The original intention of the search and rescue team was to let Yan Xiu and Wu Xiaoqing go back there first, and then try to fill all the lingshi with them before taking them to the competition. The main purpose of this time is to get in touch with various sects in the process and get a general understanding of their attitudes and organizational forms, so that they may prepare for their actions in the future

However, after Yan Xiu’s introduction, the search and rescue team thought that they could go to the autopsy meeting first, but they would stay for a day or two and then go there, so that they could know the situation there as soon as possible. They could go to the search and rescue team to see if they could find a more suitable way to support him from the earth according to the situation.
Early the next morning, Wu Xiaoqing finished the observation of the search and rescue team and returned to Jiutianmen together with Yan Xiu.
Most of the younger brothers in the door practiced the method of breaking the array in the three-dimensional projector. After seeing Yan Xiu and Wu Xiaoqing, they all stopped practicing and came close to say hello to Wu Xiaoqing.
Wu Xiaoqing, on the other hand, couldn’t help but look at several female brothers, but according to the arrangement of the search and rescue team, he still went directly into the sect to pack his luggage.
Two hours later, Wu Xiaoqing walked into the nine-day dreamland with Yan Xiu and the "flying carpet".
Behind them
Looking at Wu Xiaoqing and Yan Xiu on the edge of the cliff of Jiutianmen, the figure gradually went further and further in the nine-day dreamland. A practitioner about the same age as Yan Xiu finally couldn’t help but say, "Master really let them go like this?"
"Of course," said Taoist Qingyun faintly, "It’s not too early to leave at this time, although there are still a few days left for the spiritual examination meeting."
"Brother, don’t talk about him, but it’s important for me that the mortal is pregnant with broken array and spirituality …"
"The origin and fate are doomed. Sometimes, I’m the Nine Heaven Gate. Besides, people …" Taoist Qingyun shook his head slowly. "How can I really be a human with such different skills?"
"But …" Brother’s face is still a little gloomy.
"In the past hundred years, my observation of the celestial phenomena at night has bad omen, and my peers have talked a lot about it …" Taoist Qingyun said seriously, "There will often be great changes when it is robbed. I dare not expect to profit from it for nine days, but how dare I offend such a strange vision? There are twists and turns? "
"It’s better to leave a favor and meet each other in the future."
After understanding the principle of uniform motion, it doesn’t need Wu Xiaoqing to worry about walking all the way through the nine-day dreamland or on the road. It’s all about taking Bai Jiaojian with him-although the amount of fuel carried is not small, the chemical propellant that brought Wu Xiaoqing to fly the carpet for such a long time has been consumed almost.
According to the search and rescue team, Wu Xiaoqing should try to save as much as possible if it is not necessary to escape.
When he came to Jiutianmen, Wu Xiaoqing jumped from island to island like a thief.
Because of the fear of dealing with people and encountering danger, we should try our best to avoid people, which greatly reduces the efficiency and waits for the safety period of people in sight for most of the day.
This time, it was not so troublesome. This road has gone through many times. According to what he said, most of the sects along the way still have some understanding. After all, they are all prone to hundreds of years, and their interpersonal relationship is very complicated-the basic understanding is also a little bitter.
Many people may still be several generations of classmates and brothers, plus several generations of enemies. It seems a bit unimaginable to understand this world.
Yan Xiu seems to be a low-key person now, but according to himself, when he was young-when he was one or two hundred years old, he was really high-key.
At that time, if people were at odds with each other or lost a duel with others, they would always throw a few malicious words out, such as "Don’t bully the poor young people" and "I will pay off my debts when I say that I am repaired". Of course, there is no shortage of people all over the world
As a result, most of the time, Yan Xiu died miserably because of this kind of unappreciation. In those few times when he was born again, his hatred was still strong. He always silently remembered the names of those enemies and made a list of them to prepare for revenge in the future.
But gradually, as the life gets longer and longer, more and more people die, and the list becomes longer and longer. Finally, it is often too long to recite-so you can forget it.
This forgotten life has become muddled. Until this life, he came to plan that he should go out to attend the spiritual examination meeting after practicing sword for ten years, but now it is almost twenty years, and his determination is still undecided.
If I hadn’t met Wu Xiaoqing, I still don’t know if I can make it at last this year.
It is necessary to bring at least one lingshi to attend the spiritual examination meeting. Without this lingshi, Wu Xiaoqing would be hard to talk about.
The first of them is an island full of plants, which is a public place and a territory jointly managed by several sects. It is about 1,200 kilometers away from Jiutianmen. It takes one noon to fly at a medium speed in this world.
However, Wu Xiaoqing dragged down the speech for a whole day.
Wu Xiaoqing saw the target from a lot of islands in his glasses when he was far away from the island, because it was so easy to identify-most of the islands were grayish yellow, and the island was green from a distance, which was very conspicuous.
After getting closer, Wu Xiaoqing noticed that the plants on this island are very "unrestrained" in appearance. Because of gravity, most plants are very willing to grow into anything.
However, some trees should be designed to grow too long and become a specific shape. For example, a few characters grow in a big tree note where they enter the door-but the meaning of this character is unknown. In their language, this island is called the Island of All Spirits.
These characters belong to the search and rescue team, which already has the corresponding language library. Naturally, the island was originally called "Landscape Botanical Garden".
As soon as Wu Xiaoqing entered the gate of the Botanical Garden, she saw the jungle flying back and forth, some flying people and more plant branches sitting cross-legged
The appearance of Wu Xiaoqing and Yan Xiu obviously attracted the attention of a group of people nearby. Their eyes turned to Yan Xiu’s hand for the first time, and then turned to Wu Xiaoqing. Then many faces showed disdain and disgust.
Wu Xiaoqing just didn’t know the reason for this attitude.
But he soon knew.
There are "managers" patrolling back and forth everywhere in the botanical garden, who are responsible for maintaining public order. After all, in this chaotic world, it is a part of daily life for immortals to draw swords against each other. This cultural custom is impossible without managers.
Not only is it managed, but according to Yan Xiu, the whole island of all souls has little aura because of the large number of immortals-it can hardly be supplemented, that is to say, if there is not enough preparation for fighting here, it can’t be supplemented by combat effectiveness.
Those managers were all dressed in uniform green robes. One of them seemed to recognize Yan Xiu when he passed by them. He looked at his hand and said "Yan Xiu!"! Ghost Island is not a place for revenge. "
Yan Xiu nodded. "It’s just passing by. Don’t be nervous."
"It’s unusual for you to bring a lingshi with you." Going out with a lingshi to hold hands is just like walking with a box of * streets for immortals. Lingshi can burst into great fighting power in a short time.
"Don’t worry!" Yan Xiu, the manager, showed that another stone in his bag was "prepared by the spiritual examination meeting"
The other party nodded and approved his explanation and looked at Wu Xiaoqing’s eyebrows. "Mortal?"
Nod your head in words
"You have to take care of him," the manager pointed out. "Don’t let him shit and pee everywhere."
Wu Xiaoqing saw the translated subtitles and wanted to pull out his pistol and shoot him! What does this take for him!
Although there have been no mortals in the so-called ascension realm for a long time, it is strange that everyone has retained this prejudice against mortals.
In these trapeze cultures, mortals are low-level species that shit and pee everywhere-and that’s true.