"This ….. this is the two worlds contain gold gas? Oh, my God, if these gold gas departments are refined, we will dazzle Yang Tianzong to cast a handle that can compete with a sword clan and a sword sword. It is not impossible …"

"More than absolutely more than this is not the gold gas of the two worlds … if it is just casting a very artifact gold gas, we should have already refined these gold gases from dozens of generations of Shinto deities in Xuanyang Tianzong for so many years …"
"GuQing what means he actually can control our dazzle YangTianZong two worlds! ? This is our dazzling Yang Tianzong Town Zongbao, even if it is a teacher’s brother who wants to move the power of the two worlds, he must unite with several of his elders to course the law together to forcibly lead to the power of Shiyier … But now Guqing actually … "
When the three elders were filled with fear, the golden light and rain all over the sky finally dazzled Yang altar and Yunyan came into contact.
At this moment, the dazzling Yang Tianzong’s eyes shot out with unprecedented coldness and dignity. Facing the pressure of shooting him with millions of dollars, the pressure was no less than that of returning to a sword Sect three hundred years ago-Wan Jian returned to one!
With these golden lights shooting at the dazzling altar, he suddenly raised his hand, and the whole world changed in an instant. All the forces of heaven and earth seemed to be distorted by a physical force, and they solidified before his cloud inflammation …
This is power!
Shinto comprehends the transcendental realm four times.
"Big day hanging crow nine night fierce Yang Yaoshi true fire burning day! Burning the sky and dazzling the sun! "
Solidified in the virtual golden light, an incandescent flame without variegated colors suddenly exploded. This flame appeared instantly and immediately formed a bonfire and started a prairie fire, which constantly devoured countless thousands of precious gases in all directions. This incandescent flame burned and vanished in an instant!
Burn the sky and dazzle the sun!
Xuanyang Tianzong Town Zongshentong Burning Heaven Xuanyang True Fire!
When this magical power was overseas, Gu Qing once saw Elder Jiuyang rely on the strength of a magic weapon, the golden wheel of the scorching sun, and once put it to use, he burned and killed five heads of Yin Shen, the master of the seventh level of Dan Dao! At that time, this great avatar had already erupted into a frightening terrorist power!
However, Elder Jiuyang burned the sky to dazzle the Cindy Yang fire, and now Yunyan burned the sky to dazzle the true Yang fire. The power of the two is not the same!
Elder Jiuyang burned the sun to dazzle the true fire. With the help of the scorching sun’s golden wheel, he was able to incinerate the extremely clever device. However, the palm priest Yunyan burned the sun to dazzle the true fire in an instant, which completely incinerated the gas equivalent to the level of Chinese artifact. What is even more horrible is …
Even the ancient Qing Dynasty of Xuanyang Altar did not feel the heat leakage, which shows that Yunyan has mastered the perfection of this magical power.
"This is your challenge me YunYan rely on! ? Mobilize the power of heaven and earth! ?” In Yunyan’s eyes, the divine light shot out and stretched out his hand at the sky’s golden gas. Suddenly, he grasped the moment and condensed the two worlds, almost one-tenth of the sky’s golden gas department. This grasp burst to completely melt the powder into pieces …
"Not enough is not enough!"
Yunyan suddenly stepped out to burn the sky and dazzle the sun. As he stepped out of this step, he suddenly surged and burned away. At that time, a terrible heat wave that burned everything rolled away and completely evaporated all the gas in the dazzling sun altar …
"If this is the way for you to fight against my Yunyan supernatural power, then your challenge is over … I dazzle Yang Tianzong’s status and judge your true brother Gu Qing’s death!"
All over the sky, the flame and heat burst out at the same time like a bath fire, and the phoenix incited a huge flame wing to burn everything, and the true inflammation was blazing!
The flame explosion is accompanied by a more terrible gold gas explosion!
Instantly burned and exhausted, there is no longer a reservation. There is no longer a spiritual will. The spiritual sword will be merged with the spiritual sword, and the dazzling Yang Tianzong will impose all the constraints of the two worlds to completely lead out everything that contains the two worlds …
"Day xuan casting sword! Refine, refine, refine, refine, refine, refine, refine, refine, refine and refine! Jin Gang’s ten-turn sword refers to Fang Jin Gang’s formation into a ten-sided silent sword array! Kill! "
The third volume The stars gather together to fight the one hundred and ninth sword meaning.