Thousands of shares of A shares fell: long-term gift package MLF interest rate LPR subsequently dropped can be expected

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  On February 3, the first trading day of the Year of the Rat, affected by the pneumonia epidemic, A shares almost opened with limit stops without any doubt, and the number of limit stops once exceeded 3,000.

  The first emergency shot, “rate cut” is here!

On February 3, the People’s Bank of China issued an announcement saying that in order to hedge the impact of factors such as the termination of reverse repurchase in the open market and the termination of the concentration of funds in the financial market, the banking system had a reasonable and sufficient liquidity during the special period of epidemic prevention and control, and was initiated by interest rate tenderUp to 1.

2 trillion reverse repo operations.

  Among them, the 7-day reverse repurchase bid amount was 900 billion yuan, and the bid interest rate was 2.

4%; The 14-day reverse repurchase bid amount is 300 billion yuan, and the bid interest rate is 2.

55%, 2 last time.

5%, 2.

65%, all down 10 basis points.

Know that today’s reverse repo expires at 1.

05 trillion, the single-day net investment is 150 billion.

  Gradually stated that they will continue to pay close attention to market liquidity during special periods of epidemic prevention and control to ensure adequate liquidity supply.

  The reverse repurchase rate fell by 10BP, which exceeded market expectations. From a market perspective, the gradual operation can be said to further demonstrate the confidence and determination of the macro-scale and maintain the stock market.

“Founder Securities (rights) chief economist said in color.

  Wen Bin, chief analyst of Minsheng Bank, also told the International Financial News reporter that during the special period of epidemic prevention and control, this change will help maintain a large supply of liquidity in the post-holiday market and help financial institutions do a good job of liquidity management.

Judging from the operation of the money market and bond market today, interest rates are generally stable and the market is expected to be stable.

  ”From 1.

In terms of the 2 trillion reverse repurchase structure, the operating mode of 900 billion 7-day reverse repurchase + 300 billion 14-day reverse repurchase is mainly used. It can be said that the overall scale of liquidity is very rich.

Wen Bin said that if the 900 billion US dollars reverse repurchase expires after February 10th, it may also be replaced by MLF to put liquidity for a predetermined period, and the LPR price on February 20th will have an impact.

“This week, we can gradually make corresponding policy choices by continuing to observe the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.”

  Regarding the 14-day reverse repurchase operation adopted this time, Guo Yuwei, a macro analyst at Industrial Research, believes that “the transition from 2016 to 2018 has chosen to compensate for the Spring Festival liquidity through 28-day or 30-day tools, which means the impact of cash leakageThe duration is about 1 month.

Prior to the holiday, 14-day liquidity was mainly invested, and the return speed was faster than the speed of cash return to the banking system.

Therefore, in order to fully cover the expected impact of the resumption of work, a certain number of 14-day reverse repurchases are required.

”February ‘s expected reduction in LPR quotes is seen by a number of specific persons. Next, MLF (Interim Lending Facility) interest rates will also fall, and the LPR (Loan Market Quote Rate) announced on February 20 is expected to fall.

  ”From the perspective of the significant decline in A-shares after the opening today, the long-term reverse repurchase ‘reduction in interest rates’ is a response based on changes in the stock market.

At present, it appears that the interest rate of the new MLF will be reduced correspondingly in mid-February, but the overall situation still needs to be selected according to the changes in the stock market.

“Said the color.

  The color indicates that in order to respond to the epidemic prevention and control, the short-term internal monetary policy operation has two main objectives: First, to respond to short-term liquidity shocks, this release.

The US $ 2 trillion reverse repurchase arithmetic is a one-time sequel to the expiring open market operation, which stabilizes market expectations, but there may not be more reverse repurchase operations in the next week; by observing the trend of the capital market,Especially for the possible overshooting of the stock market in the future, some precise adjustment policies have been introduced.

But these precise measures are mainly to expand the operation of the capital market, not the traditional monetary policy norms.

  Wen Bin said that the 7-day and 14-day reverse repurchase rate cuts may mean that the MLF policy rate cut is not far off.

“The expiry date of the next MLF is April 17 this year. From the perspective of the epidemic situation, it is expected that the MLF will be continued early in the beginning of next month and will be reduced by 10 bps at the same time to guide the substantial decline in the LPR rate as soon as possible and effectively reduce the entity.Economic financing costs. ”

  In addition, Ma Jun, a member of the Foreign Exchange Monetary Policy Committee and an expert at the National Institute of Finance of Tsinghua University, also said that from today ‘s progressively higher-than-expected liquidity shift, the bidding interest rate in the open market operation has been lowered by 10 basis points, which actually reached the market ‘s expectation of “rate reduction”effect.

This projection of liquidity beyond expectations can generate a downward thrust on the overall market interest rate.

Following the decrease in the bidding interest rate in the open market operation that reflects the short-term interest rate of the 青岛夜网 market today, the bidding interest rate for the medium-term lending convenience operation that has been carried out in the middle of the month gradually has also decreased, and the LPR announced on February 20 is expected to decline.

  Financial support is expected to escalate. As a whole, in the special period of the current epidemic prevention and control, market liquidity issues have been replaced by regulators and other regulators. It is predicted in advance that subsequent financial support will gradually be upgraded again.  On January 28, the People ‘s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange stated in the “Notice on Extending the Inter-bank Market Break Time Arrangement” that the People ‘s Bank of China will use open market operations in consideration of the scale of funds remaining after the market opens on February 3.Monetary policy tools such as monetary policy issued a large amount of liquidity in a timely manner to maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity in the banking system.

  With the advancement of epidemic prevention and control work, the five departments of the People’s Bank of China, the Ministry of Finance, the Banking Insurance Regulatory Commission, the Securities Regulatory Commission and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange jointly issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening Financial Support for the Prevention and Control of New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases”Among them, the first one is “maintaining reasonable and sufficient liquidity”, and the first one is particularly prominent “maintaining reasonable and sufficient liquidity”.

  Pan Gongsheng, deputy governor of the People ‘s Bank of China and director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said in an interview with the media, “Considering the dual effects of the special period of the epidemic and the deferred opening of the market, open market operations, standing borrowing facilities, reloans, rediscounts and other variousMonetary policy instruments provide liquidity to markets.

We will maintain close communication with financial institutions and financial markets, fully understand market liquidity conditions and liquidity needs, research and judge liquidity indicators, timely release policy information, and strengthen expected guidance.

For this reason, Ding Anhua, chief economist of China Merchants Bank, believes that under the special circumstances of the new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control, the timely redistribution of liquidity shows the “flexible and appropriate” orientation of monetary policy and highlights the constant stabilization of the marketThe determination will help stabilize and boost market confidence.

  Ding Anhua predicts that the epidemic will reach its peak (Jin Qilin analyst) period, and the financial system’s support for the real economy will continue to increase.

“In addition to the targeted interest rate cuts targeted at companies affected by the infringement situation, the MLF rate cuts are expected to fall in the near future, with a range of 5-10bp, which will drive a one-year LPR synchronous downlink.

Considering that the highest rigidity of deposit costs is still a major factor in increasing the decline in loan interest rates, it cannot be ruled out that expansion will guide the decline in deposit interest rates by adjusting the benchmark benchmark.

At the same time, considering that the overall RRR cut has already been implemented in early January, there has recently been a possibility of targeted RRR cuts for small and medium banks.

On this basis, this year is still expected to continue to reduce the level twice (total 100BP), respectively in the middle of the year and the end of the third quarter.

Combining the flexible use of monetary policy tools such as SLF, MLF, refinancing, and re-discounting, liquidity promotes adequate maintenance.

“Reporter Ma Jiaxin

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Jieshun Technology (002609) Semi-annual Report Review: Smart Parking Business Continues to Confirm Good Turning Point

Event: The company released its semi-annual report for 2019 and achieved revenue 4 in 2019H1.

250 thousand yuan, an increase of 38 in ten years.

31%; net profit attributable to mother was 5132.

650,000 yuan, an increase of 32 in ten years.

33%; 4466 net profit after deducting non-attribution.

360,000 yuan, an annual increase of 32.


Opinion: The revenue of the first half of the year increased rapidly, and the smart parking business continued to improve. The company’s revenue and orders increased in the first half of the year. The growth rate of smart hardware business orders reached 30%. 杭州桑拿网 Among them, the growth rate of company-level large customer orders reached 62%, and the growth rate of distribution agencies increased.Up to 42%, large customers need to ensure the sustainability of the company’s performance.

The smart parking business has expanded rapidly, and various indicators have continued to improve.

“Smart Parking” has gradually achieved over 9,000 smart parking lots (6,500 in 18 years), involving more than 30,000 lanes (26,000 in 18 years), and more than 3.3 million parking spaces (2.5 million in 18 years).Online transaction orders exceeded 900,000 transactions / day (+ 80%); online transaction traffic gradually increased in the first half of the year.

8.5 billion (+ 312%).

The smart parking operation business achieved revenue of 1599.

270,000 yuan, an annual increase of 1087.

32%, platform business realized revenue of 3044.

620,000 yuan, an increase of 27 over the same period last year.

49%, platform and service orders exceeded 200% increase.

Profitability has improved, and the inflection point of performance has now reached the income end. Benefiting from the stabilization of smart hardware prices and the increase in the proportion of platform operations, the company’s main business gross margin reached 46 in the first half of the year.

06%, an increase of 4 over the same period last year.

5%, an increase of 3.


On the expense side, the peak period of R & D and marketing expenditure has passed, and the cost control performance has begun to show, and management expenses increased by 3 in the first half.

44%, the management expense ratio is downgraded from the same period last year4.

15%, sales expenses increased by 19.

65%, the sales expense ratio decreased by 2 compared with the same period last year.


The company’s profitability has been continuously improved, and the inflection point of performance has been confirmed, which is expected to accelerate its release.

The Central Political Bureau meeting first mentioned the city parking lot, and the company accelerated the urban parking project. On July 30, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee proposed to implement the urban parking lot and other short board projects. The urban parking lot was an important part of the new infrastructure.Mentioned.

In the first half of the year, the company won three bids for parking projects in Changde, Hunan, Linyi, Shandong, and Chengde, Hebei, and won one.

The $ 2.7 billion Huizhou urban parking project is to build a smart shared parking cloud platform and upgrade and retrofit about 20,000 public parking lots in the urban area.

Profit forecast: The company is expected to achieve net profit in 2019/2020/20211.



17 trillion, corresponding to EPS.



49 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: the competition 杭州养生会所 in parking IT industry is intensified; the progress of smart parking promotion is less than expected.

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Wanhua Chemical (600309): Acquisition of Swedish International Chemicals solidifies MDI competition

This report reads: The company’s acquisition of Swedish Chemicals stabilizes the MDI competitive landscape, and the holding of Cornell Polyurethane also achieves the layout in southern China.

And in the future, the company’s new polyurethane and petrochemical projects will be gradually put into operation, which will increase the company’s performance and maintain its holdings.

Investment Highlights: Maintain overweight.

As the company’s production capacity has gradually landed, the EPS for 2019-21 is maintained at 4.



84 yuan, holding Cornell Polyurethane to increase the company’s bargaining power, acquiring Swedish chemical industry to strengthen global competition 深圳桑拿网 and maintaining a target price of 53.

21 yuan, corresponding to 2019 PE13.

3 times, maintaining the overweight rating.


2.5 billion acquisition of 100% stake in Swedish International Chemicals, and holding Cornell Polyurethanes.

Wanhua Chemical (Ukraine), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, has completed the acquisition of 100% equity of Sweden International Chemical held by Jilin City Cornell Investment Group and European and American Energy Technology Company, with a total purchase amount of approximately RMB 9.

2.5 billion.

The acquisition is a conditional acquisition. Cornell will adjust the equity structure of Fujian Cornell Polyurethane Company to 80% held by Wanhua Chemical and 20% held by Cornell.

Acquired Swedish International Chemicals to stabilize the MDI competitive landscape.

Sweden 杭州夜网论坛 International Chemical is the only company with a complete technology patent of MDI and TDI except Wanhua, Dow, BASF, Covestro, and Huntsman. This acquisition further stabilizes MDI and betterIndustry competition pattern.
Fujian Cornell plans to build a 40-phase MDI project with a total investment of US $ 5.6 billion. After Wanhua acquired Cornell, it realized the layout of Wanhua South China.

The company’s three major sectors of polyurethane, petrochemical and new materials have been formed, and will continue to develop in the three major sectors in the future.

In the polyurethane sector, the company’s TDI plant was put into production at the end of 18 years. The expansion of internal MDI and aniline and other supporting equipment will gradually be realized in the next 1-2 years. The company’s US MDI plant will help to start production in 2021; the petrochemical sector, the company’s star anise phase 100 melting point / yearEthylene, 40 tons / year of polyvinyl chloride, 15 tons / year of ethylene oxide, 45 tons / year of LLDPE, 30/65 tons / year of epoxy resin / styrene, 5 tons / year of butadiene is expected to be in 2020 10Production started in the month.

Risk warning: The price of MDI products has changed more than expected, and the start-up of Phase II of Bajiao has been slow.

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Guan Tao: In addition to the counter-cyclical adjustment of monetary policy, in addition to the RRR cut, one can consider “expanding the table.”
Original headline: In addition to the countercyclical adjustment of monetary policy, in addition to lowering standards and cutting interest rates, we must also consider “expanding the table.” The latest economic data from Huihaiguantao shows that the downward pressure on the domestic economy continues to increase.Strengthening the bottom line thinking, focusing on keeping the economic operation in a reasonable range, flexibly using macro-policy counter-cyclical adjustment tools, and doing a good job of policy coordination are important economic tasks at present.  As a stable growth monetary policy tool option, it is usually a cut in RRR or interest rates.However, this is not the whole story of monetary policy.A few days ago, the Federal Reserve announced that it will purchase 60 billion U.S. dollars of short-term Treasury bonds monthly from October 14th, which will last until June 2020.The Fed budget, this “expanding” is mainly to manage liquidity, not a new round of quantitative easing.Under the neutral stance of monetary policy, the necessity and feasibility of “expanding the table” also exists in China’s merger.  Regardless of whether it is absolute or relative scale, China is gradually “shrinking the balance sheet” until the end of September 2019, and the scale of China’s consolidated balance sheet is 36.2 trillion, a decrease of 1 from the end of last year.05 trillion yuan, a decrease of 2.8%; equivalent to 38% of annualized nominal GDP, which is a drop of 0 from the previous month.Nine digits, a decrease of 3 from the end of last year.Three digits, down 28 from the historical high at the end of September 2009.An average value, which is lower than the level when the deflation trend was just increased in 2002 and the capital was reflowed (41 at the end of March 2002).6%) (presumably 1).  From the perspective of relative scale changes, China’s gradual “downsizing” progress is much faster than the Fed.As of the end of June 2019, the size of the Fed’s balance sheet is equivalent to 18% of annualized nominal GDP.2%, the previous record high at the end of December 2014 fell by 7.3 digits, much higher than the long-term 6 before the global financial tsunami at the end of September 2008.Around 7% (about 1).  Expanding the remaining 84% of the “reduction” part replaced the counter-cyclical adjustment effect of long-term monetary policy. From the liability side, China’s expansion of the “reduction” was mainly manifested by a reduction in the base currency.In the first three quarters of 2019, gradually less investment2.51 trillion yuan, equivalent to 2 of the contraction of the budget balance sheet in the same period.38 times (divided into 1 and Figure 2).  This has dragged down broad money supply (M2) growth.As of the end of September 2019, M2 was 195.23 trillion yuan, an annual increase of 8.4%.Among them, the base currency investment is reduced by 3 every year.8%, a negative contribution to the current M2 growth of 48.1%; currency multiplier rises to 6.38 times, an increase of 12.6%, a positive contribution of 148.1% (approximately 2 and Figure 3).  In the first three quarters of 2019, the negative contribution of changes in base currency investment to M2 growth averaged 33.5%, the first time since 2008.During the same period, the positive contribution of currency multiplier changes was 133.5%, but it was often negative before 2011, usually because of the extension of the “offsetting operation” of hedging foreign exchange reserves to 北京保健按摩 increase the reserve requirement ratio to hedge the increase in foreign exchange reserves (occurrence 3).  The shrinking of the base currency is related to the gradual replacement of the remaining assets with downgrades or depreciation. From the asset side, in the first three quarters of 2019, China ‘s restructuring “shrinking” was mainly to reduce the debt of other deposit-taking companies (ie, commercial banks) by USD 474.3 billion.Other assets decreased by 739.9 billion yuan (see Table 1), which respectively corresponded to 45 of the previous “downsizing” scale.1% and 70.3%.  The reasons for the changes in other assets are unknown, and the decrease in claims on other deposit-taking companies is mainly due to the gradual recovery of liquidity in the process of RRR reduction.During the same period, the balances of long-term MLF (intermediate-term lending facility) and SLF (standing loan facility) decreased by 1, respectively.76 trillion yuan and 32.8 billion yuan, the net recirculation of the currency in the forward and reverse repurchase business was 284 billion yuan, a total of two.08 trillion yuan, which is equivalent to 1 of the expected scale-down.98 times.  From the debt side, the decrease in the use of long-term assets can partly explain why non-bank financial institutions and commercial banks are gradually decreasing.In the first three quarters of 2019, among the decrease in the issuance of base currencies, currency issuance increased by US $ 107.2 billion, deposits with other financial institutions decreased by US $ 286.5 billion, and deposits with other deposit-taking companies decreased by 2.33 trillion (see Table 2).  Reducing the entry threshold speeds up currency circulation and increases the currency multiplier, but the contraction of the base currency partially offsets the multiplier expansion effect.Just as before 2011, hedging was gradually carried out through the method of raising standards. Although it has a deep freezing of market liquidity, slowing the rate of currency circulation and reducing the currency multiplier effect (caused by 4) compared to the method of issuing central bank bills, it cannot completely eliminate the cause of foreign exchange.The “expanding table” effect caused by the increase in investment placements, so the “write-off operation” is not sufficient.  Correlation analysis results show that from January 2002 to August 2019, changes in balance sheet changes (monthly month-on-month) were indeed related to the issuance of the base currency, and there was a high positive correlation between the changes in M2, of which:The correlation is +0.974, the correlation with the M2 change is +0.957.  Expanding the “extended table” can replace the scale considered by the next monetary policy. This “extended table” is not the same as the “extended table”.The quantitative easing monetary policy implemented by the United States, Europe and Japan is to expand the balance sheet and provide liquidity to the market by purchasing assets, which is an unconventional monetary policy scale.The “expanding of the table” in the Chinese millennium is mainly a temporary adjustment of market liquidity, and does not involve the transfer of collateral ownership.In proportion to the major economies, China ‘s gradual divergence of interest rate and deposit reserve ratio policies leaves room for strong loan demand in the market, and monetary policy remains effective (occurrence 5).The current M2 growth forecast mainly reflects the weakening of market demand for money through nominal economic growth.With a nominal economic growth of around 8% now, naturally it cannot be expected that the growth rate of M2 will remain above 10% (imposition of 6).Otherwise, it is not conducive to maintaining the stability of macroeconomic leverage and preventing and defusing systemic financial risks.  Enlarging the “expansion table” will help improve the effectiveness of monetary policy.Faced with the complex situation of significantly increased risk challenges at home and abroad, it is necessary to further improve the macro-scale and enrich the policy toolbox.In response to the downward pressure on the economy, the Federal Reserve shifted from raising interest rates to cutting interest rates, and global monetary policy returned to easing.In addition, after the “7” was broken, the internal RMB exchange rate was converted into binary and the market was expected to diverge. How China adopted the operation of “expanding the table” was not abrupt, nor would it cause conflicts between the internal and external balance of the economy.And, first of all, the market interpreted that the Fed restarted the “expanded table” to avoid interest rates falling too fast, which led to asset bubbles and the replacement of the zero interest rate boundary. If China gradually combines the balance sheet management with the storage reserve ratio and the benchmark interest rate adjustment,We can further enrich financial policy measures and expand the space for monetary policy.In contrast to the RRR cut and interest rate reduction index, the “extended table” operation is more subdivided, but the monetary stimulus signal is weaker, thereby avoiding disrupting market expectations.  The initial “expanding table” still has room for policy operation.Although the proportion of foreign exchange accounts in previous total assets has dropped more than 20 from a high point, it is only close to 60%, far exceeding the level of about 40% at the beginning of this century (offset 7).After the gradual withdrawal from the normal intervention of the foreign exchange market, the base currency is mainly invested through domestic credit channels, and it is also the proper meaning of improving the market liquidity adjustment mechanism and improving the autonomy of monetary policy.  At the same time, China’s economy is now facing structural problems such as CPI growth but PPI decline, large banks with sufficient liquidity but small and medium-sized banks with tight liquidity, advanced indirect financing, but insufficient direct financing, and the need to cut rates and cut interest rates is an unnecessary tool.There is still some room for targeted reduction of small and medium-sized banks, but it is restricted by the capital and risk control capabilities of these institutions.  In the end, it is possible to strengthen the coordination of fiscal, monetary and structural policies by targeting specific issues such as local government special debt issuance, commercial bank capital replenishment, supporting corporate debt and equity financing, optimizing the scope of collateral, adjusting revenue trading counterparties, and innovating monetary policy tools.To further evacuate the monetary policy intervention mechanism to make finance better serve the real economy.  (The author is a Ph.D. in Economics at Wuhan University, and Dong Fuyi is a lecture professor. This article is only the author’s personal opinion and does not represent the opinions of the unit and institution.)

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Test your divorce cordon

If you are a married person and your spouse wants to divorce you, guess what might be the reason why he wants to divorce you?

  1. Economic problems.

  Answer: Divorce for financial reasons is one of the big reasons for your divorce. Your marriage has already turned on a red light. He often refuses to approach you, has the money to entertain friends, and is unwilling to invite you. You become his burden.He doesn’t even want to face you squarely. Only when you make a lot of money can you have his love. At this time, he is a very enthusiastic and positive person.

  2. He had an affair outside and fell in love with others.

  He is amorous, and often has difficulty suppressing his enthusiasm. He needs to find more love experiences, or he has been married for too many years, which makes him boring to your attraction.

If you want to retain such a lover or husband, then you can give him a lot of freedom to fooling around, exaggerating from time to time that he is a lover of everyone and satisfy his vanity.

But if you can’t stand a fancy companion, hurry up and say goodbye to him.

  3, feel that each other is no longer attractive, do not want to love anymore.

  He is a romantic person. The sentiment is very important to him. His chance of having an affair is very high. In order to retain your spouse, you should create a fun and happy atmosphere in your life. You should dress yourself up and wear him more.Look at the clothes, say more sweet words he likes to hear.

  4. There are obvious differences in life values between each other.

  He may already have an affair, or be prepared to have an affair at any time, you seem to be in a state of love.

Maybe he needs to get something that is very important, and you don’t know it. Maybe someone needs to help him perform in his career, or make more money, but you can’t help him.

Hurry up and meet him!

Otherwise, make some plans for yourself after breaking up.

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Suffering from hyperplasia of mammary glands and eat loofah

Breast hyperplasia damages countless women. According to surveys, 70% -80% of women have different degrees of breast hyperplasia.

The fact that breast hyperplasia, in addition to medication, is also important for conditioning.

You can usually eat more foods that have the effect of clearing the qi and clearing the collaterals and dissolving the silt, such as loofah, pumpkin, eggplant, orange cake, green peel, and roses.

Fu Jinru, the chairman of Tianjin Nutrition Society, especially recommended the loofah to reporters.

Fu Jinru introduced that the traditional Chinese medicine loofah is a sweet and cool product, which enters the lungs and liver, and has the effects of clearing heat and resolving phlegm, cooling blood and detoxifying, relieving heat and removing irritations, and activating menstruation.

Modern research has found that loofah contains an interferon-inducing agent that can promote interferon in the body, so it has a good anti-cancer effect.

In addition, loofah is also rich in B vitamins that can prevent skin aging and vitamin C that whitens the skin. It is a rare beauty product.

Roasted loofah: 800 grams of loofah, 50 grams of shiitake mushrooms, and appropriate amount of ginger juice.

Heat the oil in the pot, fry it with ginger juice, add loofah slices, shiitake mushrooms, cooking wine, salt, MSG, and boil until the mushrooms, loofah taste, thicken, drizzle with sesame oil, and mix well.

In this regard, it has the effect of nourishing qi and blood and channeling meridians.

Loofah scrambled eggs: 250 grams of loofah, 150 grams of eggs, and appropriate amount of green onions.

Whisk the eggs with a little salt and stir well; peel the loofah and cut into pieces; add oil to the pan and heat, place the onion in the wok, and stir-fry the loofah, pour in the egg mixture and stir-fry, add the salt and stir well.Just add MSG.

Fu Jinru reminded that when cooking loofah, do not over-cook, so as not to damage the nutritional content; At the same time, because of the cold and slippery loofah, those who are physically weak can easily cause diarrhea and should not eat more.

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Are annoying adult acne doctors effective?

Because the cause of adult acne is very complicated, it is best to go to the dermatologist to find out the cause and completely cure it.

Go to the dermatologist. What method does the doctor use to treat adult acne?


Does it really work?

Friends who have actually sought help from a dermatologist may know that the following methods may be suggested or used by some physicians for friends who have not yet asked for help but have troubles with adult acne.

  Use Dalacin T to treat pimples that have grown.
DalacinT is a topical antibiotic that can prevent acne and prevent sores, and has treated emerging acne.

However, it should be noted that Dalacin T does not have the effect of preventing acne, and can only accelerate the treatment of acne that has grown.

  Oral antibiotics In addition to absorbing Dalacin T antibiotics, sometimes dermatologists also prescribe antibiotics for internal use, which can accelerate the treatment effect by taking a two-pronged approach.

However, taking antibiotics can cause side effects and worsen Candida albicans, so be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions.

  There are too many people in the traditional Chinese medicine—Qingshang Fangfeng Decoction who will see Chinese medicine to treat acne. Qingshang Fangfeng Decoction is quite effective for acne because it has anti-inflammatory and purulent effects, especially for red and swollen acne.And also has a good effect on the prevention of acne.

Qingshang Fengfeng Soup contains: windproof, forsythia, white peony, eustoma, scutellaria baicalensis, Chuanxiong, Coptis chinensis, nepeta, mandrill, coriander shell, mint, licorice.

It is quite convenient to sell ready-made Chinese medicine in Japan.

  Hormonal disorders cause adult acne?

Blood tests for hormonal examinations Excessive hormones in men are one of the factors that cause adult acne, and treatment is different.

Therefore, it is best to do a blood test to confirm the hormonal balance before deciding on treatment guidelines.

It is best to choose the time of blood draw from the beginning of the physiological period to before the ovulation period.

  Using Acuatim Ointment with bactericidal effect to treat red and swollen acne Acuatim Ointment can kill acne-preventing ulcerative bacteria and glucococcus, so it is particularly effective for red and swollen pimples.

  Taking pregnanediol to adjust hormones Taking pregnanediol can reduce skin oil secretion and improve pore complications.

This is a great way to deal with acne caused by hormonal imbalances.

  The best way to treat acne-Peeling is the ideal way to treat acne caused by thickening of the stratum corneum.

But for different symptoms, different skin resurfacing methods should be adopted.

For example, red and swollen acne can be replaced with fruit acid; bumpy acne scars can be replaced with microdermabrasion.

It is best to choose a period during which the stratum corneum is hypertrophic before the physiological period.

This method is also effective for the body’s acne.

  Taking Aldactone to suppress male hormones To suppress excess male hormones, doctors may recommend taking Aldactone.

Aldactone 塬 is a diuretic, and its side effect is to inhibit male hormones, so it is also used as a medicine to regulate hormones.

Inhibition of male hormone secretion decreases, chin, acne combined with face side will decrease.

  Laser treatment of acne. Laser can also be used to treat acne, and through the development of new machines, there are different laser treatment options for both prevention of acne, treatment of acne and elimination of acne scars.
Especially in the case of acne scars on the lunar surface, it is very difficult to improve only with cosmetics. However, using laser treatment in skin and plastic surgery can make acne scars less obvious.

  Pulsed light is also very effective for adult acne. There are also many ways to treat pulsed light. This refers to the use of pulsed light with a specific wavelength to prevent acne caused by acne.

The pulse light with the wavelength that can destroy the bacteria of bruise sores is very good.

Regular application is also effective in preventing acne.

  Suspended vitamins need to cultivate a body that is not prone to acne, and can be administered with comprehensive vitamins. For example, vitamin B, which can inhibit the secretion of oil and vitamin C, which has anti-inflammatory and whitening effects, is faster and more effective than taking tablets.

  To take the above methods of treatment or to consult the doctor’s opinions.

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Why do we need yoga?

Practicing yoga is different from other fitness programs. Yoga requires practice at a fixed time every day. You may think: you ca n’t persist without perseverance and perseverance?


The reason why every yoga lover loves practicing yoga is not to pursue fashion, but also for simple purposes such as weight loss and insomnia treatment, but yoga has become a need in life, just like eating and drinking every day.same.

Do you rely on perseverance to keep eating every day?

  ”I don’t have time to practice yoga”, “I’m young and active, I can’t calm down” . these are not the key, the key is whether you urgently need to practice yoga.

Read the following points carefully to help you make your judgment.

  Do you need to practice yoga?

Do I need to practice yoga?

  Need 1: Energy “Give me strength.” The most pleasant spell in childhood, but it has become the most helpless hope now.

Busy, stressful, competitive . Do you often look like a discouraged ball and feel that you are physically weak and lack energy?

  The word “energy” often appears in texts about yoga.

This “energy” may not give you dazzling large muscles, but it can guarantee the continuous power support in the body. This “energy” makes you clear and refreshed throughout the day.

  Do you want to be a “Superman” who feels energetic as soon as he opens his eyes every morning?

  Need 2: Young, elegant body Even though yoga can lose weight, that is by no means the ultimate goal of practicing yoga.

  As we get older, the destructiveness of gravity is becoming more apparent.

Even if your weight remains the same, your back is a little hump, your belly is a little convex, and your upper arms are a little bloated . and you feel more and more stiff.

  Yoga helps your body to breathe new ideas, strengthen its strength, relax its energy, and maintain an elegant and compact body, light and agile, without knowing it.

It was a natural body, a beautiful body, a young body.

Will you appear fatter?

  Need 3: Improving the quality of life A successful career and earning a lot of money does not mean a high quality of life.

Cervical spondylosis, diabetes, insomnia, depression?

Sexual dysfunction?

. is modern disease invading you?

  Practicing yoga is not a panacea for all diseases, but it can definitely improve the bad trend and develop in the positive direction.

Various postures of yoga, combined with breathing, stimulate the circulation of qi and blood by stimulating acupuncture points and meridians, adjusting body, heart, and gas, increasing natural healing power, sending fresh blood to decreasing body cells, and massaging the bodyMultiple organs and rebuild function.

  Requirement 4: Happiness grows stronger and stronger, but it must be said, because many people who have practiced yoga have described it to me happily.

Yoga people are quiet and no longer fretful.

When peace of mind and contentment, you will be more sensitive to good things.

A piece of green grass and a smooth white cloud can bring sincere joy.

  And more of the magic of happy and depressed yoga, it will even change your concept of doing things for others.

I will no longer be upset by people or things that are not pleasing to the eyes as before, I will not drill into the horns of my own horns, and look at the problem from another angle.

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Let your baby exercise with mother

Babies under the age of 1 have limited abilities, but they are curious about new things, and the best time for their mother to recover within one year after delivery

Baby and mother can exercise together.

  ● The squat exercise improves the strength of the mother’s pelvic floor muscles, while training the baby’s sense of space movement.

  Action essentials: The pregnant mother does squats, and the range of squatting does not need to be very large. After 2 seconds, the movement will be restored.

Tighten your thigh and hip muscles as you stand up.

Can each group repeat 6?
10 moves.

  Tip: When squatting, aim at the toes, and do not move forward beyond the toes.

  ● Bird-type exercise effect strengthens the strength of the mother’s shoulder and spinal muscles, prevents the occurrence of cervical spondylosis, and trains the baby’s reaction ability and arm strength.

  Action essentials: baby and mother sit facing each other, mother with both hands raised sideways, and constantly moving arms up and down 50?
100 times, let the baby do the same with the mother, pay attention to observe the baby’s reaction.

  Tip: The mother should encourage the baby to wave his arm with himself.

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