Zuo Fei bowed and sent spiced beef and coffee, and a small dish of peanuts that Huang Xuan likes to eat.

See Huang Xuanzheng busy Zuo Fei and kneeling to leave.
Huang Xuan stopped him and said "Xiaofei"
"Are you interested in going home recently?"
"Boss, you don’t want me?" Zuo Fei was frightened.
Huang Xuan shook his head and smiled. "I helped Qin play some places during this period."
Zuo Fei eyes wide bowed their heads and dare not speak.
"Zhao has not been destroyed, but his five countries have been hit hard. Now the situation is not so good." Huang Xuanxiao smiled two times. "The news should have almost reached Zhao, but I don’t want Zhao Jun to have any thoughts on me or to make the people of Zhao here have any thoughts because of this."
Zuo Fei didn’t say anything but hung his head lower.
Huang Xuan glanced at him and said, "After you return to Zhao, you should go directly to General Li Mu to understand the position of Zhao Wang and ensure that it is necessary to apply for base protection here."
"But" Zuo Fei hit his head.
Huang Xuan looked at him and turned his head. He didn’t ask Zuo Fei whether to choose the prince of Zhao or himself. First of all, he didn’t ask Zuo Fei to betray the prince of Zhao. The balance of power between the two sides is not equal. It doesn’t matter what Zuo Fei thinks.
While Huang Xuan was still working, Zuo Fei raised his head a little and quickly asked in a low voice, "Boss, when shall I leave?"
He’s a little homesick, too. All the workers here are paid, most of them are food, and they can also be exchanged for money here, but most people don’t do that. Of all the people, he has the highest class, and he can be regarded as returning home with clothes on his back.
Huang Xuan looked around and said, "You can go to the delivery worker after I leave in the morning. Besides, this time I will work for three days, and I won’t be here for a few days. After you deal with it, you can inform Nick directly and go home without telling me."
"Yes" Zuo Fei waited until he saw Huang Xuan didn’t say it before he left backwards.
Huang Xuan holds his forehead and picks it up first. It’s a troublesome thing, but the price is cheap enough to warm up.
While staring at the right energy screen, he asked, "Has Huang Liming or Aiken made any movement since I left Lorraine?"
"They expanded the Blu-ray factory, including two CD factories and a Blu-ray diode factory. One CD factory has already produced and another one has been expanded. In addition, they have registered some advanced technologies."
Huang Xuan eyelid jumped a "how advanced"
"Two years is much more"
Huang Xuan whistled, "Two years of cabbage can’t be two years ahead of radish." Thinking of Huang Heng’s exhibition, there is no decent technology. He guessed, "Have they contacted some gentlemen?"
"I suspect there are two people," Lorraine said, and hit an energy screen for Huang Xuanke to see the image.
Both of them are white, tall and well-featured, just like young European men. Huang Xuan threw his hand away and said, "Who are they?"
"From the public information, two people are called Grice and Raphael. The former is Duncan’s bodyguard and the latter is a researcher in the Cleveland consortium laboratory. Their files are complete and clear …"
Huang Xuan interrupted Lorraine. "But these can be forged, right?"
"A 5% chance is yes, but it doesn’t prove that they are." Lorraine is very serious about figures.
Huang Xuan gently shook his head. "Don’t need to prove that the two of them are linked to each other? And others? "
"a lot"
Huang Xuan thought for a moment and asked, "So did you spy on them? Cheng "
"This is equivalent to scanning an area and consuming millions of thermal cycles per hour." The Lorraine sequence is different from his three bases, and he is very energetic.
"I just rented a satellite scan" Huang Xuan mercilessly.
Huang Xuan, a dude, is very clear about the way money is divided. He doesn’t have to worry about money like ordinary people, but he needs to enjoy life. This foundation is the first.
Lorraine promised Huang Xuan to pick up a strange pulse again and began to infiltrate energy. "Lorraine, do you want to record all the people who communicate and talk with these two people who appear in their sight? They shouldn’t be able to make some calls like ours?"
"Well, then there is nothing beyond this plane." Huang Xuan sipped his mouth. "You write down all these people and make a table to tell me how often they appear. When you are alone, see who communicates with them the most or make a ranking."
"Huang Liming got their technology from them, right?"
"Yes" Lorraine finally answered "Yes"
Huang Xuan stared at the energy screen for a long time and said, "They should feel something about their exposure."
"The soldiers’ battle damage is very high when they spy," Ning Ao added, "They must have companions."
Huang Xuan gently nodded and said, "I know, but there are so many things recently that it doesn’t seem suitable for the two of them to discuss."
He said to himself, "two people already know that they are bound to be exposed, but why should they be released?" A person should be safer in theory. "
None of the four bases disturbed Huang Xuan’s thinking.
"Can’t let them be so comfortable" Huang Xuan said and shouted "Lorraine"
"Which of them is closest to Aiken and who appears first?"
"So it’s Grice," Huang Xuan snorted. "It seems that they need two people or don’t need to know so soon. Lorraine, can you make a car accident?"
Lorraine determined that "it is easy to control automobile devices or mechanical devices"
"Kill Grice and don’t let Raphael die yet." Huang Xuan didn’t have many psychological obstacles to this command. "No matter what they want, they have to be careful for me."
Ning ‘ao wakes Huang Xuandao, "If death is exposed, others will hide deeper."
"Then the less they know, and there is another outside." Huang Xuan was still very decisive when making a decision