Hu Lu sighed in her heart that her baby bumps are all such good seedlings as Tianlinggen. She can’t stand the eyes and the top of her head!

Worse than Hu Lu is Xiao Guoer. "Why didn’t Zhao Xian look at my family’s good fortune? They are also very talented!"
Wan Linglong took the opportunity to strike a blow. "It may be that Zhao Xian, a pedestrian, won’t teach this because he hasn’t refined gas yet."
Yu Yu relieved Xiao Guo-er that "it is only a matter of time before they are too small to refine their gas."
It’s a big blow to Xiao Guo. She can’t sleep after tossing and turning at night. Yunqing can give her the means.
It’s good luck, wishful thinking and worry that Yunqing is going to patronize tonight.
Although they are still young, they can enter the realm of cultivation as soon as possible with their own help. It’s time to cultivate immortality.
Looking at the number of their braids, Yunqing called Huei-fang up.
At the same time, after breaking through the blockade around, I finally boarded the land of Qinlan Island with a flywheel in my hand …
Chapter 245 White ineffective call total chicken
After Yunqing came out of Changle Palace, he was going to Yuxiu Palace to find Hu Laoliu. Since he was going to instruct one princess to practice, he couldn’t favor one over the other and none of them could be less.
It’s done. Miao Tea and others shook Hu Xian up with a light cloud.
"Why ~" My girl said in a daze.
"I’m Zhao Xian, who has come to guide you in your practice!"
Princess Liu, three years old, was not afraid to see faces, but she was too sleepy to move. "I don’t want to sleep!" "
The child gets up a little, stays in bed, and doesn’t want to get up. "Don’t you want to be invisible? You can be invisible at any time when you fix it."
"Dad said that I want to grow taller now if I don’t get enough sleep ~" She resolutely refused to get up when she was covered.
Yunqing didn’t expect to meet this situation. The other five princesses were active in cultivation, and they didn’t want to let her go when they left.
"Hu Xian, you’re not a two-year-old child. You’re three years old. It’s time to work …" She didn’t expect to be so patient when she talked about public opinion.
But if she can understand the truth, she won’t be a child. Yunqing said it for a long time and saw that she didn’t refute it, so she threw Hu Xian off and fell asleep again!
"You can’t teach children!" Yunqing no longer forced Yuxiu Palace to pass Fengyi Palace somehow.
At this time, it was already midnight, and the little emperor and the little fox had already slept, but even when they slept, they still got up and lay down with a fox’s tail. Obviously, they played an alternative game later.
Cloud light pie pie drifted back to listen to snow pavilion.
Early in the morning, the chief maid-in-waiting chick of Fengyi Palace was going to call her empress and get up for dinner. As a result, when she went outside, she heard the sound of DuangDuangDuang inside.
It’s good for the chicken to blush and pile early in the morning, but it’s never like this before physical strength.
Chickens took back their hands and ran to the other room to take care of Yuanyang Qiaoge, who was able to walk well. They were beautiful like colored pheasants, but they were small birds, but when they were born, they were dull and dull.
Yuanyang Qiaoge is a pair of brothers and sisters and husband and wife, which is really against human relations, but they are chickens, which is also called.
They have been able to learn to speak. A pair of mandarin ducks and pretty brothers say a word to one of them, and it will imitate it. Then the other one can say it at the same time even if he has never heard it. It is amazing that this is the principle that they can talk, and of course they can’t be too far away.
Giving a chicken a blank is to train them to talk to them and turn them into repeat chickens.
She was chatting with her pretty buddy, and Agua suddenly got up, and then the chicken saw a crack in the big egg on the side, and the crack was getting bigger and bigger!
That’s the egg of a three-legged crane chasing the moon. It’s going to crack!
The chicken excitedly wanted to tell the Empress the good news, because she missed Brother Yuanyang and Qiaoqiao’s shell before the Empress, and she hoped that she would be the first person to meet after the three-legged crane chasing the moon broke its shell.
Going back to the white dormitory, the chicken didn’t dare to knock at the door. She "coughed" at two o’clock and ordered a white empress, but there was no response.
After thinking about it, a chicken had an idea. She took the eggs of the three moon-chasing three-legged cranes to the door together with the basket, and waited for the empress to see the newly hatched cranes.
Hu Lu and Bai ineffective in the room gradually calmed down, and Fox was very surprised. I didn’t expect my husband to have strength twice a night.
Although the night has passed, it is still barely a night.
This time, Hu Lu Xiaobai really played an extraordinary role here. When I woke up before, my legs and feet were weak and I felt my body was cut out.
But when I woke up today, I saw Xiao Bai holding the fox’s tail and muttering "Don’t pull my tail ~", so he couldn’t help but get excited again and came to a morning exercise.
Although it was later proved that Qingxinxian was wrong that Xiaobai was not a fox, she did have the talent to be a fox, which was called a femme fatale and obsequious nature.
Last night, they played role-playing. Xiaobai claimed to be a fox demon and Hu Lu was a demon monk.
Touching the fox’s soft belly, Hu Lu came up with the idea of resting for half a day today. He didn’t eat, practiced and ignored the state affairs, so he lay down and waited for himself to recover.
"Husband, why don’t I get some food for us to eat under the covers?"
"Hungry?" Hu Lu fox tail swept her face.
"Yeah, a little ~"
"Then let the imperial kitchen send the food here. I will accompany you to eat at Fengyi Palace."
"Uh-huh chicken meal …" White ineffective shouted.
Outside the chicken, "I can’t hear what you said, Empress."
You!’ White is not aura. I’m quite angry. She just got up and put on a dress.
However, as soon as I pushed the door, I saw a basket with three eggs, each of which broke a head.
"Ah, I’m a moon-chasing three-legged crane!" White ineffectually picked them up and scared them with an open mouth.
She loved to dig out birds’ eggs in the wild, but now she has to pursue spiritual needs without food and clothing. "After that, you three will be my younger brothers!"
Not far away, the chicken finally got what the Lord wanted.
White is ineffective and affirmed to her. This girl has been clever recently, and a lot of chickens are blessed gently. "I’ll go to the imperial kitchen if the empress and the pursuit want to eat anything."