Semir Apparel (002563) Quarterly Report Review: Increasing the frequency of releases will affect leisure business growth in the short term but marginal quality of statements will improve

Event: The company announced results for the first three quarters of 19, and the company achieved revenue of 132.

6.1 billion (+35.

82%), achieving net profit attributable to mother 13.

07 billion (+2.

79%) and realized deduction of non-net profit12.

5 billion (+3.

53%), with solid performance growth, slightly below our expectations.

19Q3 single quarter revenue of 50.

4.2 billion (+19.

14%), achieving net profit attributable to mother 5.

8.5 billion (-3.

18%) and realized deduction of non-net profit 5.

8.1 billion (-1.


Among them, the growth rate of children’s clothing and e-commerce channels maintained rapid growth.

Budget for the first three quarters of 19: We estimate that KIDILIZ will achieve revenue of about 2.1 billion in the third quarter of 19; excluding KIDILIZ consolidation, the company’s headquarters business is expected to achieve revenue of about 11 billion (+ 13%) in the first three quarters of 19.
Among them, Semir leisure business is expected to grow at a low number; children’s clothing business (excluding K) is expected to achieve a growth of about 20%; e-commerce business will grow by about 30%.

19Q3 single quarter budget: KIDILIZ is expected to contribute about 15% of the revenue growth rate, and the revenue scale is 6 billion-6.

The company’s headquarters in the single quarter of 19Q3 is expected to achieve revenue of about 4.4 billion (+ 4%) after excluding the KIDILIZ consolidation.

Among them, Semir leisure business is expected to be in place, the offline business is expected to reach about 10%, and the online is expected to achieve growth of 15% to 20%; the children’s clothing business (excluding K) is expected to achieve 12-13% in the single quarter of 19Q3Growth around.

Semir leisure business was affected in the short term due to the issue of frequency of launch, but it is conducive to long-term development.

1) Short-term impact on the adjustment of the release frequency: The growth rate of Semir 无锡桑拿网 leisure business is expected to increase slightly in the first three quarters of 19 years. We believe that the main reason is that the company’s release frequency has increased due to the difference in the launch time window, which confirms that the income timing is different.

We believe that this factor is a short-term impact. In the long run, the adjustment of release frequency and products are more in line with the market, the front-end production control is more flexible, and the company’s order is more scientific, which is conducive to improving the company’s operating efficiency.

2) After the brand refresh, the cost side has improved, but it is conducive to the long-term development of the brand: the company’s leisure business has begun to cultivate internal strength in recent years, refresh its brand positioning, and hope to create the second growth of Semir leisure business.

Semir has broadened the crowd and categories, from the past “owning fashion clothes at low prices” as the brand value; the positioning of youth casual fashion clothing brands centered on the personalized clothing needs of 16-24 years old has changed to “quality in”Daily” is the value consensus of the brand. The mass daily lifestyle brand centered on the 18-35-year-old quality improvement of life.

As a result, Semir has invested more in products, research and development, design innovation, etc. In the short term, the cost end is expected to improve, but it is beneficial to the future development of the Semir brand.

3) Build seed stores, increase brand marketing and enhance brand image.

The company establishes an ideal store model through seed stores, strengthens the sense of life scene of the store, and enhances the image of the store; at the same time, the company co-brands with the well-known IP to promote brand promotion.Engineering Achievements Exhibition.

In addition, the company continued to advance in brand marketing, participating in the Milan Fashion Week and simultaneously releasing the Shuangchengji series.

Children’s clothing business continues to grow rapidly, leading advantages continue to increase and consolidate 1) The company’s children’s clothing (excluding KIDILIZ) business maintained rapid growth in the first three quarters of 19, which is expected to be around 20%, a faster growth rate compared with other comparable listed companies in the industry.Advantages were further consolidated.

2) The company’s children’s clothing brand has been further optimized, and each brand has been developed through differentiation to meet the different needs of the market. The report reports that the company’s children’s clothing business continues to carry out brand promotion and publicity.

Barabara, Makale, and The Children’s Place participated in the China Maternal and Child Show; the Barabara brand appeared at China International Children’s Fashion Week to further enhance the brand image and visibility.

The KIDILIZ Group focuses on high-end market segments and is still in the incubation period.

1) In the high-end market segment, the company creates an omni-channel retail business portfolio based on the KIDILIZ Group under the CATIMINI brand and the ABSORBA brand.

As the brand is still in the incubation period and is currently improving, it is expected to exceed 50 million yuan by 19Q3, and the expansion scale is expected to be more than 200 million US dollars, which is expected to improve in the future.

2) Semir and KIDILIZ cooperate in research and development, supply chain and other aspects: In terms of research and development, Semir Group has established a research and development center in France to transfer European fashion and technology to the domestic market; in terms of supply chain, Shuangfa can cooperate and cooperate. France hasInternational procurement center, most of the products are produced in Southeast Asia, with the resource advantages of Southeast Asia’s supply chain, Semir will also benefit in the process of procurement; In addition, Barabara’s domestic supply chain resources can also be shared with KIDILIZ, which is beneficial to the long-term futuredevelopment of.
The gross profit margin increased, and the net profit margin decreased slightly.

Gross profit margin: In the first three quarters of 19, the company achieved a gross profit margin of 44.37% (+5.


The Q3 single quarter gross margin was 43.

62% (+4.


The company’s gross profit margin has increased significantly. We believe that the final result is the consolidation of the KIDILIZ Group, which has a higher gross profit margin.

Expense ratio: The company’s expense ratio increased significantly in the first three quarters of 19, among which the sales / management + R & D / financial expense ratio were 22 respectively.

62% (+7.

82 points), 5.

95% (+1.

86 points), -0.

60% (+0.


The increase in the company’s sales expense ratio was mainly due to the increase in sales employees’ salaries, leasing fees and advertising expenses as business grew, and the merger of the KIDILIZ Group.

The increase in management expense rate was due to an increase in the budget for attracting outstanding talents, an increase in R & D supplementation and the merger of the KIDILIZ Group.

In terms of quarters, the sales / management + R & D / financial expense ratios of the companies in 19Q3 were 20 respectively.

53% (+8.

78pct), 4.

67% (+0.

82pct), -0.

29% (+0.


Asset impairment loss: In the first three quarters of 19, the company’s asset impairment loss was 3.

9.7 billion (+32.

53%), we believe that it is mainly due to the increase in inventory accrual after the scale of inventory has increased; meanwhile, the consolidation of French KIDILIZ also has a certain impact on the project.

Net profit margin: As the increase in gross profit margin does not resist the increase in expense ratio, the company’s net profit margin has decreased.

In the first three quarters of 19, net profit attributable to mothers was achieved9.

86% (-3.


Among them, the net interest rate attributable to the mother in 19Q3 was 11.

61% (-2.


In 19Q3, the company’s inventory and net operating cash flow improved significantly, and the quality of operations improved significantly: the company’s inventory in the first three quarters of 19 was 52.

900,000 yuan (+27.

03%), an increase of about 19 in the initial period.

76%, mainly due to the company’s third quarter stocking and merger of KIDILIZ Group.

We estimate that the KIDILIZ Group’s inventory scale is 8-9 trillion, excluding the impact of consolidation factors. It is expected that the stock scale of the Senma headquarters is about 45 trillion, an increase of 8%, which is lower than the revenue growth rate.

From the perspective of the increase in inventory in the single quarter of 19Q3, 19Q3 reduced at least 28% from 18Q3, and the inventory improved significantly.

Accounts receivable: The company’s account receivables in the first three quarters of 19 were 22.

810,000 yuan (+44.36%), there is a significant increase, an increase of about 16 at the beginning of 19 years.


We believe that it is mainly due to the merger of the KIDILIZ Group, which is expected to account for about 20% of the account receivables.

Excluding the receivables of K Group, the receivables of the company’s headquarters increased by 15.


Net operating cash flow for the first three quarters of 19 companies.

88 ppm, an improvement over 19H1; 19Q3 single quarter was 1.

3 billion (+246.

23%), the company’s cash flow improved significantly, mainly due to the company’s sales of goods, services provided by the cash received increased by 29%, at the same time due to the increase in bank deposit income and KIDILIZ consolidation by the company received cash from other operating activities by 49%.

Maintain “Buy” rating and slightly lower earnings forecast.

Taking into account the company’s lower-than-expected 19Q3 and the impact of changes brought about by KIDILIZ’s consolidation, we slightly lower our profit forecast.

It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 18.

64, 21.

16, 24.

35 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

04%, 13.

54%, 15.

09%; EPS is expected to be 0 in 19-21.



90 yuan (Original price 0.



96 yuan), the corresponding PE is 16.



33 times.

Risk warning: KIDILIZ may drag down the company’s business, significantly increase the inventory and asset impairment, and weaken consumption.

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Xiangpiaopiao 佛山桑拿网 (603711): Desirable to achieve high growth in juice tea
Xiangpiaopiao’s 2018 revenue was 32.510,000 yuan (+23.13%), net profit 3.1.5 billion (+17.53%) Xiang Piaopiao released its annual report on March 27, and realized sales revenue of 32 in 2018.51 ppm, an increase of 23 in ten years.13%.Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies3.15 ppm, an increase of 17 in ten years.53%.18Q4 single season sales revenue of 15.71 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.85%.Realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies2.31 ppm, an increase of 24 in ten years.07%.The company’s performance is in line with our Air Force expectations.Expected 2019?In 2021, the company’s EPS will be 0.96 yuan, 1.30 yuan and 1.63 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Juice tea is not off-peak in 18Q4, with a rapid increase 南京夜网 in volume in 18Q4, an increase of 158% from 18Q3. Juice tea was originally launched in July 2018 and is positioned as a “new generation of tea drinks”, including “Kumquat Lemon”, “Tao Tao Hong Yu” and “Thai”Lime” three flavors.The products have received positive feedback from end consumers in the form of differentiated cups, higher packaging value, higher juice content, richer levels of taste and positioning of “real tea and real juice”.Revenue from juice tea in 20182.10,000 yuan, of which 18Q4 single quarter income.4.5 billion, an increase of 158% from 18Q3. Juice tea is an important weapon that strengthens the relationship between the company and the distributors and promotes the integrated construction of the distributors. Xiangpiaopiao’s influential products have a clear volume. The company and the distributors interacted relatively during the off-season of Q2 and Q3.Juice tea as a ready-to-drink product, the peak season coincides with the off-season of blending products.The company’s progress takes juice tea as a fulcrum to promote the integration process of the company’s distributors.The company strengthened the allocation of full-time staff of distributors to provide complementary sales of milk tea + juice tea by providing basic personnel allowances, which enabled the dealer’s regular operations. While strengthening and enhancing the sales of juice tea, it could also promote the originalSales performance of brewed milk tea. The successive production of juice tea production capacity in Guangdong and Tianjin will resume to the internal replenishment and due to the rapid volume of juice tea products in a short period of time, there is a gap in the company’s liquid milk tea factory in Huzhou, Zhejiang. At the same time, the products produced by the Zhejiang Huzhou factory cover North and South ChinaThe market has long transportation paths and relatively poor economy.In 2018, the company focused on the expansion of the third juice tea production line in Huzhou, Zhejiang, and the construction of juice tea production capacity in Guangdong and Tianjin. After the new production capacity is put into operation in 2019, Xiangpiao floats in the East, North and South China markets.Coverage will be significantly enhanced. We are optimistic about the income elasticity and channel optimization brought by juice tea, and maintain the “Buy” rating. Considering the rapid volume of juice tea in the 18Q4 off-season, we slightly increase our profit forecast. Is it expected that 2019?Sales revenue will reach 45 in 2021.30% (up 2%), 58.8.3 billion (up 2%) and 71.0.6 million yuan, an annual increase of 39.33%, 29.88% and 20.77%.Attributable net profit reached 4.04 100% (up 3%), 5.4.4 billion (up 1%) and 6.850,000 yuan, an annual increase of 28.53%, 34.59% and 25.83%.The average estimated level of comparable companies is 26 times PE estimation in 2019. Considering that the compound growth rate of Xiangpiaopiao’s net profit is significantly higher than that of comparable companies, we give it 45%?50% estimated premium, corresponding to 37.7?39.0 times PE estimate, target price range is 36.19?37.44 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating. Risk warning: demand for juice tea is not up to expectations; market competition is fiercer than expected; food safety.

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Jiajiayue (603708) Quarterly Report Review: Stable Profitability, Exhibition Stores Drive Revenue Growth and Recovery

Investment points: Stable profitability and rapid growth in performance.

Net profit attributable to the parent in Q1 20191.

41 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

At 06%, the growth rate of net profit and income almost remained the same, indicating that the profitability is generally stable.

In Q1 2019, the company’s gross profit margin increased 杭州桑拿 by 0.

21pp to 17.


By region, the Jiaodong area increased by 0.

3pp, gross profit margins in other regions decreased by 0 due to the deployment of new stores and promotions.


In terms of different types of business, the gross format of major supermarkets and general supermarkets and specialty stores has increased (+0.

15 pp, +0.

11 pp, + 0.

95pp). The increase in the gross profit margin of the department store industry by more than 2% was mainly due to the increase in the comparable gross profit margin of department stores and the self-operated to joint venture.

The company’s net interest rate in Q1 2019 was a slight margin of zero.

05pp to 3.

63%, mainly because the expense ratio increased by 0.

39pp to 16.

98%, of which the financial expense ratio increased by 0.

51pp, mainly due to the decrease in deposit income and increase in handling fees.

Fast-moving stores and consolidation-driven revenue growth increased month-on-month.

The company achieved revenue of 38 in Q1 2019.

0.5 billion (+16.

68%), a significant increase over the fourth quarter of last year (the growth rate in Q4 2018 was 7).

82%), of which same-store growth in the first quarter was 2-3%.

The increase in the company’s revenue growth is mainly due to: 1) the company’s rapid expansion in the first quarter, 12 new stores opened, of which 6 hypermarkets, 3 general supermarkets; 2) 11 acquisitions in the first quarterIn the first quarter, the number of company stores reached 752.

The number of bases outside Jiaodong has consolidated income, and the revenue in the first quarter increased rapidly (5.

2.1 billion, +50.

43%), the income of Jiaodong area is 29.

6.5 billion (+9.


From the perspective of different business types, the hypermarkets and general supermarkets that contribute the main income have realized income16.

9.6 billion, 16.

7.6 billion, a 22% increase.

84%, 6.


The advantages of the fresh food supply chain are obvious, and the integrated logistics network continues to be deployed.

1) The ratio of fresh produce and gross profit margin are obvious.The company’s fresh sales accounted for over 40%, and the direct mining advantage was obvious. The company’s fresh gross profit margin was leading by 15.

79% (Yonghui Supermarket 2018 Interim Report was 15.


2) The strategy of “Jiaodong depth, Shandong breadth” helps the company expand.

The company continued to strengthen the intensive layout of the Jiaodong area, and at the same time actively expanded the western Shandong area, and built an integrated logistics network to help its stores expand rapidly.

3) The partnership mechanism deeply stimulates employee initiative.

Earnings forecast: 苏州桑拿网 It is expected to achieve revenue of 146 in 2019-2021.

78\165.92\184.56, net profit attributable to mothers was 5, respectively.

09\5.86\6.4.9 billion yuan, achieving an EPS of 1.

09\1.25\1.39 yuan, the PE corresponding to the closing price on April 26, 2019 were 23.

6\20.5\18.5 times, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”.

Risk reminder: The shop’s progress is less than expected

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Weixing New Materials (002372): Retail pressures optimistic about new category expansion

This report reads: The company announced its third quarter report for 2019, under pressure from retail, and the performance was slightly lower than expected; we are still optimistic about the potential for performance growth brought about by the company’s new category expansion.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

Realized operating income 31.

2 billion, an annual increase of 5.

15%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

92 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

86%, eps 0.

44 yuan, slightly lower than expected.

Taking into account the impact of hardcover housing business, we lower the EPS for 2019-2021 to 0.

64 (-0.

08), 0.

73 (-0.

09), 0.

84 (-0.

10) Yuan and maintain target price of 19.

43 yuan.

Hardcover rooms affect Q3 growth.

Q3 achieved revenue of 10.

1.5 billion, down by 6.

08%, Q3 returns to net profit of the mother 2.

49 trillion, down 7.


We believe that Q3’s single-quarter revenue growth was negatively affected by hardcover houses; restructuring was affected by the restructuring of the municipal engineering business. Municipal engineering accounted for about 25% of the company’s revenue, and Q3 still had negative revenue growth.

Except for retail PPR and municipal engineering coverage, other segments of the company maintained rapid growth.

Margins were flat month-on-month.

Company Q3 gross profit margin 47.

71%, flat month-on-month, with a slight decrease of 1 in ten years.

The 77 units are still at a historically high level. Under the circumstances of the rapid growth of the PPR business and the large real estate business, the gross profit level has been maintained, which also confirms that the company’s strategy for large real estate is to be a boutique strategy.

Driven by the decline in financial costs, the 19Q3 expense ratio fell by 0.

27 up to 19.

55%, net interest rate remained at 24.

45% historical best level.

The quality of 杭州桑拿 operations was further improved.

During the reporting period, the company had cash in hand13.

4 billion, a five-year growth of 5.

65 billion.

The asset interest rate continued to fall2.

45 single to 19.14%.

Operating net cash flow was 5.

51 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.

6.8 billion yuan.

And we observed that under the growth of the company’s real estate engineering business in 2019Q3, under the conditions of municipal and retail business, accounts receivable transactions increased by only about 7 million qoq to 3 annually.

1.2 billion, reflecting the company’s sound development ideas.

Risk reminder: Macroeconomic downturn, raw material costs increase.

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This is how a good man tuned up

More than one girl said she was a bit afraid of getting married.

They say that so many men will get worse after marriage. When they are in love, they say so many good things and make so many vows. But after they marry, they forget everything.Kind of fault.

  In fact, we do not prevent men from having an affair as a “marriage sickness”. There are various kinds of illnesses in a person’s life. It is normal for them to be sick.

During a long marriage, you should not expect it to be ill. Once something goes wrong in the marriage, the first is nursing, and the second is to see a psychiatrist for treatment. Unless you have terminal illness, ordinary marriage problems can be prevented and treated.

If the “illness” is well, as a wife, don’t worry about it, guess everything; don’t think that you will never relapse in the past.

Applying the jargon of traditional Chinese medicine is: you need to pay attention to daily conditioning.

Half of the success of marriage is to choose the target, and the other half is enough to do business as successful as to learn to operate and good at business.

  It is true that men are eggs and not stones, and will change under certain temperature conditions. If conditions are created for men, many men will “go bad”.

  But if you can adjust the “temperature” of a good environment and not allow it to reach the condition that eggs turn into chicks, men may become much worse.

Good men are trained.

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Avoid common sense of bad healthy life

In daily life, people will develop all kinds of habits, but some lifestyle habits will endanger your health. Here are some types of bad habits that should be paid attention to and avoided in daily life.

  When a person gets up and folds in bed, during the sleep process, the skin will emit a large amount of water vapor, and the quilt will be wet to varying degrees; a person’s breathing and body pores will emit a variety of gases.

Eager to quilt, wet and chemically contaminated quilts will endanger human health.

  People who do not eat breakfast for a long time will cause malnutrition, anemia, decreased resistance, and pancreas and gallstones.

  Loose belts after meals are prone to intestinal torsion, which can cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, vomiting, and susceptibility to stomach sagging and other diseases.

  Sleeping immediately after meals can easily cause heartburn and indigestion, and you will gain weight.

If the blood supply is insufficient, falling asleep after a meal can easily cause a stroke.

  Full food can easily cause memory loss, mental retardation, lack of focus, and reduced emergency response capacity.

If you eat frequently, it will induce gallstones, cholecystitis, diabetes and other diseases.

  Eating sugar on an empty stomach For a long time, eating sugar on an empty stomach will affect various normal functions of the human body, making the human body weak and prolonging life.

  Eating too salty foods can easily develop or worsen high blood pressure and hypertension.

  Rest at the desk Most people will have temporary blurred vision after taking a nap at the desk, and their vision will be damaged in the long run.

  The spine bends during prone sleep, which increases the pressure on muscles and ligaments, so that people still cannot rest when they sleep.

In addition, it will increase the pressure on the retina, heart, lungs, and face, causing swelling and bloodshot eyes in the back.

  The blood circulation of Kenjiro’s legs is not good, which affects his health.

In the case of venous tumors, arthritis, neuralgia, and venous thrombosis, the disease is more serious.

Especially people with long legs or pregnant women can easily get venous thrombosis.

  Forbearing urination may cause acute cystitis, frequent urination, dysuria, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

People with a urination habit may develop bladder cancer five times more than the average person.

  Lazy sleep can cause a certain degree of artificial brain dysfunction, leading to impaired understanding and memory, and will reduce immune function.

  After over-stressed and mentally and physically laboring, life is accompanied by a weakening of anti-fatigue and disease prevention capabilities, and boots may cause a variety of diseases.

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Three observations to help you distinguish children flu

What will happen to parents if they have a sudden high fever, headache, general soreness, fatigue, cough, and sore throat?

Do you think your baby has a common cold?

Would you just take a cold medicine?

In fact, children must pay attention to colds, and it is also very important to distinguish them from children’s influenza and common colds.

Children do not know the flu, but it can be a big problem.

There are many colds in autumn and winter. Once the baby has a cold, through three observations and careful discrimination, the culprit of the baby’s cold can be identified. The symptomatic treatment can get better.

Distinguish children’s flu-before the onset of illness, prove that in fact, the baby has certain symptoms before each illness, such as a sudden fever (generally 38).

5 ℃ or more), chills, headache, sore body, nasal congestion, runny nose, dry cough, nausea, loss of appetite, etc.

In addition, your baby may experience symptoms such as emotional irritability and sore throat.

The common cold is mostly low fever and the symptoms are milder than the flu.

If your baby’s nasal congestion or coughing persists long before the fever, it may be just a common cold, and parents need not worry too much.

Distinguish Children’s Flu-Looking for clues before illness If your baby has some cold symptoms, you must pay careful attention to the situation around your baby before getting sick, such as whether children who are in close contact usually have flu symptoms, and whether adults around them have flu.
And the flu is caused by the flu virus, and the onset season is usually November every year?
In March of the following year, the common cold may occur in all four seasons, especially when the baby is exposed to cold, rain, and excessive exercise, because of the decline in resistance, it is easy to cause a cold.

If the baby gets sick in the spring and winter, and has contacted the source of the flu before the illness, it is likely to be the child’s flu. Parents need to be extra aware.

Distinguish the child’s flu-Mo careless baby has a fever in the later stages of the disease. Pay special attention to observation when the fever is gone.

Common children have a cold and fever (38.

5 ° or less) You can take a cold medicine such as Eucardan, which contains acetaminophen, which has a better relief effect on children’s cold and fever.

It can also effectively relieve headaches, sneezing, stuffy nose and runny nose.

If your baby continues to have fever for more than 3 days after taking the medicine, be sure to go to the hospital to check for flu.

For the treatment of childhood influenza, parents should not be careless. Once treatment is not timely, complications such as otitis media, pneumonia, encephalitis may occur, and there may even be concurrent pneumonia and heart failure.

The best way to prevent childhood flu is to give your baby a flu vaccine and help your baby pay attention to personal hygiene.

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Yoga in the rain improves human immunity

Watching the computer before bed affects the reproductive system and causes cancer?

Yoga in the rain improves human immunity?

Look at these unheard of new theories.

Yoga in the rain improves the body’s immunity. Whenever it is rainy, yogis will go to the skateboard floor through this book to add “vitamins in the rain.”

Rainwater is rich in a large number of negative ions. This negative ion is called “vitamins in the rain”, which can effectively improve the human body’s immunity, soften the limbs, and move the joints.

More and more yoga practitioners believe that practicing yoga in the rain increases joint mobility and reduces the chance of injury.

In addition, meditation yoga in the rain can also effectively empty the brain and reach the state of “forgetfulness” during practice.

Yoga in the rain is currently very popular in Malaysia.

A new type of rice that can be whitened by South Korean scientists is a rice variety derived from artificial mating of black glutinous rice and “giant germ” rice.

This kind of rice has the characteristics of black rice, glutinous rice and large high-grade rice at the same time, and also has the special effect of treating alcoholism.

When the rice was fed to mice with symptoms of alcoholism in the state of alkaline rice, it was found that the alcohol intake of the rats was reduced by about 50%.

The rats that consumed germinated brown rice reduced their alcohol intake to about 65%.

The reason is that a nerve-transmitting substance called GABA in this rice is 9 times higher than ordinary rice, which can help the body reduce the absorption of more than alcohol.

According to researchers, this new type of rice also has higher levels of antioxidant anthocyanins and whitening ingredients, oryzanol, than ordinary rice, which has the effect of whitening the skin.

Watching the computer before bed affects the reproductive system According to a recent large-scale study, people who use the computer for a long time before going to bed are more likely to hide 5 hazards than people who do not use the computer.

First, it causes sleep disorders.

Under normal circumstances, people’s body temperature is high during the day and low at night, and it is easy to get deep sleep if the two are separated.

If you use a computer before bedtime, the bright display and the switching program will irritate the eyes and nervous system, which will destroy the body temperature change law, make the originally lowered body temperature relatively high, and affect the quality of sleep.Even sleep disorders such as insomnia and dreams appear; second, it is easy to induce cancer.

Computer radiation pollution will affect the human circulatory system, affect immune, reproductive and metabolic functions, severely induce cancer, and accelerate the human reproductive spread; third, affect the reproductive system.

The main manifestations are reduced sperm quality in men, spontaneous abortion and oxidized malformations in pregnant women. Fourth, it affects the cardiovascular system.

It manifests as palpitations, insomnia, some women’s menstrual aberrations, bradycardia, reduced blood pressure, sinus arrhythmia, decreased white blood cells, decreased immune function, etc .; Fifth, affects the visual system.

Because the eyes belong to the human body’s sensitive organs to electromagnetic radiation, the excessive electromagnetic radiation pollution causes the visual system to be affected, which mainly manifests as decreased vision and causes cataracts.

“Morning Dog” brings the owner healthy morning running. For lazy office workers, the Australian Pet Association specially trains the uniform “Morning Dog”. This puppy wakes up the owner at 6 o’clock every morning and takes the owner to do morning exercises.

And when a higher owner runs, this kind of puppy will adjust the pace according to the owner’s physical strength. If the owner is behind, they will intentionally slow down the running speed. If the main body strength increases, they will run faster and faster.

This expensive “morning dog” is extremely popular in Australia, and the speed of breeding and training is far from meeting market demand.

Several unions have explicitly banned the export of these puppies to protect limited “morning dog” resources.

Honey can replace wound sticks to accelerate wound healing. High-viscosity honey can form a protective layer on the surface of the wound and effectively prevent wound infection.

When the skin is slightly infected, a bit of honey can be used instead of a band-aid.

In addition, drinking a glass of honey water or eating a small spoon of honey can also speed up wound healing, because honey contains a special enzyme component and antioxidants, which can effectively relieve local swelling.

Wearing dark sunglasses is prone to dark circles. When the eye lens is compressed, the muscles around the eye will also be tense, shrink, and produce fine lines, which will gradually increase.

In particular, the darker the sunglasses, the more likely it is that crystal fatigue will occur. Over time, the elasticity of the crystal will decrease, and the problem of dark circles will follow.

In order to keep the crystal in a relaxed state, it is recommended to choose sunglasses with light red and light brown lenses as much as possible.

Listening to music can beautify your skin. It has been found that listening to music can prevent acne, promote skin blood circulation, and make the skin more delicate.

Beauty experts say that when people feel stressed, the brain releases leather alcohol, which can easily stimulate the skin (especially the skin and skin) to produce oil, which can cause acne and allergic symptoms.

Therefore, in the reduced working space

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