Zheng Yanpan: GEM earthquake still replaces technology stocks
Source: Daily Economic News Every time Zheng Buchun, a reporter, on Tuesday, A shares fell, but eventually rose stubbornly.At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly.60% to 3013.At 05 o’clock, the Shenzhen Composite Index rose 0.51% to 1943.At 17 o’clock, the small and medium-sized companies rose, and the small and medium-sized board KLCI rose 0.86%, the ChiNext Composite Index rose 0.72%.  Overnight, European and American stocks fell terribly. The Dow actually fell by more than a thousand points, down as much as 3.56%, the price of gold and US debt rose sharply, showing that the panic related to the epidemic was related.In this case, the A-shares habitually opened low, but eventually completely withstood the pressure.  Personally, I feel that the A-shares cannot be compensated because the liquidity is redundant; the reorganization is because the external disk sales are actually “virtual.”  As you know, the South Korean stock market fell 3 on Monday.57%, closing at 14:00 Beijing time. The mainstream A-share institutions or experienced large households actually knew all the bearishness. As for the subsequent European stock market killings and the evening US stock market killings, they actually reflected the same kind of bearishness.In other words, the negative situation of the epidemic has already been reflected, and at best we can only say that the negative situation has not been fully digested.  Judging by the situation of Korean stocks on Tuesday, things are even more obvious. Korean stocks opened much lower on Tuesday, and closed higher.In addition, Hong Kong stocks are almost the same.The epidemic data of surrounding countries or regions is indeed not good, but as long as the newly released data on Tuesday morning does not further intensify and some additional cases are growing rapidly, then it can be regarded as “lucky luck.”Judging from the situation in South Korea or other countries and regions, it may be due to the fact that, with a large number of cases, the growth rate has improved.  The GEM, which has always been strong in the previous period, made some mistakes on Tuesday, but it was not a “flash waist.”On Tuesday, the major high-tech stocks on the GEM had a large drop in the market, but there were still many daily limits at the close. Basically, there were no significant declines in the varieties at the close. For example, Jingfang Technology, Shanghai Xinyang, Forming Technology, Zhongkechuang.Tak, Chengmai Technology, etc.  Recently, the purchase amount of science and technology funds is huge. The huge amount of funds does not give too many opportunities to the short-sellers. The market seems to only be able to tolerate the adjustment of certain types of technology stocks for a day.Today, most of the related types of lithium batteries and new energy vehicles on Monday were reduced. Such stocks were yanked first on Tuesday because of “one day’s gain,” including the Ningde era, the first heavyweight of GEM.When the weighted stocks move, the GEM index is generally more obvious. The boots caused more technology stocks to follow suit, and eventually the bulls took the upper hand, which eventually caused the 4th index that fell 4% to eventually become popular.  After-hours data showed that Beijing’s net capital 北京夜网 reached US $ 4.8 billion, an improvement over previous levels.Foreign countries have a hierarchical perspective, and usually the strength of long A shares will decline when US stocks decline.Obviously, the main driving force in the current market is not foreign, and our huge private funds (mainly flow into the stock market through funds or wealth management).  Many investors have a trillion-dollar transaction volume for a long time, and it is easy to form a tragedy like “5.30”, but personally think that this worry is likely to be unnecessary.First of all, the management level does not have the mentality of wishing to adjust the stock market at the time of “5 · 30” (this is quite important); secondly, in addition to technology stocks, the current low-value stocks are reduced, and the performance of poor stocks continues to increase.At 30 “, the ascension of chickens and dogs is completely different. In addition, at present, super white horses such as banks, real estate, and large consumption are disgraced. Once technology or stocks change, these heavy stocks can hedge stock indexes with a little movement, which will definitely cause panicEmotions are extremely difficult to sustain.  Personally, I think A shares will rise after the shock. In terms of operation, investors are advised to still hold or increase the number of technology stocks. They should be able to follow the mainstream hot spots and not have to worry too much about overshooting.Considering the relatively low relative position of high-performance blue chips recently, investors are advised to consider some allocations so that the market value of total positions will not fluctuate too much.  Any wave of market will fall sooner or later, or it will turn around, but usually occurs when the loose margin of liquidity weakens or the policy implies short selling, and turning around for no reason rarely occurs.Judging from the current actual situation, I feel that the broader market has turned around again, and the high probability will only occur after the “outbreak crisis has generally resisted”.

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Gujia Home (603816): Channels Accelerate to Sink, New Categories Rapid Growth, March towards Big Home
Revenue in 2018 was 91.720,000 yuan, an increase of 37 in ten years.61%, net profit attributable to mother is 9.89 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.29%, net profit after deduction to non-mother is 8.180,000 yuan, an increase of 34 in ten years.05%.Of which 18Q4 realized income of 27.7.9 billion, an annual increase of 52.91%, net profit attributable to mother is 2.40,000 yuan, an increase of 0 in ten years.68%, net profit after deduction to non-mother is 1.810,000 yuan, an increase of 33 in ten years.29%.The company’s own brand revenue was 73.61 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.72%, revenue from other brands13.48 ppm, an increase of 683 in ten years.75%. Driven by foreign sales, coupled with better domestic sales performance, the overall growth of the sofa category was rapid.In 2018, the company’s sofa realized revenue 51.44 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 39.31%; bed products achieved income 11.32 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.80%; Dining chairs achieve income 3.180,000 yuan, an increase of 20 in ten years.54%; revenue from supporting products12.920,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.09%.Revenue from custom furniture2.12 杭州夜网 ppm, an increase of 145 in ten years.77%, rosewood furniture realized income1.580,000 yuan, an increase of 40 in ten years.07%.Revenue from information technology services 3.32 ppm, an increase of 90 in ten years.81%. The company’s 18-year export revenue has increased significantly.Domestic sales revenue 52.100,000 yuan, an increase of 29 in ten years.07%, export revenue 35.One million yuan, an annual increase of 56.71%.The sharp increase in the company’s export sales is due to the significant effect of the national strategy of exporting and the strategy of key customers, the positioning of categories in line with market demand, and the increase in the size of companies acquired.In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s domestic gross profit margin was 42.86%, increasing by 0 every year.5pct, gross profit margin for export 北京夜网 is 23.64%, at least 0 per year.37pct, gross margin level remained stable. The company’s overall gross profit margin is 36.37%, a decrease of 0 from 17 years.89pct, net interest rate 10.97%, a decrease of 1 from 17 years.50pct. Q4 gross profit margin was 37.87%, a decrease of 0 from Q4 in 2017.78pct, net interest rate 6.88%, a decrease of 3 from the fourth quarter of the previous quarter.82 points. In terms of different products, the gross profit margin of the sofa was 34.87%, 1 less than 17 years.59 points; gross profit margin of bed products 38.23%, an increase of 0 from 17 years.01pct; dining chair gross margin 28.51%, 1 less than 17 years.38pct; gross margin of ancillary products 26.20%, a decrease of 0 from 17 years.34 points.Custom furniture gross margin 29.96%, an increase of 3 from 17 years.10pct, gross margin of mahogany furniture 13.95%, an increase of 0 from 17 years.49pct, gross margin of information technology services 87.31%, a decrease of 6 from 17 years.03pct. In 18 years, the investment income of associates and joint ventures reached 11 million yuan, an increase of 10%, mainly due to the contribution of Zhejiang Shengnuomeng Gujia Sponge Company and Jiangsu Aofan Furniture Company. The company’s expense ratio was well controlled during the 18 years.Expenses for the company’s 18-year period23.93%, a decrease of 0 from 17 years.81pct, of which the company’s 18-year sales expense ratio was 19.50%, a decrease of 1 from 17 years.46 points; management expense ratio 2.66%, an increase of 0 from 17 years.69 points; R & D expense ratio 1.49%, an increase of 0 from 17 years.41pct; financial expenses were 25.29 million, a decrease of 22.97 million compared with 17 years.The increase in management expenses was due to the simultaneous increase in the company’s scale and the company’s increased training and management capabilities. The company’s channel expansion accelerated in 18 years.As of December 31, 2018, the company’s independent brand owned 4015 dealerships (+937), of which 1232 were newly opened and 295 were closed; 207 (+19) were directly operated stores, of which 80 were new and 61 were closed; In 18 years, the company opened a total of 1,312 independent brands, closed 356, and opened a net of 956.The company has a total of 4,222 independent brand stores.Other brand stores opened 397 stores in 18 years, closed 212 stores, and opened 185 net stores, totaling 1854 stores.The company has a total of 6076 stores. Capacity expansion continued to advance.Jiaxing has completed 60% of the factory construction of the 800,000 standard sets of software furniture project per year. It is expected to reach the outline by the end of 2021, and it is expected to achieve an annual revenue of 28.8 billion; Huanggang has an annual output of 600,000 sets of standard software cabinets and 400 universal custom home products. At present, the construction of the first floor of 4 main buildings has been completed. It is expected to reach the outline by the end of 2022, and it is expected to achieve annual revenue of 3 billion. Affected by the maximization of real estate delivery in 18 years, the profit forecasts for 19 and 20 are slightly reduced, and the profit forecast for 2021 is added. It is expected that the company will achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 2019-2021.06/14.48/17.5.0 billion (previously expected to be 14 in 19).2 ‰ / 20 years 18.2 ‰), the corresponding growth rates are 22% / 20% / 18%, and the corresponding PE representatives are 20 respectively.1X / 16.8X / 14.2x, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: less than expected delivery, more than expected

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Chongqing Beer (600132) 2019Q3 financial report review: company performance slow growth Carlsberg empowers or accelerates
Event: The company disclosed the third quarter report of 2019 and achieved revenue of 30.25 ppm, a 10-year increase3.47%, net profit attributable to mothers5.94 ppm, an increase of 54 in ten years.39%, net profit after deduction 43.0 billion, an annual increase of 13.84%.Among them, Q3 achieved revenue of 11.930,000 yuan, at least 2.79%, net profit attributable to mother 3.55 ppm, 103 per year.20%.  The product structure smoothed sales fluctuations and the company’s performance maintained steady growth.Since the beginning of this year, the Chongqing market has been under pressure due to weather factors, and the company completed 79 sales in the first three quarters of 19 years.76 for the first time, at least +0.50%.Against the background of weak overall beer market sales, product structure upgrades have become the main driving force for the industry.Since the company completed the optimization of production capacity in 2017, the company has been committed to improving the product structure, with the mid-to-high-end ratio accounting for 85 from 18Q3.86% increased to 86 in this period.81%.Absolutely, the company’s profitability has also steadily improved, and its gross profit margin has improved by 0 compared with the same period last year.65 points.  The upgrading of product structure has smoothed the impact of sales on performance, and the company’s performance will steadily increase.  Both the volume and price of Carlsberg Energizer will increase the company’s moat and increase the company’s new momentum.The original major shareholder Carlsberg Group’s empowerment 杭州夜生活网 of the company became more and more obvious, mainly reflected in the company’s sales growth and product structure improvement.In terms of volume, the company’s sales volume has remained stable, entering deep cultivation from the base market, and continuously from the increase in commissioned processing volume.On January 9, 2019, the Sichuan region realized revenue growth rate of 28.61%, it is estimated that the main contribution will come from the commissioned income of Yibin factory.In terms of product structure, the company will produce and sell “Usu” in Chongqing next year.The company has a 83% market share in Chongqing. Through continuous introduction of Carlsberg product lines and a rich product matrix, the company has consolidated the moat.  The empowerment of local and international brands will also better promote the upgrade of the company’s product structure.  Performance continues to validate our previous view that in the future, the industry restructuring logic will restructure the revenue side to the profit side.We have been recommending the beer sector since the beginning of the year. The industry will be the turning point for profit this year, mainly due to the impact of lower growth rates and the improvement of expense ratios during the period. The upgrade of product structure is the main driving force for the continuous improvement of the profitability of the industry.The company’s third quarterly report also verified our previous point of view: the future product structure upgrade will continue to strengthen the company’s ability to calm the impact of restructuring, and profitability will also be steadily improved.  Profit forecast: It is estimated that the operating income for 2019-2021 will be 36.58/39.15/42.14 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.52% / 7.00% / 7.64%, net profit attributable to mother is 6.33/5.98/6.63 ppm, an increase of 50 in ten years.28% /-5.49% / 10.74%, EPS is 1.27/1.20/1.33 yuan, giving the company a 40-fold estimate, 12-month target price of 48 yuan, 20% space, maintaining the “strong recommendation” level.  Risk warning: food safety risks; new product promotion is less than expected; expansion outside the province does not meet expectations.

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Gold Medal Kitchen Cabinet (603180): Equity Incentive in the Post-epidemic Era Sets Growth Benchmark
Event: The company announced that the total inventory of the proposed incentive plan was 1.29 million shares, accounting for 1 of the total share capital.92%, 281 incentive objects, covering a large number of people, the repurchase part is intended to be awarded at 28.50 yuan, the bonus price of the fixed increase is 31.04 yuan; the performance evaluation target for the next 2 years is to take 2019 as the base, and the growth in 2020 and 2021 shall not be less than 10% and 25%.At the same time, we have recently exchanged business prospects with company leaders.  Comment: The epidemic is under pressure. The company will then push equity incentives and take the lead in launching a dealer support plan for the entire industry. Affected by the epidemic, the company and even the custom furniture industry have short-term business pressure.Confidence in highest growth in extraordinary times.The epidemic has entered a period of mitigation, and the country has begun to urge the resumption of production. The gold medal has basically returned to work on February 10.The current business activities are normal.  The company is also the company that initially proposed to share the 都市夜网 salary of the dealer’s employees for one month. At the same time, the company has also launched online drainage to the dealer. This move also guides the dealer to change as soon as possible and expand sales channels to online.  Against the background of accelerated completion, the growth in 2020 is still solid. The completion of real estate began to accelerate in October 19, and until December, the completion order increased by 21%.According to the company’s forecast, the bulk business is expected to recover quickly in the second quarter, and the 20-year goal is to achieve doubling growth. During the capacity release period of retail wardrobes, the company ‘s Jiangsu project has continued to increase production capacity and strive to maintain a 70% growth.Kitchen cabinets are also expected to grow in number.Therefore, we believe that since the implementation of the fair incentives, the company is expected to continue to maintain rapid growth in 20-21 years.According to preliminary communication and feedback, the company took the lead after the initial launch of the dealer assistance policy, and generally increased the confidence of dealer partners, while other industries’ custom SMEs may be affected by the epidemic. Strong companies are expected to grab more market share.Optimize or accelerate the pattern.  At present, the estimated advantages of gold medal kitchen cabinets are obvious, and the expected performance is low before high. Maintaining a highly recommended rating company has obvious advantages, and the performance is expected to be low before high, and it is still recommended to adjust the layout on dips.We are optimistic about the development strategy of the company’s kitchen cabinets to promote the wardrobe.In 2021, the net profit attributable to mothers will increase by 15%, 17%, and 16% respectively. At present, the corresponding 20-year PE is 15x, and the rating of “strongly recommended-A” is maintained.  Risk warning: the duration of the epidemic is longer than expected, the completion is less than expected, and the growth of bulk and closet business is less than expected.

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Yannian Yishouyang Life’s Meal: White Porridge

Congee and porridge for food. Originally, the salty and sweet meat is the lowest, and it is suitable for both light and thick.

  Cao Tingdong, a well-known health-care family in the Qing Dynasty, was sick with adolescents, and never traveled to his hometown. He lived in the villages and mountains, cultivated mechanics, works of poetry and painting, and became a literary man.

Cao Tingdong was able to enjoy a long life in his 90s because of the medical environment at the time, which has become a health talk.

And Cao Tingdong also combined the ancients’ health experience with his own practical experience and wrote it as a “healthy essay”, named “Old and Old Humble Words”. Old and old, that is, old and old, have the meaning of old age, old age, and enjoy a healthy and long life.

Cao Tingdong’s article in the book “Chenxing” said: “Every day on an empty stomach, eating light porridge for a short time, it can promote Chen Zhixin, promote quick stomach, and benefit.

If mixed with sweet and salty things, such as ordinary diet.

“It is made clear that if Qing porridge is added with other condiments, it is equivalent to ordinary food.

  The Tang Dynasty medical scientist Sun Simiao, who studied medicine because of his many illnesses, and used the wisdom of Buddhism and Taoism to maintain his health. He lived to over a hundred years old.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine is used to cook porridge, using “rice qi” and water as “medicine lead”, according to the “biological clock” of the five internal organs, to condition the body and treat diseases.

  In ancient times, there was no refrigerator. Porridge was ready to be eaten after the meal was cooked.

Nowadays it is used to fill hunger, porridge is cooked, ca n’t finish eating, put it in the refrigerator, boil and add other accessories when you want to eat, anyway.

But as a healthy morning porridge, it is still freshly cooked and beneficial.

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Star decompression sports premiere yoga

Why can exercise reduce stress?

This is because there is a phenanthrene hormone in the human body. This hormone called “happy factor” is produced during exercise. When exercise reaches a certain amount, this phenanthrene can promote nerve pleasure and take awayStressed and unpleasant.

  Facing high-voltage lines in the entertainment industry, stars often have to withstand the unimaginable pressure of ordinary people.

Too many people choose a variety of ways to reduce stress, and exercise is the most common way to reduce stress. Let’s find out together, which stars are most passionate about sports?

  Representatives of the Yoga School: Sun Yan, Jolin Tsai For women, yoga is the best fitness exercise.

It is a decompression and weight loss exercise that fully meets the requirements of beauty stars.

Sun Yan said that she is a perfectionist. She often puts pressure on herself when receiving a variety of scripts, and practicing yoga allows her to adjust her body and relieve the stress.

After the ever-changing days, Jolin Tsai is also a loyal “fan” of the yoga movement. This “sports completely independent of outdoor weather” keeps her petite figure, achieves slimming, and recuperates.

  Representatives of the crazy running: Yu Quan, Yang Qianyu Yu Quan first called “Run” song, in fact they like to release their pressure by running, running on the court can bring them the most original motivation, especiallyWhen the sweat is dripping, the tired body not only relaxes, but also inspiration comes.

Besides being known as “laughing aunt”, apart from depressing with “laughs”, Yang Qiandi likes to run on the street. She also said: “The more unhappy you are, the faster you run, the only onevent.
Representatives of the violent faction: Nicholas Tse, Yu Wenle, and many handsome stars like to reduce pressure by punching and playing field games.

Nicholas Tse once wrote on his blog that his pressure was released through punches and knocks at the door to release his anger, while Yu Wenle was enthusiastic about playing field games. Although these are violent sports, psychologists said that excessive mental stress can easily develop into various diseases of the body., And occasionally a normal vent.

  Representatives of the basketball pie: Jay Chou and Liu Genghong became the favorite activities of male stars in the circle by playing basketball. They can put aside chores, release pressure on the court, and meet friends with the ball.

One of the most distinctive is Jay Chou. From passionate basketball to group formation, to playing with friends and golfers Liu Genghong to play on the big screen (showing the movie “Slam Dunk”), Tian Wang loves to play, and everyone knows it.

  Shopping representative: Cecilia Cheung, Fan Wenfang Cecilia Cheung is a well-known shopaholic in the entertainment industry.

Fan Wenfang, who also likes shopping, believes that this is a good “decompression” exercise, and walking aimlessly on the street can not only forget all the troubles, but also lose weight.

According to the British “Daily Mail” report, if you persist in shopping for about 3 hours a week can burn up to 495 calories, no wonder women like to ease stress by shopping.

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Treatment of skin diseases

Skin diseases are common diseases in our daily lives.

Spring and autumn are changed every year, especially when spring is coming, pollen floating in the air, flying dust, catkins, and people’s various bad eating or living habits. The decreasing awareness of immunity can cause various skin diseases at any time.

Its main manifestations are: eczema, acne, urticaria, pigmentation and acute sores.

  For skin diseases, doctors generally use both internal and external treatment.

Diet therapy, although not absolute, can completely treat patients’ diseases, but it is of great help to alleviate the patient’s condition and accelerate or consolidate the treatment effect.

  Ingredients for allergic dermatitis: take 10 grams of windproof powder, 5 grams of nepeta, 5 grams of chinese bellflower, and 10 grams of licorice, boil it for tea or filter its juice and add rice for porridge.

  Eczema is divided into acute eczema and chronic eczema.

  In the acute stage, purslane, barley kernel rice, windproof, red beans, raw licorice are used for tea or porridge.

  For chronic eczema, use lily, barley kernel rice, angelica, raw licorice, as above, but insist on it for a long time.

  Urticaria ingredients: 10 grams of windproof, 10 grams of cicada, 10 grams of raw licorice, 12 grams of purple grass are boiled as tea.

Hand, foot and sweaty raw materials: 30 grams of kudzu root, 30 grams of dried staff washed with water, smoked and then soaked.

once a day.

  Stained peach blossom baijiu raw materials: Take 250 grams of peach blossom, 30 grams of baijiu, and 1000ml of baijiu respectively in two porcelain bottles and soak. After sealing for one month, take 10?
20 ml.

You can also pour the affected part of your face in the palm of your hand.

After 60 days, there will be significant effects.

  Ingredients of black fungus and red date soup: Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates to remove the seeds, boil on fire, boil for 1 hour, add honey and mix well, drink soup once in the morning and evening.

  Take the red radish raw materials, wash the white radish to remove the roots and green pedicles, cut into small pieces and squeeze the juice and drink.

Radish can also be used as a vegetable, even for several months, the effect is also obvious.

  Ingredients for walnut milk drink: take walnut kernels, grind sesame into powder, mix with milk and soy milk, add a small amount of white sugar and pour in a pan and cook.

One bowl each morning and evening.

Eggs can be added during cooking.

  For patients with long pigmentation, eat more Chinese wolfberry, peach blossom, fungus, persimmon, mung bean, winter melon, cow’s milk, pig kidney, trotter, cucumber, goat’s milk, coriander, eggs, honey, eggplant, etc.

  Ingredients for crisp sore celery juice: 100 grams of celery, 1 small tomato, 150 grams of Sydney, and 1/5 of lemon.

Wash them and squeeze the juice.

  Ingredients for radish juice: radish, celery, onion juice.

Wash and squeeze the three vegetables as above.

  Ingredients for peach kernel and hawthorn tea: Take 9 grams of peach kernel, 9 grams of hawthorn tea, 9 grams of Fritillaria, and make a moderate amount of green tea.

The effect is obvious around 30 days.

  Brittle sore soup takes 15 grams of kelp, 15 grams of mung beans, 9 grams of sweet almonds, 6 grams of roses and boiled brown sugar, drink soup, eat kelp, mung beans, sweet almonds.

One dose per day, even 20?
30 days.

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How to prevent underarm odor often occurring in summer?

Guide: arm odor, also known as body odor, from the under the arm emits a pungent smell, especially in summer.

So how to prevent arm odor in summer?

Here are some tips for preventing arm odor in the summer. I hope to help you.

To prevent underarm odor, you should develop good habits. Underarm odor is common in adolescence. It is caused by bacterial action of the sweat gland secretions of the armpit skin. It is a bad body odor and has a great relationship with heredity.

1. In daily life, pay attention to personal hygiene and keep your skin clean.

Pay attention to cleanliness, wash the affected area with soap, wash frequently, change clothes frequently, and keep the skin dry.

Especially keep arm sockets, perineum, breasts and other parts clean, wash with soap and water every day.

2. Take a bath after exercise.

When you usually do cardiovascular activities or excessive exercise, especially after summer exercise, it will cause a lot of sweat, which will create favorable conditions for bacterial growth.

Therefore, you must take a bath after cleaning, clean your skin, and change your underwear frequently to reduce bacterial reproduction.

3. Reduce the irritation to the armpit skin.

Usually, it is necessary to reduce chronic chronic irritation to the skin of the armpit, such as frequent shaving or plucking of sleeve hair, so as not to cause hair follicle hyperplasia and hypertrophy.

If the sweat glands are hypertrophic, they can secrete excessive sweat and increase the amount of lipid excretion.

At the same time, the armpits are warm and distorted, and are not air-permeable, which is easy to breed the growth and reproduction of bacteria, decompose excessive unsaturated fatty acids, and produce odor.

Therefore, do not pull the armpit hair often.

4, quit smoking and alcohol, eat less spicy and other irritating foods, such as: onions, garlic, pepper, mustard and so on.

5. Wear loose underwear.

Young men and women like to wear tights, denim clothes, etc., which causes the skin to stick to the clothes and prevent the volatilization of secretions. Especially in summer, these local temperatures are high and humidity is high, which becomes the “culture medium” for bacteria, which promotes the growth of some bacteria, Decompose, and produce special odors aggravated.

6, can be used topically.

External medicine can have antiperspirant and antiperspirant effects, so that sweat glands cannot produce sufficient amounts of unsaturated fatty acids or bacteria can not breed, only temporarily, to avoid odor.

In addition, it is usually best to maintain emotional stability and not to be emotional.

Arm odor prevention can not be ignored, we should actively do a good job of arm odor prevention, so that arm odor no longer has the opportunity.

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Zhan Huanglian welcomed the 3 great news, once again surpassed Curry, and also tried to break the record of Ou fat 18 years ago.

James was excited in July. He made a decision about the family and went to the favorite Lakers team. In August, James was leisurely. He prepared for the various activities and started the “health basketball” mode.

From this perspective, James and the Lakers have won a win-win situation, winning the championship has become a icing on the cake rather than a must.

In the case of a single core, the Lakers are hard to compete with the courage, but they are already on the road to rise.

Although it is a win-win situation, James will certainly have some wins.

From joining the Lakers, James realized the advantages of being a Lakers player.

He can establish a closer relationship with Hollywood movie stars, and can also open up his own entertainment industry, even his wife has been invited by a reality show.

But what really makes James feel happy is estimated to be the four good news, all of which the emperor is eager for.

First of all, James is called the NBA’s best signings this summer, with a total of 161 points, and the second-ranked Leonard scored 69 points, which can be said to be an overwhelming advantage.

This was judged after James and the Lakers teammates, and in a list on July, James’s signing was even considered one of the top five garbage contracts.

Obviously, James changed his opinion with his own strength and attitude.

In fact, according to US media reports, James defeated Stephen Curry and became the best male athlete of this year’s Children’s Choice Award.

Although it is not comparable to the gold content of professional awards such as MVP, there are three points that are very rare.

First, this is a prize that includes all sports. It can be seen that the influence of Zhanhuang has surpassed the basketball field. Secondly, this is a prize selected by young people, which can make James feel younger. Third, he defeated three consecutive awards.Curry, James also began to get the recognition of “primary school students.”

What James wants most is MVP. The 5 regular season MVP can not only match Jordan, but also create a history of MVP in three different teams.

There is also a few details, the US media clutch point recently published and issued a message: “The last center won the MVP is O’Neill 18 years ago.

“James will end this record if he wins the MVP, because he will be more of the center in the new season.

Winning the championship is naturally James’s biggest wish, and there is good news in this regard.

Recently, the US authoritative sports media invited a team of experts to predict the title of the NBA championship next season. The Warriors Green Army is the top two, the Rockets Raptors are close behind, the Lakers are ranked fifth, behind the Thunder and 76ers.

Warriors Cousins, Green Army Owen, and Raptors Leonard are extremely likely to leave. After the introduction of the giants, the Lakers will very likely compete with the Warriors. James has four years to rush, and now he is optimistic.His confidence.

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God, give me a few pounds of meat.

There were too many things in the past, the weight of the brush went down, and almost fell to double digits.

  During my return home, my mother yelled at me again and said that I was too thin. The general idea was that I had no chest and no buttocks. I didn’t go home if I didn’t eat 110 pounds.

  In fact, it is not my subjective wish to grow so thin. When I hit the basketball without weight, I will become a broken kite and fly out.

My mom said that if I grow taller and fatter, I might become a handsome guy. With my 24-year-old bones growing tall, there seems to be no substitute. I can only hope and gain weight.

  I don’t know how I did it. I was born a waste of national food and I didn’t eat meat.

Look at the girls, eat two or two meals a day before the chest is still two meat, I suddenly eat five or two rice, the chest is still two ribs.

  Sometimes I really doubt if I am a hyperthyroidism patient.

I used to explain that my brain is too developed, I think too much, and I consume my nutrition.

And I have ADHD, I have a lot of exercise every day, playing basketball table tennis volleyball and badminton.

I often go online to see how to increase fat, and I also registered an account with Health.

  However, some people say that they are not fat because of poor gastrointestinal function. If you want to gain weight, you should eat less and eat more. Some people say that if you want to gain weight, you must learn Japanese sumo wrestlers. Eating more meals can increase your intake.

Now I find that the function of my mouth is a bit biased. I have to talk less and eat more, and struggle for one hundred and ten pounds.

  When I want to go to middle school, I have to eat n bottles of Amway’s protein powder for a while, and my weight is finally two or three pounds. My mom is very touched and said that your meat is really worth it.

I also feel that it is better to save a few bottles of amino acids directly to the hospital and save money and save trouble.

In order to stimulate me to gain weight, the undergraduate has some time to take incentives. When I go to school, I call it weight. I go home from school and weigh it. I pay a pound to reward one hundred. Unfortunately, I save money for my mom every time.

There is no fat on the whole body, it consists of bones, lean meat and skin.

  God, give me a few pounds of meat.

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