Huang Xuan immediately added, "You can take what they want, but you can’t smash or burn it. I want Rome and its walls not to be a ruin."

Hannibal watched Huang Xuan for a long time and said "good"
The pain of the Battle of Canny soon reached Rome.
More than 40,000 out of 10,000 people are Roman citizens, which is also the largest legion ever sent by Rome.
In addition to talking about more than a thousand people escaping from a legion, Hannibal’s hand was ruined-two consuls and famous parliamentarians in that backward and barbaric army made the Roman class feel the pain.
The frontier policy has been brought out again, and Rome is even more nervous. A new round of mobilization of the people is full of pessimism about victory.
This time is indeed the most difficult period in Rome.
If there were no Huang Xuanshen, Hannibal would demonstrate outside Rome after the Battle of Kani, and then turn to the Roman League-at the same time, Rome would thoroughly implement the border policy, maintain the advantage of the line, and at the same time step up efforts to win over the alliance and crack down on breaking away from the former allies
In the end, Hannibal’s Italian allies will return to the embrace of the Romans, and he will win one victory after another, but as time goes by, more and more of his victories will make up for the loss of strength, the flight of soldiers will gradually increase, and the logistics will become scarce in every war until he finally fails.
However, the world is different
It has been three days since I arrived in P1, and both Mr. Comas and Huang Xuan can’t wait. They urged Hannibal to attack Rome, and the latter hesitated to March.
In order to ensure that everything goes according to plan, Huang Xuan is not stingy with energy, and the energy cannon will attack Hannibal almost two or three times a day, which makes him happy and full of fear.
On the fourth day, the Carthaginians arrived outside Rome.
This is a magnificent city, more magnificent than Huang Xuan’s sight of the new Babylon. The 4-meter high wall and every tens of meters of arrow towers seem to indicate that this is an indestructible giant city.
I can imagine Hannibal sighing without looking back at Huang Xuan. It used to be that every levy would sigh, and Hannibal would be rational in this sigh.
"Huang Xuan" Mr. Comas gently called a he didn’t look at Huang Xuan.
Ju Lushi didn’t show up here. He led his "Roman" army to hide outside the city when needed.
Huang Xuan shrugged his shoulders, raised his arm and said to Hannibal, "You already owe me 12 talents."
"Rome has everything." Hannibal’s face is full of expectations. If Huang Xuan can really fight Rome, Carthage will surely win the war …
Huang Xuan’s little finger twitched gently, almost imperceptibly.
A 1-pound cannon smashed the city wall.
The Romans didn’t panic, although the city could hear their walls screaming, but after the smoke landed, several civilian workers tried to repair the walls.
The whole 6-meter-long front wall has turned into a pile of rubble.
Hannibal almost couldn’t help but want to assault.
Huang Xuan hooked his finger again.
This time it was a 1-pound gun.
There is no difference in the attack surface. A pound gun instantly annihilates all living and non-living things in the front 6 meters, and then extends for nearly 100 kilometers, cutting the whole Rome-more precisely, the whole Roman region in half. People see it as if the walls and houses were cut out.
"Surrender! Surrender! If you don’t kill, you have to hand over half of your family’s property and you can freely enter and leave Rome …" Hannibal singled out the soldiers and shouted at the top of his lungs that Huang Xuan was another energy cannon.
He’s a little impatient. Anyway, P1 can’t take anything out. Hannibal is a little worried about how much to destroy. "Don’t finish all your tricks at once."
"Not over," Huang Xuan glanced at Hannibal. "I can do it tens of thousands of times a day."
As he spoke, his little finger quickly moved a few 1-pound guns and rushed out again.
The whole of Rome seems to be shaken back and forth like a sieve, like a broken building site.
"Attack!" Huang Xuanda shouted to Hannibal. He and the generals were stunned.
Shouting that Carthaginian soldiers rushed into Liancheng walls and streets like a flood, and Rome was gone.
Huang Xuan and Mr. Comas put energy cannons behind them at will, and a flat shot can wipe out the material department within 2 kilometers.
"21 million tons is not enough," said Mr. Comas. "We need more changes."
Chapter four hundred and forty The first plane (11)
The Carthaginians plundered Rome, and every minute, the accumulated energy changed. Because the P1 plane is completely closed, the accumulated energy will eventually be transformed into huge energy, and then a plane channel will be forced.
At the other end of the passage, I don’t care too much about the digital plane and time, which constitute several possibilities, but I never reach another closed plane. Therefore, if I want to leave P1, Mr. Huang Xuan and Mr. Comas can naturally leave through their own plane.
However, the accumulation of 210,000 tons is obviously not enough
Hannibal’s ambitious attack on Rome almost means Carthage’s victory. With this victory, he can almost take whatever he wants, whether it is Rome or Carthage. However, seeing Shi Shiran coming, Huang Xuanhan Hannibal felt a little uncomfortable.
The enemy commander hates the enemy more than the powerful enemy.
Huang Xuan is jealous and looks at Hannibal’s beautiful face. This fellow is very Beckham-like, even if he doesn’t look like it at all, but his figure and face are unavoidable and people associate him with his sideline.
"Mr. Hannibal" Huang Xuan still called it with a smile.
Nick also translated it into ancient Carthage. Hannibal dragged the reins and came over and said, "Huang Xuan, this time you have given Carthage a great help. You will be Carthage’s friend forever."
Huang Xuan smiled faintly. "I also like such a powerful friend as Carthage."
If it had been Mr. Comas, he would have said the request directly at this moment, and only non-academic travelers like Huang Xuan would talk to the aborigines in the waves
Hannibal lecter recognized the so-called "powerful" in Huang Xuan’s words and responded with a smile. "I’ve sent someone to search the houses of the elders, and I’ll probably give you three talents later."
"Don’t worry," Huang Xuan said insincerely. "Are you going to wipe out the Roman layer or support some people?"
"I’m not sure yet." Hannibal seems reluctant to tell Huang Xuan about this.
Huang Xuan flashed a smile at the corner of his mouth. "It’s better to decide quickly that Ju Lushi will bring the army back in two days at most."
"What?" Hannibal’s eyes almost widened and he came back with an army. There is a huge difference between Carthage’s initiative to withdraw from Rome.
"According to our agreement, you should leave at that time." Huang Xuan said and rode away, leaving Hannibal with a puzzled and angry face.
Ju Lushi will lead his legion back to Rome as a Roman officer, of course, with the name of expelling Carthage, and then he can try to run for dictator or consul as a non-aristocrat like Marius. The only Roman legion has thousands of talents, and he can do what he wants in Rome looking forward to victory and revenge.
Hannibal was surprised to see Huang Xuan slowly go away, but after all, he was still a sober and knowledgeable politician and strategist. After Huang Xuan told his Ministry’s requirements, Hannibal understood Huang Xuan’s plan.
As Ju Lushi told Huang Xuan that day, a Rome without an alliance is a struggle between France and Carthage, and for Huang Xuan, he doesn’t need a Rome that can fight against Rome. Carthage failed and Carthage didn’t win, which may get more help.
Hannibal lecter ordered that night.
Several Roman aristocratic families have been uprooted, and most young people have been sold as slaves. Mercenaries from Africa and southern Europe look forward to this day when they can plunder and bully at will …
Huang Xuan’s face was as heavy as water in a residential courtyard in the center of Rome, listening to shouts outside the courtyard.
Mr. Comas handed him a glass of wine and smiled. "Wine is the favorite of Romans."
Huang Xuan said "thank you" and then took it and looked up at the sky and became silent again.