Zhou Xiao replied, "I will leave in five minutes, and I will also meet in thirty minutes."

After a short conversation, the communication channel was quiet. Zhao Lan walked quickly along the map guide. Because Zhou Xiao arranged and guided Zhao Lan at any time, she never met anyone along the way.
In the earth harbor, I don’t know how long it took to turn and how many forks in the road I passed, and I don’t know how long I walked. Zhao Lan finally came to a heavy iron gate 30 minutes later and saw the three figures of Anliya.
The four of them finally got married here smoothly.
The iron gate has a greatly forbidden icon, and there are two extremely hidden cameras at the left and right points of the iron gate, but obviously those two cameras have been killed by Zhou Xiaoqian, otherwise security guards would have arrived by now.
"i query put 79 entrances in the whole spaceship and found a route with the weakest security. This is the entrance," Zhou Xiao said. "It is a purely mechanical structure and cannot be hit by equipment."
"I’ll solve it," Cruise said, taking out a tool like a wire from his backpack. First, he kept touching the iron gate and knocked it for a moment, then another tool like a sucker pulled a small door from the smooth facade, and then he put the former tool like a wire into it for a moment. After a slight click, two iron gates were wrong and a tiny gap was made.
Cruise directly pulled two iron gates and went in. The remaining three glances followed Cruise and went in. After all four people went in, the two iron gates fit together again, and there was no sign that they had been beaten.
There is a dark corridor in front of me, and there is no end in sight, and I don’t know where it leads. But Zhou Xiao seems to have been here for thousands of times, and he is familiar with it and directly leads several people forward.
Before, I just didn’t notice anything through the special glasses of headphones. Now I really feel that Zhao Lan is involved in the reality. These three people around me are tough. Zhou Xiao is like an emperor’s perspective. Almost unknown. Anya is enough to cope with the dangerous terrain. What is the requirement of Zhou Xiao? Anya can raise her hand and complete Cruise. No matter what kind of mechanical equipment she encounters, she will solve it in an instant. On the contrary, Zhao Lan has no place to manage and keep moving forward behind the three people.
But the more you move forward, the slower the speed of several people will be, and the more dignified Zhou Xiao III’s facial expression will be. Although I don’t know what happened and what happened, Zhao Lan can probably perceive that the security here should be more and more strict, even if Anliya III’s ability to move forward is becoming more and more difficult, but no matter whether there is no accident in the progress, the journey is going smoothly.
When I slipped away bit by bit, even if Cheng didn’t take part in the technical action and just followed the progress, Zhao Lan also felt some physical overdraft, but Anliya was still alive and kicking and couldn’t see any fatigue.
May be aware of Zhao Lan tired AnLiYa low said "Zhao Lan, how do you feel? Do you want to have a rest? "
Zhao Lan shook his head and replied, "It’s okay. I can still insist that we should act quickly. It’s too dangerous here."
Anliya nodded "good"
At this moment, a western worker dressed in black walked up to Rodrigues sitting on the sofa in another part of the Earth Port and reported in a low voice, "Boss, the identity document named’ Wang Hui’ you want to check has been proved to be false, but we can temporarily determine who her real identity is."
"Is it true …" Rodriguez said lightly. "Then … give this information to the security team of the Earth Port by covert means. Let them solve it. Let’s stay out of it."
Chapter one hundred and seventeen Retreat
Rodriguez knows that this is a special period, and he naturally has his own intelligence channels. He knows that there are dozens of hydrogen bomb ships in the Earth Port at this moment, and the arrival of unidentified personnel will lead to the highest level of the Earth Port Security Group. Note that if the information he has obtained now is handed over to the Earth Port Security Group, they will naturally check the identity of these people instead of themselves. If that person was really Zhao Lan just now … then it is just right to use the knife of the Earth Port Security Group to kill people. Rodriguez has always been very skilled at this trick. If that person is not Zhao Lan, then consider himself a citizen and make a contribution to the safety of the Earth Port.
This is Rodriguez’s intention to listen to Rodriguez’s command, and the hand promised to turn around and leave, and then a hidden account sent the information to the security team of the Earth Port.
At the moment, Zhao Lan Anliya three people have entered the spacecraft release area and are getting closer and closer to the hydrogen bomb spacecraft. With the shortening of the distance, the security level here is getting higher and higher. In addition to the automatic security equipment, there are also construction workers walking back and forth from time to time. However, Zhou Xiao has obtained the monitoring limit before, and although it is thrilling, it is also thrilling.
The most thrilling situation also encountered several times. One time, it was almost caught by a patrol officer who suddenly appeared. Fortunately, Zhou Xiao used his quick wits to intentionally create a little fault in a nearby monitoring device, which attracted the attention of the patrol officer. In the past, another time, the laser defense equipment was almost triggered because of a little delay in the cracking progress, but fortunately, Zhou Xiao finally dropped the laser defense equipment. Otherwise, the four people would die here and be dead.
Zhao Lan truly realized the daily working environment of the adventurer team. According to Zhou Xiao, they rarely encountered such things five or six times, and each time it was a matter of life and death. Anliya and the three people seemed to have long been accustomed to this life and had great interest in it. Zhao Lan prayed several times in the action, hoping that this operation would end quickly and then the star disaster would end quickly so that she could return to a normal life. Zhao Lan finally recognized that shopping in the sunshine after work and enjoying food and beautiful scenery were her life.
In this way, the state slipped away quietly, and two hours passed in a blink of an eye. After solving another card, Zhou Xiao wiped his forehead and said with a little relaxation, "If all goes well, we will arrive at the No.7 hydrogen bomb spacecraft in half an hour."
"Come on," replied Anliya in a low voice. "Zhao Lanqian has aroused Rodriguez’s suspicion. I finally think Rodriguez will not let this doubt go so easily. We must finish it as soon as possible and then quit."
"Good" Zhou Xiao nodded his head and knocked on the portable computer again, but at this time, the computer display screen suddenly appeared with a big exclamation mark. When Zhao Lan was surprised, he saw that Zhou Xiao’s look suddenly became serious, and the keyboard tapping speed also accelerated a lot. The changes here also attracted the attention of Anliya and Cruise, but both of them kept quiet and watched quietly.
Zhou Xiao knocked for five or six minutes before he stopped and wiped his sweat. Zhou Xiao said in a low voice, "Things are not good. I don’t know what. The security team of the Earth Port has raised the alert level. Not only have patrols been added, but also the screening has been carried out in the virtual world. Just now, I left a back door and was patrolled before giving an alarm."
"Have you been found?" Anliya then asked
If those back doors are discovered by the Earth Port Security Team, then Zhou Xiao will lose its visual angle and the ability to control and monitor the security equipment, which means that people will get lost and wander around here, which will easily trigger the monitoring equipment and then be attacked by lasers or strikes. Even if they are not attacked, they will never escape. Without camera surveillance, they will easily be discovered by the security team. Once in that situation, the four of them will have no choice but to surrender.
Zhao Lan is also very aware of this. After Anliya asked this question, Zhao Lan will also look at Zhou Xiao. Fortunately, Zhou Xiao shook his head and denied this question. "I have dealt with it for the time being and it has not been discovered yet, but … the frequency of inspections is getting faster and faster, and the intensity is getting bigger and bigger. My back door can’t support it for too long."
Anliya did a quick calculation and then asked, "Can it last five hours?"
Zhao Lan knows that five hours is the shortest time needed to complete this time and then withdraw from the security zone and return to the security zone.
Zhou Xiao bit his teeth. "I’ll try."
"Ok, let’s speed up the work, try to finish it in five hours, and then quit." Anliya said.
The rise in alert level has made it more and more difficult for several people to move forward, and dangers have also appeared one after another. The Earth Port is already the highest strategic level facility, and the hydrogen bomb release area is the top priority. It has also increased the alert level. It is conceivable that the resistance encountered by several people is great. If there is Zhao Lan alone here, I am afraid that Zhao Lan’s legs would have been soft, but Zhou Xiao’s three people have not been affected. The pressure and labor efficiency have actually increased a lot.
All the way forward for more than ten minutes, Zhou Xiao stopped and then pointed to the location of the passage. "Here is a vent. We can go along the vent for 500 meters, and from there we can enter the maintenance passage. We can go directly along the maintenance passage to the parking point of the No.7 hydrogen bomb spacecraft Tyrannosaurus. You send the bald head to Zhao Lan first, and you will be the second, I will be the third and you will be the last."
"Good" Anliya promised to beat the cover plate with the support of Cruise first, and then directly lifted Cruise into the vent with one hand. Anliya lifted Zhao Lan again, and Fang Cruise also reached out with both hands and took Zhao Lan. After entering, Zhou Xiao also climbed in. Then Anliya jumped in place and grabbed the vent directly. Then a beautiful turn smoothly entered the vent, and then the cover plate was restored to its original state. Four people climbed forward along the vent.
But at this time, a big warning sign appeared on the portable brain screen again. Zhou Xiao’s face changed at a glance. "No, the security team has locked our position in the eastern part of the Earth Port. They have cut off our back road."
This means that even if Zhao Lan and others are finally completed, they will get out of here smoothly.
Anliya decided to "start the first plan. We will leave the earth port by hydrogen bomb spacecraft and then transfer to a boat to return to Earth."
Anliya said that the boat is a small spaceship specially prepared in advance. This spaceship is of two types: near-earth and Taitai. It can fly in the atmosphere or in the universe, so the spaceship is generally expensive and has a limited range of activities. Although it is unbearable, it can still be successfully completed by returning to the earth in it. There may be accidents during the implementation of this response. Zhou Xiao three people have already arranged the corresponding orbit for this small spaceship.
Zhou Xiao tapped the keyboard again. After three minutes, Zhou Xiaocai said, "Go on, I have solved the problem temporarily."
Four people went all the way along the vent and turned to the maintenance channel halfway. Finally, there was a thrill and came to the end of the channel. Zhao Lan knew that the H-bomb spacecraft No.7 was berthed on his own side.
Anliya carefully hit the cover plate, and the first one left here. After a preliminary inspection, it was confirmed that the three people left the maintenance channel in turn and came to the stop point.
The No.7 hydrogen bomb spacecraft stopped quietly. Zhao Lan looked at this small spacecraft with a length of tens of meters and a height of less than ten meters. Zhao Lan had some feelings in his heart. He wanted to know whether the manufacturing order of the No.7 hydrogen bomb spacecraft was delivered to the manufacturer personally by Zhao Lan. To some extent, the design of this spacecraft was also completed by Zhao Lan’s leadership.
No one would have thought that this would be the case when Zhao Lan met this ship again.
Now that we have arrived here smoothly, it is time for Zhao Lan to finish the work, which is why Zhao Lan personally participated in this significance. This hydrogen bomb ship was designed and completed by Zhao Lan’s leadership. No one is more familiar with the structure of this ship than Zhao Lan.
"Although the hydrogen bomb ship is not a human ship, it also has a maintenance cabin where there is a certain amount of oxygen and a small amount of fresh water. We can stay in the maintenance cabin when we leave." Zhao Lan said in a low voice, taking the lead in moving towards this little guy whose body contains terrorist energy.
"I led the construction of you at the beginning, so now let me make some changes for you." Zhao Lan muttered that she entered the password before the spacecraft and hit the maintenance cabin door.
Chapter one hundred and ten From
The entry code of the spacecraft has not been modified, which is what Zhao Lan expected, because probably no one would have thought that Zhao Lan would come here with this password, but even if the password was modified, there were no Zhao Lan around, and Zhou Xiao and Cruise, no matter what the password was modified, both of them could hit the hatch.
Zhao Lan is familiar with all the structures of this hydrogen bomb ship. When he comes here, Zhao Lan is as familiar as returning to his home. Zhao Lan first points out some communication and encryption modules, and then Cruz and Zhou Xiao destroy these places one by one. If the communication module is not broken, the ship will keep in touch with the scientific research department after it is started. If the encryption and encryption modules are not destroyed, Zhao Lan simply has no ability to manipulate the ship.
After the completion of these works, Zhao Lan set the ship’s heading speed and started the hydrogen bomb, and the node setting these things requires extremely complicated calculations, but these calculations are not fixed, giving a parameter and then calculating it according to the formula, so that it must determine the data basis according to the previous methods such as mass distance and gravity to calculate the job. None of these four people can win except Zhao Lan.
After the completion of this project, Zhao Lan repaired the ship’s power system, navigation system and hydrogen bomb starting system. Obviously, it is impossible for the government to put a complete ship here. In fact, after the hydrogen bomb ship is parked here, some key parts of its power system, navigation system and hydrogen bomb trigger system will be removed, which will lead to the explosion of the hydrogen bomb method. However, Zhao Lan has found a solution to this problem this time.
It is obviously unrealistic to come from the earth with its own parts, not to mention whether it can pass the security check list. The weight will seriously hinder the movement of four people. Zhao Lan thought that the solution to the problem is that the spacecraft should look for alternative parts, disassemble those parts from the unimportant system, and then simply process them by Cruise and install them in the power navigation hydrogen bomb trigger and other key systems. In this way, although the hydrogen bomb spacecraft will lose some functions and reduce its performance, at least it can fly and explode, but it is enough for Zhao Lan to fly and explode.