She is the commander-in-chief of 100 thousand spirit soldiers, but she can’t be underestimated.

And at this stage, she is procrastinating.
When the master overturns a Donghua terrace, she will be able to put her hands and feet on the other side and do a thorough job.
Lengyu Palace children and Xiaobai have surrounded Chai Wanying.
Rich tears shouted the Xuan pupil with a small white first now, although here is heavy obsidian light atlas them.
When they all saw their mother like this, everyone’s eyes were full of anger, flames and tears.
Xiaofeng jumped in tears and wanted to pick up Chai Wanying’s body.
Wait, tears, don’t move yet. It’s chilly in this cold jade palace. Mom must have been frozen by the cold here.
Because it’s too cold here and god’s knowledge can’t be put to good use, I haven’t found anything inside Chai Wanying’s body at the moment.
Brother Tears asked me to come.
Heavy obsidian hurriedly stretched out his hand to help.
I’ll come, too. My children are all light energy attributes.
Light atlas also reached out.
At the same time, the two men were lucky enough to stick to Chai Wanying’s shoulder, which was full of energy and pure light fire. The Lengyu Palace froze on the surface of her mother’s body, and Ivylinna Lee gas.
I didn’t expect that the surface Ivylinna Lee gas had just eliminated a little Chai Wanying, and I couldn’t stand the pain and finally screamed. It’s so hot.
Scared lightly atlas heavy obsidian immediately pulled his hands back.
What’s the matter? You’re also in charge.
Xuan pupil first nasty is light atlas heavy obsidian transport energy is too overbearing intense hot to mother immediately some annoyed.
Although the three of them didn’t say anything, they blamed their eyes slightly, which also made the two of them feel wronged.
But they all know that their brothers and sisters are too anxious, and their mother doesn’t mean to blame them for not being angry.
Is to look at each other and look at each other, which means nothing to each other
There’s something wrong with my brothers and sisters. These bastards in Donghua Taiwan must have done something to their mother.
Chapter 56 Sweep down Donghua Taiwan Ten
Xuan pupil a listen to these words also immediately white mother shout pain is certainly not caused by improper light atlas heavy obsidian control power.
Six children also small white face suddenly all serious.
Everyone knelt down as close as possible to Chai Wanying, but no one dared to touch and move her easily with their own hands, for fear that their conation would cause Chai Wanying more pain.
Except Xuan pupil, the other five children are facing this dilemma for the first time, watching their mother suffer but unable to do anything.
But for the boss Xuan pupil, this painful situation is already the second time.
The first time is when my mother almost gave birth and my father was not around.
Now, although the situation is different once, it is still the same. It is the mother who suffers.
And this time the situation is more critical than the dystocia.
However, in any case, if you can find your mother now, then everything will come back.
He bit his teeth and clenched his fist, but his expression was as soft as possible.
Gently and patiently call mom, mom, it’s me. Can you hear me? We’ve come to save you. We’ve all come to take you home.
Chai Wanying slipped a tear from the corner of her eye and then instantly condensed into ice.
Although a drop is enough, several children are excited.
This means that mom can at least hear them clearly and know who they are.