"Then what?" The white dream girl suddenly broke away from the white fog for the first time, showing her beautiful and simple but elegant with a hint of sharp Yan in the eyes of the ghost people.

Qin Changfeng said, "Then the big fiend finally broke the seal and saved the world. The big fiend fought a decisive battle. Finally, the big fiend died together. He walked peacefully and fought for his beloved …"
This time, the white dream girl directly interrupted the faint tunnel without waiting for him to finish. "I know how the story turned out. On the contrary, did the woman save the man and die?"
You really know something about the future as well as they do.
Verified his idea and finally got the desired result. Qin Changfeng smiled indifferently. "It’s all the same. They have to be so clear with each other."
"What if she insists on sharing?" The white dream girl falls from the high sky and steps on the other side of Naiqiao.
"She won’t want to, but you can try." Qin Changfeng held the mask behind his left hand and stretched out his right hand to make a gesture.
The white dream girl walked forward without saying a word.
At every step, she will change her appearance. There are all kinds of women, including fairies and witches. Only a pair of eyes is as deep as two ancient springs, and there are all kinds of strange pictures in the spring.
Every step, every change of appearance, the picture will flash for a moment, as if one cycle is over and another cycle is about to come.
"Master, be careful, this is the dream of a white dream woman. She becomes the person in the story and gets a kind of strength from the story master every time she changes!"
The Red Ghost King can’t help but wake up. He has been pestering the white dream girl for hundreds of years and knows some of her secrets. This increasingly intensified dream method has made him suffer.
"This means the origin of the Dream Ghost King?"
Qin Changfeng was amazed to draw strength from other people’s stories. It was the first time he saw this magical power, which was almost a creation of legal talent and a congenital companion.
The white dream girl’s pace seems to be slow and fast, and she unconsciously comes to the Nai Bridge, where Qin Changfeng faces each other only ten feet away.
At this time, she didn’t know how many stories she had already recalled, and how many times she had turned them into reality. In the story, the woman’s whole body was so magnificent that she won as if the bridge had no end.
"Please ask the founder of the hell for advice!"
The white dream girl looks almost the same as Chizuru Kagura at this time, and her expression is full of coldness, arrogance and unruly. Then she reaches out her jade hand and flies out of her palm with a rainbow of colors, and then turns into a huge lightsaber and falls from the sky.
This is not a common sword, but a torrent of magical powers, which contains the power of all the story characters she has transformed along the way after stepping on the Nai Bridge.
Ghost people on both sides of the yellow river can wipe out a ghost town if they don’t panic, right?
Qin Changfeng smiled and didn’t move, but he still held a mask and carried his hands as if he didn’t want to show this gift until the last moment.
But all the ghosts were taken aback for a moment!
The holy white mountain suddenly flew up and condensed in the melodious sound. Behind Qin Changfeng, a very miraculous picture appeared. Pieces of white mountain were snowing. It was not snowflakes, but pieces of white jade. Behind him, a pair of sacred physical objects gathered until a pair of sacred physical objects slowly emerged and scattered with holy and mighty feathers.
The giant sword containing thousands of magical powers to cut the wings of the holy gods is a relief. When it is displayed, it will be empty, and then it will collapse with a gentle shake, and then it will turn into thousands of light spots. In the night, it will be scattered in the dead, and there will be a bright rain on both sides of the river.
The beautiful light, which is hard to see through the ages, illuminates the shocking eyes of the ghosts.
"Accept my fate. You can’t dream of listening to another 10,000-year story just because of this pair of gods behind me."
Qin Changfeng left hand stretched out from behind and handed the glittering and translucent get rid of mask in the past with a smile. "Wear it and you can start your own story and step into the road behind the nine immortals … the woman."
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Meng Po
Deep and remote moon, yellow sea, billowing waves, a pair of sacred wings of Ling Dao, slowly stretching, a fairy statue, a white ghost king, relatively handing out a mask, then slowly wearing a face, like a couple of dead people, like a fairy tale, with a happy ending …
The masked dream girl accidentally fell into silence, knowing that the girl in the story before the war between Haitian people was recovering and was about to become the owner of the new story.
Qin Changfeng looked at her as she waited.
This ghost hell is different from her ghost body, which is not transformed by the soul of the original living creature after death, nor is it her own soul experience like Qin Changfeng’s reincarnation in the world of shushan.
She is a born ghost, born in the depths of the other side of the underworld.
In a sense, it can be said that this shadowy mother-in-law place can have dreams, so that the supernatural power can rise to the ghost king in just a few hundred years.
This is naturally a rare opportunity for Chizuru Kagura, but if Qin Changfeng does, it will also be a terrible disaster-such a powerful natural ghost, such as Qin Changfeng’s help to wake up, I’m afraid I will never have a chance to wake up again, and it is very likely that it will be found by the ghost consciousness and then swallowed up actively!
Everything in heaven maintains the basic fairness and will bear the corresponding risks at the same time.
Therefore, including lady white snake and Elizabeth Zhou Zhiruo, the most important reason why they can get such an opportunity to quickly upgrade their strength from reincarnation is that they can’t match their strength and venture into this dangerous fantasy world, taking great risks and naturally gaining amazing results.
Qin Changfeng himself won the promotion degree from Asura because he was too high and too strong, which is far from others.
"Didn’t you say that I would be a family again in the future and you would be my attendant?" The white dream girl suddenly opened her eyes and saw a smile on Qin Changfeng’s mouth and asked, "What has always made me a woman behind you?"
"You can always be my master, but the master has to teach the husband, right?"
Although Qin Changfeng teased his brow, he frowned slightly. It is obviously not normal that the Lord of God Music woke up a little too early, much earlier than Zhou Zhiruo.
"I don’t want to wake up yet, or how can I be your master if I’m not stable behind you in the future?" As if waking up, her eyes are constantly changing, and the white dream girl’s temper turns to sink. "So I want to listen to the story of 10 thousand years here and wake up to see if I can touch the wings behind you."
"Have you really decided?"
Qin Changfeng’s expression was awe-inspiring-her slow self-cultivation might as well be brought up by a white dream woman, and then she would get the Tao fruit directly in the future, and her stay in the world would be extremely prolonged if she didn’t really wake up.
The only problem is that she may not even have a chance to wake up in the future. After all, Qin Changfeng can’t always keep her side.
"Everything you want to do is like going against the wind and sailing a reed … have you ever looked back and carefully watched what we do? You have your nine-day immortal dream, and I have what I want. I have walked a lot with you now … You also accompany me for a ride. You can’t leave this mask instead of enough. "
The white dream girl’s eyes gradually recovered her smile. She pointed to her face mask and said something that Qin Changfeng method refused and touched.