Gu Ping doesn’t care about other things, just stare at Su Zixuan’s eyes and speak slowly. Listen, no matter what you want to do, I will never let you say what you want, turn around and walk away.

Four surprised light shout a he knew how did he know?
Su Zixuan looked at Guping’s back and his pupil suddenly narrowed. Compared with this fierce sun, the fire was negligible.
Guping intuitively found that Su Zixuan was a terracotta figure, but the credentials could not be used to exonerate the Kang family, and he believed that with Su Zixuan’s essence, he would never leave any clues for people to grasp.
He is going the other way.
Yan Xianer said two obscure words just now, and he didn’t understand what it meant. However, when he arrived at the government office, Yan Xianer’s charade was broken by the words of the adults in Yaotai. At this time, his heart was as bright as a small mountain stream, and he hit Xi’ an. He felt that he was always bumping into a cloud, and now it is finally scattered. He should go to the mirror to understand the current situation.
But the problem is that the antidote is in the mountains, and tigers have to risk their lives if they want to collect medicine.
Which is more terrible in Heishuibog Sangrinqin? Guping asked himself.
However, it was Sangrinqin who got lucky when he entered the Blackwater Marsh, but if he provoked Sangrinqin, he would die.
You have to poke a hornet’s nest. Guping locked himself in the inn. No one saw Wang Chi banging the door outside. He didn’t hear Chang Yuer coming back from the suburbs and called him twice. He still didn’t.
He kept thinking about the matter over and over in his mind for most of the day, saying that it would be more profitable to remove the sword. Chang Yuer put his ear to the crack of the door from Wo Lai and listened carefully. After listening carefully, he asked Wang Chi in confusion what he was reading. Wang Chi shook his head with a tired face and thought that he would follow this crazy face, but it was unlucky to fail to make a business, even if he didn’t go crazy again.
They waited until it was dark and it was already midnight before they heard the door ring.
The ancient eldest brother Chang Yuer anxiously greeted Guping and smiled at her, and she was about to go out.
Ancient shopkeeper, where are you going? Wang Chi followed suit.
Saving people is not a business. Guping thought about it and said it was a business to save people.
Wang Chi looked impatient and said, Let’s hurry back to Taigu. There is no business to do here.
You’re wrong. Guping patted Wang Chi on the shoulder and there’s a big business waiting for me to do.
Four immortals can’t do anything. Guping has done it.
In the center of a golden lotus tent like a wan hall is a big chair with tiger skin. This tiger skin is peeled off by the chair owner and killed by him. Although fierce, it is also a dead end to meet this man. At this moment, this tiger killer is sitting in the chair wearing a cowhide vest, and his arms are brawny, with a pair of big hands protruding forward and sharp eyes staring at a person in front of him. It looks like grass and can grab a big golden eagle of a sheep.
Sitting there, Liao Zheng also felt a pressure. He moved uneasily and glanced at the man kneeling on the ground.
Today, after nightfall, this man called Guping came to give a gift of Dong Qichang painting, and then Kan Kan talked about the benefits and disadvantages. Not only did he say that the green campers in Xi ‘an city have been stirred up to insult women openly in the street, which is the situation of hurting and educating people, but he also planned to cultivate a dingjia in the northwest. Today, I heard that the Confucian scholars would gather together and hope that if they were suppressed as rebels by this non-sovereign, it would be wasted, so he was persuaded by this young man who claimed to bring him to see the sovereign overnight, but this man would annoy the monk king.
Liao Zheng was still forced to ask Gu Pingran, but he felt that the atmosphere in the account was almost suffocating. He suddenly lowered his head and raised his head to the report. The report was supercilious and authentic. You just killed the city businessmen and confiscated all their shops. But where can I find food and grass? What can you take to fight against bandits? You can’t fight against bandits. Your life will be famous and the court will severely punish you. Where will you put it then?
Senggerinchin’s face was gloomy. These are the reasons why his heart has been strong these days. Being told face to face by a Han Chinese makes him feel even more angry.
Report for the time being, put this doubtful case aside, and let those businessmen’s families go. Right-handers promised to deliver the army’s grain and grass to the report on the 10th, so that the report could successfully suppress and twist the soldiers. Guping looked directly at Senggenheim’s tone and sincere words. When the report won, he still hoped to release the Kangjia shopkeeper, the Shanxi merchants, and all the shopkeepers. Then the peaceful people in the market would live and work in peace and contentment, and they would not be able to make waves.
Liao Zheng nodded frequently in the audit. Guping’s words really mean that at the end of the day, the ancient officials forced the people to rebel against the common people, but they were unwilling to rebel unless they really couldn’t live. Rebellion was also a desperate struggle or a way out. What’s not against the fact that everyone in Xi’ an is in danger and the people are in trouble now? If Sangrinqin does this again, he won’t have to wait for the twist to attack the city and fear that all the people in a city will become twists.
Guping’s mouth was thirsty, but Senggenheim flew into a rage. In his view, this is to accuse a little grass man of daring to speak like this. It is tolerable and unacceptable, but he is not reckless. Guping, after all, said a word to his heart, that is, hay.
Good promise to you. Don’t say a word. Liao Zheng can’t even believe Guping. How can this evil monk report be so accommodating?
Senggerinchen left his seat and walked to the front of the ancient plane and sneered at him. Suddenly, he drank heavily and people dragged him to beat forty clubs again.
This sudden face flash generally GuPing haven’t white how did that happen was dragged by two QinBing account leave Liao Zheng dumbfounded.
By this time, it was already late at night, but the lights were bright in the camp. During the day, one person outside the tent was fidgeting and walking back and forth. Gu Ping was dragged to his heart and looked at it. It was not a question, but an army stick. This person hurriedly rushed over to the mouth and said, I’ll take it from one of them.
Guping turned his head and looked like Deng Tieyi. He saw Guping enter the camp and waited for him outside the tent. He shook his head at Guping, which means don’t recognize him, and then shouted and swung his stick.
He shouted at the big stick and looked at it with the wind. This stick had to be broken, but Deng Tieyi lifted the stick at the last minute and unloaded it with nine points of strength.
Playing the club is two people playing the number one by one, but the soldier opposite Gu Ping didn’t have a complex and actually beat him. Twenty rolls beat Gu Ping until his flesh was raw and blood was straight, but Gu Ping just didn’t say anything, gritted his teeth and fought hard. He didn’t get up and was taken back to the tent by the two QinBing.
Do you know what hit you? Senggerinchen paced back and forth in front of him. The candle on the ceiling chandelier was swayed by his broad figure, and the shadow of Senggerinchen was like a demon hanging over Guping and prostrating himself on the ground.
Guping bite a tooth and shook his head.
Because you are a Han Chinese, a Han dog is not allowed to stand tall and talk like this in front of the king. Remember for ten days, if you can’t get food and grass, I will grind you into powder and feed it to Wang Qingyi. Say, Sengqin has returned to the big account.
Although Liao Zheng, the ancient shopkeeper, was dissatisfied with the monk king, he was also able to resist the report, which was not a scare. Since you said this, if it is impossible then.
Adults rest assured that the right people will be able to do it. Guping will fight back the pain. Looking at Senggelinqin just went to the tent door, his eyes are full of anger