"No, he said it was safe for us this time."

"Very safe?"
"No matter how safe we are, we are aliens to them."
"It’s okay. Their lack of technical level poses a threat to us."
Although Wu Xiaoqing said so, Xu Yan didn’t feel at ease, which was different from the previous ten times. The search team almost didn’t disclose the news to them.
This rescue ship is almost the same as the one given to them by A Wen. In just half a month, the homogenization technology perfectly copied one, which is also their first "official" implementation.
Unlike the one sent by A Wen, this rescue ship has almost exactly the same system as the search and rescue team remembers, including the weapon system specially removed by A Wen.
Such a ship can at least ensure that they have enough deterrent to each other when facing the federal level. At least it is no problem to protect themselves. Shen Changwen calculated the power of these weapons. Even if they meet the federal level, it is not a problem to directly kill one or two planets.
Homogenization alone, a viral substance, is almost a cancer cell to many people, and it is also a cosmic virus weapon.
"Is the search and rescue team engine check OK?"
"Then we set out."
"Send the engine to start"
The installation position of the ship’s delivery engine is the bow. The principle is to make a huge delivery door from the bow and then move the whole ship to the destination by moving the delivery door.
Just like the first time he saw the search team carry the whole ship from the ocean to another world.
It was this time that he was in the boat himself.
It was a flash of dazzling white light for him.
all going well
They should have reached their destination.
"What is the gravitational environment around Xu Yan?" Wu Xiaoqing concentrate on staring at the eyes. First, make sure the spacecraft is in good condition.
Xu Yan did not answer.
"Search team …" Wu Xiaoqing used to ask questions. As soon as he exported them, he realized that the search and rescue team didn’t come with them this time.
"Hit the porthole" Xu Yan ordered the spacecraft to control the system
"What’s the matter?" Wu Xiaoqing recognized that his tone was not quite right.
The porthole in front of them changed from an impenetrable instrument state to a real world exposed through the window.
Usually, it is meaningless to observe the world outside the spacecraft through visible light in the cosmic environment, because the universe is too dim for human beings to find the target remotely by naked eye root method.
Xu Yan still did so, and brought up several main optical lens pictures at the first time after the window was opened.
Wu Xiaoqing took a deep breath and was stiff.
Xu Yan also made the same move.
In front of them, a blue planet, Ran Ran, rises in the sun, and enlarger lens is showing several shots of moving objects, which are small flying objects moving around them.
Solar panels, wings, antennas, the main body of the aircraft, the national flag that can’t be cooked.
The scanner is probably giving a simple scanning conclusion of the planet in front of us: "The stability of the Chinese language is low. The number of Chinese members is 27.5 billion. The main risk source is astronomical disasters … We have received a line signal, 2 lines, 3 lines … 245 lines … We have been locked by the other weapon system. Do you want to fight back?"
"No, we don’t need it," Wu Xiaoqing replied with a smile. "We’re just going home."
(Wu Xiaoqing-End)
1 Freshmen
When he regained consciousness again, the long star felt the wind around him, and soon he felt the warmth of the sun and the sunlight shining on his eyelids.
-this is the world after death?
-the sun is real, and the wind is blowing, and the body feels real …
The long star slowly opened his eyes and found that the sun had hit. Look at its position, it should be morning.
"Are you awake?" A long star with a familiar and strange sound rings in its ear.
Long star tilted "Wu Xiaoqing … No, you are Wu Qing"
"It seems that you really wake up" Wu Qingxiao get up.
Wu Qing’s face smiled happily. Long Xing was infected and smiled involuntarily. Then the horse turned dignified. "How did you join?" The long star looked around, and the blue sky, white clouds and wind blew through the leaves, making a rustling sound, and the lush forest fluctuated like waves in the distance. This is a scene that the Federation has long since disappeared. No matter how hard it tries to restore it, it is impossible to really have such charm-it can be truly simulated in the virtual world.
"… isn’t the prison system isolated from the virtual network?" Long star tone is very urgent "… who helped you find the link loophole? Is it reliable? Does he know that if the prison detects the signs, the program will automatically start, and my connection will be cut off immediately, and at the same time, the resources of all departments will be transferred to trace the source … I have nothing to do and nothing to forget to explain. Everything is my own choice. I am not repaying you, and you don’t have to feel guilty … Quit quickly before it is exposed … Don’t do anything meaningless. "
"What’s the point?" Wu Qing shook his head. "Is this the attitude of Changxing towards life?"
"Don’t waste your energy!" The long star sound is even more urgent, and it can be said that it is a little anxious. "The Federation has not successfully escaped from prison for more than 500 years!"
"Don’t lose heart, your death penalty is also the first case in nearly 200 years."
"You …" The long star got up from the ground and caught Wu Qing with his muddy arm. "What are you thinking? Prison break is impossible! "
"It’s really impossible to escape from prison …" Wu Qingshen took a deep breath and saw that the fresh air made Wu Qing very comfortable and enjoy it slowly. This time, many individuals are used to breathing in many languages. Wu Qingcai slowly spoke the words "but you have been released from prison"
"Stop dreaming and quit … you … what did you say?" Long star eyes stare big "what did you say? ? ?”
"I said that you have been released from prison, and" Wu Qing calmly looked at the long star and pointed around "this is not a virtual world"
"This is not a virtual world?" Long star looked around at the horse and doubted that "there is no such place in the federal root"
"This place is not federal."
"Send technology! "This long star immediately reacted excitedly." The search and rescue team found you? The search and rescue team shot? "
"Yes" Wu Qingwei smiled and confirmed that "the search and rescue team made a move"