After Xiao Jian woke up, Ye Piao finally remembered one thing. When this man unsealed Leitian, the stone statue was exactly the same, and that statue was this man.

Gone with the wind, it seems that this man is tough to deal with. His background may be very hard. Xiaojian is a little uneasy.
Ye Piao’s eyes gradually became cold and heavy. No matter who dares to stop me from killing, even if he is Yuan Tianzun, he will kill him by mistake.
Zombie king laughed at this moment and suddenly thundered that fanatics wanted to die, saying that a big palm was printed, and then a huge force like mountains was ruthlessly pressed to the leaves.
Leaves floating across the sword to protect the chest, right hand to kill God’s hand, like a god of death grasping a zombie with a magic hand, the breath of death instantly enveloped this place. When the huge claw shadow of heaven and earth was caught, the zombie king heard the roar of the undead and saw the evil spirit around the giant claw sneering at himself.
The power of hell is mysterious, but doubt is also horrible. For the undead like zombies, in addition to divine power, the power of evil hell can be
However, in the slaughter of God, the hand oppresses the zombie king, who is so powerful that he can’t meet his sharp edges and wings, and his body flies away, and leaves float away, snapping a wall and trembling slightly.
Ye Piao looked at himself in amazement. It seems that he has more or less lost the power of hell after devouring the demon ape in hell. I didn’t expect the blood-binding spell to have this ability.
Now that you are pregnant with the power of hell, you need to be afraid of this zombie king again.
With a wave of his hand, the sword in Ye Piao’s hand shows a vertical potential. If Dapeng flies straight at the zombie king, the zombie king is cold-blooded, and the bones and swords are dancing in one hand. The murderous look is still fierce, and Ye Piao’s body leaps fiercely, and the black body is cremated. A huge black combat knife is broken and slashed.
Zombie king binge drinking at the moment, my name is Yuan Gu, and the voice just fell and a hundred feet of bright killing mans was instantaneous.
Uh-huh, Ye Piao shouted, raised his sword in a hurry, and stopped the smell. Peng, a crunchy Ye Piao felt as if he had been crushed by dozens of mountains at the same time, just like a star falling from a height.
Boom leaves fall heavily, dust falls suddenly, and many zombies who are close are swept away by shock waves.
Yuan Jian’s eyes shot at two green awn wings flapping straight at the same time, while his right fist slammed and a powerful horse awn exploded and slammed into the place where the smoke and dust came from.
At the moment when the gas mountain was about to explode into the smoke, suddenly dozens of Li war spear’s corpse gas suddenly melted into dozens of sharp poisonous snakes at the moment when it hit the gas mountain, which actually tied the Shaqi mountain to the weather and then swallowed the gas mountain power quickly.
Yuan was frightened to disgrace and wanted his strength back, but he was horrified to find that his anger had been broken, and dozens of corpses were devouring him.
Uh, Zombie King, you’re really amazing. A hoarse but murderous voice is overflowing from the smoke, and the smoke gradually disappears into a bottomless pit. Now the corpse gas in the desert is explored from the inside.
Zombie Wang Yuan’s face was suspicious. He saw a little red mans flashing at the bottom of the dark cave.
Ten thousand days of virtual binge drinking suddenly fell into darkness from the bottom of the pit, and the world was in absolute darkness, and the only point was that the red mountain was slowly getting stronger.
Yuan hesitated for a moment, then turned pale and exclaimed that you were you.
It’s me. Thank you for not forgetting my vicissitudes of life. Then the leaves floated slowly from the huge pit. But this time, he lost his sword behind his back and didn’t look at him again. Although this person is like a leaf floating, it is not a leaf floating breath. He seems to be another person.
Yuan leng for a moment and looked at Ye Piao, with a wave of his hand, the darkness of heaven and earth disappeared instantly, and the blazing sunshine enveloped everything again. Looking at Ye Piao, he suddenly burst out laughing and said, I didn’t expect you to hide in the younger generation after ten thousand years.
Ye Piao smiled and looked sad, just like an old man who has gone through many vicissitudes of life. He said that I have been floating in this six roads for more than 9,000 years, and now I am guarding this child’s body and I don’t want to come out again, but I didn’t expect to be awakened by you this time. Hehe, I was still a friend ten thousand years ago.
Yuan smiled coldly and said, "I know I still remember you ten thousand years ago. How can you fight today?"
Being called Jiumai Guqiang by Yuan smiled indifferently and said that there is no difference between fighting and not fighting. One day, when I really rise, I will fight you well. In those days, you respected the gods and sneaked on me regardless of kindness. My strength eliminated your demons and soared to heaven. Yuan Tianzun didn’t expect you to come here. It’s really unpredictable to see that you seem to have defected to the West. After saying that, Jiumai is quite sorry. It seems that you are in yourself and in front of people.
Ye Piao’s consciousness is still in the nine veins at the moment. He was surprised that this zombie king turned out to be Yuan’s demons. It was really Yuan’s war that made Ye Piao feel even more horrible. The thing is that his own body should not be conscious except The Hunger. Now he has taken another nine veins. He doesn’t even know who this body is now.
And according to the nine veins, the seal is a dry seal. Is it a blood seal? Is it a special seal? Is The Hunger there? But who is this cloth seal? What is it to seal in the body? Is it that the device will rise up one day? This device will also be abandoned. It’s really like this. It’s just a chess game. If it really comes to the rise of The Hunger, it will be gone with the wind. I can’t even think about what it is.
It was not until this moment that Ye Piao suddenly heard a sentence, "The nine souls of heaven and earth are connected. Is the blood soul one of the souls of heaven, and the soul itself is just a device that breeds the soul of heaven? Who is directing the play and who created it? Ye Piao thinks more and more, and something is too surprising for him.
Hum yuan demons cold hum a said at the beginning if he hadn’t borrowed your strength, how could he have separated me? Er, demons said angrily. Suddenly, one leng seemed to think of something. Suddenly, a sinister smile appeared, saying that Jiumai had Yuan Yin, and you also hurt me and took my body. Together, we can definitely kill Yuan this time. You can take revenge. I can also take back my body. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone and not wasting your title of destroying the gods ten thousand years ago?
Jiumai’s face is still smiling quietly, just like a kind-hearted person. It is hard to imagine that he was once a bloody murderer.
Ten thousand years ago, killing God was a word that made the gods and demons tremble. These words were widely used in the field of cultivation ten thousand years ago. Since then, gods and demons have never set foot in the human world again, and they have never dared to enslave people at will.
For the first time, the human world got rid of the intrusion of the gods and demons in Xiang.
It is said that once a demon king came to the human world and was killed by Jiumai on the spot because of a possession.
It is said that a generation of ghost emperors came to people to suck the essence of all beings to ascend and cultivate shackles, and they were also killed by the nine-pulse blasting body.
It is said that once the King of God came to the human world because he despised the whole life, and this peerless malefic star of Nine Veins fought fiercely in the East China Sea for several days and finally lost to the immortal realm. I didn’t expect the Nine Veins to break through the virtual pursuit and really cross-border pursuit, and finally the immortal realm killed the God King.
All kinds of theories about the Nine Veins are too mysterious and too slim, so the powerful Nine Veins were buried by the world-famous gods and demons, and the Nine Veins suddenly disappeared as if they had evaporated from the world, and the trace has disappeared since then.
After thousands of years, the name "Nine Veins" has faded people’s horizons. Who will remember that when the human dignity was destroyed, the nine veins were buried? But who would have thought that this peerless and powerful world has been secretly watching this world, a world enslaved by ghosts and gods again?