The fourth sword of the world of mortals kendo is a demon’s palm. In this step, "two right-handed soft cotton sticks are not strong enough to hit Jun several times", and people’s swords are as light as cotton wadding.

Ding-dong’s gentle flow is like the light of water sword jumping up suddenly, constantly deflecting, squeezing and killing the winning boxing strength, which will gradually eliminate the bait.
After 6 years of shock, the demon emperor Rapier in the palm of his hand outlined ten thousand swords shining on his face and whispered to Ying Zheng lightly, "A good attacker moves in nine days and the emperor moves in nine days!"
Win politics, fist, palm and palm shoot all over the sky, and each palm is facing a sword. There are omissions in the light, and the two of them are fighting each other for thousands of strokes.
After 6 years of sudden start-up, the ability is superimposed, and the sword is struggling. If the sword is full of potential, it will shake the body of Yingzheng and fall heavily to the ground. Fiona Fang is cracked like a huge spider web.
Looking up and glancing at the sky for six days, slowly descending to a height of ten feet from the ground, overlooking Yingzheng and smiling lightly, "At most, you will be wandering around forever until the day you die."
Standing still, Amitabha was so anxious that when his robe was displayed, he had to help the first two saints win the government.
"It’s not a good habit to say goodbye to the Buddha." The bodhi old zu hongyun cheerfully blocked Amitabha’s way with a tripod in his hand.
Female milk empress appeared beside the bodhi old zu hongyun way "Buddha don’t intervene in things over there we don’t intervene.
In order not to fight each other, Buddha had better not move. "
"Empress, bodhi old zu, forgive me. The poor monk had to offend," said Amitabha, once again rushing around the two saints for six years.
Hongyun bodhi old zu is the first cloud after the creation of the world. Among the saints of the heavens, it is only when the red light of the prospective Taoist once again blocks Amitabha from blowing out with one punch and laughs. "Even the rough Buddha can’t get through."
Later, Maiden appeared beside the bodhi old zu Hongyun and joined hands with him to suppress Amitabha.
Amitabha was in a hurry to get rid of the entanglement of the two saints, and when he showed his most proud juexue in his life, he put a hand seal on the bodhi old zu Hongyun.
Hongyun bodhi old zu suddenly gave birth to a warning sign in his heart, offering a sacrifice to the innate Lingbao Gankunding, which blocked Amitabha’s efforts.
Then the bodhi old zu hongyun simply put the tripod of Gankun in the palm of his hand and sprayed thousands of fiery red clouds towards Amitabha Buddha, each of which was as thick as a child’s arm and swam forward in a zigzag way.
Amitabha knows that once he is entangled in these clouds, he will be included in the world of Hongyun’s bodhi old zu Gan Kun Ding, and then he will want to get out. It is extremely difficult to get out and fly away from Gan Kun Ding.
Hongyun bodhi old zu took back those escaping clouds and laughed. "That’s right. I want the Buddha to stay out of the war situation over there, bodhi old zu. I can’t understand the Buddha."
Nu Wa Niangniang timely interjected that "what we know is not true, but it is not the wise move of western Taoist friends who conform to the general trend of days"
Amitabha stopped attacking and thoughtfully remained silent.
Ying Zheng glared bitterly for 6 long times, and Naide’s driver hid the true spirit jade symbol and escaped at the end of the black hole closure, secretly praying that he could escape for 6 long times again, and vaguely felt that this situation was extremely likely to happen.
"Finally willing to come out"
After 6 years of leisurely sighing, Yu Fu, whose figure was falling like a meteor, no longer reached out and tried to catch it, but stabbed away with a sword in his hand.
Jade Fu repeats itself in the mind control of winning politics. After a while, the scene suddenly turns around and avoids for 6 long. His body flees to other places to win politics and flies to meet jade Fu.
"Want to do the same thing? Or is it that Ding Donkey is at his wit’s end? "6 long time, with a cold smile, he came to the jade operator and shook his shoulder in front of him, and the figure in the sky was surrounded by people. It was not illusion or two places at once, but sheer absolute degree.
In the stunned eyes of Yingzheng, hundreds of "six long" swords were stabbed from different directions at the same time, and the ghosting of the demon emperor Rapier overlapped and hit the jade symbol at the same time.
In the tooth acid fracture, the jade powder was scattered with the wind and hidden in it, and the true spirit was also twisted away for 6 years.
Suffering such a heavy blow, Yingzheng suddenly spit out one mouthful blood, and his face was like pale gold. The reasons for such serious injury are from the trauma of the true spirit being destroyed and the despair caused by it.
The dissipation of the true spirit means that it won’t be long before you win the political life. Even though you have the power to compete with the saints of the heavens, there is no future, no reincarnation, no rebirth, and your eyes are just a walking corpse or a dying corpse.
After six long years, the true spirit of winning the government broke his dream of sanctification, erased his life, and at the same time, made Amitabha’s eyes calm and radiant with a layer of sadness and loss, and seemed to have given up his calculations.
Seeing this, Nvnai Niangniang and Hongyun bodhi old zu smiled at each other.
"ouch! ! !”
Desperate to win the government, he suddenly roared in the face of the sky, and his red eyes stared at him for 6 long, and anyone who was full of resentment could read unforgettable hatred from it.
"6 long! Lian will kill you! Lian wants you to die
Ying Zheng has almost lost consciousness. He threw his fist at his opponent for six years and evaded Yuto’s attack. There is no discipline at all. He is crazy and screaming and chasing blindly.
I have been practicing for six years now, and my mind has already reached the level of humiliation and humiliation. Naturally, I will not turn a deaf ear to the roar of the dead and turn a deaf ear to the demon emperor Rapier in my hand. I will return to my scabbard and swim leisurely like a fish in the depths of the sea, avoiding my opponent with ease and ease. The seemingly sharp horse is actually a messy offensive.
At this time, it seems that Amitabha has given up. He came to the warring men by Nuwa Empress and Hongyun bodhi old zu unprepared, and put a hand seal on them for six years, urging, "The witch emperor and the poor monk have come to help you out of trouble, don’t resist the poor monk and put you in bliss."
After six years of dazzling golden light, I felt that there was a little suction on myself and I easily got rid of this force with a little earn.
Yingzheng is still my reason, and I have been madly chasing for 6 years while screaming like a beast.
Nu Wa Empress and Hongyun bodhi old zu once again stood in front of Amitabha and both stared at him with a bad look.
"You broke the precepts."
For 6 years, while coping with the entanglement of winning politics, I sneered and said, "Don’t you have a Buddhist commandment?" But you, the ten thousand Buddha, are "speaking with your mouth open"
Hongyun bodhi old zu still remembers the anger rising in his chest and squinting at the interface of Amitabha. "Yes, everyone knows that Ying Zheng is running out of time, so grab Pangu and grab Pangu. What did you say" rescue "? It’s really shameless. "
"Amitabha is good, good." Amitabha’s eyes drooped, his face turned pale, and he passed away in a flash.
"When you received the quotation, did you still miss Pangu?" Yu Nu, the prostitute empress, stared at Amitabha with her eyes wide open and sneered, "You can have a try and see if Brother Hongyun and I will give you a second chance?"
Amitabha neither moves nor leaves, but stands still in silence.
After another lamp, the husband’s expression of winning politics is still crazy, but his strength has become very weak. After 6 years, he knows that the time has suddenly leaned out his hands and resisted for 6 years. It is also useless to rely on winning politics as a struggle.
After the true spirit of winning politics dissipates, whether it is a yuan god or a magic power is weakening every minute and every second. After spending so long crazily, winning politics is on the verge of running out of oil and lamps.
"ouch! Ow! ! Ow! ! !” Yingzheng shook his head wildly and roared like a beast. He kicked hard at the key parts of his body for 6 long hours. He smiled for 6 long hours. When he started, he increased his ability to lift his legs. After kicking, Yingzheng just moved. His knee bones broke and sounded.
"Ah touch touch! ! !”
As soon as the severe pain hit Yingzheng, he wailed bitterly, and his head leaned back to the maximum extent and slammed forward into the 6-year-old door.
Things have progressed to this point for six years, and it is clear that winning the election can no longer hurt yourself. Even if you really hit yourself, it is just a slight loss of face.
However, for six years, I have mastered almost everything at this time, and I no longer need to sacrifice my face to get something. No one will be willing to ignore my face for no reason, especially the saints who are high up in the mixed yuan.
For 6 long, he suddenly shook his palm and controlled his fists. His left hand flashed out and caressed the neck of winning politics.
Ying Zheng struggled to breathe and completely lost his strength. He limply changed from six years of washing to gold, and his face was thrilling. In his deep red eyes, the wandering divine light gradually gathered and he lost his mind and recovered.
My eyes drooped and my eyes twitched, reflecting that I was very white in my face for six years. This is a dead end. My life trajectory has come to the end. I strongly held my mouth and said, "You have won for six years" and "You said it very well". Finally, I failed to make it.
In the end, Ying Zheng failed to spit out the last word, and his neck suddenly drooped and completely lost interest.
For a long time, the goal was finally achieved for six years, and then my heart was filled with joy, and then it receded like a tide, and my heart became swaying. Looking at Yingzheng, I was unwilling to face my heart. I said, "You are a poor man who was calculated by the emperor from the beginning. I am sorry to give you hope and take it away with my own hands. The emperor wants to resurrect his uncle and get rid of the Pangu universe." The emperor needs strength to calculate you. "