Cloud light heart, I haven’t gone with the wind, my sword spirit has gone with the wind first.

However, I really don’t want to play this Zhou Miaoyin, which reminds her of how blessed are and what fairies are running into the palace. It’s annoying.
So she said to Chu Qi, "You let her fight with the blessed one first, and if you can win the blessed one, I’ll show her some gestures."
I am quite satisfied with the master’s answer. This is the first time in the world.
"Xiao Zhou" said Chu Qikou after confirming the rhetoric with Yunqing. "My family Zhao Xian said that if anyone wants to win the first honor in the day by challenging her, then she will not be exhausted. After all, there are too many people like you in the field of fixing the truth. If you want to challenge my family Zhao Xian, beat Qing Xin Xian first. Then Zhao Xian will meet you to challenge."
It’s very arrogant to say this, and it’s also very rude to show Zhou Miaoyin the face of the biggest sect in the world. This is the first time that someone has refused to show his face like this.
Zhou Miaoyin’s short temper is a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, Hu Lu put out the fire urgently at this moment. "Miaoyin Xianqingxin Xianqin Landao at this time. You may also be interested in the Lingshi Mine. You may wish to take this opportunity to tell her."
Is this an arch fire? Zhou Miaoyin asked strangely, "Oh, isn’t she your partner?"
Hu Lu: "I certainly hope that the more partners, the better. What if Miaoyinxian can make Qingxinxian break this Lingshi Mine and add another owner?"
This is insincere. He put out Zhou Miaoyin’s light fire on the cloud, but he arched Zhou Miaoyin’s light fire on the pure heart. Although it may lead to the conflagration between the two sects, Lingshi Mine is in the East China Sea. It is the territory of the celestial pole Sect and Sanqingshan. Sooner or later, there will be this battle. I just detonated it before.
It’s not a bad thing to block it than to release it.
In Zhou Miaoyin’s heart, Lingshi Mine is the biggest and Zhao Xian is second only to Zhou Zhou’s fall. Finally, she resolutely chose to return to the East China Sea, the Qinlan Island, and she flew away.
Hu Lu also asked her to stay for a pretence, but Zhou Miaoyin didn’t intend to give her a face.
Before leaving, she left a message, "I have an old relationship with your Hu ancestor Hu Shuo. If you Hu people want to cultivate immortality, the celestial pole clan is willing to choose the best and let me personally supervise Zhou Miaoyin. If the list is confirmed, you can find Lily Zongdai to convey it."
Zhou Miaoyin is thinking about how to decorate the large array in those days, which is somewhat unfair to Hu Shuo’s descendants. One is thinking about making up for it.
Second, most of Hu’s descendants were not born in Yuegong, and Hu Shuo was talented. The success rate of his descendants is certainly not bad. Who doesn’t like it?
On the third day today, I saw Hu Lu, who was quite a ancestor and a generation of heroes. Judging from his efforts to reform and cultivate immortality, this little emperor is worthy of making friends with the celestial Sect.
After Zhou Miaoyin left, Hu Lu really put this matter at ease. You know, there are a lot of royal family members, less than 200 years ago, and there are already 50,000 people in Mao’s direct descendants. Fortunately, he has no brothers, otherwise he would have broken 100,000.
Fortunately, it is not Zhu Taizu who did not cultivate the pig habit of the royal family, but set up a policy of weakening the treatment from generation to generation. If he is not an emperor, he will be an ordinary person in the third generation, but he will still have no special royal family.
On the closeness and distance, these Hu people become stronger, that is, to increase the effective strength of the court. Hu Lu will not carefully stop everyone from going to a better day
Moreover, the celestial pole Sect had never sent undercover there before Hu Lu, and this is definitely a good opportunity.
The most important thing is that if someone cultivates immortality among the Hu people, it will be inhuman for the royal parents to ask them not to give it to themselves, but what if they give themselves an army of practitioners?
By sending these people to the celestial Sect, it’s good for the celestial Sect to cultivate and support the disabled, and follow him.
So Hu Lu announced the patriarch and ordered Hutu to come to the Temple of Four Elephants for an audience.
"Celestial Sect is one of the best in the world. They are willing to open their arms to the royal family. This is a very rare opportunity. Nine uncles will pass this matter on to the Hu people. They can come to Beijing to test the spirit roots first. If the conditions meet, they can wait to be selected by Celestial Sect."
Of course, don’t expect celestial pole Sect to accept everything in loose woman. They must also be the best, and Hu Lu must go through the screening first. Anyone who can have a celestial spirit root or a mutated spirit root can’t leave it to celestial pole Sect. That belongs to the enemy.
Hearing the emperor’s words, Hutu jumped three feet high with excitement, and some of his children and grandchildren also had spiritual roots. Although he was a brother of Emperor Wanjia and a clan, some of Hu Lu’s meager sensibilities were rewarded with some elixirs and spiritual stones, but this was not enough for his own family!
Now there is such a good opportunity that I must send my children out of the sea. In addition, I can think about it if I don’t destroy the emperor’s plan and get some money at the same time.
At this moment he thought of the report Hu Gai.
Hutu told Hu Gai the good news, which provoked Hu Gai to have a great ecstasy. During this period, he thought he had worked very hard to practice, but he still didn’t refine his spirit. He condescended to go to the Greenwood Villa to practice with a group of ordinary people, but he still made great progress.
He felt that it must be the master’s problem. The level of Wang Tianba was so poor. If there was a celestial pole and Zhou Miaoyin, this level could teach himself a lot. He estimated that he would have refined the place of then.