The director of the Inquisition has set a record for the speed of the strong from the entry level to the level of making gods, but it is said that the guardians are much faster, and even at the level of making gods, their strength will not slow down.

The only thing that comforts weirdos is that guardians often don’t live long, and few of them live past 50.
Clement, you’re late again. Give me your hand.
Clement wandered to the courtyard and heard a reprimand on the playground.
In front of him is a yellow old man with no hair and wearing an orange cloth. This is the custodian of the land. It is said that he has already abandoned his surname and name. Now everyone calls him Master Yi Deng.
The old man’s face is old and thin, and his eyes are bright. He doesn’t have the kind feeling of an ordinary old man. He looks very strict. The young girls will feel trembling when they are stared at by those eyes.
Clement obediently reached out his hands, and Master Yi Deng took out a white ruler and hit Clement, which swelled his hands and made him feel so painful that his brain was no longer chaotic.
"After the lecture, I’ll run twenty Xili myself and come back before dinner, otherwise I won’t eat dinner."
Master Yi Deng took back the ruler and let Clement join the team.
There are more than twenty teenagers in the playground, but the girls are hard to distinguish here because they all have short hair and wrap their chests, and practice all the year round, with some capable breath. This cold place is not much better.
Clement is not the highest in this group, and the girl on his left is said to come from a duke’s family, and the children are also in the top three.
He belongs to the crane tail here, just as those students said.
Clement is not really untalented. He just doesn’t care much about anything, because he hates this place from the bottom of his heart and he is not interested in becoming a night watchman.
Because he was abandoned in the family, Ji declared his status as a shadow puppet the moment he was sent here.
He knows more secrets than ordinary people, which makes him suffer.
His sister … is the real guardian.
When I was seven years old, I held a church big shot in the morning and took my sister away. In the same year, I came to this broken place.
Because guardians are dangerous, both for those weird and secretive things and for the eternal night church, they are eager to kill guardians, especially the latter.
When I was a child, Clement didn’t understand it, but he also studied politics here. He learned culture very well, and it gradually became clear that the church needed a shield curtain, the first goal.
He was sent to the guardian land not because the church and family members valued their talents, but because he came out to stop his sister from dying.
Since he was twelve years old, Bai has stopped trying to show it, because no matter how hard he works and how good he gets here, no one in his family will come to see him.
He has been removed from the list, and maybe he is regarded as a dead man by default.
And his sister is now in a high position in the Vatican. It is said that this year she will be chosen as the only saint in the morning church.
The king lives a comfortable life and is sought after by thousands of people and loved by his parents, but he has nothing in Clement.
There is physical torture nowadays.
Clement’s mind is full of thoughts, and his mouth is breathing more and more. At the end of the fighting class at noon, he is still the worst performer, and he has to run 20 Xili in 20 minutes.
Young people studying here have never been exposed to strange sources, and their bodies have been strengthened through constant tempering, so this distance and time limit are not easy to achieve, although they are already stronger than most imperial soldiers.
Clement is not an outstanding player among his classmates. It is impossible for him to finish this time limit, but he must still run, otherwise it will always be against himself. Master Yi Deng will certainly be more critical.
You won’t be able to eat dinner then, and you may not even be able to sleep.
Running along the suburban river bank, Clement suddenly saw a luxurious carriage coming this way in the distance.
He was not at ease, but at the moment he saw the carriage curtain stamping the family emblem, his heart trembled.
See that big red curtain is a silver unicorn, and that is their Aulard family emblem.
Someone at home?