Rick secretly swore an oath in his heart.

Go ahead and take them. Now they belong to you. Don’t you men always take up a lot of women to show off? What’s the matter? When it comes to the last minute, you can’t. Are you still a man? Haha, come on, I can’t wait.
Baku gave Rick a kick in the ass and kicked him into the group of glistening women. Instantly Rick was drowned by a pile of white meat burning with desire.
Rick felt a pair of warm lips madly kissing and kissing everywhere in his body. The burning breath and the raging fire burned all the will parts in his mind.
Counting his hands rubbing around his giant finally inspired his most animal nature.
He rolled over and overwhelmed the youngest woman. Her legs stood up with anger, sadness and despair, and she suddenly stabbed.
The woman let out a scream and reached for him happily and confusedly, scratching and scratching around him. With her crazy and blurred moaning and screaming, he sent her to wave after wave of peaks.
The women around us are even more frantically screaming and shouting, and they can’t stop dragging Rick anxiously, expecting that one who is ravaged by him is himself.
It was a crazy and confusing night, and Rick lost his sex for a short time. In a frenzied dance party, he generously sprinkled rain and dew on every woman who welcomed him. He hoped to give happiness to those who were not of the same kind and let them know that the world was real.
Chapter 16 Selecting Soldiers
In a month, you will take part in a demon-day gladiator competition. If you want to take part in this competition, you must qualify for the competition. From now on, you will face our demon city gladiators in the Wolf-demon Department. Twenty gladiators represent the honor and dignity of the Lord of the Wolf-demon City. I hope you won’t embarrass us. You know, Lord Tally has great hopes for you.
Bagu mobilized Mian Leike before the war in the cave.
Rick looked up at him coldly, but he didn’t do well. In Bagu, he was used to his indifference, but he wasn’t angry. On the contrary, he was very happy that a cold-blooded killer should be silent, and the power that broke out in silence was the most terrible.
God, you have to face the other four gladiators in Dodd, the city of Angry Wolves. Remember that although you are of the same kind, you will always be enemies in the fighting field. Don’t have any sympathy or you will die. Your opponent will not be kind to you. He will treat you as a beast and not as the same kind.
There are two ways to fight, one is that you die, the other is that you live, and the other is that you want to live and kill me for revenge, then you must kill your opponent as soon as possible. Do you understand?
Bagu’s tone resumed to be cold and hard, and Rick was stimulated by the sensitive topic of revenge from time to time by those cold-blooded rules.
Let me know what weapons you need, and I’ll get them for you immediately.
Bagu, stop talking nonsense.
Anything will do.
It’s unnecessary for Rick to spit a few syllables through his teeth. He really doesn’t want to say a word to this dirty demon family.
Well, it’s very difficult to do anything. You know what? Come with me to the weapons warehouse and pick anything.
The ancient frowning thought for a while nodded and said
The words sound just fell and Rick has jumped the mountain from a 20-meter-deep cave in front of him.
With the sun shining on the warehouse door, the weapons are shining brightly in the warehouse, and people can hardly see anything clearly in an instant.
This is my personal weapon warehouse, and now it belongs to you. You can choose one of them.
The ancient proudly to Rick to show off
Rick didn’t. He just glanced around looking for a suitable weapon.
He really needs a weapon to fight for his life instead of fighting in the field, and he needs this weapon to escape. This weapon can drink more demon blood, and only in this way can he vent his resentment and anger.
But after searching everywhere, he was disappointed
Weapons, including mace, weigh no more than 20 Jin, which is too light for him. Holding it in your hand is like holding a straw and dancing, and the root can’t exert its great power.
After abruptly breaking three big swords, five long knives and a mace, his disappointment reached its peak and he was somewhat inexplicably angry.
Damn it, can’t you get some heavier weapons? These weapons are light and fragile, and their roots are children’s toys.
He growled angrily at Bagu.
Bagu was surprised, but on the contrary, he was extremely surprised.
He is a gladiator trainer, because the training object is human beings, and this weapon warehouse is also specially prepared by human gladiators. However, as far as the current situation is concerned, human weapons are no longer suitable for Rick. For him, these weapons are light, but they are also a symbol of strength and victory. How can he not be surprised?
To speak, Rick’s eyes have unexpectedly fallen on Bagu’s waist broadsword.
Rick’s eyes lit up. He strode towards Bagu, and his right hand was stretched out horizontally. It was obvious that he wanted Bagu’s knife.
Bagu hesitated for a while and finally slowly threw the broadsword to Rick.
At the moment of receiving the knife, Rick trembled inexplicably, and he felt an impulse. He wanted this knife to directly split Bagu’s head and let the hot animal blood splash on himself.
But he can’t swear from the moment he sees his own kind that he will make Yaotian pay the worst price and let the beasts and demons join him, and his name will be on pins and needles.
Killing a few minions like Bagu is not his ultimate goal. Even Tully is not qualified to be on his list. What he wants to kill is the demon king. Maybe he will kill the one who is called the lion emperor by the other three demon kings. Only in this way can he deal the heaviest blow to the demon god, make the monsters tremble and make them feel really scared as a human being.
At the moment when Rick took the broadsword, his eyes suddenly rose with a strong sense of murder. Bagu felt a little cold for no reason, and even every hair stood on end.
Weapon gladiator is extremely dangerous, especially a terrible gladiator like Rick. Now he suddenly attacks himself without weapons, fearing that by the time the guards arrive, he will have become a pile of rotten meat.
Bagu regretted that he was so stupid that he gave his weapon to a human gladiator.
However, he was worried that Rick didn’t do anything to him, let alone launch an imaginary attack on him. He tried his best to control his emotions and waved a few broadswords at random.
I’ll take this knife