Running all the way to the bushes in the hospital, he finally couldn’t resist putting the needle in his pants and sneezed a few times

After the black cat Shu Shuang scratched his nose and tossed his head, he went back with his luggage.
Chapter 119 What level did you say you were?
Although the newspaper hasn’t published the news of Ikemura, he is now dead, and few people are willing to help cover up those scandals. It is only a matter of time before the news is released-although Baishi thinks that the scandal of the world’s diplomats may not be as easy as the detective solving a strange case.
Shancheng Kenji seems to have been moved by his wife’s trip. Although he didn’t wait for Ikemura Xun to apologize, he was satisfied and finished when he returned to the coffee shop.
Red leaves finally returned to the coffee shop in the evening.
The lady ran around in high heels of ten centimeters for a whole day without showing any fatigue. After sitting down, she took out her notes and called Baishi to look at the form and explain it as simply as possible.
"The investment environment in this world is not very good, and the sustainability and stability of all sectors are very worrying. Even if you try to follow the trend, Suzuki Group will probably suffer heavy losses due to fires, explosions, earthquakes and tornadoes. We can try it later, but the current start-up funds are too small to take risks, and I will find a more secure way to make money."
Baishi nodded his head in a complicated mood, and found out these situations in such a short time. The new employee looks very rich.
It’s not urgent to earn money. Baishi always feels that whether he earns money or not will eventually be so much, and there are guarantees for all sizes. His salary is already higher than that of many classes, which is enough to live.
Baishi went to the refrigerator to take out the refrigerated tube of blood and gave it to Hongye, and told her Conan’s example-the intelligence of a medicine man may change from an adult to a child, and this information may also be helpful to the study of Hongye.
Hongye looks very satisfied with these gains. She carefully collects her blood and leaves soon.
It seems that the new employee doesn’t love her family character and sent her away. After Baishi locked the shop, he came home to change his pajamas, but the thought that Conan might come to ask him about cod liver oil stopped.
Yes, the door didn’t ring until dark.
Baishi thought it was quite strange. He looked out of the window at random and saw Maori father and daughter coming back with sleeping Conan.
Only after asking did they know that they had sent Conan to the hospital, but nothing was found out. They were able to bring people home again.
I’m happy and relaxed without anyone harassing Baishi.
He immediately entered the state of staying at home. After washing the reward, he looked through the semi-new name Xiangbaoli and gave him a new cozy. He turned off the lights and went to bed.
In the middle of the night, Baishi was awakened by a kick.
He stared at the ceiling and was confused for a second. He quickly reacted and ran to the window softly.
Peeking out from the gap in the curtain, Baishi was shocked to find that Mao Lilan was wearing pajamas with a long head of sleeping hair and a black man calling all the way from the stairs.
“……?” Did this happen in the original?
Baishihao impression
Seeing that the two men were about to disappear from sight, he quickly started the mask and went out through the wall.
It is impossible to ignore the abnormal events near his residence.
Besides, Mao Lilan is quite nice. A little girl has visited him twice. He is not a familiar neighbor. He has the courage to face the evil forces. Although the evil forces are actually him …
It always happens, and Baishi can’t hide in the house and watch.
However, after coming to the street, Baishi could see that the masked man in black who had been fighting with Mao Lilan had no intention of hurting people and wanted to run.
This simple and masked white stone looks inexplicably familiar, much like the camouflage in some modern films and costume films.
Combining all kinds of information, Baishi suddenly thought of some possibility.
At the last second, he transformed into a cat, and then picked the right two people in front to switch places-Mao Lilan turned his back on him and jumped into a lighted billboard when the black man was facing him.
Bright billboards are striking across the shadows.
When the man in black looked at him consciously, Baishi tried to transform into an adult.
He succeeded
"…" It’s really you, new employee!
Baishi lifted her face mask and jumped silently. The thin billboard took off her body and got wet. I didn’t know what to say at the moment.
Mao Lilan heard the movement behind her. She was alert and didn’t wait to see it. Suddenly, a flash bomb fell to her feet and exploded.
Mao Lilan was closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, the black dress person swinging around was gone.
Now the thief’s skill is really getting better and better … or did she regress before she knew it?
It’s rare for her to meet such a petty thief who won’t be subdued by her blow.
The street lights are dim, and the coffee shop on the first floor is also dark. This ghost-fearing high school girl recovered from the fight and looked around, and suddenly there was a hair behind her.
She didn’t dare to stay in the dark and silent street. She hurried home and checked the doors and windows again.
Baishi has brought the black dress person back to the room at the moment-it is more convenient to sneak in from a side door because the coffee shop is too noisy.
I want to ask her what’s wrong with her, but think about the place where the red leaves sneak into …
Baishi was not surprised to see the black dress person take off the outer clothing and carefully take a row of fine blood samples from the waist strap.
The number depends on the sharp jump in the corner of Baishi’s eye. "… don’t beat him to death, you will be fined!" "