthrough point in the performance. The domestic carbon black faucet is solid overall: reported production, carbon black production 47.96 pounds, 45 sales.3In the early stage, production and sales decreased by 94.46%; domestic and foreign sales structure has not changed much, of which foreign sales still account for around 20%.According to Baichuan Information, the output of carbon black increased by 43% from January to July, while the company’s output changed little, with sales slightly higher than 6%, indicating that the 北京夜网 company’s share is further increasing. Main business analysis: Carbon black revenue and gross profit accounted for more than 80%, which are the main sources of profit; interim revenue fell 18%, and gross profit margin fell 13.The three averages resulted in a 73% decrease in gross profit; a 36% decrease in tar refining revenue and a 380% decrease in gross profit were the largest declines.The main reason for the change resistance of carbon black is the price drop12.6%, unit cost increased by 9.27%, and sales also reached 6%, which affected the carbon black business contribution. Investment suggestion: Through the continuous growth of car ownership, the replacement tire market, which accounts for 70-80%, becomes rigid demand; in addition, the Sino-US trade friction continues and the United States collects tariffs on Chinese-produced tires, which stimulates large domestic tire companies to set up factories overseas.Drive the company’s export business growth.The company plans to set up factories overseas, and the raw material market is nearby to further increase market share.We expect the EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.11, 0.48, 0.59 yuan / share, with a compound annual growth rate of 2.5%.ROE is 2.4%, 9.7%, 11.4%.Give “Buy-B” rating. Risk reminders: changes in the prices of products and raw materials, constraints and adjustments in industrial and environmental policies, risks of operating cash flow difficulties, etc.

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Kelun Pharmaceutical (002422): Chuanning Bio’s Profit Contribution Decreases, Performance is Lower than Expected
On the evening of October 30, the company released the third quarter report of 2019: 杭州桑拿网 realized operating income of 129.58 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.94%; net profit attributable to mother 9.1.4 billion, down 10 a year.66%; deduct non-net profit 8.1 billion, down 14 a year.67%; basic profit income is 0.64 yuan / share, down 9 each year.86%.  Event comment: Chuanning Bio’s profit contribution decreased, and its performance exceeded expectations. The company’s single quarter Q3 revenue and net profit were replaced respectively.09% and 25.41%, QoQ growth (+20.05% / + 0.45%) turned from positive to negative, with performance exceeding expectations.First and foremost, due to the reduction of sulfur prices and the increase of additional costs, the contribution of Chuanning Bio’s profits decreased, and R & D investment also eroded some of the profits.We expect both infusion and new drug sales to maintain sustained growth: infusion preparations will continue to strengthen market development, optimize product structure, and revenue and gross profit will grow steadily; new generic pharmaceutical products will continue to be put on the market, and the company will continue to accelerate hospital access and sales promotion.  The gross profit margin of the product has increased, and the overall expense ratio has increased.60%, increase by 1 every year.46 units.In terms of expenses, the selling expense ratio was 37.52%, an increase of 1 each year.98 units; management expense ratio 5.40%, increasing by 0 every year.47 units; R & D expense ratio 6.04%, increasing by 0 every year.96 units; financial expense ratio 3.36%, a decrease of 0 every year.48 units.In addition, the company has a net operating cash flow of 21.10,000 yuan, an increase of 10 in ten years.66%.  Chuanning Bio proposes to hire external investors and expand financing channels. The company recently announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Yili Chuanning Bio, proposes to implement an employee stock ownership plan and hire external quality investors, and plans to carry out shareholding transformation after the above work is completed.Opportunities will be adopted to promote Yili Chuanning to move toward the capital market, expand its market influence, and accelerate the realization of the “three-engine-driven” strategy of Kelun Pharmaceutical.We believe that this move will help to enhance the cohesion and sense of responsibility of Chuaning Biological Governance, encourage employees to play an active role in the development of the company, and improve the Chuanning Biological Governance structure and raise the level of standardization.  Profit forecast: We estimate that EPS for 2019-2021 will be 0.85/1.09/1.27 yuan, corresponding PE is 28/22/19 times, changes in antibiotic prices may affect the company’s short-term performance, but the long-term development logic remains unchanged, giving a “recommended” rating.  Risk reminders: risks of changes in industry policies, environmental protection risks, drug quality risks, etc.

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Gree Electric (000651) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Asset Quality Still High, Expecting Mixed Reform and Optimized Governance

Event: Gree Electric announced a quarterly report, and the company achieved revenue of 405 in 19Q1.

48 ppm, +2 a year.

49%; net profit attributable to mother 56.

7 trillion, +1 a year.

62%, net of non-attributed net profit 51.

1 ‰, +22 a year.


The company’s equity transfer has not yet been completed, and the market is reasonably cautious about Gree Electric’s quarterly report expectations, and its financial performance is basically in line with expectations.

Comments: Revenue analysis: Revenue growth is back to true, and domestic sales performance is estimated to be better than the export company’s 19Q1 revenue growth2.

5%, stable after high growth.

In order to meet the $ 200 billion target for 2018, 18Q3?
4 The company ‘s revenue performance continued to be better than actual retail sales. In 19Q1, the company ‘s revenue growth rate returned to true, close to the true level. From the third-party data, it is estimated that 19Q1 Gree ‘s domestic sales revenue has slightly increased, which is better than the export growth rate.

Total demand: In 19Q1, retail sales achieved positive growth driven by active promotion.

From the perspective of third-party retail data, in 19Q1, Yikang ‘s monitored air-conditioning industry ‘s retail sales increased by 5%, Aowei ‘s monitored retail sales increased by 3%, and the industry ‘s retail sales increased by a small amount. Positive price promotion efforts Q1 demand was better than expected.

Competitive dimension: Midea was the first to promote sales. The expansion performance of Gree in 19Q1 was weak, and it is expected to improve after increasing sales in Q2.

Taking full advantage of inventory levels and cost dividends, in the early 19th, Midea took the lead in aggressively reducing prices in the off-season, especially mid-to-low-end product lines, which led to the subsequent elimination of some others. According to Zhongyikang offline monitoring data, 19Q1Midea’s average price of air conditioners dropped by 8%, while Gree increased slightly by 2%. At the same time, Midea ‘s retail volume share increased by 5pct, while Gree ‘s retail volume share increased by 5pct.

We understand that Gree has started a new round of promotional activities in April, and it is expected that Q2’s retail performance will pick up.

Revenue was flat as expected, subsequent demand is expected to continue to improve, and inventory risk is gradually reduced.

In 18H2, the overall industry demand was flat, and the remaining brands generally had no growth or negative growth. Gree achieved a growth of more than 30% through replenishment and completed the revenue goal of 200 billion US dollars, but the progress trend was independent.

After 18 years of high income growth, short-term revenue was flat within market expectations.

Since March, the demand for air conditioners has been improved. It has entered the 19H2 overlapping peak season effect and a low base. Demand has continued to improve. We believe that channel inventory has eliminated excessive concerns.

The growth of domestic sales is expected to pick up, and the export sales are slightly weaker due to the earlier “robbing exports”.

According to industry online data, the domestic air-conditioning industry in 19Q1 saw a significant increase in sales growth earlier than 18H2, but after “export grabbing” before the 18Q4 tariff form, export orders were slightly weaker.

The sales volume of Gree 19Q1 increased by -2%, among which the export volume / internal sales volume were -10% / + 3%.

Profit analysis: The profitability is stable, which basically reflects the real operating conditions. After excluding non-recurring gains and losses caused by exchange rate derivatives and government subsidies, the company deducted non-returned net profit 51 in 19Q1.

1 ‰, +22 a year.

2%, excellent performance.

The company’s core profit and operating indicators in 19Q1 include: gross profit margin of 30.

6%, -0 per year.

3pct; selling expense rate -0 per second.

7pct; 102 trillion advances, a slight increase of 4 from the previous quarter.

US $ 400 million, -17% a year; other flow resistance was US $ 643 billion, a slight increase of 8 from the previous quarter.

9 billion.

In 18Q1, the gross profit margin and the sales expense rate base decreased. Under the circumstances of the 19Q1 raw material cost dividend, the company’s single quarter gross profit margin and sales expense rate continued to decline. It is estimated that it is related to the continued redemption of cash back to the channel. Other current debts increased slightly by 8.

9 ppm, which is basically the same as the operating rhythm of accrued expenses in Q1 of previous years, and the financial report faithfully reflects the true operating situation.

1Q1 Company management / R & D / financial expenses are +0 respectively.

2 / + 0.

2 / + 0.
2pct, little change, combined with changes in gross profit margin and sales expense ratio, net interest margin fell slightly by 0.
1 point to 14.

0%, which basically reflects the true profit level.

The asset quality is excellent, and the future dividend level is expected to resume. The company’s net cash flow from operating activities in 19Q1 will gradually decline.

1%, mainly due to the abnormal base number caused by the industry chain finance in the same period last year, the absolute size of cash flow in a single quarter was 77.

3 ppm, which is highly compatible with net profit.

The book’s net cash rose to US $ 117.5 billion (monetary funds + wealth management products-long-term and short-term debt), and other flow resistance was US $ 643 billion. The generous “grain deposits” gave the company full confidence in the competition in the industry chain, and the future profitability was extremely certainStrong.

If the mixed reform is successfully implemented, dividends are expected to return to normal levels.

In the commentary of the annual report on April 29, we mentioned that the company is currently at a special point in the state-owned asset allocation and transfer, and the dividends and short-term performance are abnormal.

We expect that if the subsequent follow-up reforms are successfully implemented, it will be expected to bring about improvements in the corporate governance structure and the implementation of related incentives, and ultimately achieve the unanimity of shareholders and stakeholders. Shareholder returns will be better protected, and dividends will promote the return to normal.Level.
Earnings forecasts, estimates and ratings We maintain our EPS forecast for 2019-21 to 4.



94 yuan, corresponding PE is 12/11/10 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

The improvement in the sales of first- and second-tier commercial housing since 19 years and the gradual delivery of housing in the neighboring third- and fourth-tier cities (corresponding to the 2016-2017 sales peak) will support the demand for air conditioning, and the channel inventory risk will gradually decrease.

At the same time, considering the full year of 2018, the company’s 2019 performance is likely to achieve a growth rate of more than 10%, and there is a possibility of further improvement.

It is estimated that the company as a consumer industry plus high-quality cash cow assets of the top moat has long been estimated to be the lowest in the home appliance industry and even the consumer industry due to corporate governance issues.

If the SASAC’s equity transfer is successfully implemented, it will bring about a huge change in the corporate governance structure, from a local state-owned enterprise to a company with a dispersed 无锡桑拿网 shareholding, no actual controller, and a mixed ownership reform.

And subsequent follow-up consensus incentives are all worth looking forward to. Shareholders’ rights and interests are expected to be better protected. It is estimated that there will be clear room for improvement.

Risk reminder: The demand for air conditioners is lower than expected, the improvement process is not smooth, and large capital expenditures will occur in the future.

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Zhibang Home Furnishing (603801) Company Review: Equity Incentive Binding Mid-level Backbone Upward and Downward for Development

Event: Zhibang Furnishing announced the 2020 extended equity incentive plan: The company intends to grant 477 more stocks to 212 incentive objects.

60,000 shares (accounting for the company’s total share capital of 2.

14%), grant price 9.

65 yuan / share, 50% of the average repurchase price.

The target of profit assessment is: based on 2018, the revenue growth rate from 2020 to 2021 is not less than 24% / 40%, and the net profit growth rate is not less than 24南宁桑拿% / 40%, which is consistent with the target of the 2019 equity incentive plan.

Following the executive incentives, the coverage area will be expanded to bind the middle-level backbone from top to bottom.

The company’s Air Force’s 2019 equity incentive plan is planned to grant five executives 1.29 million shares at a price of 9.

65 yuan / share, the same price as this award.

A total of 212 people were targeted for this equity incentive plan (7 employees as of the end of 2018).

43%), serving as middle management.

We believe that the coverage of this equity incentive plan has significantly expanded and targeted the middle-level backbones, highlighting the company’s deepening of the stakes binding from the top down and seeking long-term development confidence, which is conducive to fully mobilizing the enthusiasm of the middle-level backbones and promoting core team cohesionAnd the core competitiveness of the company to ensure the realization of the company’s development strategy and business objectives.

In bulk, the wardrobe continues to increase volume and profitability is improving.

1) Revenue growth rate increased month-on-month.

The company’s total operating revenue for Q1 / Q2 / Q3 exceeded the growth rate of 5.

20% / 13.

30% / 16.

94%, the growth rate continues to increase.

Initially, the core benefited from the large volume and high growth of the wardrobe. We expect the company’s bulk business to grow by more than 35% in the first three quarters.

2) Significant progress has been made in the integration of kitchen clothes, and the custom closet business has continued to grow rapidly.

In the first half of 2019, the company’s closet business grew by 74% each year. Benefiting from the integration of kitchen and clothing, the company’s whole-house custom market development has been fruitful. The continued close-up of the closet business has driven performance growth.

3) Gross profit margin and net profit margin gradually improved.

The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters was 38.

54% (+1.

23 points.

), Net interest rate 11.

97% (+0.

73 points.

), Profitability is improving.

Looking forward to 2020, multi-channel and multi-category efforts will be made to ensure the certainty of performance.

1) Benefiting from the completion of repairs, the demand for terminals will increase, and the retail channel is expected to pick up.

Statistics Bureau statistics show that the area completed in a single month in December 2019 was 3.

200 million cubic meters, an increase of 20 in ten years.

2%, we think the completion of the repair trend will continue until 2020, driving consumer demand for terminal homes to pick up.

2) Bulk, wardrobe is expected to maintain high growth.

Benefiting from the optimized customer structure, the company’s bulk business will resume high growth in 2019.

We believe that with the development and expansion of bulk customers and the continuous advancement of kitchen clothing integration strategy, the bulk and wardrobe business is expected to maintain high growth in 2020.

Advance through multiple channels and develop together with new management.
Since 2019, the number of the company’s kitchen cabinet stores has maintained a steady growth, and the number of wardrobe stores has accelerated.
The bulk business segment has promoted a new amoeba business model, systematically established a business organization and mechanism directly linked to the market, improved business performance and efficiency, and enhanced the quality and transformation efficiency of project delivery.

The company builds a “housekeeping” installation service system, improves existing pain points of installation, releases the benefits of sales staff, enhances customer experience, and improves customer satisfaction.

Investment suggestion: We expect the company’s expected operating income for 2019-2021 to be 28.



50,000 yuan, an increase of 16 in ten years.

3% / 17.

7% / 15.

5%; net profit attributable to mother is 3.



40,000 yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

9% / 18.

2% / 16.

9%; corresponding EPS is 1.



99 yuan, considering the company’s excellent management team, business structure and channel diversification, optimistic about the company’s large home strategy landing, is currently expected to produce a higher attractive, “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: the risk of real estate boom reduces the risk, the risk of rising raw material prices, and the intensified competition in the industry, leading to the profit risk brought by the decline in the industry’s average profit rate

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Are you a temperament

We have studied many temperament people like Li Ao, Lu Yao, Li Jimin, etc., and summarized the basic characteristics of “Humanity in Nature”.

To summarize, there are the following 25 articles.

  1.People in temperament like to believe in others, are often deceived and hurt themselves.

Even if it was someone else ‘s casual admonition, he would rather take him seriously. Later, others have long forgotten to come to the country of Java, but they are still waiting heartily, until the truth is finally revealed, they will wake up and yell:Someone mistaken me!

People in nature often lament the unfair destiny, always thinking that they have the talents for the world, the virtues of governing the country, and breaking through the big duties.

When I see my colleague or subordinate speculative camp next to me, I don’t think it’s a problem, I think it’s a villain’s trick, and I don’t care.

I thought “I was born to be useful.”

But when others went to the front one by one, but they still remained the same, they had to hide in a corner alone and sigh alone: “Seven thousand sails pass by the side of the sunken boat, and ten thousand trees spring in front of the sick tree”.

In front of people, there is still something to say: I look down!

  3.People in temperament generally do not have great achievements.

Their belief is to eat by their own ability and to be a man of conscience.

Somewhat capable.

I don’t like speculative camps or playing with power.

Like to do things, don’t like to find people.

They are often regarded as horsemen’s pawns and pioneers.

Make wedding clothes for others.

  4.People in nature disregard justice and make money, and make friends. They often treat others as confidants in three good words, and tell others what they say.

Everyone knows that your words are deliberately inflicted on you, causing a lot of disadvantages to yourself, shouting!

  5.In his temperament, he is thin-skinned, and likes to help others, rather than bother others. He would rather aggravate himself in case of trouble, rather than embarrass others.

When others rely on their own help to get the benefits, and they have nothing in the end, they have to ridicule themselves: “Sometimes you have to have a life, and you don’t have to demand it all the time.”

  6.People in nature like fantasy.

Imagine tomorrow, Imagine the future, Imagine love, Imagine glory and prosperity, and daydream when I have something.

Often lives in dreams.

But when reality and dreams are out, borrowing wine to dispel “Where does the wine awake now, Yang Liuan, Xiaofeng is the moon”.

  7.In nature, people like to be free and unwilling to manage people, and they don’t like to manage people.

Nothing happens, nothing happens.

I do n’t like to procrastinate on any work. I ‘d rather finish it three times, five times two, and do whatever I want.

  8.The man in his temperament loves to travel, “stolen for a few days, free time, travels around the world.”

Often learn the appearance of the ancients, read a few books, walk a few miles, send affectionate landscapes, and enrich their experience.

Sometimes it also pretends to be like “Deng Dongzheng uses Shu Shu, and prose poetry near Qingliu”.

  9.People in their temperament like to drink alcohol, especially with three friends and four friends together.

Rather hurt the body than hurt feelings.

Often people haven’t had a good drink, but their mouths are foggy.

  10.People in temperament like to hang sadness on their shoulders.

Hu played a good card and danced happily.

Tempered, thunderous.

Like a three-year-old child when happy.
When he was angry, he looked like he had “borrowed his rice and returned him the chaff”.
  11.The person in the temperament is rich in emotions and is not very interested in news. He likes to read novels, movies, TV shows and other plot-oriented things. He often watches the characters who accompany the plot and watch tears together.”Why is it so useless?

People in temperament often have a good family environment, grow up in a good education, rarely encounter the suffering of life, and the road to growth is relatively smooth.

Parents are charitable, brothers are harmonious, and children are filial. Except that the wife cannot stand his willfulness, on the whole, life is more comfortable.

  13.In general, people have better living conditions. They are neither rich nor expensive, nor are they stretched.

Believing that “life is dead, wealth is in the sky” and that “there is not much money, just useful” is a typical life of peace.

  14.In nature, people talk more casually and are more willful in doing things. They always like their little cleverness.

I often say something when I open my mouth, regardless of the consequences, and often regret “I shouldn’t say that!

“Too much work, but not much success.

Sometimes when you think about it, you can’t do it in the end.

  15.People tend to think in their temperament.

Xinglai sends it: or wave a little bit of ink, Fuqin Yin, or point to mountains and rivers, to stimulate the text.

Xing Qu stop: cover your head to sleep, Pepsi does not ask, “regard your prince ascending to heaven”.

  16.People are often very real and transparent.

He is not hypocritical and cannot look at hypocrisy.

You can work, but you can’t complain.

“A horse runs on your arms,” but you have to rub a grain of sand in your eyes.

Like to use feelings, most afraid of others deceiving their feelings.

  17.People in their dispositions are generally talkative. Tiannanhaibei, ancient, modern, Chinese, and foreign, it seems that any topic can be talked about.

I like being a lobbyist, but I don’t like being an audience.

  18.People in temperament often have a double-sided personality, sometimes they are more flexible and insufficient in principle; sometimes they are more flexible and insufficient.

Sometimes I’m afraid of offending people, and always excuse others for one reason or another.

Sometimes they are not afraid of offending at all, and they always ask others to ask themselves by strict standards.

Of course, he will also quibble on his own shortcomings.

Although you know you are deceiving yourself, you have to be justified.

  19.In temperament, people are easily excited and discouraged.

Sometimes the heart is higher than the sky, but it is at ease.

Sometimes small buildings are unified, regardless of spring and autumn.

When excited, there is a lot of pride, such as “Nine Thousand Miles Fengpeng is moving.”

Dejected when he was depressed, “but the sky is cool for a good autumn.”

  20.In his disposition, he is quick-thinking in humanities and strong in long jumps, but his thinking is not strict enough.

About everything, it’s all about consciousness.

  twenty one.People are often neither thick nor dark.

Sometimes, “death is to save face and suffer,” and to pay attention to people and things, “pass and pass” and “whatever you want.”

  twenty two.In temperament, people like fantasy and prefer to remember.

Some beautiful people or beautiful things in the past, even if it was a beautiful moment, often relived in my heart hundreds of times.

  twenty three.People in temperament like “to be happy with others”, but don’t like “to be alone”.

Can’t bear loneliness, can’t stand loneliness.

When they gathered, their enthusiasm was soaring, “the wine-sellers are drunk, and the wind is drunk.”
  twenty four.The person in the disposition is a good person, but not a “very” person.

It is easy to get the respect of others, but it is not easy to get the respect of others.
  25.Behaviour is sometimes weird, often incomprehensible or unacceptable.

Open-minded and unrestrained.

Often it is what you want to do in case of trouble.

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Various “people” show health

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to hearing, smelling, asking, and cutting. Nearly listening to an old traditional Chinese medicine introduction, each of us can understand our body from the color and condition of our own. These important signals allow us to understand and grasp our own physical conditions.Now introduced as follows: 1.
Healthy people are neat, in the middle of the position, the ditch is clear and symmetrical, and the color is yellow and red.
If the person is narrow and narrow, or the channel is narrow and narrow, the person is short, and the color is dark, the heart is generally not very good, and angina is easy to occur.
The color is red in people, especially near the lips, showing the invasion of heat and evil, and blood stasis in the body.
The yellow color in humans indicates weak spleen and stomach. If it is yellow, the spleen and stomach are cold, and there may be chronic diseases.
Relaxation of sulcus muscles in humans indicates weak spleen and kidneys and insufficient blood and qi.
People are blue, but there is cold and damp inside, lesbians may have dysmenorrhea, and gays may have testicular problems.
The color is green and black in people, indicating that the liver and kidneys may be sick.
People are dark green in color and may have cholecystitis and biliary colic.
People are pale in color and may have chronic ulcerative colitis.
The color is dark in humans (this black is different from dark complexion), which means that the cold is severe and there may be genitourinary diseases.

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Enjoying the palace supplements

Right now, the latest form of health care for urban white-collar workers is to take ointment recipes. If they have not eaten ointment recipes, they will be considered outdated, and many people will find ointment recipes online.
Ointment recipes are the strongest in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong. At present, few people in Xiamen have the habit of eating ointment recipes.
  According to reports, the ointment has a history of more than 2,000 years, and it was originally a high-level tonic to be enjoyed by relatives of the imperial family and dignitaries.
With the development of human beings and social progress, the cream recipe has gradually entered the homes of ordinary people.
  In order to give full play to the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine for the benefit of the people, the City Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital plans to open an “Ointment Clinic” from the fourth quarter of this year.
  Liu Rong, Huang Lin, Zhang Xucan, the cream is an organic combination of knowledge and responsibility. China’s folks have the traditional habit of supplementing cream, and many people think that “eating cream is to nourish the body.”
According to the staff of the City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, in fact, the cream prescription is a plaster prescription formulated by experienced TCM experts using natural laws and physiological characteristics of the human body, according to each person’s physical condition and condition, combined with dialectical treatment.
  Ointment is a prescription with comprehensive effects of nourishing and preventing and treating. It is a prescription established on the basis of compound decoctions according to different physical constitutions and clinical manifestations of people.
It is a thick and nourishing paste that is refined and processed according to the physical and physical changes of the viscera, yin, yang, and blood in the human body, taking into account the physical characteristics of the individual, and soaking, frying, concentrating, and receiving cream.
In the “treatment for disease” system, cream is a kind of “seasonal tonic”.
  The cream is mainly targeted at different groups such as chronic diseases and sub-health.
It is based on syndrome differentiation and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and aims at strengthening the body and preventing disease. It is an organic combination of nourishing and curing diseases with obvious effects and convenient taking. It is an effective dosage form of traditional Chinese medicine.
The anointing party strictly implements one person, one person, one person, one fried, fully reflecting the individual characteristics.
  The City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will be visited by a TCM expert with a senior title or above, collect the patients’ comprehensive symptoms, related signs, pulse signs and tongues, combine various diseases, think repeatedly, comprehensively balance, and reasonably select relevant Chinese medicine, ginseng supplements, and gels., Sugar, honey, sesame and other foods, carefully formulated.
  TCM experts say that the cream is an organic combination of knowledge and responsibility.
  “膏方”不是万能的,应依个人体质选择  5岁的亮亮不爱吃饭,脸色不好,从小身体就很瘦弱,着急的奶奶不敢给他乱吃药,就想请中医名家开个The cream party gave Liang Liang supplements, but he did not expect to be rejected.
The reason for rejection is that the child has poor gastrointestinal function, and it will not only have little effect after taking it, it may even be harmful to health.
  Many patients have high expectations for the cream, and many people receive treatment for the cream every year.
It is believed that the original pain will improve after taking the cream, diabetes patients will have normal blood sugar, hypertension patients’ blood pressure will stabilize, and asthma will no longer occur.
  TCM experts remind that there should be a comprehensive understanding of the cream. The focus of the cream is to strengthen the body and prevent disease. It can also help some patients with chronic diseases to control the condition and relieve symptoms, but it cannot replace the original treatment.
The original treatment and related precautions must continue.
If the condition is indeed stable, the medication can be adjusted appropriately.
Some diseases due to multiple organ degenerative changes, related dysfunction, multiple symptoms appear, the application of the cream will improve, but can not be expected to completely disappear.
  A good prescription can solve 3 basic problems: one is fatigue; the other is frequent colds; the third is poor sleep.
The cream recipe can also improve some sub-health and functional problems.

  If you want to take the ointment, you must first see the “introduction side”. Some beautiful women find a Chinese medicine practitioner, and they say they want to prescribe an ointment, which will make the anti-aging and beautiful, because the close friends are eating.
In this regard, Weng Lili, director of the Department of Aesthetics of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that when she came to the doctor who could prescribe the ointment, the doctor could not prescribe the ointment for her immediately, because not everyone was suitable for the ointment.
  ”The doctor first had to prescribe a little medicine for her, which is what the Chinese medicine called the way-out.
These decoctions are not cream recipes, but they depend on the effect of you after drinking these way-finding recipes, to see if your constitution is weak, whether there is stasis, etc.
After this, the doctor can determine whether you can prescribe the cream.
“Weng Lili said that the cream is a thick substance,” it is not easy to move. “I am most afraid that the spleen and stomach cannot be opened, especially for people who have poor digestion. If they do not take good care, they will start to eat the cream indiscriminately.Increasing the burden is easy to “clog”, but has no effect but has consequences.
  The correct use of cream is the key to its function.
Generally speaking, you should first take “Guidefang”, which can not only strengthen the spleen, help to moisturize and benefit the liver, but also remove some abnormalities in the body that cannot be taken by the ointment. In addition, it can basically pinpoint the physical characteristics of the individual.The medication ideas lay the foundation for subsequent prescriptions.
  If the spleen and stomach function is good, it is better to take the ointment before meals.
Gastrointestinal function is poor, so take within 15 minutes after a meal.
In case of cold, fever, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, etc., it is necessary to stop for a while. It should not be taken during acute episodes of chronic diseases.
  While taking the ointment, do not eat greasy, spicy, fried foods, and do not drink strong tea or coffee, so as not to affect the absorption of the stomach.
In addition, can not eat radishes, radishes will reduce the role of cream.  The City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine will open the “Guidefang Clinic” one month in advance before the “Painting Clinic” is officially launched. At that time, some patients will be conditioned by appointment to facilitate further prescription of the plaster.

  [Precautions for taking]Prescription prescription is a rigorous thinking process. Prescription preparation is delicate and highly demanding. It is inevitable that due to medical experience, due to lack of consideration when prescribing prescriptions, or omissions in processing, some hidden quality problems will occur.
  After taking the ointment, common problems appear: stomach bloating and discomfort, diarrhea, bleeding from the nose and mouth, mouth ulcers, and sweating, etc. The reason may be that the drug is too tired, and the blood circulation and dregs are too much.Poor gastrointestinal function, abdominal cramps, poor appetite; lubrication, excessive cold medicine can cause stools to become thinner and increase in frequency; too much warm and dry medicine can produce body heat, sweating, upset, mouth ulcers and mouthNosebleed and so on.

  After taking the ointment, as long as you encounter the above situation, you should communicate with the prescribing doctor in time. If necessary, the doctor of the syringe will prescribe some small prescriptions and use it with the ointment.

  If you take the “wrong way” ointment, the child will be precocious and obese.

Middle-aged and elderly patients with impaired physical function “make up” for potential organic diseases.

  Experts, creams are mainly used to treat diseases, and citizens do not need tonic if they do not have any disease symptoms.

The ointment is a good recipe, comprehensive understanding, correct treatment, perseverance, constant adjustment, and often new clothes, will definitely cure illness and prolong life, health and longevity.

  [Adapted to the crowd]Those who have insufficient blood and blood, loss of the five internal organs, are weak or have various symptoms of weakness due to surgery, postpartum and major illness, serious illness, and chronic wasting disease recovery period, whether caused by deficiency or illness.Certain winter season tonic creams and nourishing drugs can effectively restore the health of the frail, strengthen the physique, and improve the quality of life.

  (I) Sub-healthy people: Young white-collar workers working at desks or sitting at computers for long periods of time have dizziness, backache, tiredness, and early white hair due to fast work rhythm, high pressure, insufficient sleep, and energy overdraft, which is an imbalance between yin and yang.Caused by.

Taking creams and nourishing medicines to correct deviations and eliminate diseases, regulate yin and yang, reset the human body to the best state, improve the body’s immune function, and prevent problems before they occur.

  (B) Patients with chronic diseases

Asthma patients.

The etiology of wind cold cough patients and cold surgery patients is mostly weak yang, and the external health function is reduced.

Often compatible with the lungs and spleen, warming kidney yang medicine.


Patients with chronic chronic inflammation.

The spleen and stomach are the foundation of the day after tomorrow. Due to long-term long-term dysfunction or weakening, the fine grains of water cannot be absorbed by the human body.

Therefore, in the cream nourishing medicine is often paired with qi and spleen, and nourishing qi and blood.


Patients with chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, irregular menstruation, and palace cold.

Some women usually like to eat cold or cold food, or suffer from cold and evil, suffer from cold stasis, qi and blood flow, which leads to low menstrual flow. Subsequently, pelvic inflammatory disease repeatedly occurs, and even infertility in the palace can be accompanied by warmth.The product of nourishing blood.


Cervical spondylosis, periarthritis.

Shoulder and neck soreness is a common discomfort symptom for many people. The cause is nothing more than liver and kidney deficiency, invasion of external evils, and failure of meridian qi and blood to function. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the liver and kidney in the plaster.The effect of Jingluo products is very good.



These diseases often have long durations, slow development, and unresolved delays. Patients may suffer from long-term strains, or weak body, feel wind cold and dampness, and block blood vessels and meridians. Inclusion is mixed with reality. Distinguish the syndrome when the cream is opened and eliminate abnormal windDehumidifier, Tongluo painkiller.


Overworked disease.

Patients with long-term hypertension, diabetes, those who are prone to sweating, or those who are cold or sweaty, and those who suffer from cold evil after giving birth.

  The cream and nourishing medicine also have the functions of beauty, beauty, nourishment, wisdom and so on.

Middle-aged people’s organ functions gradually decline with increasing age, coupled with life and work, psychological pressure continues to rise, capacity declines before aging, such as early white hair, dizziness, tinnitus, dazzling waist, knees, and fatigueInsomnia, memory decline, etc., take ointment in time to strengthen physique and prevent premature aging.

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Want to lose weight must put an end to absolute negative thinking

A new concept about weight loss is that the degree of success in slimming is directly proportional to the positive level of human psychology.

People who look at themselves with optimism are more likely to lose weight successfully and maintain good shape for a long time after losing weight.

  Check-in: Combating a slight negative thought Psychologists summed up a typical negative attitude that is not conducive to slimming success, may wish to sit in the right.

If you find yourself talking about painful love with them, hurry and say that the breakup is still too late.

  One of the negative thinking: the absolute dichotomy defines its own behavior with absolute words such as “right”
and “wrong” and “good” and “bad”.

There are six days in the week to pay close attention to the recipes. On some days, due to the old friends gathering party, I have regretted the belly and immediately regretted it.

  The second of negative thinking: the impossible dream goal is too ambitious, unrealistic, and create frustration to fight yourself.

TONY is about to get married immediately, and he decides to use his last two weeks to get his weight down – minus at least 5 kilograms.

Obviously, his goal has put him too much pressure.

  The third of negative thinking: demanding that you take yourself as an opponent, and you can’t live with your own life.

“I will never drink Coke!

“” There can never be fried food in my recipe!

“Never take the elevator to the office!”

“Once unfortunately “breaking the ring”, immediately annoyed.

  The fourth of negative thinking: sour grape psychology “Why is he eating and drinking like a pig, and his body is like a model?

“ERIC loves to eat supper, why not fat?”

“It will be uneven for a while, and it will be “sorrowful and angry” for a while. It will refuse “why only I can’t lose weight” and fight against myself.

  Ah Q is reasonable: three kinds of slimming spirit victory method fear and prevention will lead to the failure of slimming.

Psychologists suggest that you should change your slimming process from a passive and tolerant “devil training” to a “happy experience” with anticipation by establishing a positive way of thinking.

Here are three scientifically proven “spiritual victory methods” recommended by experts: narcissism: Imagine yourself being thin.

Sometimes, it is not enough to have a positive attitude. It is also necessary to cooperate with positive imagination to make the slimming effect more remarkable.

The experiment found that when patients with hypertension imagined Hawaii, their blood pressure would drop. Cancer patients could imagine that white blood cells are destroying tumor cells and resisting the spread of tumors.

In the same way, in order to make yourself slim down, you can also imagine that your body becomes more standard and more fit.

Psychologists say: “The beginning of slimming success is that you become confident and self-respecting.

“Let some time to think about your new image after you’ve done it. Maybe you can start a new relationship while dressing more fashionable and more entertaining. Ample self-confidence gives you the motivation to say “no” to negative things.Instead of sitting on the Internet for 5 hours, or use this time to go to the gym to make your body look better.

  Fetish law: Let the clothes help you.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you to wear “vertical error” in dark clothes with vertical stripes to comfort yourself.

The crux of the matter is that clothes are symbolic for those who want to pursue perfect body.

Psychologists have found that people who have lost weight and then rebounded in weight have always had many different numbers of clothes in the closet.

Expert advice: throw away the large clothes!

Buy clothes that fit the size you want.

If you want to be better, what do you want for those big clothes?

Just leave them in the closet and you will doubt if you can succeed, so you may be able to regress!

  Psychological “dieting”: Food is not a placebo.

When people are unhappy, they will use food to comfort themselves, because searching for a refrigerator is easier than excavating unhappy emotions.

Therefore, in order to control emotions and relieve stress, your body loses control without knowing it.

Some professionals believe that when people want to maintain their body shape and solve their dietary problems, they must first solve their emotional problems. This view is not entirely correct.

So, what can solve this problem fundamentally?Expert opinion is that excessive diet is associated with a weak self-concept.

We must learn to face problems, be responsible for ourselves, tell ourselves: I can control the situation, I love my own body, I have the responsibility and ability to make it a charm!

  TIPS: After 30 years old, why do you look at office white-collar men over the age of 30 who are particularly at risk of getting fat?

The reason is as follows, please pay special attention.


There are about 30 billion unfortunate cells in a man’s body, and these cells will heavier as they get older.

Therefore, almost every man is always heavier than before when he is 30 years old.

And his genes, hormones and slowed metabolism all began to affect his abdomen.


Growth hormone, abbreviated as HGH, is a natural hormone secreted by the human body. Its main function is to promote bone and muscle growth, and it can also accelerate the burning of adults in the body.

The amount of HGH secreted will decrease with age and will decrease rapidly after the age of 30.

Therefore, the closer to middle age, the more bloated, the body is not easy to maintain, or even deformed; even if we maintain the 20-year-old exercise and eating habits, it is difficult to maintain the standard weight, mainly due to insufficient secretion of HGH growth hormone in our body, leading to the bodyThe natural phenomenon caused by the lower rate of new generation.


Long-term sedentary office, lack of exercise due to work stress;

Feeling depressed, seeking comfort from food or alcohol;

Weight and the stress you are subjected to will create a vicious circle: the average person is prone to overeating under stress, and the indigestion causes weight gain, so the pressure is severe.

  Although the laws of nature cannot be resisted, we can still strive to achieve it through unremitting efforts – our own body to master!

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