After she left, Hang Ancai put the pen on the back of the chair, closed her eyes and helped Dandan to go back to see her parents with Gu Mingchen. Her heart was out of friendship or nothing else was needed for him.

Besides, he has stopped some things. He is trapped in the darkness of sin and gradually lost Danny. He even has no desire to survive …
A few days later, the presidential palace courtyard
Hang Zegao slammed a pile of documents in front of Hang An, frowning and looking at his lip trembling with grief, pointing to Hang An on the opposite side "you … you! Did you do all this? "
Hang An glanced at those documents lightly and asked, "What? Adoptive father, I don’t understand what you said. "
"Don’t understand?" Hang Zegao shouted angrily, "Hang An! Are you a wolf cub? Wolf cubs also have blood! Will also be grateful! What about you? I don’t know if you say goodbye again and again! "
Hang An’s expression is calm. "Adoptive father Ann is really not white."
"You …"
Hang Zegao walked up to Hang ‘an and raised his hand and slapped him hard. Hang ‘an didn’t dodge the slap, which was particularly loud in the quiet night. The father and son were shocked when they touched each other.
"Did you finally hit me?" Hang An squinted at Hang Zegao with his face tilted.
Hang Zegao sighed in his eyes, "I just hit you too late!" Ann, if you go on like this, you will ruin yourself! Your adoptive mother and I pity you for losing your father when you were young, and your mother has become so young. Your father and I are devoted to life and death and want to train you well! But what about you? I didn’t expect you to be evil … It’s not enough to hurt me once. What do you want to do with these people this time? "
It’s no use crying over spilt milk. He looked up at Hang Zegao and sneered, "What do I want to do? You really don’t know? Pity me for relying on it at a young age? Hang Zehao, don’t forget how I became dependent! "
"You …"
Hangzegao alpha males incredible looking at Hangan.
Hang An’s face was ferocious and malicious, and he roared at Hang Zehao, "It’s you! You made me like this! You keep saying that my father is a friend of life and death, but how did he beg you? There is gold in the man’s knee. He knelt in front of you and begged you, but you still refused to save him! Mr. President, it’s you! You shot yourself. You’re dead or alive! Now do you still want your life and death to be filial and loyal to you? No way! Absolutely impossible! Hang Zegao, my mother hung in front of me that year! But … she is not dead, but look at her. What’s the difference between her and death? "
Hang’ an screamed at the top of his lungs, his eyes were bloodshot, his heart ached, and he couldn’t see the blood, but it was dripping with blood!
"I …"
Hang Zegao shocked the trembling lip and explained, "Ann, how do you get stuck in this child?" Your father is in an important position, but he has an affair with a couple. He has abused his post and issued a false’ presidential decree’. I can’t save him! He is my life and death friend, but I really can’t help him in this matter! Have you asked your mother anything? She is not awake now. If she were awake, how sad she would be to know that you are like this! Haven’t you thought about these? "
"Ah …"
Hang Anli sneer at "you this explanation? You can’t save the president of a country if you want to! Not to mention my mother. I’ve had enough of her for so many years. She doesn’t even know me! So Hang Zegao, I hate you! Hate the Han family! I hate it, I wish you would die and never be born again! "
"Ann, don’t continue!" Hang Zehao couldn’t persuade him to hurry. "Do you really want to ruin your future?"
"Hum!" Hang an sneered at "the future? What’s the future for me alone and alone? If it weren’t for taking down you and the Han family, would you and I live in peace and quiet? Hang Zegao, you can either kill me! If I can still move, I will never stop and die! "
"You …" Hang Zegao gas headache hold temple repeatedly sigh "very good! I have worked hard for more than ten years to raise such a heartless thing as you! Your adoptive mother loves you so much that her efforts are all in vain! "
Hang An’s pale face was straight and motionless.
Hang Zegao shouted at the door and someone immediately pushed the door and came in. "The president ordered you."
Hang Zegao gasped, pointing to Hang An. "Give me this inverse into the interrogation room! Give it to the law department at dawn! "
"This ….." Hand frighten not light confused look at this pair of adoptive father at that time did not dare to hang an hand.
Hang An disdained this result. At the time of the incident, he had expected that there was nothing wrong with it. He was a winner and a loser. He naturally complained that Hang An went to his hand and raised his hand to them. "Take me away!"
"Ann less …"
"Hurry up!"
"What’s the matter? Why is it so noisy? " Leci heard the noise and came from the room. He just heard Hangan’s opponent speak in amazement and pulled Hangan "Ann … what did you say? What cuffed you? Where shall I take you? "
Hang An kept a calm face and said nothing.
Leci looked back at her husband in a hurry and questioned Hang Zehao. "What are you talking about? Get the kids to talk. What’s going on now? Do you want your own children when your president is down a peg or two? "
Hang Zegao frowned and shook his head at Leci. "Don’t worry about it! This child is dying! "
"You …" Leci was in a hurry and disagreed. "You don’t have something to say about this trick. The boy is mature and slow, and he is sensitive since he was a child. If you want him, you should teach him well … He is not as good as me. I taught him well."
Said and held out his hand toward his hand. "Come and handcuff me and handcuff me!"
Listen to Leci’s words, Hangzhou’s eyes are wet. No matter what Hangzhou Zehao has done, his adoptive mother Leci really loves him very much. Hangzhou leaned over and hugged Leci and whispered, "Mother … don’t worry about Ann doing things alone! Ann does not regret it! "
Hang Zegao became more annoyed and shouted, "What are you still doing?"? Get him up! "
"Don’t let him go!"
"Pull the lady! Get him up! Quick! "
Leci was handcuffed in Hangan’s hand with cold handcuffs. Hangan’s eyes were dark, and there was a sense of relief and relaxation in his heart. Although he failed, it seemed to be over at last, didn’t it?
Chapter 537 Dan Xin remains blind.
Gu Mingchen took the suitcase out of the trunk at the gate of Changxia, and immediately came to take it and took it into the door.
"Brother, thank you! Do you want to go in and have a cup of tea? " Ruan Danning pointed to invite Gu Mingchen in the gate.
Gu Mingchen smiled and shook his head slightly tired. "I can’t sit for so long. The plane is a little tired … I want to go back and have a good sleep."
"Well," Ruan Danning smiled shyly. "It’s really troublesome for you, brother."
"Don’t say this, I’m tired of listening to it. Go in!" Gu Mingchen considerate patted her on the shoulder and turned the car. Ruan Danning looked at his car out of the long summer and turned and walked into the gate.
Ruan Danning will be here soon after taking a week off.
She and Gu Mingchen went to country A and met her parents. Ruan Danning’s parents were very satisfied with Gu Mingchen in all aspects, so the marriage was settled, and then all the marriage matters were prepared.
Of course, she doesn’t have to worry about these things. Le Xuewei said early in the morning that she would get married, and it must be arranged in the long summer.
I rested for one night, and the next morning was Monday, and Ruan Danning still had to report to the base.
Early in the morning, she went to Hang ‘an’s office. He was her direct supervisor. Supposedly, she came back to ask him to terminate her leave. She rang the door of Hang ‘an’s office and heard a strange man "come in" inside.
Ruan Danning pushed the door and went in to see a strange man sitting behind the desk of the original Hang An. Even if he lowered his head, Ruan Danning recognized it as not Hang An.