Wingtech (600745) quarterly report comment: revenue growth and long-term growth
Event: On April 30, 2019, the company released the 2019 first quarter report, and achieved operating income of 48 in Q1 2019.86 ppm, an increase of 184 in ten years.60%, achieve net profit attributable to mother 0.430,000 yuan, an increase of 175 in ten years.07%, net profit after deduction is 0.390,000 yuan, an increase of 164 in ten years.44%.  Opinion: We continue to strongly recommend the company. The company is a mainstream ODM supplier. It has cooperated with most mainstream brands and has provided in-depth ODM service cooperation for Huawei, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Meizu, OPPO and other well-known domestic brands.The addition of LG, an international major customer, is expected to add Samsung this year, becoming an important increase.At the same time, the company entered the Huawei laptop supply chain, and Huawei MateBookE was owned by the company ODM.The company proactively adjusted the customer structure in the first three quarters of 2017, with significant results. According to the company’s past financial reports and the mobile phone industry, the company’s business was the off-season in the first quarter of 2019.The company’s revenue and profit distribution in the first quarter of 2019 increased in the fourth quarter of 2018 from the previous quarter, But achieved substantial growth, customer structure adjustment and research and development commitment 四川耍耍网 to significant results.In addition, the company’s acquisition of Anshi Semiconductor is progressing gradually. On April 29, 2019, the China Securities Regulatory Commission officially announced the “Approval of Assets Purchased by Listed Companies for Issuing Shares”.  The acquisition of Anshi Semiconductor realized investment income, and the acquisition money increased financial costs.Hefei Zhongwen Jintai Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the company, formally consolidated in February. The company’s subsidiary, in order to acquire Anshi Semiconductor, holds Hefei Guangxin 99.96% equity share.Hefei Guangxin is the largest shareholder of Hefei Yuxin and holds Hefei Yuxin 42.94% equity, Hefei Yuxin holds Yucheng Holdings 78.39% equity, Yucheng’s controlling shareholder 100% equity of Anshi Group, after penetration, the 佛山桑拿网 company now holds the company Anshi Semiconductor is expected to 33.With 64% of shares, the realized investment income is expected to be about 90 million yuan. The acquisition of Anshi Semiconductor began to show positive effects and contribute to the company’s income. Anshi Group’s 2018 net profit13.400000000.In terms of financial expenses, the company and Industrial Bank signed a “M & A Loan Contract”, with the M & A loan amount of US $ 3.5 billion, and the interest rate on the expenditure was the benchmark benchmark interest rate plus 2.75% of the borrowing began to calculate the index in February, and the interest expense incurred in the first quarter is expected to be 40 million yuan.  In-depth cooperation with leading 5G companies is expected to benefit from leading advantages.The company and Qualcomm, China Mobile and other partners released the 5GPC Hongye plan. At the same time, the company and Qualcomm signed the 5GLICENSEE authorization document, and have already obtained Qualcomm 5G platform-related technical documents.With the technical support of Qualcomm, the company has started the pre-research work on 5G-related products.It is expected that the accelerated penetration of 5G will be gradually realized in the future. The company’s related 5GODM products will accelerate the development and volume, and the performance is expected to be in the next city. In the upcoming 5G era, the company has a breakthrough leading investment suggestion: We continue to recommend the company, and the company cooperates with Qualcomm in depth.It has a leading edge in 5G and is expected to benefit from the 5G era.In terms of ODM business, we have achieved optimization of customer structure, and have cooperated with a number of mainstream brands. In the first quarter, the expansion of international first-tier brands achieved growth.It is expected to achieve net profit in 2019-2021.50/8.20/10.6.7 billion; Anse Semiconductor’s revenue in 19-20 years is 130.2/144.500 million, net profit attributable to mother 18.9/24.500 million.  Risk warning: Ace Semiconductor’s performance is less than expected, listed companies will fail to issue shares, ODM business is less than expected, R & D entry is less than expected, 5G construction progress is less than expected

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Yuntianhua (600096): 1H19 performance is in line with notice

1H2019 results in line with the forecast Yuntianhua announced 1H2019 results: revenue of 28.4 billion US dollars, a long-term growth of 22.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

27 ppm, an annual increase of 92%, corresponding to a profit of 0.

09 yuan, in line with performance forecast.

In 1H19, non-net profit was 45.19 million yuan, an increase of 43.28 million yuan a year.

The growth of the company’s revenue was mainly due to the increase in trading business revenue. Revenue from 1H19 commodity grains and commercial fertilizers increased by 35% / 89% to 97% annually.


4.5 billion.

1H19 company’s gross profit increased by 0 in ten years.

69 ppm, due to the increase in period expenses, the company’s operating profit and net profit before tax decreased by 0.


28 trillion, but hypertension and minority shareholders’ profits and losses fell, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by 0.

6.1 billion.

1H19 company’s gross profit margin fell 2.

4pct to 11.

8%, mainly due to the increase in the proportion of low-margin trading business income.

Development trend The increase in sales volume has led to the growth of 杭州桑拿网 phosphate fertilizer revenue, and the gross profit margin has increased significantly.

1H19’s sales of diammonium phosphate and monoammonium phosphate were 157/58 per year, which increased by 3 per year.

8% / 12.

2%, the price fell by 0.

5% / 3.

5% to 2,446 / 2,149 yuan / ton, the increase in sales led to a 10-year increase in revenue3.

2% / 8.

3% to 38.


4.6 billion.

The prices of beneficiary raw materials fell, and the gross margins of diammonium phosphate and monoammonium phosphate increased.


07pct to 31.

1% / 29.


The profit limit of excess compound fertilizer supply, urea profit remained stable.

Due to the tightening demand for compound fertilizers, sales of compound fertilizers in 1H19 decreased by 5 year-on-year.

With a target of 5% to 77%, the price rose by 8.

2% to 2,285 yuan / ton, driving revenue to grow by 2 per year.

2% to 17.

53 ppm; due to fierce market competition and tighter demand, the gross profit margin of compound fertilizers decreased by 3%.

73pct to 13.1%.

1H19 urea income increased by 5 per year.

8% to 1.5 billion US dollars, of which sales and average price increase by 3 each year.

6% / 2%, gross margin of 39.

6% remained basically stable.

The increase in sales of phosphate ore led to the growth of revenue, and the decline in both volume and price of polyacetal led to a decline in revenue and profit.

1H19’s phosphate rock production and sales were 632/155 tons, an increase of 18% / 52% year-on-year.

5% to 3.

300 million.

Affected by the decline in downstream demand for polyoxymethylene, sales and prices of polyoxymethylene in 1H19 dropped by 17 respectively.

5% / 13.

9%, resulting in a 29% year-on-year drop in revenue to 4.

73 ppm, gross margin temporarily reduced6.

64pct to 32.


Earnings forecasts and projections maintain 2019/20 net profit forecasts2.


650,000 yuan, the company currently corresponds to the 2019/20 P / E ratio of 30 / 21x.

Maintain target price of 6.

8 yuan, corresponding to 25% growth space and 37 in 2019/20.


6x price-earnings ratio, maintain neutral rating.

The price of risky fertilizers rose sharply.

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Daya Icon (000910): Stable performance and stable profitability

Investment Highlights Event: The company released a quarterly report for the year of 19 and achieved operating income of 14 in the first quarter.

1 ppm, an increase of 1 in ten years.

1%, net profit attributable to mother is about 63.08 million yuan, an annual increase 天津夜网 of 9.

7%, net profit after deduction is 61.14 million yuan, an annual increase of 9.

7%, the first quarter performance was in line with expectations.

Gross profit margin continued to rise, and overall operating capacity was stable.

The company focused on product upgrades, the proportion of products with high gross profit margins increased, and the positive pulling effect on gross profit margins was significant. In the first quarter of 19, the gross profit margin was 34.

7%, rising by 0 every year.


The sum of the four expense ratios is 28.

5%, a slight increase of 0 a year.

4pp, of which selling expenses cost 16.

6%, increasing by 0 every year.

2pp, R & D and management costs11.

4%, rising by 0 every year.

6pp, mainly due to the company’s efforts to develop new products.

The company’s net profit attributable to its parent in the first quarter was nearly 4.

3%, basically unchanged from the same period in 18 years.

The retail channel is mature, and the engineering business layout continues to advance.

In terms of retail, the company’s marketing floor of Shengxiang Flooring is spread all over the world. It has nearly 3,000 offline stores in China, as well as mainstream online channels such as Tmall,, Suning, etc., and cores in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Wuhan, ChengduThe city has regional marketing centers and mature channel layouts.

At the same time, the company follows the general trend of hardcover and continues to promote the development of engineering business. At present, it has established strategic cooperative relations with more than 70 real estate developers such as Vanke, Poly, and China Shipping.

Driven by the recovery of land completion data in 19 years, the company’s overall performance will also rise steadily.

The launch of new production capacity supports the company’s steady development.

The company currently has an annual output of 1.85 million cubic meters of medium and high density board and particleboard, and an annual output of 53 million square meters of flooring capacity.

In the first quarter of 19th, the company’s particleboard project with an annual output of 500,000 cubic meters in northern Jiangsu has been put into production and has started to increase volume, which will support the company’s business development.

Earnings forecasts and investment advice.

The company’s EPS is expected to be 1 in 2019-2021.

45 yuan, 1.

61 yuan, 1.

8 yuan, corresponding to PE is 9 times, 8 times and 7 times.

With reference to the peer assessment, we give the company 10 times PE for 19 years and a target price of 14.

5 yuan to maintain the “overweight” level.

Risk warning: internal structure governance is less than expected risk; terminal sales are less than expected risk.

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Estun (002747): Acquired top welding robot company CLOOS to enter the first international robot camp

Incident In order to accelerate the implementation of the company’s external development strategy, the company and its controlling shareholder Nanjing Palest Technology Co., Ltd. built a platform company for acquisition-Nanjing Dingpai Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dingpai Electromechanical”).

NJASD Holding GmbH is a German-registered subsidiary of Nanjing Dingzhiju Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Dingpai Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., a joint-stock company of Estun Automation. German SPV intends to cooperate with Cloos Holding GmbH & Co.

KG signed a share purchase agreement to acquire Carl Cloos Schweitechnik GmbH, a global leader in welding robots (hereinafter referred to as “Cloos” or “subject company”), and German SPV intends to invest in cash1.

960.7 billion euros acquired 100% equity of Cloos and bear the interest and related intermediary fees required to be paid under the lockbox mechanism.

The report summarizes the merger and acquisition of top companies in the field of top robot welding, achieving leapfrog development.

Cloos was founded in 1919. The company is headquartered in Haiger, Germany. It has 11 branches, subsidiaries and 50 sales and service points around the world. It is the world’s leading company in the field of robot welding.

Cloos’s 2018 statutory value after auditing by a German audit agency is 1.

4.4 billion euros, net profit was 12.44 million euros.

Note: The above-mentioned 2018 year is the German fiscal year (November 1, 2017-October 31, 2018).

This investment will allow the company to occupy the high point of the robot industry’s segmentation industry, obtain first-class welding robot top technology, and consolidate the leading domestic market for the domestic brand of robots. It will also be an important part of the company’s robot industry internationalization strategyImmediately after the signing of the acquisition agreement, the process of merging the target company into the listed company was started.

The trough of the industry strengthens the development of extension, and constantly acquires and purchases high-quality targets to enhance core technological competitiveness.

Since 2016, the company has continued to make use of extensions. In 2016, it acquired Italian Euclid Labs SRL (20%) and Shanghai Praxair (100%): Euclid Labs SRL provides robot vision products and technical levels.

Established in 2005, Euclid Labs, Italy, has the world’s leading 3D vision technology for robots. It is used for robots to judge and grab arbitrary objects, and realizes the best automation solution through robot intelligence.

Acquired 100% equity of Shanghai Praxair, the company has developed into a domestic leader in the automation of die casting machine robot integration industry with Japanese management philosophy, mainly serving automotive and its component supporting enterprises.

In 2017, it acquired British TRIO (100%), took part in American BARRETT company (30%), and acquired German M.


My company (50.

(011%), 杭州桑拿养生会所 Yangzhou Shuguang (68%): The British TRIO has been in the field of industrial automation and motion control for nearly 30 years. It has a team of experienced R & D teams, and has a wide international reputation and a large number of quality customers.

BARRETT company specializes in the research and manufacturing of miniature servo drives, human-robot cooperative intelligent robots and medical rehabilitation robots. The products are applied in many high-tech areas, including MAKO surgical robots and American Mars landing cars.

Germany M.


i company was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Kronach, Germany. Its main business is to provide robotic application-based, highly automated, information-based, intelligent assembly and test production lines, serving automotive engine and electronic system parts, semiconductors., Aviation parts and medical equipment industries.

Major customers include Valeo, ZF, Infineon, Brose, Demag, Johnson Controls, Fuzhou, etc.

Yangzhou Shuguang Yangzhou Shuguang is currently engaged in the research and production of various types of military weapon special automation equipment such as AC servo systems and laser instruments, mechanical microelectronic control systems, and photoelectric instruments.It is in a leading position in the country and has widely used special electronic control equipment such as military ships, vehicles, radars, etc., especially in the field of naval naval vessels, weapon automation equipment has a significant market share.

In 2019, we acquired Cloos in Germany, and obtained the first-class welding robot top technology, in order to consolidate the market positioning of leading domestic brands of robots, and also an important part of the company’s internationalization strategy for the robot industry.

The future demand of the industrial robot industry is still expected.

Since the fourth quarter of 2018, the industrial robot industry has been affected by the downturn in the downstream automotive and 3C industries and has continued to experience negative growth.

The latest statistics from the Statistics Bureau show that domestic industrial robot production in July 20191.

550,000 units, down 7 previously.


In terms of specific downstream segmentation, the two major downstream segments have suffered from enthusiasm for investment due to the decline in sales of 3C products such as automobiles and mobile phones, but demand in other areas has improved. According to our research, (1) downstream photovoltaic companies have brought overseas demand through price reductions of cellsRapid growth, better investment in automation, driving the company’s sales of robots in the photovoltaic field; (2) Compared with auto parts manufacturers, auto parts manufacturers have significantly lower levels of automation. At present, auto parts manufacturers require customized parts, efficiency, and quality.Demand is constantly rising, auto investment of auto parts manufacturers is imperative, demand is good, machine substitution is a general trend, and industry demand is significantly suppressed.

Profitability forecast and estimation.

We expect the company’s net profit to be 1 in 2019-2020.

4.8 billion and 2.

4.8 billion, corresponding to 52 times and 31 times the corresponding PE, maintaining the “buy” level.

Risk Warning: Economic downturn continues, industry competition intensifies

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McGmitter (002851): Performance continues to increase and platformization effect appears
The new energy vehicle business continued to exceed expectations, with multiple businesses growing rapidly, maintaining an “overweight” rating of 19 in the first three quarters of the company’s revenue of 26.5.2 billion (previously +64.7%), net profit attributable to mother 2.76 trillion (decade +125.1%); Q3 achieved revenue 9.9.2 billion (previously + 71%), net profit attributable to mothers1.1.4 billion, previously (+ 99%), performance was in line with expectations.The bathrooms in Q3 are picking up, and the electric control of new energy vehicles exceeds expectations. We expect the EPS in 19-21 to be 0.77, 0.98 and 1.23 yuan, comparable company’s 19-year average P / E28.65 times, considering the company’s platform layout and excellent R & D and management capabilities, give the company 32-35 times P / E for 19 years, with a target price of 24.64?26.95 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level. The platform effect has begun to appear, and the performance of the new energy vehicle electronic control continues to shine. Considering that the acquisition of the minority shares of the three subsidiaries was consolidated in September 2018, excluding the influence of consolidation factors, the net profit was replaced as an indicator of performance growth indicators.Quarterly net profit increased by 56 per year.4%; single quarter net profit increases by 50 per year.7%.The company’s multi-business synergy and high growth, the major customer of new energy vehicle electronic control, BAIC New Energy, saw a sharp increase in sales growth in the third quarter of 2019. According to the data of the China Federation of Automobile Manufacturers, the EU series, EX series and EC5 and other models achieved sales3.520,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 94%.Taking into account the delivery of orders to the confirmation of performance, we believe that electronic control performance in the fourth quarter maintained high growth. The smart bathroom industry ushered in a recovery in the third quarter. The acceleration of the industrial automation layout was affected by the vertical growth rate of the smart bathroom industry and the high base of the same period last year. 合肥夜网 The growth rate of the smart bathroom business in 19H1 improved.Orders picked up quickly in the third quarter, and gross profit margins extended.The speed of introduction of new customers will increase the company’s sanitary ware production capacity; the company will speed up the end-to-end integration and promote the return of revenue and profit to the high growth channel.Strengthen the construction of marketing channels and accelerate the industrial automation layout at the bottom of the industry.In the past two years, the company has established representative offices at home and abroad and deployed overseas.Industrial automation strengthens the construction of technology platforms. According to the company’s disclosure, McGmitter has set up a research center in Germany and internally incorporated the comprehensive layout of the superior technology team in the areas of motion control / PLC / servo / motor, etc., and a constantly developing foundation. Changes in business structure weighed on the overall gross profit margin, and the expense ratio decreased significantly during the period. According to the company’s disclosure, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in the first three quarters of 2019 was 25.0% (year -4.9pct), we believe that it is mainly affected by changes in the business structure, the horizontal shift in the gross profit of the electric control of new energy vehicles, and the increase in the proportion of the business has dragged down the company’s overall gross profit margin.Expenses during the first three quarters were three.770,000 yuan, accounting for 14.22% (year -5.29pct), mainly due to the rapid sales volume of new energy vehicles, driving down the sales expense ratio.The company’s wise research and development expenditures were 2 in the first three quarters.26 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.5%, new energy vehicle business dilutes R & D expense ratio, R & D expense replaces 8.52% (twice -2.84pct). Performance continued to grow rapidly, continued to build platform competitiveness, and maintained the “overweight” rating company as the core competitiveness and long-term technology accumulation company, with clear development ideas and continuously increasing technology and product competitiveness.The company’s new energy vehicle business grew faster than expected, and we raised the net profit attributable to mothers to 3 in 19-21.60/4.59/5.7.8 billion (previous value was 3.14/3.8/4.61 ppm), reference comparable company 19 average P / E28.65 times, considering the company’s platform layout and excellent R & D and management capabilities, giving the company 32-35 times P / E for 19 years with a target price of 2464?26.95 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level. Risk warning: the impact of macroeconomic fluctuations; the new production capacity is less than expected; the risk of fluctuations in the new energy automobile industry.

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How to protect your eyes

Nowadays people’s work and life are more and more inseparable from computers, but dealing with computers is getting longer and longer, which leads to dry eyes.

So do you know what to eat for your eyes?

Xiaobian helped everyone summarize a few “Eye Congee” recommended to computer families, let’s take a look.

  Chinese yam porridge materials: dried mountain mixed with 30 grams, glutinous rice 50 grams.

  Method: yam, glutinous rice, add the right amount of sugar and cook porridge.

Make it warm for breakfast and dinner.

  The porridge nourishes the spleen and stomach, nourishes the lungs and nourishes the kidney and solidifies the essence.

Suitable for spleen deficiency diarrhea, kidney deficiency nocturnal emission, chronic chronic diarrhea, exhaustion cough, insufficient blood and qi, lack of appetite, dry mouth and happy drinking, and constipation.

  Radish porridge materials: 60 grams of carrots, 20 grams of chrysanthemums, 30 grams of previous rice, shallots, salt, monosodium glutamate, and sesame oil.

  Method: Wash and slice the carrots and add to the dish for later use.

Add the right amount of water to the chrysanthemum, fry it twice, boil it for 20 minutes, and combine the two rotations (about 500 ml).

  Cook porridge with carrots and previous rice. When the porridge is hot, add spring onion, salt, and sesame oil seasoning to serve.

  Cinnamon Cassia porridge material: 15 grams of cassia seeds, 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 10 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of rice, rock sugar.

  Practice: Boil porridge once a day.

The porridge can also be added with some honey when taking it, which can increase its intestinal moisturizing effect, and wolfberry also has eye-catching effects.

  Pork liver and mung bean porridge materials: 100 grams of fresh pork liver, 60 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of rice, salt, and MSG.

  Method: Wash the mung beans and rice, boil in the same pot over high heat, and then slowly boil over low heat. When it is mature, cook the sliced or stripped pork liver in the pot and cook again.Serve with seasoning.

  This porridge nourishes the liver, nourishes the eyes, clears the heat and brightens the eyes, and has a moisturizing effect on the skin.

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White vinegar exfoliates and whitens

Introduction: The main function of white vinegar whitening is to eliminate aging cutin, and it can also resist oxidation.

We know that oxidized skin will become dull and stained easily, and pigmentation will occur easily.

  Note: First of all, many people will have questions: Can white vinegar really achieve the beauty effect?

In practice, many friends use white vinegar to try, because white vinegar can soften the cuticle of the skin, and sterilization, so the correct use of white vinegar will have a certain effect, but it should be noted that because white acid is relatively strongAvoid white vinegar directly. The best whitening method is to reduce the concentration of white vinegar with warm water. How to whiten White vinegar. Washing the face with vinegar water can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, and soften the cuticle and whiten the skin.

And sterilization.

But do n’t use it directly, just apply 7-10 drops every day. You can eat more fruit if your skin is not shiny. The use of cosmetics is only temporary.

  Buy a bottle of white vinegar, and put a small basin of water every time you wash your face. Cover the vinegar with as much orange as you can, pour it into the water and mix well, pour it on your stomach, or simply dip your face in warm water or cold water.
Then pour off the water and start the normal face washing procedure with a facial cleanser.

 Washing your face with vinegar water can increase the moisture and nutrition of skin cells, restore the skin’s luster and elasticity, and soften the stratum corneum and whiten.

And sterilization.
But do n’t use it directly, just apply 7-10 drops every day. You can eat more fruit if your skin is not shiny. Use whitening products only temporarily.

  After washing your face every night, use a little white vinegar to evenly touch the shells (avoiding around the eyes). Wait for ten to fifteen minutes. After you feel a dry film on your body, wash it off with water. When you first do it, you willIt feels a bit like sterilizing the face. Don’t worry about the sterilization effect of white vinegar. Be patient. After washing your face, you will find that the vinegar area is a little red. Don’t worry that you will be OK when you sleep in the morning (soI can only do it in the evening) . This should be insisted, there will be no obvious effect once or twice, but if you persist for a week, you will find that your skin will become very thin and you will find that you have become white.

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The effects and effects of okra

Okra is rich in content, few are few, and it is supplemented with vitamin C and fiber intake, which is a nutritious and healthy vegetable for all ages.

So, what are the effects and effects of eating okra often?

Let ‘s take a look at it with Xiaobian!

  Okra’s Efficacy and Function 1. Hypoglycemia: Okra’s mucus is rich in soluble dietary fiber, which will prevent the initiation of digestion and reduce the absorption of glucose, which can reduce blood sugar after meals.

  2. Hypolipidemia: The combined rate of okra’s supplementary fiber and bile is higher than other vegetables (such as asparagus, green beans, carrots, cauliflower), which reduces the absorption in the diet for a long time.

  3. Antioxidant: Okra leaf extract can eliminate oxygen free radicals, eliminate tubulointerstitial disease, reduce proteinuria, and improve renal function.

  4, anti-cancer: the main components of okra polysaccharides glucuronic acid, rhamnose, galactose, arabinose, mannose, glucose, etc., it is speculated that okra polysaccharides can inhibit the growth of human tumor cells.It is speculated to be associated with tumor cells.

  5, weight loss: Okra contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, high protein, high nutrition, low milk, low calories, and the unique advantages of cholesterol-free, making okra a weight loss product, very suitable for dieters.

  Eating okra in this way is healthier and softer and smoother. Its flavor is relatively unique and its nutritional value is high.

If you want to lower blood sugar through okra, you can try a recipe, that is, soak the water with okra. After drinking okra water, it will lower blood sugar.

  Okra’s mucus and rich soluble dietary fiber can prevent the digestion of tandem insertion and reduce the absorption of glucose; as long as the fresh okra is removed from head to end, soaked in room temperature water for one night, drink okra water on an empty stomach in the morning.Okay.

  Okra’s tender fruit, tender fruit pods, and young leaves can be eaten, fried, boiled, fried, and soup are all fine and delicious, but diabetic patients are mainly light in cooking methods.

  In addition to reducing blood sugar, eating okra, as it can supplement trace elements such as zinc and selenium, can also enhance the body’s anti-cancer and anti-cancer functions.

  Okra contains vitamin C and soluble fiber, which has a health-care effect on the skin and can whiten the skin.

Okra is a cold vegetable. People with cold stomach and diarrhea should eat less.

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What to do: constipation favors women

The reporter learned from the adult hospital that in recent years, the number of constipation patients visiting the hospital has continued to increase. Among them, women and the elderly are the majority, and the proportion of students at school is also high.

  Healthy people also have constipation According to experts, in fact, eating and defecation are a habit.

People often say that they are hungry after eating, but even if they eat more in the next meal, it will affect people’s health and defecation.

People do a lot of work every day in order to live, and sometimes they feel that they have a bowel movement, but they ca n’t or do not have the conditions to defecate, so they just do n’t want to.

After more times, I gradually felt that my stool was dry and it was difficult to defecate. Even when I could n’t go to the toilet, I became constipated.

Young people have irregular diets, go online, do not exercise, get up late and get up early, which may cause constipation.

  Experts engaged in long-term digestive treatment for long-term use of drugs for defecation told reporters that suffering from constipation need not be overly nervous. She said that if constipation is obtained, it will not cause complications and will only cause abdominal distension.

Long-term constipation may cause hemorrhoids. Due to long-term inability to constipate or block defecation, the stool becomes hard and dry, and it is easy to cause hemorrhoids.

  Too many people think that even if constipation is caused, as long as you take an excretion medicine or an enema to eliminate the feces accumulated in the body, there is no major obstacle.

If the drug is used for a long time to defecate, it is easy for the body to have complications with the drug, leading to hypothyroidism and anal function.

Long-term enema can shorten the rectal mucosa feeling dull, slow defecation reflex, and aggravate constipation, but it is conducive to the occurrence of hemorrhoids.

  To avoid constipation, it is not difficult to avoid constipation. Experts will give detailed introductions from various aspects, such as diet and daily life.

First, eat more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, including vitamins and fiber.

Eat less spicy foods, such as pepper, mustard, ginger, etc. Get up every morning with a cup of warm boiling water to increase moisture and help smooth bowel movements.

  Regarding the rules of daily life, we should develop good bowel habits.

After getting up in the morning and after meals, it is the best time to defecate. The whole body oscillates faster after meals, which helps to defecate.

  In addition, strengthening exercise is also critical.

Regular participation in a variety of sports activities, increasing the amount of activity, etc. can enhance the body’s resistance, reduce the incidence of disease, and have a certain preventive effect on hemorrhoids.

  Experts remind: if constipation occurs, you should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Do not use medicine at will. If you use the medicine improperly, your condition will worsen, and serious complications will cause other complications.

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Alarm clock is a health killer

Those who participated in the wake-up test by the alarm clock had a best score of only 65% of their normal state, which is equivalent to being drunk-participants’ performance was worse than they were deprived of 26 hours of sleep.

Although the severe effects gradually diminish in the first ten minutes after waking up, some damage can still be found two hours after waking up.

Researchers say that the results will be implicated in staff members who need to be replenished in the best state immediately after being awakened, such as firefighters, doctors and other workers who deal with emergencies.


hzh{display:none;}  Technicians explained that electronic watches emit electromagnetic fields. Although electronic watches are much better than before, they still generate electromagnetic fields.

The health hazards of electronic watch radiation are still being raised, but some people believe that this will cause cancer, especially children, and many other neurological problems.

  The alarm clock ringing was too loud, which caused high blood pressure.

Young Gao was found to have high blood pressure, which surprised her and her colleagues. The doctor did not know the cause until after careful examination.

  Ms. Gao, 28, works in a foreign company. She often works overtime late. To ensure that she can get up the next morning, she always sets the alarm clock on her mobile phone to the maximum volume, and places it on the bed next to her head.The place.

  Over time, she clearly felt that whenever the alarm sounded in the morning, her heartbeat would suddenly increase, her body was extremely uncomfortable, and she felt dizzy.

She thought it was due to her work pressure and she didn’t pay much attention until her high blood pressure was reduced during the company’s physical examination.

  Physicians point out that long-term wake-up sounds of alarm clocks can adversely affect human health.

Suddenly being awakened by an alarm clock during deep sleep can cause protective reflexes in the body. Adrenaline levels in the body increase rapidly, heartbeat speeds up, and blood vessel systolic blood pressure rises. Long-term exposure to this kind of stimulation may cause sleep problems, and evenCauses high blood pressure.

  Waking up often with an alarm clock will bring more sickness alarm bells and increase your overall stress level.

Sudden noise can cause the body’s protective conditioned reflexes to “fight or run away” and increase adrenaline levels.

Doctors who specialize in how to deal with this disease think that although a bedside clock may be good for you to work on time, if this activated state lasts for days, weeks, and months, it will cause chronic stress.

Stress can cause high blood pressure, sleep problems and mental depression.

  Those who participated in the wake-up test by the alarm clock had a best score of only 65% of their normal state, which is equivalent to being drunk-participants’ performance was worse than they were deprived of 26 hours of sleep.

Although the severe effects gradually diminish in the first ten minutes after waking up, some damage can still be found two hours after waking up.

Researchers say that the results will be implicated in staff members who need to be replenished in the best state immediately after being awakened, such as firefighters, doctors and other workers who deal with emergencies.

  技术人员解释说,电子表会发出电磁场,虽然现在的电子表比以前的要好多了,但它们仍然会产生电磁场。The health hazards of electronic watch radiation are still being raised, but some people believe that this will cause cancer, especially children, and many other neurological problems.

  The light is the alarm clock of the biological clock in the body. When the circadian body clock notices the emergence of the sun’s light in the morning, the body’s melatonin secretion decreases, serotonin secretion increases, metabolism accelerates, and all parts of the body gradually transition from deep sleep to light sleep until waking up.

  There is no sunlight in the rainy morning, and the sun’s rays scattered in the clouds are not enough to wake up the sleeping biological clock.

Due to inertia, the time to get up has not changed, and parts of the body have not been summoned and are not ready to wake up.

  There is a difference between winter and summer sleep. The average summer sleep time is one hour to one and a half hours shorter than autumn and winter.

In the summer, the sun rises early. After being exposed to light, the body naturally wakes up early and is comfortable.

In the autumn and winter and early spring, the morning sunlight appeared late, and when I woke up, I did not experience the stimulation of the morning sunlight, and the biological organ parts and related secretory glands that were not clearly instructed were still dozing off, but we had to get up alive.It will make our brain, heart and some parts of the body feel particularly uncomfortable, depressed, flustered, and sleepless. It has become the first meal in the morning.

After waking up in summer, body function quickly returns to normal from sleep, while autumn and winter are more difficult.

Therefore, it is not uncomfortable even to get up early in summer, and it is uncomfortable to fall into bed even in autumn and winter.

People with severe upset symptoms may even suffer from winter depression and complications.

  ”I was woken up by an alarm clock in my sleep, then turned it off reluctantly and slept, and finally got up as a last resort and hurried to work.

“Maybe, everyone has this experience, especially in winter, the warm and comfortable quilt is even more reluctant to leave.

However, in order not to be late for work, many people will set the alarm clock up in advance, and then use this time to hurry to sleep for a while, thinking that this can supplement sleep and improve the spirit.

In fact, this is not the case. The latest issue of the United States “Prevention” magazine pointed out that people who wake up after the alarm sounded a few times are not sober and unconscious.

  According to Dr. Jody McDonald, Ph.D., Sleep Disorders Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, once long-term sleep is awakened, it is difficult to enter effective sleep again.

For example, if you have to get up at 7 in the morning and set your alarm to 6:40, after the alarm goes off, your brain will consciously receive such information and remind you that you have 20 minutes to get up.

At this time, you want to continue to sleep, although the psychological requirements are met, your brain will continue to send out reminders, the sleep quality will be greatly reduced, and you will feel more tired after waking up.Conversely, if you wake up at a point and let the alarm sound once, you will feel refreshed when you wake up.

  Therefore, Shi Ming, an associate professor of the Shanghai Collaborative Center for Chinese Medicine for Insomnia, pointed out that in general, deep sleep time is from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am, and someone will enter a light sleep state after 6:00 am

At this time, once awakened, it is difficult to fall asleep again, or to remain in a confused state, which is why some people sleep more and more tired.

  Therefore, if you want to have a full day, you must wake up.

In addition, you must develop good living habits, go to bed early and get up early, you can listen to some light music before going to bed, let the beautiful melody send you to dreamland, completely relax the alarm clock at least 1 meter away from your head, and keep your alarm clockHead at least 1 meter away.

It is better to use soothing music as the ringtone, and the sound is not easy to be too loud.

In addition, do not place the alarm clock next to or under the pillow, but on low furniture 1 meter away from the pillow.

  Do n’t use mobile phones as alarm clocks Some people like to use mobile phones as alarm clocks. Experts warn that this habit is very bad and will cause the body to receive more electromagnetic radiation and even increase the risk of accidental injury due to mobile phone failure.

  Don’t use your phone as an alarm clock. Don’t put your phone on the bed (especially under the pillow) at night.

The shorter the phone call, the better.

For more than 15 minutes of calls, it is best to choose a landline.

Cordless phones emit the same radiation as mobile phones.

Therefore, you must use a landline for long distance calls.

When the signal is weak (especially on mobile alignment such as trains or cars), it is better not to use a mobile phone.

Because when the cell phone signal is only one or two cells, the incidental electromagnetic radiation emitted by the cell phone is the strongest.

  1. You must have heard that going to bed regularly every day is very important. If you ca n’t do that, try to get up every day. It does n’t take 6 weeks for the actual sleep rhythm to match your physiological rhythm.The physiological clock is very important.

“2. If the sun rises early, it is impossible for you, then let the sun help you.

Because those full-spectrum sunlight can regulate the concentrations of serotonin and melatonin in the blood.

When exposed to light, the metabolism of the serotonin-targeted body is accelerated, and you will want to go to bed early that night and get up early the next day.

  3. Did you find that it ‘s easy for you to press the alarm clock that has been with you for many years? Because your brain is used to getting close to familiar sounds, you can prepare two or three alarm clocks to take turns, or use romantic music to wake you up, because concerts promoteThe flow of oxygen and blood in the brain makes the body want to rhythm.

  4. After taking a deep breath, taking a deep breath can make the body step out of a comfortable day.

Inhale slowly, as if you are breathing to the top of your head, and then exhale all the air. After stopping for two seconds, you can do it again to fill your body with fresh morning air.

  5. After the water is in bed, immediately go for water to drink, and let the body know that a new day is about to begin.

And humans will sweat about a glass of water during sleep. If they drank the wine the night before, they would put their bodies in the desert. Therefore, drinking water first, and then entering the toilet to expel old waste materials will make the body veryComfortable.
  6, scent will also stimulate the brain, improve sensory function, drive away drowsiness and fatigue.

So some people make coffee early in the morning and wake themselves up with the aroma of coffee.

If you have a vanilla plant on your balcony, you can also pick up a slice of mint and soak it in the water after washing it on the washstand. Mint has the effect of promoting blood circulation, which is also good for the skin.

7. I always feel dizzy when I wake up in the morning, because after one night of digestion, the brain is nourished, and the brain’s energy source is glucose. At this time, sweet foods such as bananas and apples are added immediatelyeffect.

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