Cibin Group (601636) Company Review: High-end product layout continues to advance glass price hub to promote improvement

Entered into medicinal glass, the large potential company of neutral borosilicate glass market plans to invest in a neutral borosilicate medical glass project. The project is planned to be constructed in phases. The scale of construction is a 3 kiln and 8 line 100 ton / day neutral borosilicate medicinal glass tube.And deep processing of products, the total investment of the project is about 600 million yuan.

This medicine glass project adopts a follow-up investment mechanism. In addition to the investment by Qibin Group Company, a follow-up investment platform jointly established by key management personnel such as the company’s business partners also participates in it, demonstrating the confidence of the company’s executives.

In recent years, the size of the insulin glass market has increased to about 22 billion, maintaining a steady growth, the continuous improvement of the conversion evaluation mechanism, and the use of neutral borosilicate glass has increased.

The main suppliers of neutral borosilicate glass are mostly foreign companies such as SCHOTT, electrical glass, and Corning, and the domestic market share of domestic companies has decreased.

As a domestic leader in floatation, Qibin maintains a stable investment in research and development each year, forming a certain technical reserve. Executives investing in this project are also based on trust in their own technical strength.

With the gradual improvement of domestic enterprises’ technology, it is expected to start to produce domestic alternatives to neutral borosilicate glass.

  The production capacity of energy-saving glass continues to increase. The executive-value-added electronic glass company plans to invest in a new energy-saving glass factory in Changxing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The total investment of the project is expected to be about 600 million yuan.

Combined with local float glass production capacity, it is expected to extend further downstream.

In addition, executives set up an investment platform to increase capital in Fuling Electronic Glass. It is expected that electronic glass will be commercialized after 2020, which is an important step for the company to achieve high-end products.

This capital increase is also carried out by the establishment of an investment platform by senior executives. It continues to implement the requirements of the company plan to promote the company’s “manager” to “partner” status. The long-term value of the company and core executives also reflects the highTube confidence in electronic glass.

  The supply and demand are rising. In 2020, the glass price center will continue to rise and the completion of the engineering data will continue to rise. The new construction-completed scissors gap will be gradually repaired. It is expected that it will continue to be rebuilt in 2020. The demand for automobiles has also bottomed out and has been achieved in November 19.

Positive growth of 7%, so bullish on overall glass demand recovery.

According to the forecast of China Glass Futures Network, there will be about 14-15 glass production lines with cold repair conditions next year. In terms of resumption, a large number of production lines have been resumed in 18-19, and there are not many remaining production lines under cold repair.There are about 9-10 production lines that have resumed production conditions. Considering some new production lines, it is expected that the net increase of production lines in 2020 will be negative every year.

Therefore, in view of supply and demand, the overall glass price hub will increase next year, and as the industry leader, Qibin has obvious advantages in production capacity, so its performance flexibility is also the largest.

In terms of cost, soda ash continued to fall, so the company increased the self-sufficiency rate of quartz sand ore, and continued to 天津夜网 widen the profit gap with small businesses.

  Investment suggestion: raise earnings forecast, net profit attributable to mother from 19-21 to 12.

46, 13.

77, 14.

97 ppm increased to 13.

38, 16.

34, 18.

46 trillion, EPS is 0.

50, 0.

61, 0.

69 yuan, corresponding PE is 11X, 9X, 8X times, maintaining the “buy” level.

  Risk warning: a large number of production lines resume production; real estate completion demand is further reduced; new construction projects are less than expected.

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NavInfo (002405) Semi-annual Report of 19 Years: Intelligent Driving Deep Layout Intelligent Driving Deep Layout Short-term pressure does not change long-term advantages

I. Event Overview The company achieved revenue in the first half of 201910.

8.4 billion, an annual increase of 9.

43%; net profit attributable to mother is 8560.

30,000 yuan, at least 47 a year.

56%; deduction of non-net profit 6154.

860,000 yuan, an average of 54 in ten years.


Second, analyze and judge the leading company of car navigation, large group cooperation long-term growth. The basic company ‘s market share in the car navigation pre-installation market is stable in the 38% -40% range. For many years, deepening the automotive industry chain has brought stable market advantages.

During the year, ten ministries and commissions, including the National Development and Reform Commission, issued the “Implementation Plan for Further Optimizing Supply to Promote Consumption Growth and Promote the Formation of a Strong Internal Market.”

Of course, the two major groups, Daimler and BMW, respectively signed 2020 to 2024, and the navigation electronic map sales agreement before 2021 is an important basis for long-term growth.

With maps as the core layout of intelligent driving and complementary orders highlighting the leading autonomous driving maps, highway collection and industrialization are leading the way.

The best data has effectively covered more than 210,000 kilometers of high-speed highways across the country. In 2019, it covers all national highway networks, and the mileage collected is leading in the domestic industry.

The company’s self-developed self-driving solution has completed the 5,000 km non-repeated road test on the Beijing-Kunming Expressway.

In February 2019, the company and BMW Motors signed an agreement to provide Level 3 and above autonomous driving map products and related services for the BMW Group’s brand cars that will be mass-produced and marketed in China from 2021 to 2024.An order for Level 3 and above autonomous driving maps.

The acquisition of orders fully demonstrates the company’s leading advantages.

Chips, Internet of Vehicles business achieved results, and ecological construction continued to advance the company’s IVI. AMP chips have achieved certain advantages in the aftermarket. MCU chips have been mass-produced in 18 years, and TPMS chips are scheduled to be mass-produced in 19 years.

With the recovery of automobile sales, the business climate of related businesses is expected to pick up.

At the same time, the company reached an agreement 深圳桑拿网 with the BMW Group in August 2019 to provide internal car-connected system related services such as dynamic traffic information and route planning for this brand car.

The company’s existing car networking services have covered background content, dynamic information, cloud-to-OS, and terminal hardware to form a fully ecological car networking service solution.

The large car factory orders received this time are expected to create a benchmark effect and accelerate the development of related businesses.

Reported that the growth rate of the first-tier company’s connected car business income reached 38.

16%, a new high for the same period in the past three years.

Third, investment suggestions The company ‘s navigation, chip and other businesses are highly correlated with car sales. At the same time, the company continues 天津夜网 to invest heavily in research and development to maintain technological advantages, so the short-term performance is under pressure.

However, intelligent driving is an important development direction of the policy support field and the automotive industry. The promotion of L3 intelligent driving is already the general trend. The industry is expected to accelerate its growth. The company’s leading layout in the field of intelligent driving will bring long-term value.

EPS are expected to be 0 in 19-21.



41, corresponding PE is 59X, 47X, 36X.

The company’s average PE (TTM) 117X in the past three years, the company’s current PE (TTM) 66X, maintaining the “recommended” level.

Fourth, risk warning: the chip business growth is less than expected, the advanced map landing progress is less than expected.

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Zhonggong Education (002607): The first quarter results continued to shine and profitability was further improved

First quarter of 2019: Revenue and profit: The company reports and realizes operating income13.

12 billion (+61 year-on-year.

93%), net profit realized 1.

0.6 billion (YoY + 304.

47%), because the company ‘s revenue recognition rules are mainly based on the results of the entry list to confirm the income and refunds, so with the written test and interview time of the national and provincial exams above, the use of training institution revenue has certain substitutions:The quarterly written test, the interview and recruitment list are published relatively long. It is the off-season for revenue recognition. Therefore, the company ‘s revenue growth in the first quarter increased, and its net profit turned to profitability, which highlights the company’s operating capabilities.Factors such as the decline in the number of registered employees and the company’s revenue have continued to increase significantly. It can be speculated that the civil service market is still hot, and CPG Education has the advantage as a leader.

Accounts received in advance: The budget appreciation in advance has been significantly increased, and confidence in 19-year performance has been enhanced.

The preliminary fund received in the report reached 43.

60,000 yuan, an increase of 127 last year.


Accounts received in advance 43.

600 million, a good foundation for the company’s outstanding performance in 2019.

Expenses: The company’s reported expenses further reduced the expense ratio, and the scale effect was prominent.

The company achieved a gross profit margin of 58 in the first quarter.

26%, an annual increase of 3.

02pct; selling expense ratio 22.

05%, 5 per year.

91 points; management expense ratio 16.

90%, drop by 6 every year.

04pct; R & D expenses 8.

34pct, down 2 every year.

70pct, mainly benefited from the improvement of the company’s management efficiency. The scale benefits brought by its leader significantly improved the company’s profitability. It is expected that the company will benefit from the scale effect throughout 2019.

Affected by the spring breeze of vocational education policies, the company has benefited significantly.

In 2019, the State issued a series of vocational education measures, the “National 杭州桑拿 Vocational Education Reform Implementation Plan”, etc., to encourage the establishment of a diversified school layout and promote business and social forces for vocational education, and the company as a company in the field of vocational education training has benefited significantly.

Profit forecast: It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent from 2019 to 2020 will be $ 1.72 billion and $ 2.3 billion each, with annual growth rates of 45.

58%, 39.

79%, the latest closing price corresponds to 46 PE in 2019.

9x, giving a fair value of 14.

18 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” rating risk reminder: policy risks, new business start-up is not smooth, the participation rate is lower than expected, etc .

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Investment Accumulation (001914): Flagship Store of Central Enterprise Property Management

The flagship of SOE Property Management has a strategic positioning.

AVIC Real Estate and China Merchants Property have a strong alliance, and the combined property management area has reached nearly 1.

500 million square meters, leading in the sector of institutional property management.

The company locates the flagship store of central enterprise property management, which is the world’s leading domestic first-class company. From 成都桑拿网 the establishment of China’s first real estate company in 1914 to the change of 001914 company code, China Merchants has placed higher expectations on the company’s development.

Institutional properties are in the growth stage of the industry life cycle, and the performance of leading companies has accelerated in recent years.

The overall space of the property management industry in 2018 is about 1 trillion yuan, of which institutional property revenue accounts for about 55%.

After the overall economic activity of the society has reached a certain level, it will inevitably raise a higher demand for equipment management. At the same time, the technological empowerment of Internet of Things and other technologies will accelerate the landing, and demand and supply will promote each other.

In recent years, the revenue of leading companies has accelerated, with a CAGR of approximately 28%.

Improve the profitability of the company for sustainable development.

The company’s current gross profit margin is about 10% and 5%, and there is room for expansion and improvement in the future: the company’s technology enables existing projects to land, and it is expected to save labor costs.Future profits will enhance space competitiveness.

After the merger, the synergy effect reduces the middle and back-end costs, such as shared technology systems, shared financial personnel systems, etc., avoids repeated investment in the IT field, and reduces management expense ratios and depreciation amortization.

Compared with other property management companies, the company’s current financial costs are higher, about 200 million yuan.

Taking into account the asset management business model of property management companies, good cash flow characteristics do not need to expand debt, and it is expected that financial costs will gradually decrease, effectively increasing profits.

Cash assets provide protection for the company’s subsequent development.

The company’s previous engineering real estate development holds investment real estate with a book value of about 6.9 billion, some of which are located in first- and second-tier cities.

Whether it is to reduce financial costs or use for M & A expansion, abundant cash-like assets will provide favorable protection.

Investment suggestion: Institutional property management is in the early stage of growth. The company is positioned as the flagship of state-owned enterprise management, with lofty goals.

The company’s profit level has improved, and the operation roadmap is clear. The abundant cash assets also provide protection.

The company’s EPS for 2019, 2020 and 2021 is expected to be 0.

44 yuan, 0.

58 yuan, 0.

76 yuan, according to the closing price on January 13, 2020, the corresponding PE is 50 times, 38 times, 29 times, respectively, given a “prudent increase” rating.

Risk warning: slow integration of resources and rapid increase in costs.

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After 600 million festivals, nearly 30 billion funds poured into 115 stocks

The number of investors exceeded 1.

After 600 million festivals, nearly 30 billion funds poured into 115 stocks

Original title: Number of A-share investors exceeded 1.

After 600 million festivals, nearly 30 billion funds poured into 115 stock sources: Securities Daily News On 深圳桑拿网 February 17, data from China Securities Depository and Clearing Corporation showed that as of the end of January, the number of investors in the domestic stock market reached 16,055.

30,000 people, this is the first time that the number of A-share investors exceeded 1.

6 billion.

  The reporter found through combing that the capital of the north has become an important force for the market to be long on A shares.

In the 12 trading days since the holiday, the net inflow amount reached 657.

3.1 billion yuan.

In addition, the recent explosion of funds frequently appeared, and often “cannot buy” the situation.

  CITIC Securities said that China’s capital market will face more opportunities for reform and opening up. Many assets are very attractive and will attract a large number of foreign capital inflows. In this process of opening up, many new opportunities will emerge in the capital market, providing market participantsLarge-scale development space.

  Yang Delong, chief economist of Qianhai Open Source Fund, said in an interview with the Securities Daily that “At the beginning of this year, the CBRC issued a notice asking banks and insurance companies to lead multiple channels and guide residents to enter the capital market for long-term investment and value investment.Is an important policy signal.

The next ten years will be the golden decade of the A-share market, and household savings are an important driving force for the A-share market to show the golden decade.

In the past ten years, residents’ savings have mainly flowed to low-risk wealth management products, surplus treasures and other products, and some have been deposited in the property market.

As the effect of the gradual shrinking of the property market gradually appears, the transaction volume of second-hand housing has declined significantly, while the growth of house prices is expected to gradually decrease, and the savings of residents have shifted a lot, and they have sought new opportunities in the capital market.

“The transformation of the capital market has been deepened and reforms have been advanced. A-share high-quality companies have more and more internal funds on the market.

According to the statistics of the flush flush data, the reporter found that in the 12 trading days since the holiday, a total of 115 stocks in the market have a net inflow of more than 100 million large funds, a total of 297 gold.

9.3 billion yuan.

BOE A (14.

3.8 billion yuan), Luoyang Molybdenum Industry (13.

One in 2.7 billion is in the forefront of Shanghai and Shenzhen, with a cumulative large single net worth of over 13 trillion.

Makihara shares (8.

1.7 billion), Yuhe Tian (8.

1.4 billion), UFIDA Network (7.

07 billion), TCL Technology (6.

08 billion yuan), Oriental Fortune (5.

6.5 billion yuan), famous cities (5.

6.2 billion yuan), Conch Cement (5.

3.4 billion), Tianqi Lithium Industry (5.

2.4 billion), ZTE (5.

11 ppm) and other 9 stocks were gradually sought after by large single funds of more than 5 ppm.

  In terms of market performance, from February 3 to February 18, a total of 102 stocks in the 115 target stocks gradually increased during the period, accounting for 88.


Tianhua’s ultra-clean period continued to double, rising by 109.

43%, Yuhe Tian (91.

82%), excellent carved (81.

96%), Landy Group (69.
64%), Taiji shares (68.
26%), Shanghai Hugong (67.

77%), basic egg organisms (55.

55%), electroacoustic shares (51.

64%) and other stocks gradually increased by more than 50% during the period.

  Yang Delong believes that the A-share is estimated to be in the estimated depression of the global capital market and at the same time the historical bottom. The short-term impact of the sudden epidemic 苏州桑拿网 will not change the trend of the A-share market.

  From the perspective of institutional “recommended stocks”, 11 companies, such as Sany Heavy Industry, Gloria, ZTE, Zijin Mining, Gemdale, Huanxu Electronics, UFIDA, Baoxin Software, SF Holdings, Oriental Fortune, Green Alliance TechnologyWithin the past 30 days, individual stocks have received bullish ratings such as “buy” or “overweight” from five or more institutions, and their future performance deserves close tracking.

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Nandu Property (603506): Expansion of management area, rapid performance and sustained high growth

Event: The company announced its 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income10.

59 ppm, an increase of 29 in ten years.

18%; realized net profit attributable to the parent company was 9,181.

180,000 yuan, an annual increase of 22.


The contracted area exceeded 55 million square meters, and the expansion of scale promoted revenue growth. The core of the growth of the basic property business was the growth of the management area. The company expanded the contracted area through endogenous extension.

In June 2018, the company completed the acquisition of 70% equity of Jiangsu Jinfeng Property, one of the top 100 property service companies, to strengthen the company’s ability to develop in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.

There is no doubt that the company reported new and newly opened businesses in Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi in the report.

As of December 31, 2018, the company had a total of 433 contracted projects, an increase of 57 over the same period last year.

45%, the company gradually signed a total area of 5,542.

560,000 square meters, an increase of 42 over the same period last year.


The increase in area promoted the increase in revenue. In 2018, the company’s contracted property management service business reached Dada.

68 ppm, an increase of 30 in ten years.


The property management industry is showing a competitive landscape of “stronger and stronger”, and its concentration has continued to increase. As the top 20 companies in China’s top 100 property service companies in 2018, the company has expanded its scale through endogenous extension and gradually continued to consolidate its leading edge in property management.
The value-added services have high added value and the Internet enhances service capabilities. In addition to traditional property management services, the company also provides services such as housekeeping services, berths, private greening, and interior maintenance. These services have a positive effect on increasing company revenue and profits and building a brand image.
In 2018, the company’s value-added service revenue reached 68.62 million yuan, with a gross profit margin of 67%.

The company established its subsidiary Zhejiang Yuedu Network Technology Co., Ltd. in 2015. With Yuejiajia and other APPs as carriers, it provides a diversified and comprehensive service for the property service cloud platform for the owner. Functions include repairs, appointment cleaning, and property payment., Community dating, purchase of goods, house leasing and other services, in the future is expected to create paid services for customers, merchant settlement costs, advertising costs and other profit points.

Actively explore long-term rental apartment business and continue to explore profit models. Long-term rental apartment is an emerging business of the company.

In 2018, Dayue Commercial was selected as the first batch of Hangzhou housing rental pilot companies to be cultivated. The Croatian International Youth Community Canal Store and Happy City Store opened.

In 2018, the company’s long-term rental apartment business revenue exceeded 20 million, reflecting the company’s 武汉夜网论坛 positive progress in the layout of long-term rental apartments.

The gross profit margin for long-term rental apartments is currently 2.

58%, improving the profitability of the long-term rental apartment business is the focus of the company’s future exploration.

We believe that in the era of real estate stock, housing leasing has a huge market. The company has a leading layout in the field of long-term rental apartments with a clear brand image.

With the increase of the company’s leasing projects and the continuous improvement of profitability, the future apartment leasing business is expected to become a new growth point beyond the company’s property foundation and value-added business.

Investment advice and profit forecast We estimate the company’s net profit for the year 19-21 to be 1.



1.2 billion (19-20 years ago) 1.


(US $ 5.2 billion, due to the expected rapid expansion of the company’s property management area, which will boost its performance, so it slightly raises its profit forecast), corresponding to an EPS of 1.



06 yuan.

The company’s business development goals are clear. New business apartment leasing is gradually increasing, maintaining a “buy” rating.

Risk warning: real estate cycle fluctuates, project expansion is less than expected, and labor costs rise too quickly

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Five tips for junior high school students’ early love

Today, while chatting with netizens on the Internet, she asked me a question, saying that her child might have fallen in love early.

She said she was scared.

do not know what to do.

Her son is in third grade.

I said it was nothing, it was normal.

Here are some of my views on this issue: 1. It’s nothing to make a fuss about children’s early love with ordinary heart.

We ourselves have come from this period. Whose heart has not longed for a good yearning?

Have you ever had a first love?

It’s just that your first love is hidden!

But to be honest, first love should be the best, and it is also the memory of our lives.

  2. Don’t treat the children who have fallen in love rudely.

Early-born children are likely to fall in love early in junior high school.

This is also very normal physiological development.

We as parents should have this mental preparation early.

Don’t feel ashamed of your face when you find that your child is in love, and lose face.

So he interfered with the child or threatened him with force.

  3. To clarify the consequences to the child. The child in this period must not think too much.

They just do things with curiosity under the influence of physical growth.

But it is impossible for people in this period to extricate themselves.

So parents should talk to their children about the consequences of doing so, but don’t threaten them.

That way you can only make the child feel that you are not getting warmth in you, so he can only go to find his loved one.

The last is counterproductive.

  4. Parents should prepare in advance for their children.

Therefore, we as parents must make psychological preparations in advance.

This problem should be communicated with the child from time to time after the junior high school.

It ‘s okay to ask them if their school has a target.

Make your child feel that you don’t care much about it.

At the same time, the more he says, the less curious he may be.

  5. Don’t be too serious. Parents shouldn’t be as close to enemies as possible when talking to their children about this.

It’s easy to say, you can even joke with your child when he is happy, and tell similar things.

In this way, the child will not be too nervous and will be very cooperative with you.

  In fact, each of us as parents hopes that their children can grow up healthy.

Then adjust our own mentality first!

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Female white-collar decompression set off violent fever

Experts warn: Be careful of violence, habitual loss of control and harm others. Women have always used words such as gentleness and gentleness. At the same time, social competition has intensified, and white-collar workers have begun to choose “violence” to vent their pressure on work and life.

Nowadays, a boxing exercise that resembles boxing and is accompanied by a roar is popular with women.

  Some women consider objects such as pillows and cushions at home as “violent” objects, while others are keen on online violence games.

Experts point out that once the violent stress reducer gets out of control, it is likely to bring violence to real life and hurt others.

Fighting athletes should carry out the purpose of recreation and fitness and increase the capacity.

  The reporter witnessed the Wenjing women ‘s boxing exercise “Be harder, harder, forgetting that you are a woman.

With the instructions of the coach, more than a dozen women clenched their fists and struck straight forward. It seemed to face the opponent in front of them, and there was a strong expression in their eyes.

Straight, uppercut, swing, forward, side kick and other actions are done with scrutiny.

Driven by the strong music rhythm, they also roared.

This is a scene of a boxing exercise at a fitness club near the East Second Ring Road.

The ladies who are practicing fighting here seem to have forgotten their weakness, punched hard, kicked hard, and exploded their strength in an instant.

  Ms. Liu had been sweating for an hour.

Mei Qingmuxiu works at an IT company. “Many of the companions who come to practice fighting are for venting, except for fitness. They are usually as quiet as me. They can practice fighting and can punch and kick. I feel very cool and very exciting.
Song Meimei, who has been working as a fitness coach for more than ten years, told reporters that in the past, women mostly liked the traditional aerobics with softer movements. In the past two years, more and more women have begun to favor combat, taekwondo and even beatings.Exercise, in order to exercise the body, the more powerful exercise, the more able to release stress through instant burst.

Fighting exercises like this do not have to fight with others. You can also use your body to face the mirror and use your body to throw a punch into the air to achieve the purpose of “struggle”. Sometimes you can use the coach as an imaginary “enemy.”

  Decompression tricks. In addition to the former crazy rogue rabbits, in addition to devoting time to the club to “violent” a knife, many women also played violence at home.

Throw your fist at soft objects like pillows, cushions, and vent your depression.

Ms. Qian, who lives in Haidian District, said, “Our pillows have broken me several times. It doesn’t necessarily represent a particular person. It is the anger or pressure in my heart. It all disappeared in a fist.

The man was in a hurry, and blushed with a thick neck. We could only do that.

“And she also has a large rogue rabbit in her foreign company’s office, which is designed for employees to punch and kick.” Poor rabbits have not been beaten by me.

The reporter also found that a lot of toys called vents sold at many roadside stalls were also patronized by some women and fell to the ground or fell down severely. After a few seconds, they were thrown into a mess of rubber ballsReturn to its original state immediately.

  In addition to the “fist and kick” of women in reality, violent games on the Internet have also attracted many female players.

A survey shows that 40% of online game players are women.

This is a small game of “beating the boss”. Many women are excited when they see the boss crying with pain and vomiting blood.

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An hour angry and tired of overtime for six hours

Scientific experiments have proved that when people are optimistic and happy, the body adds chemicals that are beneficial to health, such as hormones, enzymes, and acetylcholine, through the biochemical process, which play a role in regulating blood flow and exciting nerve cells, making the body in a good condition.State function status.

When people’s emotions have improved, and negative sadness exceeds normal physiological limits, it will cause physiological dysfunction and cause disease.

  Medical experts have confirmed based on a large number of medical records that eliminating extremely serious emotions can cause psychological conflicts, cause excessive mental and physical exhaustion, and lead to a decline in immune capacity, which can cause various diseases and even cancer.

Being mentally depressed for a long time can lead to diseases that infect the system, because the mood is low and the deterioration of peristalsis and the secretion of digestive juice are suppressed, and the slenderness causes loss of appetite, and even leads to functional disorders and organic damage.

However, the physical and mental consumption caused by one hour of anger is equivalent to the consumption of over six hours of overtime in three days, and the anger can sometimes lead to violent death.

  Impetuous people often get angry for little things. In fact, being angry is a kind of torture that a person commits to himself. This kind of torture makes himself more and more aging, seriously damages his health, and angry also leads to many tragedies.happened.
Although life is short and beautiful, we really should not be our own executioners.

  Do you often get angry about something?

I think most of the answers are yes.

In this world, it is difficult to find a person who is not angry, but it is extremely easy for us to find a person who is grieved for a little thing.

  One day, I helped out at a friend’s psychological clinic, and a young guy came. I could feel his anger, and he was very impetuous, and it turned out that my intuition was right.

He told me that at home, his wife always annoyed him, and in the unit, his colleagues always annoyed him . Finally he said that he was going to be mad.

I quietly listened to him for ten minutes after finishing his various experiences and said, “You are under 30 years old, but you look like you are over 30 years old, and your physical condition is very bad. I am right

“He nodded easily.

I continued to say to him: “A person who gets angry often becomes like this.

In fact, others are not intentionally offending you, and you should try to tolerate others.

“Some people often get furious and angry when they encounter something unpleasant. As a result, instead of helping to solve the problem, they will hurt their feelings.

In fact, the bad emotions caused by anger will seriously damage physical health. Previous German scholar Kant said: anger is to punish others for their mistakes.

  Chinese traditional medicine also believes that anger is harmful to health.

The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic also warned explicitly: “Anger hurts the liver.

“The liver plays an important role in physiological functions. It not only secretes bile, regulates the metabolism of proteins, trace amounts, and residues, but also has the effects of detoxification and coagulation.

It can be polished from here, and the health hazards of anger cannot be ignored.

  An American scientist found that when exhaling a person’s breath into a liquid, there is no obvious change in the liquid when it is calm, a white precipitate when it is sad, and the liquid becomes cloudy when angry.

If a person is mad for five minutes, it is no less than the physical energy consumed by a two-kilometre run.

Scientists have therefore concluded that people are not dying, but are dying, and it seems that the harm of anger to us is visible.

  When a person is angry, the brain nerves are highly excited, causing the nerve endings of the skin to be tense, the capillaries to contract, the blood flow to be slow and blocked, which reduces the supply of oxygen to the skin, and the skin appears purple to varying degrees.

If you lose your temper often, your race will become darker and darker.

At the same time, the capillaries contract or rupture due to anger can cause skin capillary circulation disorders and the metabolism of various nutrients delivered to the skin, so the skin gradually becomes dry, atrophied, wrinkled, loose, yellow, tarnished, and even died.

In addition, some cells are easy to degenerate, which will cause pigmentation, melasma, freckles, kidneys, etc., especially the elderly.

  When you are angry, you can’t fall asleep because you can’t calm down.

The extreme anger helps the brain to break through conventional activities, often causing reckless or excessive actions, leading to fights, even killing people. This is how many tragedies occur; sometimes abnormal behaviors caused by anger can cause serious stimulation to the brain’s center.Blood rushes often lead to cerebral hemorrhage.

  Since anger is detrimental to health and prone to tragedy, people should learn to control themselves and try not to be angry.

When you encounter something that makes you angry, you must first learn to “dissipate yourself”; indeed, when you encounter something that is particularly infuriating, you must also take the word “quit” first and quit.

Of course, this is not simply a matter of making up your mind. There are also issues of moral cultivation and cultivation of sentiment.

The ancients thought that “responsibility is strict, treat others with leniency” and “warm, good, respectful, frugal, and letting”, and think that the sign of interpersonal communication is very beneficial to human health.

Being calm in dealing with problems, being generous, and being able to restrain one’s emotions appropriately can not only prevent oneself from being angry, but also actually reflects one’s inner cultivation.

  If you are not angry and less angry, you need to be open-minded and generous. Don’t worry about the trivial matters.

In fact, taking a step back does not mean cowardice, but rather a good strategy for resolving contradictions, and may lead to the release of suspicion, in exchange for the clouds disappearing and the sky widening.
We must also be good at controlling and conditioning our emotions, and eliminate the bad mood of anger in the bud state.
Do not think that anger is an expression of integrity, frankness, and bold character.

Being angry and angry at the same time is not beneficial to others, not to oneself, and it hurts others and punishes yourself. It is not cost-effective.

  In your daily work, you can try to prevent yourself from getting angry in the following ways: 1.

When something goes wrong, after encountering misunderstandings, he uses psychological relaxation to say to himself, “There is no need to be angry about a small matter.”


When you are angry, remind yourself that everyone has the right to act according to their choice.


When you first get angry, take a few minutes to think about how you feel and how the other person feels.


Ask people you trust to help you and let them remind you whenever they see you angry.


Learn to say “It doesn’t matter”.

Pioneer’s anger was indeed doing a stupid thing.


When you are not angry, talk to those who are often mad at you, and point out each other’s words and actions that are prone to anger.


Try to get angry in advance, and book a few seconds more each time than the previous one. Over time, you can control yourself.


Remind yourself that “happy life is better than rich money”, anger can’t get through.


Self-love, remind yourself how bad things even others do, anger hurts your body first.

  Finally, let’s read a story, and we should remember it.

  A Zen master of the Jin Dynasty loved orchids very much. In addition to teaching on the weekdays, he spent a lot of time planting orchids.

  One day, he would go out and travel around, and before discipling, he told his disciples to take good care of the orchids in the temple.

  During this period, the disciples always took good care of the orchids, but one day they accidentally knocked down the orchid stand while watering. All the orchid pots fell and the orchids were scattered all over the floor.

  The disciples were therefore very panicked, and planned to wait for Master to return and pay Master a penalty.

  The Zen Master of the Jin Dynasty came back. When he heard about this, he called his disciples. Instead of blaming him, he wrote: “I plant orchids for buddha, and for embellishment, pleasant temperament, not for angryOrchid’s.

The Master Jin Dynasty said it well, not to grow orchids for anger.

The reason why a Zen master can see is that although he likes orchids, he doesn’t care about the gains and losses of orchids. Therefore, the gains and losses of orchids do not affect the mood and anger in his heart.

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Caring for 1 month babies

After the neonatal period, the child is full moon.

This period after the full moon is a month of accelerated development in infancy.

Table of indicators for infants in this month: Item weight (average) of boys and girls 5.

03 kg 4.

68 kg height (average) 57.

06 cm 56.

17 cm head circumference (average) 38.

43 cm 37.

56 cm bust (average) 37.

88 cm 37 cm sitting height (average) 37.

94 cm 37.

A child with a body height of 35 cm for one month will have a funny smile. The face has a long and wide nose, full buttocks, narrow shoulders and buttocks, a short neck, a swollen chest, a belly, and small arms and lower legsI always like to be in a flexed state, with two small hands holding fists.

  At 8 weeks of development, the angle of the prone position of the chin from the bed can reach 45 degrees, but it cannot last.

It will not be until 3 months before the chin and shoulders can be lifted off the bed surface, the top can also be partially removed from the bed surface, and the upper limbs support part of the weight.

Parents should pay attention to the child’s prone position to prevent suffocation caused by poor breathing.

  From birth to 1 month, the movement development is in an active stage. He can make many different movements, especially the facial expressions are gradually enriched.

Sometimes crying is triggered during sleep, the little mouth seems to be aggrieved, and sometimes an unconscious smile appears.

In fact, these actions are all serene and happy performances after the child is full.

  It feels that after a month’s nurturing of a developing child, she is familiar with her mother’s voice. If she encounters strange sounds, he will be surprised. If she sounds loud, she will be afraid and cry.

Therefore, you should listen to some gentle music and songs, talk to your children, and sing.

The child likes the people around him to talk to him. When no one cares about him, he will feel lonely and cry.

  A 1-month-old child has much more sensitive skin than an adult. Sometimes parents do n’t pay attention. If a piece of hair or other things gets on the child’s body, the skin will be irritated.

At this time, children are more sensitive to cold and superfluous, and express their dissatisfaction to adults by crying.

The movements of the two eyes are not coordinated enough to respond to both light and dark environments.

The one-month-old child does not like bitter and sour food, and if he is given it, he will refuse.

  Children who sleep so much spend most of their day in sleep.

I can sleep for 18-20 hours a day, about 3 hours of which I sleep very sweetly and stay in a deep state without waking.

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