Xia Qi’s eyes showed a touch of madness without hesitation, holding a mouthful of JingXie in Longshan Seal’s mouth and being inhaled by Longshan Seal. The original dark Longshan Seal suddenly faintly exudes bleeding red!

Spit out a mouthful of JingXie Xia Qi was pale, but he still didn’t stop. He once again spit out a mouthful of JingXie Longshan, which was printed in an instant and turned into blood red. His carved dragon exuded an ancient flavor of the earth as if he were going to wake up.
"My Jingxue urges Longshan Seal!"
Invading the essence of Longshan Seal and pouring it into Longshan Seal in Xia Qizhen Yuan is like awakening a dragon Longshan Seal, and its powerful power is shocking!
At this moment, Longshan seal is finished!
Around the sword shadow broken firm but gentle chop handprints have roared!
"Tianlong Seal!"
At this moment, Xia Qi suddenly drank! Sound like Hong Zhong’s vibration, Qi Zhen Yuan entered the wave and entered Longshan Seal. At this moment, Longshan Seal played its power in Xia Qi’s hands for the first time!
The red dragon mountain seal has suddenly expanded, and the small mountain is full of red blood, like a dragon, sweeping everything in it, which is shocking!
At the moment, this Longshan seal seems to be incarnate as a blood dragon, and everyone seems to hear Yi Long’s noise and shock heaven and earth! The sword shadows around here collapse and break away in an instant!
Earth-shattering, like a blood dragon, Longshan Seal shattered the sword shadow in suspension at the moment, and it was like a spring thunder exploding and roaring in a face of horror, constantly overbearing and directly suppressing!
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Chapter one hundred and forty-nine Cold feelings
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Earth-shattering, like a blood dragon, Longshan Seal shattered the sword shadow in suspension at the moment, and it was like a spring thunder exploding and roaring in a face of horror, constantly overbearing and directly suppressing!
Huge breath, bloody Longshan seal of the earth, suppressed and seemed to be distorted!
At this moment, all monks are horrified!
"How is that possible? How can this Xia Qi be so powerful? "
"This ancient seal has seen Xia Qi perform many times against Zhou Jing, but how can it have such great power today?"
"This is a magic weapon! How can it be that Xia Qi can’t be motivated until the root method is fully exerted in the then period? "
Many monks outside the court stood up in horror and exclaimed, believing that Xia Qi Longshan was printed with such power that it was like a dream.
"I’m afraid it’s hopeless when the magic weapon of Jingxue’s urging steps is fully exerted. I didn’t expect it to be so decisive and insidious!" The shadows look slightly gloomy and look at the Longshan seal in the field, which has been recognized.
With his eyesight, it is natural to see that Xia Qi’s course of Longshan Seal at this moment is a loss of JingXie, and just chasing has been showing weakness. At this moment, at first hand, it is decisive JingXie’s course of Longshan Seal. I’m afraid it has already been planned that you will really be killed at the least cost!
In the thunderous noise, Longshan is printed like a blood dragon, and you are really full of madness. The sword in your hand is waving a series of earth and firm but gentle, and the figure is retreating quickly towards the back!
But at the moment, Longshan Seal was lost by Xia Qi, and it was almost as tough as the monk’s attack in the golden elixir period. It was just in vain for you to escape.
"Ah …!"
Longshan India suppressed and the whole pit was shaking and the ground was cracked. This defense array was shaking and shaking again and again, and its power was shocking! In this roar, many monks heard a piercing regret bellow echoing in the sky!
The sky is filled with smoke and dust, and its figure is slowly exposed in the summer.
At the moment, Xia Qi was dressed in a suit of armor and intact, but his face was pale and there was no trace of blood. The whole person looked very weak, holding the shocking Longshan seal in his hand, and it had turned dark at the moment.
Next to Xia Qi, there is a pit as deep as ten meters. At the peak of the most basic period, you really have already become inhuman. It is very sad.
Swallow a lot of Dan medicine and put away Longshan Seal Xia Qi’s face with a smile.
It was Xia Qi who planned for a long time to successfully nullify you this time.
The weakest pursuit is to hide the body shape without injury, which is directly the loss of jingxie and the fuelling of Longshan seal. In the unexpected situation, you really will be directly nullified!
This ending Xia Qi is very satisfied.
He’s so desperate to lose JingXie, and he wants to kill Youzhen by thunder. He’s afraid that even if he wins Youzhen, I’m afraid both sides will lose. I’m afraid he’ll face the challenge of several monks then!
Just like this, Xia Qi simply kills Youzhen with one hand and seriously injures himself at the same time, but still maintains a certain strength. It is not very difficult to face some eliminated monks.
Xia Qi has won fifty places at the moment.
Xia Qi, with a beaming face, rushed towards the breach of the defensive array as quickly as once, hoping to leave when possible without giving other monks a chance to challenge.
However, Xia Qi’s intention is obviously going to fall.
Fifty places have been obtained. If you want to defeat Xia Qi, you will be able to get fifty places. This has made many monks’ eyes red!
Xia Qi figure hasn’t appeared in that gap from the fighting field. A group of monks have rushed over like a gale to block the gap!
"Xia Qi, I want to challenge you!"
At this moment, the chaotic sound went straight into the sky. At this moment, some monks on the fifth and sixth floors of the foundation period came running over and shouted loudly to challenge Xia Qi.
Everyone saw that Xia Qi was as pale as paper at the moment, and he was somewhat vain when he walked. He was seriously injured. If he could defeat Xia Qi’s fifty places, it would be his own!
A few monks thought that even if they challenged Xia Qi to succeed, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to keep this quota, but it was a few monks after all, and most of them stared at Xia Qi with red eyes.
"No one challenges! Today, Xia Qi is seriously injured and wants to challenge the day again! "
! ! ! ! ! w! w! w! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
In the noise, a cold and full of murder sounded, and then a graceful figure suddenly stood in front of Xia Qi and glared at a group of monks who wanted to challenge!
"The teacher elder sister …"
Looking at the front Gu Yue Xia Qi gave me a weak smile, both moved and nai.
The cold and powerful momentum made a group of challenging monks slightly stunned, but these monks immediately recovered and spoke again.
"LeiZeChi fifty places for can challenge others whether it’s state this is the rule! Xia Qi, if you are afraid, just admit defeat to me! "
Many monks are shouting. There are referees here. Although it is shameful, no one can stop it, not even Gu Yue.
Sure enough, it was just a moment. A monk who presided over this time competed for a place in the shadow door. The monk was surly and slightly ferocious.
"Stop the challenge and ignore the rules!"
This monk Yuan Yingnian, a shadowy door, saw Xia Qi nullify the shadowy door. You really wish to dismember Xia Qi into ten thousand pieces. How can anyone resist Gu Yue’s block at this moment? A cold hum Yuan infant momentum sends out to make all the monks turn pale.
"Elder martial sister, don’t worry, I have nothing to do."
Xia Qi worried that this monk was angry with Gu Yue and quickly smiled at Gu Yue with a confident face.