However, I know that my master Sirius Temple has no worries. Even if my master really kills Tuoba Hong in anger, because Tuoba Jiayi’s master is subordinate to Patricia Lam Fung, I dare not really take what’s worse with my master. That Tuoba Hong is still alive and well. In the view of flurry carving, Patricia Lam Fung should thank his master for not being killed her baby.

"Two immortals, let’s go to Sirius Temple with two predecessors. Speaking of which, my master is still the core elder of Sirius Temple. Let’s be a family." Patricia Lam Fung and his wife saw Yang Meng’s language and Chloe’s hesitation, and they were about to get angry and flurry, but they smiled and motioned for both sides in their tone, which made Patricia Lam Fung feel a little angry at the moment.
"Liang Wynaut was so powerful that he took you for such a glib tongue, and jiān was like a ghost!" Patricia Lam Fung tone is some bad but for Kerr covered in murderous look is unconsciously away.
"Thank you for your praise, Senior Lin." The high wind carved the whole expression of a smiling tiger and suddenly turned to Kerr. "Fairy, the blood wolf tripod in your hand is a magic weapon that Senior Lin is proud of. Now you meet the Lord, don’t give it back to Senior Lin."
Liang Keer is also an ice and snow expert. When he heard this, he hurriedly handed the blood wolf tripod to Lin Feng’s front. "Thank you for your kindness, but this treasure is from your predecessors. Please accept it."
Patricia Lam Fung saw the high wind carve patterns or designs on woodwork, but it didn’t immediately collect blood. The wolf tripod still has a cold face. "If Liang Xiao can give me a satisfactory explanation, this treasure will be given to you. If not, it will still kill you."
"Hum! I can’t just take the treasure of Sirius Temple. "Tuoba Ye echoed with a cold hum." Don’t dawdle and come back to the temple with us. "With that, Patricia Lam Fung got up and drove away in the direction of Sirius Temple.
Chloe held the blood wolf tripod for a stay, but she put away the blood wolf tripod and went with Yang Meng.
Said Liang Yi worried all the way to the extreme, the fairy wind surplus body evasion method hurtling across the mountains and rivers like a string of phantoms, and soon after ten Yu Wanli areas out of the Yuanxi Mountains into the vast Sirius prairie.
Nowadays, Liang Yili exerts the immortal wind and full body technique, and his escape technique is afraid that it is nearly three times as fast as that of ordinary monks in the later period of Yuanying, and it can be compared with the force of teleportation. However, this escape technique needs too much mana as teleportation, even if Liang Yi’s mana is pure now, it can support more than half an hour at most. If it is enough in wartime, this half an hour is enough. After all, it is rare for high-ranking monks to fight for such a long time, and there is no need to constantly make teleportation to change their shape in battle.
Fortunately, Liang Yi is an alchemist’s panacea for quickly restoring mana. He carries a large number of pills with him, and he will get a great elixir every time he feels that Zhenyuan is about to run out.
Three hours later, Liang Yi finally felt the breath of the flurry carving again, and roughly judged its position. This is the second time that Liang Yi sensed its breath after the flurry carving encountered a crisis of life and death, and at this time, the flurry carving was already in Sirius Temple.
"Sirius Temple?" Liang Yi has a general understanding of Sirius domain. Judging from the azimuth, the flurry carving should be in Sirius City at this time. Liang Yi is slightly relieved not to display the fairy wind surplus vitality, and continue to search for the flurry carving while taking out two lingshi to restore mana. Although it is luxurious, Liang Yi can still afford it, but it is not good to have too many pills of the same type.
Purple mansion heaven and earth, five elements of Yuanying keep running according to the five elements of heaven and earth, and the speed of swallowing and absorbing spiritual force has reached a horrible level. In just a quarter of an hour, the body is back to its peak. If other monks know about these speeds, they will be speechless.
True Yuan just recovered, and Liang Yi found out that a fierce and unabashed breath appeared seven hundred miles away from here. The familiar breath made Liang Yi unbearable. "It’s the little witch who didn’t expect her to break through to the distraction period. It’s all my fault …" Although I found this woman, Liang Yi didn’t mean to detour, because the little witch also found that he was accelerating to this side.
Liang Yi’s spiritual knowledge training is not lost to the distraction that has been promoted, but it is greatly beyond. However, in normal times, the monks will not finish their own spiritual knowledge. After all, it has been very tiring and unnecessary. However, the little witch is different. She just encountered Sirius Templar who was afraid that the temple would chase or ambush her. It was natural that the gods found Liang Yi far away.
When an enemy meets, he is particularly jealous of the little witch, but she likes the magic middleman, and now she is there to manage what Sirius Temple is worse. In her eyes, Liang Yi, the little monk in the late Yuan baby, has nothing to lose.
"Brother Liang, we meet again." Chu was dressed in a tailored blood Se feather suit, and it was tempting to match that beautiful cheek. But at this time, her face was full of residual evil smiles and ShaQi all over her body, which destroyed the aesthetic feeling.
"Chu pool don’t come ill. I didn’t expect pool to change from a little monk who just entered the door to the devil incarnate in the period of great power and terrible distraction. Those so-called genius pool are like clowns." For the little witch Liang Yi, she is not afraid at all, but she is still a little excited. This woman is an excellent object to test the fairy wind and vitality.
"Hey, you should see that I broke through the distraction period? Still not fleeing? " Chu’s face showed a little surprise. "It seems that Brother Liang, a monk in the later period of Yuan Ying, is not simple. If it weren’t for my younger sister, I’m afraid I’d really be better than Brother Liang." Chu said, the dangers in her eyes were getting worse and worse, and she felt the inexplicable threat in Liang Yishen. This feeling has never happened before, even in the face of those who raised her order. Perhaps it was Liang Yishen’s explosive potential that made her feel threatened.
"escape? School sister seems to respect herself too much. "Two people are floating in the sky with a distance of 100 feet, but their opponents are confronted with mysterious distractions. Although Liang Yi is confident, he also dare not ask for great knowledge, and he is carefully on the alert for the dragon and hate the double rings to burst through the body, and the purple Se ray is constantly turning around Liang Yi.
Dealing with the magic way, especially The Hunger, which has a double ring of thunder and dragon hatred, is more practical than mixing Yuan Tulingjian. There are many monks who cultivate the magic way in the fairy world, and there are also many who prefer to cultivate the magic way in The Hunger, but those little witches who cultivate the magic in front of them are not cultivated.
"I’d like to know how much stronger you are than your spirit beast’s high-wind carving." Chu sneered at a red blood Se red blood magic sword, dragged it out with thick lotus flower, and pierced it in a blink of an eye to Liang Yi’s front.
Red blood magic sword is the top magic treasure, which contains a bit of hidden meaning, and the assassination speed is extremely fast, which is even worse than that of God’s Clouds and Tianbao when it is generally warmed up. If it is common for a monk’s root in the late Yuan baby, there is no possibility of dodging, and it is common for him to be seriously injured and lose his fighting power with a blow. It is common for a monk in the late Yuan baby to meet a little witch and simply have no hope of survival.
But Liang Yi is sure to avoid it easily, but he doesn’t have the right hand to find out slightly. The dragon hates the double-ring Yang Huan Teng to emerge in a moment and then suddenly swings out. The dragon hates the ring with strong mana and physical strength to chop in the red blood magic sword.
Boom-a rumbling rippled layers of ripples like water waves, and the red blood magic sword flew backwards faster than when it came. Chu hastily urged the blood spirit force to barely regress, so that the red blood magic sword could barely stabilize.
"Jie Jie, I was mistaken. It turns out that the elder brother’s repair was not as good as the younger sister’s and the magic weapon seems to be very good. It seems that the elder brother also got a lot of adventure." Chu’s face Se became a little dignified and cultivated The Hunger’s avatar. Chu was confident that his mana should far exceed that of the monk in the early days of distraction with the same order and be comparable to the top order in the early days of distraction, but he didn’t expect Liang Yi’s force to be slightly better than her.
But Chu has absolute confidence in his The Hunger avatar magic treasure weapon. It is still not difficult to defeat Liang Yi, but it is impossible to slay Liang Yi.
"Hum, even if I can’t kill you, I’ll defeat you for a while." Chu Xinlian changed hands, but it didn’t stop, and the blood was crystal clear. Se Zhu was exquisitely detached from the body and first formed an extremely bloody cover to protect the body. At the same time, there were several bloodshot blood gushing out from the blood exquisitely, which filled the Fiona Fang domain in an instant.
Bloodshot enveloped Liang Yi’s body and mana were greatly suppressed, and his joint posture was also much slower than usual.
"Did you hurt the human spirit beast?" Repel Chu’s attack at a stroke, and Liang Yishi’s blood is exquisite, which brings repression and is full of anger and temperament.
"Yes, it’s my school sister. If you want to find bad luck with your school sister, you have to come up with some strength first." Chu smiled with a red blood magic sword and killed Liang Yi through layers of bloodshot.
"You are looking for death!"
The fourth volume Five Babies Vertical and Horizontal Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Repel
"You are looking for death!" The original Liang Yi didn’t kill this little witch, but it’s just a pleasure. After all, Chu is now a distracted monk, and it’s also an ancient magic work. Liang Yi asked herself that she was not absolutely sure that she had been killed, and that Liang Yi didn’t recognize her. What’s the solution to Chu’s deep hatred? Higher-order monks generally don’t die because of monks of the same order. After all, everyone’s practice is not easy, but they didn’t think that this little witch’s magic is deep and vengeful, but Liang Yi was regarded as an enemy.