Even when confused, Hua Xiang whispered a word in his ear, which was for nothing. The two of them immediately took the two imperial swords with a flash of sword light and didn’t take anything.

Oh, my God, it’s the Golden Sword and the Wooden Sword.
Today seems destined to be a day full of surprises. These two little girls have once again brought a strong shock to everyone.
Although these giants expected that the five imperial swords would be present, they did not expect that the two imperial swords would be now the hands of these two fairy girls.
Two cheers sounded at the same time but came to different apertures.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Back to two
What are the identities of these two girls? Brother Hua, the Oriental Brother, seemed to be with these two people when he first notified the factions.
Just as the Lord of the Monty Patriarch Huayang Mansion shouted, he was jealous with a negative sound measurement. This came from the bloody aperture. Since the two patriarchs can be brothers, it must be the blood god patriarch’s suspicion.
Are you too old to hear what she said just now, old ghost? Do I have to inform you that my granddaughter has gone in to play?
The monty patriarch immediately disdained to drink and scold the earthquake field and didn’t give anyone any face. Everyone could feel that this was a terrorist with a bad temper, an evil spirit and a very defensive character.
Everyone smell speech is in distress situation. I didn’t expect that almost going to the domain during the period became a monty patriarch granddaughter to have fun.
Oh, since Brother Dongfang said this, everyone will understand.
Blood god patriarch didn’t move over to say
I’m a brother in Huayang Mansion, so I’m bigger than the second man, old ghost. Do you want to admit it?
Monty patriarch cold hum a will no longer huayang mansion Lord but immediately cold way
Brother Hua, don’t misunderstand Wanmou. Of course, she knows that she is Huayang’s brother, but your school was a teenager when it first entered, but now it is a baby girl. Some people are curious to confirm her identity, and I think other fairy friends are also puzzled by this.
Blood god plays with taste.
Well, you need to know that she is my huayangdi, but you don’t have to ask anything else.
The master of Huayang Mansion grunted coldly and seemed unwilling to say the exact identity of Huaxiang.
Since Brother Hua doesn’t want to talk about it, it must be hard to say anything, and it’s inconvenient for Wan Mou to ask, hahaha.
Blood god patriarch YinXiao other factions giants smell speech indifferent frowned, dark speculation also face the same dew ponder smile.
While the master of Huayang Mansion was livid at this time, and the four old companions beside him flashed. The two on the right were angry, and the two on the left were sneering.
At this time, the two men flashed again in the seal, and they knew they were Zen brothers by their appearance.
They immediately looked forward to the five emperors’ swords, four of which were already lost, and one of which I don’t know whose treasure will fall.
Bao Ren Bao De Bao Xiang Zai
The first sentence of Hongda Ping Audio is not to show the treasure immediately, but to ask about the safety of Bao Xiang.
Brother Bao Xiang, the patriarch of Hui, is still unfinished, so he can go back later.
Baoren Baode immediately folded salute way
Amitabha, why don’t you two show your trip?
It was only after the name of Mercy that Baoren Baode gave instructions.
Bao Ren Baode’s Yi Bai Xiao Yi Ming is quite the best treasure, and it’s also a six-robbery elixir. Although it’s quite colorful, people are disappointed that they can’t satisfy their strong expectations for the local emperor sword.
After Baoren Baode showed it, he stood aside with his eyebrows folded and prayed silently, but he didn’t remember that Bao Xiang got the sword of the local emperor. They thought it was good for Bao Xiang to show it.
What about Yang Tianbao? Aren’t they right behind?
Yiyi Huaxiang waited for a while but still didn’t see Yang Tianbao. I couldn’t help but feel anxious. Yi Bai Xiao Yiming heard the words and asked before. Even Su Mei’s king Jin Sui was equally upset. They missed Hu Naer, of course.
They, they
H’s novel Bao Ren seems a little difficult to stop talking.
Xiao Shang, tell me what happened to them. Are they trapped by two big Mundus?
Yiyi urgent way I didn’t think it was the front and back kung fu can also change.
All smell speech immediately comment in succession, especially Lei Yuan, Dong Dadong and Fang Qing. They are most worried about Yang Tian because Yang Tian has not been able to come. At this time, when hearing Yiyi and others’ questions and answers, he immediately became angry, but he was able to stare at Baoren with anxiety. Baode hoped to get the exact news from his mouth.
They’re not trapped. They’re looking for the Temple of Gallo.