It’s very uneasy here. The loss group in the distance is a regular time. If they can’t leave their detection range before they finish eating mercenaries, they may come.

Lin ying took the road ahead of the off-road vehicle, followed by several domestic armored vehicles, followed by material vehicles and oil tankers
Finally, the cannon fodder trio is in charge of the patrol.
As they walked in the car, the three people kept dumping blocking agents and expelling agents.
Cannon fodder A, cannon fodder B and cannon fodder C poured bottles of toilet water down the window with masks. The pungent smell made them feel uncomfortable but could not hide their excitement.
"Brother Ye, this time we killed so many mercenaries without a single soldier. Have you ever thought about this before?" Cannon fodder urn urn said angrily.
Cannon fodder armor directly turned its head into a rattle and said, "I didn’t dream of it."
Cannon fodder C interjected, "It really made us even less aware of the idea of killing these mercenaries and returning them to him. It was like dreaming when we appeared."
"Yeah, I feel a little unreal now, and I’m drunk myself, and I haven’t sober up yet." Cannon fodder B is a little incredible
Cannon fodder armor was silent for a sigh. "Brothers, calm down first. Don’t forget that we can destroy so many mercenaries because of Boss Lin. Without his intelligence and his powerful fighting capacity as support, our idea will be realized."
And he’s the only one who has the courage to make the three of us fool around.
To tell you the truth, I think following boss Lin is the most correct thing I have done. "
Cannon fodder B and cannon fodder C also nodded attached and said, "That’s true or Linda."
No one thought that these seemingly arrogant zombies were actually afraid of toilet water.
Sprinkling toilet water around the tent can keep them at a respectful distance from others.
Let everyone hide in the hole and spray thick toilet water. Those zombies just left like blind people.
This is simply too high for him. "
Cannonball armor said while driving, "Yeah, those mercenaries probably didn’t think about why zombies didn’t attack us until they died, but crossed our camp to chase them, didn’t they?"
Cannon fodder C suddenly laughed and gloated. "Haha, I don’t know if there is Wang Yanchao, right?
This traitor may not know the toilet water himself, and he may be questioned or questioned by mercenaries when he dies. "
Cannon fodder B suddenly let out a sigh. "If you want to die the most unjustly or scar them, why do you want to die when you are alive?"
If they don’t have second thoughts to follow Lin Ying boss well, maybe they will have a chance to wash their hands of Lin Ying boss and let them go. As a result, they will jump out and die and play with themselves. "
Cannon fodder armour nodded his head. "They also died miserably. To tell the truth, they should have a good dry with boss Lin, who may also weigh them."
To see what the three of us were before and what we are now, we should follow boss Lin in vain and live very well. "
It is a pity that the cannon fodder trio talked about the incident while spraying blocking agent and expelling agent, and died and went to scar.
The people in his car did almost the same thing.
Through discussion all the way, everyone recognized one thing clearly.
That is, if you want to hang out with boss Lin in a down-to-earth manner, you won’t worry about your peace and food.
If you don’t cross the bottom line of boss Lin, there will be no danger to your life.
If you don’t die, you won’t die
I don’t know anything about discussing Lin Ying in the car behind me. He doesn’t know what impact this action has brought to the lucky people in the team.
Now he is driving an off-road vehicle towards the next city.
Headed for the city because the road ahead of them was blocked by zombies.
In order to destroy these mercenaries, they pretended to be drunk for two days out of the mountain area and ran to the city to lure the zombies out of the city and made such a trap.
There are many zombies in front of them now, but the zombies in the city have become very rare after being attracted by them.
[End of chapter]
Chapter 517 Most of them are lost.
The city and the country can be said to be very wonderful.
An urban area is surprisingly large, and it takes less than two or three hours to walk from south to north or from west to east by bus.
An urban area has also been divided into a large number of forest shadows. The place where they are going now is the southernmost area called N area.
A few days ago, he and Qing Muyang pretended to be drunk and ran to the city to attract a group of zombies.
Then, Qing Muyang has been sneaking around for a day, and finally sent a big field when he encircled scorpion mercenaries.
Now the n area is almost over.
They are going to go through the N area and then take the national road to their hometown in the southwest mountains.
Area n is the most backward area in the city, and most of the buildings were built in the last century, which is not very high. Although many buildings have been built in recent years, the number is still relatively small.
This also leads to the fact that there are not many zombies in the whole N area, and it is less attractive to attract some of them, and almost no zombies can be seen.
A group of people drove to the south area soon.
N area base already can’t see how many zombies Lin Ying they didn’t meet a few along the way.
When I met a few, I was knocked over by the forest shadow car, and then the car behind me was directly crushed into a paste.
After entering the N area, Lin Ying let all the lucky people get out of the car except the driver, let them walk forward and then search for roadside supplies.
There are many shops along the way because of the protection of zombies. The materials in these zombies are very complete. Lin Ying has searched a lot of materials along the way.
So many that they can’t transport them away that they can find some vehicles to load those materials.
In the end, Lin Ying, they can choose some better materials to take away those that are slightly worse, but they just give up.
Lucky people have never been so upset.
They worry that there are too many materials to take away.
Before, they were all worried about not eating or wearing.
Now they are worried about eating too much.
However, it wasn’t long before Lin Ying and them advanced, and those who were familiar with the N area told Lin Ying that not far ahead was a place where an army was stationed.
Hearing the news, Lin Ying came to the spirit and directly let everyone speed up and catch up with the troops.