Caiyunxian said that the one-handed pinch tactic is obviously to move some secret method to help Liu Chen.

Liu Chen now thinks that it would be nice if Yan Ruyu could transfer chaos, violet, pole-limiting, and the emperor soldier is certainly not a person, so he can hit so many blows because Yan Ruyu temporarily handed over the "limit" to himself and he has the demon emperor’s heart.
If Caiyun Fairy gets the chaotic violet, the situation will be completely different. Of course, the power of the saint is as grand as the sea, which can make the chaotic violet reach a slight recovery state. No matter how strong the holy soldiers are, it is not enough to see before the emperor Wei.
When Lu Chen exhausted his strength, he suddenly felt a magical power to guide himself, but he lost a lot because of temporary guidance.
He knew for a moment that Caiyun’s predecessors had invented some secret method to give himself a blow from chaos and violet again.
He and Caiyunxian were pushed back by the night king’s overbearing marksmanship. When Lu Chen saw the elder coughing up blood, it was obvious that this kind of secret method was also costly and vulnerable to waves.
Liu Chenxin was angry and anxious, and said that this plot was messed up so much. If you don’t wake up, your wife is really dead!
He has tried his best to smash his body so many times.
Another blow to the stars in the sky seems dim. The turbulence brings up Gangfeng and blows the broken body surface of Lu Chen.
Xia Yiming in the holy city also watched this scene and sighed, "Brother Lu may not be able to hold him to his limit."
Little nun Xia Yilin’s brother looked nervously at the middle path "Brother Lu, come on."
The Demon Pavilion and the Demon Moon are also dignified. "It’s a pity that Liu Xiong is amazing enough, but this is an old monster who has lived for more than 5,000 years. After all, it’s too bad, even if he is armed with an emperor."
Hualong Chi Ye Fan watched Lu Chen being broken again and clenched his fists. He had never hated his own strength so much that he could do nothing today except deliver medicine.
Is it Liu Dage who saved Taixu’s predecessors from Zi Shan, or Liu Dage who watched Liu Dage be broken again and again, but nothing could help him?
He looked at the pool eyebrows slightly wrinkled Jiang Taixu "god king predecessors have you ever felt all this? Your younger generation, your beauty is a bloody battle. "
Others also looked at Jiang Taixu nervous don’t even the dragon ball method will save back?
Chapter seven hundred and twelve Jiang Taixu woke up.
Finally, the night king approached the holy city and repelled Lu Chen and Caiyunxian again.
Caiyunxian coughed up blood. "You should leave first, son. Brother Taixu wouldn’t want his brother to die like this. There is no saying that white-haired people send black-haired people."
Her eyes were firm, and she was dead. She decided to give her life for the forbidden secret method. Jiang Taixu fought for the last time
Lu Chen’s body is vain and the demon emperor’s heart is a little shriveled, which can be described as loyalty, but it finally stops discharging jingxie, and obviously it will hurt its vitality if it continues to be transported.
Lu Chen was long, and he kept telling the truth again and again, but he never felt that way when he went into the forbidden world again.
There is not a cloud in the sky, and the moon and stars are shining in a thin light, which is somewhat desolate.
Is it possible that history is really irreversible, and people are doomed to die?
But I’m afraid Jiang Taixu will die if he doesn’t recover.
"I can’t stand it if my predecessors don’t want this!"
Lu Chen gritted his teeth and said, it’s a big deal to make the enemy risk his life with the night king just to the end.
The last mana of his motivator sent the sun to the chaotic violet, and the Bible was boiling, pouring all his remaining strength into this blow.
At the same time, the forty-nine Taoist seals in the sea of Lu Chen’s fairy platform gave off bursts of white light, which made Lu Chen’s spirit shake his mind.
"Jiang Taixu has received a good apprentice."
The night king indifferent way
Behind him appeared a huge statue, like the ancestor of the creator, majestic and inviolable, overlooking the whole life
"What is that creature! ?”
Holy city people exclaimed.
"The night Lord is coming to the earth. This is a vision of the night king!"
Finally, someone remembered some ancient times and recognized this majestic god.
This vision covered the sun, even the stars and the moon disappeared, and the earth fell into darkness. Everyone was shocked. I can’t believe how a vision of a person can be so horrible.
Everyone is pale and can’t help but tremble and want to kneel down. This is a natural suppression, which comes from the fear of the soul.
This god seems to be able to shoot a pistol with the night king body forever, and at that moment, it seems that heaven and earth will be shattered.
Liu Chenlai swept out the intersection with pike and vision without surprise.
There was no deafening roar, but extreme silence. The two sides attacked the junction and formed a strange force field. Everything was erased.
A momentary shock wave guide is directed at the soul to kill the mind, and it will directly kill Lu Chen’s spirit.
Lu Chen drank a knife to protect Sendai, but there was a big gap between him and the other side. This is a great skill to kill life and directly kill his roots.
The head of the crisis was when Lu Chen was ready to move the enemy’s golden body. Forty-nine Daoyin in Sendai revolved independently, like stars circling around the sun, and the white light lit up. Lu Chen’s whole person seemed to be dyed with a layer of Daoyun, and the murder was resolved.
"Hold on, kid!"
Caiyunxian was frightened to point her eyebrows with one hand, and a bunch of JingXie jumped out of her body. Before rising, she stepped forward to shake the pike with great power.
She was burning with JingXie, apparently moved desperately to save Lu Chen from coming back.
Lu Chen shouted that the war had reached this point. Are some people still going to die?
At this moment, a sigh rang out from heaven and earth, just like the gods sighing the sufferings of the world.
The night king broke up with a blow, and even his vision was hard to maintain. He trembled and strode back, wondering and looking at a certain position in the holy city.
The haggard face in the dragon pool is open with a pair of eyes, and the old figure slowly gets up. In the process of getting up, his body is full of white hair and gradually turns dark.
When the rickety old man straightened up, he became a heroic man, as he did four thousand years ago.
"The bodhi old zu!"
"God king predecessors!"
Jiang Yun and Ye Fan shouted excitedly.
Jiang Taixu didn’t look at others, but looked at the sky, the battlefield, and the white clothes in Longchi appeared, and he had double charm.
Take another step to reach the front of Lu Chen and Cai Yunxian.
Wang Ling, the god in white, seems to have no mood swings, but the night king feels that the other side is like a repressed volcano, which is unstoppable when it erupts.
"Too elder brother …"
Caiyunxian, don’t turn away. You don’t want Jiang Taixu to see you.