One Wan Li and two Wan Li didn’t stop completely until they expanded to hundreds of miles. If you feel it carefully, you can feel the terrible power contained in this margin

In this process, when he is no longer in control, the whole mind will be integrated and the mind will release the power of stormy waves.
Just then, a message came from the spirit of Jianfu.
"Kendo samsara can transform protoss fate into samsara force. The stronger protoss fate is, the more samsara force is transformed, and the faster the transformation speed is."
Can protoss fate be transformed into reincarnation?
Don’t take it in your mind at once!
Chapter 24 Swallowing Fate (the first watch)
Wow …
Hundreds of sacred stones were thrown into the cycle of kendo, and Moxiu immediately felt that there was a strange power in the cycle of kendo to decompose and transform the sacred stones into a little cycle force, just to supplement Moxiu’s cycle force:
Just now, Moxiu killed an elder of Canglang College with reincarnation force, and it took a quarter of an hour for him to recover normally. Now, Kendo reincarnation swallowed up a hundred pieces of magic stone and actually replenished it back.
Mo Hugh heaved a long sigh of relief. "Indeed as expected, the protoss fate in the sacred stone can also be refined by kendo reincarnation. This is equivalent to having a limited number of reincarnation forces. Of course, it is impossible to supplement them at any time in real combat, but if it is under certain conditions, it is very useful …" Mo Hugh thoughtfully and suddenly came up with an idea and smiled when the fate flag was about to be handed over to Xiao.
MoEr to keep while he himself according to a flash incredibly directly flew out of the star survey domain towards solution day array.
Among many magic weapon fragments, Moxiu found several hidden elders. Hun used to search for these remnants. Hun Moxiu already knew that this large array was called Xietian Array and understood how terrible it was for them to launch nine planets Xietian Array now. If this nine planets Xietian Array was really motivated, even Moxiu could resist this destructive force, so Moxiu had to destroy it before they really motivated nine planets’s divine power, so that even if they finally exerted nine planets’s divine power, Moxiu could resist it.
Moreover, Moxiu already knows from the memory of these elders that nine planets Xieda Array is powerful, but it also takes a long time to course. It takes less than half a day and more than ten hours from course to truly condense nine planets Xieda Array. Moxiu has enough time to destroy nine planets Xieda Array.
Of course, although it is enough, it depends on whether it can be done in nine planets. The power of Jieda Array has been driven to the extreme. In Jieda Array, the strength of monks is thirty or forty times stronger than usual, and even a four-story monk in an OBE period can easily defeat a nine-story monk in an OBE period. If it is changed to seven-story, seven-story, three-story Cangyunhai, Cangyunda and Cangweijian, ten-story monks in an OBE period can be easily killed.
It can be said that although it takes a long time for nine planets to solve the big array, it is impregnable, and no one can destroy it unless it is a distracted monk.
But they never thought that there was such a freak as Moxiu in the world.
At the moment, Moxiu has just rushed into nine planets to solve the problem. He is presiding over the large array of Cang Weijian. Three people feel his breath and immediately burst into a big drink. "Several elders! Kill this person at once! I don’t believe what he can do without the protection of Tongtian! "
If it weren’t for these three people, they would also host nine planets’s solution to the big array, fearing that the three of them would also have to shoot Moxiu and slay him.
Teacher! Row! Teacher!
Immediately before, an elder fled from Xingdian domain and flew from their respective positions. nine planets’s great strength blessed everyone like an ancient fiend, and his every move was enough to stop when his eyes were full.
"Don’t talk to me! This is me! He killed my brother, and I will personally take him alive and torture him for thousands and thousands of years! " An elder with a scarlet scar on his face flew to Moxiu at the fastest speed in the blink of an eye. He simply stamped his foot to shake the heavens and the earth, and even the power of the stars was completely shaken by this foot.
"The gods and demons have strong feet!" "It seems that the old son is mad! This demon tried to move his life with his strong feet. Although it is powerful, it is easy to leak out. Once it is injured, it is the method. I have never seen him exert it before making up for serious injuries! "
….. Hum! What are you afraid of? Now with the blessing of nine planets’s solution to the great array, who can hurt the old son? Is it right for him to do so? That little boy is dead! "
Several elders who were slower talked about it when they saw the man kick out, but their voices changed as soon as they left the scene.
In the face of the old son, Mo Xiu was simply blasted out with one punch. Although they could all feel that Mo Xiu’s punch contained a strong vibration force, even if they repaired it at ordinary times, they would be blasted to death with one punch, but now everyone’s strength has soared by 30 to 40 times. Mo Xiu’s punch is as powerful as a child in their eyes.
But it is this kind of child’s general strength that immediately blasted the whole body of the old son into dross after he got rid of the old son’s powerful feet in a boxing.
It was not until this time that a deep voice fell into the ears of several elders.
"Looking for death!"
Several elders became angry, and all kinds of attacks fell like the tide to completely drown Moxiu.
After several consecutive low-pitched collisions, all the elders attacked, and as soon as they touched Moxiu’s fist, there would be strange changes and chaos, as if time went back, cause and effect reversed, and everything was out of control, which was very much countered by their own strength.
Don’t rest for a while, an elder was shot and killed, and he became famous with a simple fist. All the elders turned into a cloud of dust and scattered it in the astral world.
All this happened in the flint, even in the eyes of many people. At this moment, it has been completely static. What happened has been repaired, and it is higher in control of nine planets Jietian array, Cang Weijian and three talents. What happened just now?
Don’t take a break! It takes a great distraction to have reincarnation!
It is with reincarnation that Moxiu can solve the problem of a famous elder with one punch!
"Fuck! I will kill you! "
Seeing that many elders of Canglang College were shot and killed by Moxiu in a flash, Canghai, who was in a bad mood, suddenly endured to fly out of the palm of his hand with great strength, which contained his efforts to blow and fall.
In this power, even the reincarnation force can do any harm to him!
Although the power contained in Hercules’ palm is not as pure as the reincarnation force, it is superior to a large number, which can suppress the quality to a certain extent.
"goodbye! I will come to play with you later! "