Flower widow eyebrow color move way "dead who want you to die"

Qu Yong took the glass and saw a bright red lip print on the edge of the glass and sighed, "If I drink this glass of wine, I will die. I don’t want to die. I can’t drink this glass of wine yet."
Widow Hua said, "Is this glass of wine poisonous? Since it is poisonous, I have already drunk it. Why haven’t I been poisoned?"
Qu Yong gently squeezed her cherry mouth and was careful not to touch her skin. "The poison is not in this glass of wine, but on your lips. Your lips are coated with blood-sealing poison."
Flower widow put away her smile and stood in awe from Qu Yong. "Really? It seems that I really underestimated you. You are not tight, your martial arts are good, and your mind is much more cautious than others."
It’s not easy to find poison on your lips. Qu Yong said, "If I don’t look at it and think about it, I’m afraid I won’t live today."
"Really?" sighed the widow. "Now that you have seen through it, I want to poison you. Why don’t you do it?"
Qu Yong said, "Why should I start work?"
Widow Hua said, "If I want to kill you in Jianghu, you have to kill me. Isn’t this the iron law?"
Qu Yong said, "I don’t like killing people at all. I don’t understand. When I first arrived on this island, no one made a complaint about what you wanted to kill me."
The widow said, "I don’t want to kill you."
Qu Yong said, "Is there someone behind you who wants you to kill me?"
Widow Hua said, "He doesn’t want to kill you either."
Qu Yong smiled. "He didn’t want to kill me either. The original poison didn’t want to kill me. It was all for fun."
Widow Hua said, "Of course, this poison is not for fun, but mainly to see if a person is qualified."
Qu Yongdao is "not qualified"
Widow Hua said, "Now you are qualified."
QuYong pointed to his nose and said, "What qualifications do I have now?"
The widow said, "Enough to be friends with us."
"Be friends" Qu Yongdao "How do you say this?"
Widow Hua said, "We have noticed you since you came to your island, but we are short of a friend like you now. We have been waiting for many years and finally arrived."
Qu Yongqi said, "Wait for me"
Widow Hua said, "We are waiting for a master like you." She looked at Qu Yong and said, "After being tested by the two brothers, we can be sure that you should be visiting this island for the first time, but you just don’t know anything about it."
Qu Yong said, "They deliberately said that they were descendants of the Southern Song Dynasty. If I knew something about this island, I would never be as surprised as I am if I didn’t laugh on the spot. What you are looking for is a new person."
"Yes," said widow Hua. "Then it’s the battle of General Hong. He can see that you have good martial arts and are qualified to be friends with us."
Qu Yong said, "That’s really thank you."
Widow Hua said, "But that’s not enough. It depends on whether you are smart or not. If you are an idiot, are you qualified to be our friend because we need you to be a brave and cautious first-class friend?"
Qu Yong said, "It seems that you are really not careless and very careful in choosing friends."
Widow Hua said, "What you said is really good."
QuYong touch nose. "But why should I be friends with you?"
Widow Hua said, "Do you know how many people are on this island and how many people are our friends? You can do whatever you want if you want to be our friend on this island?"
"Really?" Qu Yong said. "It seems that you are dominant in this island."
Flower widow you’re welcome, "so to speak"
Qu Yong said, "So the island owner is also one of you."
The "island owner" flower widow’s face horse has changed. She seems to be a little worried. She looked at the window to make sure that no one sank. "Who told you about the island owner?"
Qu Yong smiled and said, "Why can’t the island owner speak?"
Chapter four hundred and thirty-six Three possibilities
"Yes," said the widow, flashing her eyes. "Of course, you can say anything on this island, but don’t say the word island owner easily."
Qu Yongdao "What"
Widow Hua said, "Some things are nothing."
QuYong smiled and said, "Because you are dominant foothold in this island, you are not willing to easily remember the word" island owner ".
Flower widow said "yes"
Qu Yong said, "What if I have to?"
Widow Hua said, "If you get up, you will probably die."