Guo Xingyue’s distance from the Yellow Emperor is not too far, that is, the distance is about 30 feet. One is fast and the other is slow. Two fairy swords will soon collide together. Guo Xingyue suddenly cracked the fairy sword and quickly turned into hundreds of Jin Jian’s swords. At this time, the original sword was slowly broken and the fairy sword suddenly changed from extremely slow to extremely fast. There was a dense jingle in the unfinished sword array, which forced Guo Xingyue’s sword array to fall apart.

The timing of the sword shot by the Yellow Emperor was very accurate. Just before the sword array was formed, it rushed early, and the sword array could change at any time to form another sword array. Once the power of the sword array was multiplied, the Yellow Emperor had to pay a great price even if he could break the sword array. Guo Xingyue knew that it was not good to drink a "Wan Jian belongs to one" and the sword array was transformed into a flash again. The sword tip of the Yellow Emperor broke the fairy sword and suddenly shot dozens of pale blue flashes and dozens of purple skyfires. This move was the setting of the moon and the sinking of the Yellow Emperor did not expect Guo Xingyue to be there.
When Guo Xingyue’s Wan Jian was broken, Xianyuan had already lost a lot. At this time, it was a spent force to make the moon fall and the stars sink. After all, the power was greatly reduced. Although the lightning and fire hit the Yellow Emperor’s broken sword, it failed to completely disrupt the Yellow Emperor’s arrangement in the broken sword. The fairy sword cracked and the broken sword crashed violently together and there was a loud noise. Guo Xingyue and the Yellow Emperor were both shocked to fly backwards in the middle. No one took advantage of this trick.
Guo Xingyue had already suffered a pale blue blood arrow when he retreated wildly in the middle, but Guo Xingyue achieved what he wanted to achieve-after hitting the sword hard, Guo Xingyue had come to a place only ten feet away from the mastermind mirror. Guo Xingyue did not consider the pranayama body, the immortal body, and a law body broke out. A flash of white light sealed the mastermind mirror in the law barrier to watch the battle on the ground. It was this opportunity that the purple emperor and others each handed out the command to adjust the soldiers quickly and finally grabbed the mastermind mirror on the other three sides.
Guo Xingyue shoots the array body, regardless of whether this body can work or not, and then takes back the fairy sword that has been shattered by the earthquake. An afterburner rushes to the ground, and the array enchantment rushes to the Yellow Emperor and others. It takes only a moment to react. What is Guo Xingyue’s idea? On the Yellow Emperor’s side, many immortal emperors have stepped in to intercept and try to kill Guo Xingyue who landed. At this time, Guo Xingyue has been injured and blocked so many immortal emperor-level masters’ attacks. In fact, even if Guo Xingyue is not injured, it is impossible to get a dozen immortal emperor-level
Nearly 100 array bodies were all over the place, but they were already on display, but they rushed to the ground like meteors. Many immortals rushed to the mountains in all directions. The whole scene suddenly became chaotic. It is a well-known thing that Guo Xingyue’s array bodies were burned and those arrays were trapped. No one wanted to taste the taste of being trapped by the array. All the masters stopped attacking Guo Xingyue and fled.
Nearly a hundred array bodies suddenly formed a strange formation when they were exhibited on the ground. Guo Xingyue took advantage of the chaos and rushed to the array barrier. At this time, the Yellow Emperor had returned to his senses, and a sense of being deceived and humiliated flooded his heart. He did not think of himself and suffered some injuries. He shot a broken fairy sword. This sword was no longer as slow as the sword just now, but as fast as a meteor, he chased Guo Xingyue’s dive shape. When the Yellow Emperor started, Guo Xingyue realized that his body was locked by the Yellow Emperor, but he could not escape from this sword. The thickness of Zhixianyuan is far less than that of Huangdi. Just now, it was purely that I hit Huangdi by surprise. Not only can these moves be repeated by Huangdi recklessly, but it can also hurt myself. If so, the law enforcer presided over his own side and the master root could not resist the arrival of reinforcements.
This time, Guo Xingyue didn’t shoot the cracked fairy sword, but the gods moved to block the mixed fairy shield behind him. When the Yellow Emperor broke the fairy sword and caught up with it, Guo Xingyue suddenly used the mixed fairy shield to unload the Chinese characters. Although Guo Xingyue used the Chinese characters to unload most of the strength of the Yellow Emperor’s sword, he was still injured by the Yellow Emperor’s hateful sword. At this time, Guo Xingyue was injured by a burst of blood, but he finally rushed into the law barrier before the Yellow Emperor’s master could react.
The Yellow Emperor was so angry that he shouted "Give me an array to break the law barrier". Many immortals on the Yellow Emperor’s side immediately lined up to prepare to break the array forcibly …
Chapter 247 Unexpected reinforcements
Guo Xingyue’s plan is actually very simple. The White Emperor lures the Yellow Emperor to fight alone. When the fighter plane blocks the soul mirror, the purple emperor and others send distress information when the blockade is pulled out, and then the power of the law is dragged to the reinforcements to arrive. The plan is very simple, but there are several key points. Guo Xingyue is not sure whether the Yellow Emperor will escape from the Yellow Emperor first, and whether the third law can withstand the attacks of the Yellow Emperor and others and persist until the reinforcements arrive on his own side.
Although Guo Xingyue was not slightly injured in the Yellow Emperor’s hand, he finally finished the plan two steps before the key was to resist the Yellow Emperor’s attack on the law. Guo Xingyue rushed into the law barrier and ignored the treatment. He immediately played a series of hand tactics to mobilize nearly a hundred law bodies scattered on the ground, which formed a maze. With Guo Xingyue’s hand tactics speeding up hundreds of pale blue fairy spirits, nearly a hundred law bodies were adjusted in place to form a strange formation. Then Guo Xingyue found the trapped purple emperor and others in the law barrier and led them to the eye of the array.
At the eye of the array, the purple emperor and others suddenly felt that the maze fog disappeared at the moment, and the scene outside the law enchantment immediately appeared. At this time, many masters of the Yellow Emperor Fairyland Yandi Fairyland had lined up, and more than a dozen masters of the fairy emperor’s repair level were arranged in an umbrella according to the repair level, ready to forcibly break the law enchantment. At this time, all the masters of the Yellow Emperor had released their own fairy devices, waiting for the Yellow Emperor to make the purple emperor and others to be shocked when they saw this. As far as they know, there is no law combination attack in the celestial world that can resist such a powerful force. Once the law
Guo Xingyue was seriously injured and propped up at this time. The array base was already exhausted, and the light blue blood poured out from time to time. He quickly took out two sacred elixirs from the bracelet, and then pointed to Xuantian’s lore, a fairy sword, and said to the purple emperor and others, "Please input the fairy yuan into this sword and leave it to you to protect the array barrier for a moment." Say that finish, before everyone reacted, Guo Xingyue sat cross-legged in the array eye and closed his eyes to heal. The purple emperor and others are also masters of the fairy emperor level. For the law, it is also considered proficient. as one pleases understands Guo Xingyue’s intention. This eye fairy is the key to control the law enchantment. Although I am not sure whether I can resist the attack of the Yellow Emperor and others, I can also be a dead horse at this time. Seeing that the Yellow Emperor and others are about to launch an offensive, I have to shoot my own fairy yuan to bless the law enchantment.
When the Yellow Emperor ordered nearly 10,000 kinds of fairy wares to crash into the strange array arranged by Guo Xingyue almost at the same time, there was a violent shock in the array enchantment, but the array enchantment was not broken, but it was calmed down after a shock. This result was not only that the master of the Yellow Emperor could not believe it, but even the master of the array, Zi Di and others, were surprised. No one could have thought that the array arranged by Guo Xingyue was so powerful that it could resist so many masters. You know, it’s almost one-third of the immortals attacking at the same time. It’s impossible for the fairy array to resist such a powerful attack. It can be done, but Guo Xingyue is just a late-stage repair of the immortal emperor. How can you arrange a trance array if you are not even a fairy?
Guo Xingyue’s arrangement is indeed a fairy array, but it is a little fur of the fairy array that Guo Xingyue realized from the fourth floor of the pagoda, plus his own understanding of the array. The arrangement is between the fairy array, the strange array and Guo Xingyue’s name. In fact, Guo Xingyue himself does not know how powerful this array is, but he has to take a chance because of the urgency.
When the Yellow Emperor saw such a powerful blow, the law barrier was broken. Suddenly, some blue emperor side had already made a deployment order. If we can’t break the law barrier before the arrival of reinforcements from the purple emperor side, we will kill the purple emperor and a group of people. As a result, it’s hard to say who can laugh at the end. I can’t help but feel a little annoyed. I shouldn’t care about the life of the white emperor and miss the opportunity to unify the celestial world. It’s a matter of regret, and there is no yellow emperor’s heart, calling on all hands to continue to attack.
The Yellow Emperor’s side moved four waves of bombardment one after another to bombard the Law Enchantment, but it failed to really break the Law Enchantment. Unfortunately, although this Law is indeed extremely large, it is not a real God Array and it is not perfect.
Among them, there are still many flaws. The Yellow Emperor can become the overlord of the celestial world. Naturally, he is also very proficient in the array. After five waves of attacks, he also saw some secrets of the array. The strange array arranged by Guo Xingyue is composed of nearly 100 Liu Zhong’s maze in the six-fold defense array. Although these nearly 100 array enchantments are connected together through the main array where Guo Xingyue and others are located, it is equivalent to 600 multiple array superpositions. It is not easy to break through the array by storm, but it is not a mixed one. Although it can resist powerful attacks, the array can hinder the complete formation.
Immediately after the Yellow Emperor broke the array key, he divided the people into three waves to attack in a wave way, and all the attacks were in one side. As the attack mode of the Yellow Emperor changed, the array collapsed constantly in the continuous attack, and many array bodies crashed into pieces in the attack. With the decrease of array bodies, the power of array bodies became weaker and weaker, and they could not resist the attacks of the Yellow Emperor and others. The array enchantment blessed the purple emperor and others, and they were already exhausted, and the immortal yuan was almost consumed. Although these immortal imperial capitals added many elixirs, the immortal yuan nai had to compete with so many masters, but it was the root method to do
After the peripheral law was breached one by one, there were more than 30 law bodies left, which had been supported by the law and operated. The Purple Emperor and others knew that the tide was over, and they were no longer blessed by the law enchantment. They all gave up the hope of being rescued and planned to kill more people before dying. Although Guo Xingyue finally woke up from the state of pranayama, although he did not fully recover, the injury had been temporarily suppressed. Guo Xingyue quickly judged the situation and knew that the tide was over, but he still did not give up Nu. Force quickly hit a series of hand strokes with light blue fairy yuan, which mobilized the remaining 30 array bodies to change into another formation to narrow the array defense range.
Guo Xingyue’s move has achieved certain results, but it has only been delayed for some time. After all, the array was broken outside, but almost one-third of the celestial master array was finally broken. At this time, all the array bodies except Guo Xingyue and others’ main array have been smashed into pieces. Guo Xingyue sighed with a wave of his hand, and the array was collected by the purple emperor and others, sitting on the ground looking at the excited Yellow Emperor and others.
The Yellow Emperor laughed and said, "Good! Not bad! Can let the old so many hands and feet in this celestial Guo Laodi is the only one. It’s a great honor for the old to have such an opponent as you. It’s a pity that you don’t have a chance. Ha ha ha. "
Guo Xingyue calculated that it was impossible for reinforcements to arrive before they died. Even if the reinforcements arrived, they would be the opponents of the Yellow Emperor. With their own strength, Guo Xingyue rushed out of the encirclement and all hopes were shattered. He was too lazy to talk nonsense with the Yellow Emperor and sat quietly on the ground.
After the Yellow Emperor laughed, with a wave of his hand, he said, "Kill". Nearly 10,000 masters have shot their own fairy wares. All kinds of fairy wares have turned into various colors. Flying rainbows are hurled at Guo Xingyue and others sitting on the ground. Such a powerful attack even if Guo Xingyue and others are afraid of God, they can’t afford to parry the Yellow Emperor and others. Guo Xingyue and others didn’t get too close. Even if they blew themselves up, they could hurt each other. At this time, there is no way but to die.
Just when everyone died, two golden lights suddenly fell from the sky around Guo Xingyue and others, and all kinds of fairy devices were flying around. The master of the Yellow Emperor side was caught off guard and repaired a lot. Xianjun was suddenly knocked down by a large piece. These two golden lights were the strange golden pagoda. Jin Jian Guo Xingyue was relieved at the sight of these two artifacts. Although these two artifacts did not listen to his command, they were extremely powerful. Although I don’t know how they appeared here, it seems that if they came, their lives would be saved.
Guo Xingyue just breathed a sigh of relief, but suddenly he saw a golden seal flying out of the Yellow Emperor’s body, and then the Yan Emperor’s body also flew out of a red mountain axe. The Golden Pagoda confronted Jin Jian and froze. How did this happen?
Chapter 24 Declaration of Neutrality
In the process, the four artifacts confronted each other with dazzling light, but they didn’t attack each other or release strong coercion. The four artifacts were deadlocked for a long time, and it seemed that they all had concerns and seemed to negotiate with each other. Of course, the fairies present didn’t know what the four artifacts were doing because of the powerful artifacts. All the fairies were quietly watching who didn’t dare to move a little for a long time. After that, the four artifacts seemed to have reached some agreement, and each of them flashed a light, broke and flew away in a short time.
As soon as the four artifacts disappeared, the purple emperor and other people arrived at the battlefield. The total number of four armies has passed the Yellow Emperor’s side, and the two sides have added up to more than 30,000 Xianjun-level masters. At this time, if the two sides fight, there will be no final winner, which will lead to a lose-lose result, and this result is accepted by both sides. Therefore, it is said that the purple emperor or the Yellow Emperor have maintained a restrained attitude and each led the troops to retreat back and pull a distance.
The three-sided mastermind mirror hovering on the battlefield has long been put away by the Yellow Emperor, and Guo Xingyue also took the opportunity to put the mastermind mirror trapped in the maze into his pocket. Although this mastermind mirror is poisonous, it is also very powerful. Although Guo Xingyue will not refine it himself, it will not be a psychological burden to seize others to refine it so that it can work.
After the purple emperor and the yellow emperor settled down their respective troops, both immortal emperor level experts flew to the middle of the battlefield. At this time, although both sides are not going to continue fighting, it is inevitable to find a result acceptable to both sides.
The purple emperor and the yellow emperor all have a tacit understanding of the fact that they have not given birth. All the arguments are about which side of the white emperor’s fairy land should be controlled. Guo Xingyue didn’t pay attention to the dispute between the two immortals. He quickly went through the information obtained from the white emperor’s brain and found a lot of information that he was interested in.
When the case was solved, it was really the struggle between gods and men. As a result, the real Yellow Emperor was not reincarnated in Pangu Star, but was lost. The ghost was sealed in the submarine maze of the fixed star field. The Pangu star field was betrayed by the Yellow Emperor and others. The two gods, Xingtian and Zhu Rong, were not one but two. It is interesting that these two gods also came from Pangu Star Field in Zhu Rong, Xingtian. Let alone Bai Di, even the Yellow Emperor didn’t know it.
After the defeat of Pangu Star Domain, the four realms, namely, the celestial world, the demon world and the Buddha world, had different understanding of heaven and acted in different ways because of their different cultivation concepts. Soon after the war, they fell out and fought with each other. The final result was that they would die of old age and never keep in touch with each other. Once there was a conflict between all walks of life, it was often a war. In these millions of fairy years, there were four wars of the four realms, each of which was turned upside down, causing casualties and chaos. Since the war was too tragic one million fairy years ago, leaders from all walks of life made some
Guo Xingyue was meditating silently when he suddenly heard the purple emperor calling himself. It turned out that at this time, the purple emperor Huang Diji had reached a compromise with each other, and the white emperor fairy domain was divided into two parts. Now the key to the problem fell on Guo Xingyue’s body, and the white emperor fairy baby was locked by Guo Xingyue until now, and the only way to solve this blockade was Guo Xingyue’s yellow emperor’s request. It was very simple-they could give up half of the white emperor fairy domain, but before Guo Xingyue had to solve the white emperor’s body blockade.
Guo Xingyue doesn’t care who will control Baidi Fairyland. What he asks is that his brother can have a relatively safe growth environment. After this war, the purple emperor side has a slight advantage, and Guo Xingyue’s strength is also known. Plus, the two artifacts have been exposed to the Biyou Palace, and Guo Xingyue’s eyes have already reached the point where Baidi lives or dies. Guo Xingyue doesn’t care about it. He smiled at the Yellow Emperor with a smile. "It’s not difficult to solve the blockade of Baidi, but please forgive me for a small request."
The plan of the Yellow Emperor and others can be said to have been destroyed in the hands of Guo Xingyue, who naturally hates Guo Xingyue. However, the Yellow Emperor, after all, is a generation of immortal emperors, and he also asked with a smile, "Guo Laodi has requirements but said that he is all ears."
"It’s a simple request to announce here on behalf of Pangu Xianyu that the case-solving of Pangu Xingyu in that year was my Biyou Palace and my Biyou Palace brother didn’t take part in this matter, but if someone tries to make it difficult for me, don’t blame me for being ruthless. The request is that my Biyou Palace brother doesn’t take part in the celestial dispute. Please ask the Yellow Emperor brother not to make it difficult for me from now on."
When the Yellow Emperor heard this, he was stunned for a moment before asking, "Does Guo Laodi say that your school has remained neutral since then?"
"Yes, please invite the Yellow Emperor’s brother to become."
"Ha, ha, ha, it’s a deal." Although the Yellow Emperor hates Guo Xingyue very much, he is very blind. The situation is extremely unfavorable to his own side. Guo Xingyue’s accomplishments in repairing the law make him extremely concerned. It is good news for him to remain neutral. It can even out many disadvantages. Of course, he will not refuse. What’s more, Guo Xingyue will not pursue the case-solving case that year. The Yellow Emperor has no reason to refuse.
The Yellow Emperor agreed to Guo Xingyue’s proposal that the purple emperor side would not risk offending Guo Xingyue to object to this proposal. After another argument, the two sides argued that Bai Di’s fairy land was divided into two parts, and Bai Di no longer stayed in this fairy land. The Yellow Emperor and others got the half of the fairy land managed by Long Tianxing and the purple emperor side got the half managed by Sang Mingqun. Naturally, the result was that each had its own gains and each was satisfied.
Guo Xingyue’s heart remembers that ten percent of the agreement on Biyou Palace didn’t stay much. The purple emperor and others exchanged pleasantries for a while and then teleported directly back to Biyou Palace. At this time, the strange pagoda had already returned to its original position. Guo Xingyue tried to communicate with the pagoda to find out what had happened to the four artifacts. Unfortunately, Jin Tagen ignored Guo Xingyue’s theory of Guo Xingyue and didn’t respond.
Guo Xingyue, in the Hall of the Elder of Biyou Palace, briefly introduced the war and told the results again. After he told Sheng Zheng about arranging his brothers to travel abroad, he hurried into the Golden Pagoda. Many gains from the first world war had to be digested for a while.
Guo Xingyue went directly to the fourth floor of the Golden Pagoda and sat on the ground to meet his Yellow Emperor in the sea of knowledge. After revisiting it several times, he found that his trick, Wan Jian Guiyi, did have some minor flaws. These flaws were not a big problem for his opponent to be equal or slightly lower, but it was a big trouble for him to be higher than his opponent. Although it took a very short time to form a sword array from cracking the fairy sword to the fairy sword, it was a flaw for him to be higher than his opponent, and it was enough for him to make moves to disturb his sword array.
Guo Xingyue repeatedly practiced that trick in the sea of knowledge. Wan Jian Guiyi tried to make up for this flaw, hoping to directly conjure up the sword array, but after several attempts failed, Guo Xingyue had to give up this possibility and think about other solutions. Guo Xingyue once again remembered that Wan Jian Guiyi suddenly turned into a moon and the stars sank, which suddenly moved in his heart.
If these two moves can be combined, the flaw will not be a flaw, but what should they be combined? If you still change your moves as before, you can’t do it again. This kind of change is already known, and there is no Jones. If the Yellow Emperor fights again, this kind of move can’t be hidden from the Yellow Emperor’s opponent who can easily break his own moves. How can it be integrated?
Guo Xingyue thought hard for a long time and couldn’t find a solution. I couldn’t help but feel a little agitated. I just got up and let out the cracked fairy sword and demonstrated it in the tower. Anyway, attacking the root by myself won’t hurt this strange pagoda. Guo Xingyue tried it again and again. I don’t know how long it will take for Guo Xingyue’s heart to suddenly realize that God knows something, crack the fairy sword and slowly slide forward, then crack the fairy sword and suddenly shake it into four Jin Jian, and then each Jin Jian shoots several flashes and several skyfires at the same time. These skyfires and flashes together form a law, and the law works to produce a powerful coercion. Suddenly, the golden pagoda is full of light and the skyfire rages, and the whole thing fluctuates violently, and the walls of the golden pagoda also shake violently. Guo Xingyue’s ecstasy in his heart is finally successful! This idea just came out and a strong attack hit Guo Xingyue, who was kicked out of the Jinta again and sat down in the ground with an unsightly attitude, and got a warning from the tower-it is forbidden to make such moves in the tower.
Guo Xingyue laughed and got up. In my heart, I couldn’t help but feel proud of the power of this trick. Dalian Jinta seems to be overwhelmed. It seems that my efforts have not been wasted. At this time, Sheng Zheng hurried to Guo Xingyue’s side to salute. "Master, you are finally out of the leaf. Brother Ye was injured by people from the underworld. Please ask the master to be unconscious today."
"What? Ma Jie? " Guo Xingyue a tingle woke up from ecstasy.
Chapter 249 Ma Hang
Ye is not only Guo Xingyue’s eldest brother, but also Guo Xingyue’s nephew. Guo Xingyue always loves Ye Yi. Hearing the news that Ye was seriously unconscious, he was just about to let Sheng Zhengling take him to see Ye’s injury. Suddenly, two people suddenly flew out of the golden pagoda and fell heavily on Guo Xingyue’s side. Oh, take a closer look. It turned out to be angry Dolly.
Angry Dolly hasn’t come out since he walked into the pagoda thousands of years ago. Guo Xingyue has not entered the pagoda several times. Now these two troublemakers don’t know which law these two guys were thrown into the pagoda. At this time, I was surprised to see these two guys. Angry was already repaired in the early days of Xiandi and Dolly, a playful little guy, was already in the late days of Xianjun. It seems that these two guys didn’t suffer less in the pagoda.
At the sight of Guo Xingyue, Angry jumped up and shouted, "Ah Yue, it’s so good to finally meet you. These tens of thousands of years have suffocated me. This damn golden pagoda threw me into the world of law formation, and I’m exhausted after a heavy break!" Dolly is jumping around swearing. These two little guys have been tortured by the Golden Pagoda in recent years. This rediscovery immediately became the cause of the leaf injury of Guo Xingyue, and some anxiety was diluted by these two guys’ jumping and lively strength.
Leaves lying pale for a few days, eyes closed, and the fairy baby has withered to a few vitality. If Guo Xingyue leaves later, it may not be saved (Guo Xingyue spent nearly two thousand fairy years closing this time)
When Guo Xingyue’s knowledge was swept away, he knew that the leaf had been repaired in the early days of the immortal, but it was a miracle that the immortal had been swallowed up by the magic power. When he dared not neglect to play a series of hand tactics and shoot several pale blue immortals, he gently hit the leaf body to suppress the magic power, and then struck a thick pale blue fairy at Ye Dantian with a wave of his hand, pulling out the dark and dark magic power wrapped in a recruit pale blue fairy and flying into Guo Xingyue’s hand.
Guo Xingyue’s movement seems simple, but it is actually extremely difficult. If it is not Guo Xingyue, it is Tao, Magic, The Buddha’s Three Immortals contains the magic power energy root method to extract the magic power wrapped around Ye Xianying. If it is not Guo Xingyue but another immortal root method in the later period of the Immortal Emperor, you can watch Ye Xianying being eroded by the magic power and die. At this time, the magic power of Ye Xianying has been stripped off by Guo Xingyue, but the leaves have not been awakened for too long. After all, Guo Xingyue’s hands are almost weak, and Guo Xingyue will be wrapped in the magic power and practiced, and then the hand tactic will be injected into Ye Xianyuan. The fairy baby helped Ye Xianying recover, and then took out two sacred elixirs from the bracelet and fed them to Ye Kou for a long time. After that, Guo Xingyue took back the fairy yuan and took a long breath. Slowly, he sat down on the ground and closed his eyes to adjust his breath. This movement seemed easy. In fact, Guo Xingyue consumed a lot of fairy yuan, and it was too much for him to repair later.
Ye finally woke up after being in a coma for hundreds of immortals, struggling to open his eyes, and saw Guo Xingyue struggling to get up and visit the master. Guo Xingyue smiled and stopped Ye from getting up. Hehe smiled. "Son, you should sit in the pranayama for a while and talk about it slowly." After Ye Pan sat in the meditation, Guo Xingyue walked out of the quiet room and called all the important people in Biyou Palace to the elders’ hall for deliberation.
The person in charge of Shengzheng Biyou Palace reported the current situation of Biyou Palace to Guo Xingyue. Pangu Star has soared to the celestial world for more than 10,000 years. Up to now, there have been more than 25,000 people. According to the report of the newly-ascended brother, the martial arts gate of the earth has now grown into nearly one million brothers. The Earth Alliance has listed the earth as a sacred place for repairing truth, and all mortal bases have moved to other planets. Every year, all human planets meet the requirements for repairing truth, and all factions in the earth choose their own cousins from these people.
Since the human beings came to Wu Xiu’s younger brother to take part in several Clan wars, the Clan people have been completely defeated, and the Clan people have arrived at the remote star. In addition, according to the newly promoted younger brother, the conflict between the Clan Star Field and the Magic Star Field has become more and more fierce, and both sides have suffered heavy casualties. Later, the Clan Star Field turned to Pangu Star Field for help. After Pangu Star Field showed its powerful strength, it was completely honest to cultivate the Magic Star Field. Ye suspected that the Clan Star Field had stirred up the underworld, and others consulted and privately ran to the junction of the celestial world and the underworld to find out information
Ye’s temper Guo Xingyue is clear. Ye is still an impulsive person in fact. This loss is a lesson to him, so whoever injured Ye has to wait until Ye comes out to ask Guo Xingyue clearly. Although he is open-minded, he is very affectionate. Ye is his eldest brother. He won’t let it go.
There are more and more brothers in the Biyou Palace. Although it is big, it is getting more and more crowded. Besides, there are five brothers in the Biyou Palace, which also seems a little complicated. Although Guo Xingyue doesn’t care that these brothers are all relatives of the earth or his younger generation, Guo Xingyue doesn’t mind sharing the fairy wares or cultivation techniques he got, but the brothers don’t get along well. Although there is not much contradiction for the time being, there are already discordant sounds. Guo Xingyue also seems to be somewhat acceptable, while Ye is still in the right time. Ye Cheng, a special elder brother, and others discussed for a long time and built four sects in four mountains not far from Biyou Palace. All sects went out independently. Of course, all the sects were set up by Guo Xingyue’s transportation capacity.
Although Guo Xingyue has been busy for more than 300 years, it is a hassle to settle all factions. Only then can he teach his disciples to practice Guo Xingyue, a master (the founder) who is really incompetent. In the past ten thousand years, he has rarely personally instructed his brothers to practice this door. More than ten thousand brothers are already in the tenth generation, but the fact that Guo Xingyue can recognize it but there are not many makes Guo Xingyue embarrassed, and he just carefully guides his brothers before Ye has left.
Time flies. It’s been more than a hundred fairy years, and it’s settled for nearly 400 fairy years. The leaves finally came out. It’s also considered that every cloud has a silver lining not only ascended to the middle period of Xianjun, but also had the foundation of Taoist and magical fellow practitioners because Guo Xingyue helped him heal, and even had the power of flashing demons. The only regret is that Ye finally achieved the three practices of Taoism, magic and Buddhism. It’s interesting that Guo Xingyue’s highest practice of Mo Wanhe is also the middle period of Xianjun, but these two people each got Guo Xingyue’s three practices of Taoist, magic and Buddha without flashing power.
Ye told his own injury in detail, and Guo Xingyue’s face showed a strange look after listening to it. The person who injured Ye turned out to be Guo Xingyue’s old acquaintance, Ke Ye Luo Ye, but he met Ke Ye Luo at the junction of the underworld and the celestial world. Without any nonsense, both sides started to work. Ke Ye Luo Xiu was a level higher than Ye in the middle of the devil’s reign, and Ye was finally pressed to fight Ke Ye Luo Xingyue many times. I recognized Ye’s moves at a glance, but Guo Xingyue was seriously injured after a fierce battle. Before Ye escaped, Yuzryha said that Guo Xingyue had come to his home.
The names Ke Ye Luo and Luo Lin immediately floated from Guo Xingyue’s heart. After so many years, Guo Xingyue almost forgot these past events. I didn’t expect others to hold a grudge. It seems that it is really necessary for me to take a trip to the underworld to settle these old scores. Hey, hey, Luo Lin will be interesting to see how much you can achieve now. Guo Xingyue is a bold man. At this time, he is already an excellent master of the fairy and the devil in the later period. Besides those immortals and monties, there is no enemy at all, and he always loves each other.
Ye and other brothers heard that Guo Xingyue was going to go to the underworld to get justice in person. Everyone’s face showed a look of eagerness. Dolly was even more afraid of chaos, shouting and hating that he could not go to the underworld to fight. Only Sheng Zhengmo Wanhe was more cautious and hoped that Guo Xingyue could give up this plan. After all, what the underworld was like? How many Mundus-level masters were not clear about worrying that Guo Xingyue would suffer losses here, but also worried that he would lead to fairy wars and magic wars.
Guo Xingyue waved and stopped the crowd from saying that he could turn around from time to time and told them not to go to the underworld to find himself in the celestial world. If anyone violates the law, he will abolish the practice and go out, and then he will teleport to the junction of the fairy and the demon …