Just now, the stratosphere of warships was different. When they appeared in clouds, they saw people running back to their homes outside the warship room, which was hundreds of meters long.

Nai smiled, but Huang Xuan felt a little strange in his heart whether he was envied or feared. This kind of world center feels really good-it’s a pity that he can put a smile in his stomach but can’t share it with others.
Feet is a beautiful city. If it reaches the 21st century, it will be moved frequently. Compared with the so-called film and television city, it is like an example of lack of imagination.
The gate of the city wall is decorated with gorgeous glass bricks. The wall of the tower is built with navy blue glass bricks. The whole wall is inlaid with tiles, and the image of bison and dragon beast is embossed. The gate is a north-south city avenue. It is made of limestone with a square meter in the center, and the red stone slabs on both sides are inlaid with cuneiform inscriptions.
Huang Xuan looked at the gorgeous clothes but the rough materials and asked, "What era is this equivalent to the earth?"
"Hundreds of years BC," Lorraine calmly replied.
"Like P112 history?"
"To be exact, it is very similar to the history of P1," Ning Ao said. "People here make cuneiform language an old saying, Type 12, which has not appeared in the history of P-plane, but the history of P1539 here is very similar."
539 BC is indeed a very distant history. Looking at this huge city built by manpower, Huang Xuan couldn’t help feeling a little. "Lorraine, is this what you are looking for?"
"I don’t know," Lorraine replied simply.
"Let’s go. Who’s the ruler here?" Huang Xuan ordered the ship
"Ju Lushi cyrus the great Cyrus II, the history of this plane period, was almost the same as P1 years ago, the great and wise master."
Huang Xuan, a "familiar name", recalled a fact for five seconds. Except that he had been to several periods, he almost knew history. He kept smiling like this, but the mystery in Huang Xuan’s heart was getting bigger and bigger. P1 was the same … But here is the R-column plane. Even if Huang Xuan knew little about the world of the plane, he could see that it was unusual.
Strange leitian don’t want to Liu Min and others.
A warship accompanied Huang Xuan’s sightseeing ship slowly landed in the center of the city. There are still four second-class warships floating quietly in the sky. They can destroy a city with full energy at one time, but they may not be able to penetrate the energy shield of a senior traveler.
A group of people soon came out of the largest palace. Huang Xuan saw a Europa with a metal headdress and animal oil combing his hair. His biggest impression was not the old man’s body and white hair color, but his eyes were bright.
It seems unreasonable to shape an aborigine with a torch in his eyes, but in terms of mental state, it is really unfair that the monarch, who is about five years old, obviously has confidence and control over ordinary people. Why is it that a Lao leader has not had more contact with the world than a professor from diploma mill in the United States? The aborigines are out of place in the world not because of their more abilities but because of their environment.
Huang Xuan has finished his work. At this moment, a group of travelers surrounded his left hand and touched his waist pistol. He saluted his right hand and said, "My name is Huang Xuan. What’s your name?"
The same is true of the literal translation of his name "The Imperial Clan of Archimedes II, Ju Lushi"
Huang Xuan slightly tilted his head, glanced at the energy screen and asked, "So do you know who I am?"
"When I was a child, you belonged to the Wendling family, didn’t you?"
"The Wendling family is dead," Huang Xuan replied directly.
Ju Lushi didn’t have many accidents and nodded, "Are you our new sovereign state?"
"Comas family"
"Comas family … OK, I remember," Ju Lushi said with a bow and then said, "Do you show any evidence of the demise of the Wendling family?"
Huang Xuan shook his head and said, "There is no need for you to see it later."
"So you’re not going to ask for a tribute and a routine?" Ju Lushi immediately asked about his own heart problems, which are very beneficial and righteous.
Huang Xuan didn’t answer. He intentionally jumped and said, "When was the first time you saw the Wendling family?"
Ju Lushi, who was mastered by others, was probably not very happy. He recalled "I used to occupy Babylon here two years ago."
"Babylon?" Huang Xuan suddenly felt that this noun was more familiar than.
Nick had to wake him up and say, "Babylon, the great yellow master, is one of the four ancient civilizations, and the similarity of the high-level plane P112 is so higher than that of it, and its geography and humanities are the same."
Ju Lushi seems that Huang Xuan seems to be thinking about something, so he doesn’t talk and stays there quietly.
Nick briefly introduced, "Do you know that Cyrus II, the great master, was the founder of the Persian Empire according to P112 history?"
"No" Huang Xuan is ashamed.
"The Persian Empire was established in the Iranian region, but after Ju Lushi and his sons fought and occupied the two river basins, Asia Minor was a part of Asia, and Syria and his sons conquered Egypt. Finally, the Persian Empire prevailed from the Indus River to the Aegean Sea, and the northeastern part of Africa was the largest country in the world at that time."
"What about R13 now?"
"Of course."
"Oh, it looks like Genghis Khan." Huang Xuan said the only name he knew.
Nick can answer "very much"
Instead, the river jumped out and said, "Huang Xuan, do you remember seeing Sparta 3 Warriors?"
"Oh, it’s a great Hollywood blockbuster."
"The hot spring campaign said that Persia attacked Greece, and Xue Xisi was the successor of Ju Lushi." Xiaohe added, "Before cyrus the great was Nineveh, the bloody lion city of Assyria … Forget it. You don’t know that cyrus the great was the founder of the Persian empire. This empire lasted for two years and was finally completely erased by Alexander. After the collapse of Alexander Marton’s empire, he will occupy the Persian elite zone and today’s Iranian zone."
"Oh, I know that." Huang Xuan looked at Ju Lushi with his shadow eyes and shook his head. "This is R13, not P13. Does this plane history really look like P112?"
"We are at the highest level of P13, that is, the principal plane. From the horizontal axis of time, it has no future. I said yes. You know better here. P13 is the latest time. No one knows what the future will be like. You can find a plane similar to it to guess."
"But its similar plane is not similar to it." Huang Xuan’s logic is quite good.
Xiaohe seriously replied, "It was a fault in a certain period of time, and this plane was already in a precarious state." Ning Ao smoked his broken fan and said, "R13 is not valued by the Comas family or the Wendling family, which mainly captures dinosaurs and other large mounted animals when it enters the early stage of this plane, and rarely carries out construction and control."
"Since when is the fault?"
"A standard year ago but close to P1 history from 2 years ago"
Huang Xuan heart movement asked "Ju Lushi, right? Ju Lushi, what did you do about 2 years ago? "
Ju Lushi recalled a respectful but unequal gesture and said, "I destroyed Asargus years ago."
"Who is he?"
"King Mede is an idiot."
"Is the rice bottom big? Is that war important to you? "
"As important as Babylon," Ju Lushi pointed around.
Huang Xuan finally remembered when he saw the Great Wonder of the Garden in the name Babylon, probably during the Great Wall propaganda.