Party is crimson magma and boiling purple flame, but it is all dark and empty.

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The entrance and exit of Lingbao are all the same way. If you come back, you have to go through this boiling sea of fire.
A group of people just entered Lingbao, and then the adventurers who came to Yuanying were like meteors scrambling to fall from the colorful clouds. Some monks who cultivated the gods were not good at it. At the beginning of Yuanying, they didn’t adapt to the sudden and violent increase of discomfort, and they fell into the hot magma when they didn’t hold their own. Soon, a wisp of smoke disappeared completely in the three realms, and a few monks who were good at bending the fire also fluttered for a short time and then rested.
Back and forth, 700 yuan baby adventurers turned out to be more than 100 people who fell directly into the magma and ended up with a skeleton.
They are all monks who are known as the land gods in their infancy, and in a blink of an eye, more than 100 people have fallen.
Just struggled to hold his body steady and the heat wave came at the moment. Many Yuan babies with the dream of hitting the Universiade backed out and rushed into the colorful clouds. The rest were not nearly as close as Shou Yuan, but were repaired in the later period of Yuan baby, and there were even seven monks who were distracted.
"I advise you to hurry back." Zong Yanxian took one look at hundreds of Yuan infant monks, and woke up with indifference.
However, these monks who stayed behind seemed to be determined, and no one left because of Zong Yanxian’s awakening.
"Don’t worry about these people, let’s get down to business." Old poor Zhu Xi turned his attention to Liang Donghua. "Johnson Liang, you are most familiar with this Lingbao, and you have been to the deepest place yourself. Please ask the pavilion to lead the way."
"It’s no problem to lead the way, but we have to solve some problems first." Liang Donghua sneered.
"Why? Old Liang, do you want to settle my account now? " Looked at Liang Donghua Zhu Xi cold so way
"You and I are not in a hurry," Liang Donghua said with a faint smile. "But I think there are too many people entering Lingbao this time, so we should cut off some."
Liang Donghua’s words came out, and the adventurers’ faces changed greatly across the distance, and more timid people fled directly.
However, Liang Donghua did not pay a little attention to these people, but turned his attention to the people of Xingyue Zongtianyang, Yunfan and The Hunger Johnson.
"Old Liang, do you want it?" Tianyang and The Hunger Johnson were so frightened that they released their magic weapons to guard up.
"Yes, these people are a little much." The ghost demon also echoed.
"Jie Jie, I saw that the moon and the moon were not pleasing to the eye." The evil dragon also had a strange smile on his face, his paws stretched out slightly, and the golden claw magic weapon was immediately set in his hand.
"Zhu Daoyou, don’t forget that our common enemy is Liang Laoer" The Hunger Johnson thundered.
"Brother The Hunger, I’m sorry. Who told Johnson Liang to know the path of Lingbao? He wants to destroy you, and I can’t help it." Zhu Xi smiled with a floral fan in his hand. "Don’t worry, without you, I will have the same confidence to deal with Johnson Liang."
"What are you waiting for? Kill!" The evil dragon drank a light drink, and immediately more than a dozen masters in the refining period and hundreds of monks in the distracted period released their magic weapon flying swords, pointing at Tianyang, The Hunger old demon and Yunfan’s first 30 people.
See Liang Yi a wave of his hand, dragon hate double circle a full moon straight cut YunFan old son, mixed yuan TuLingJian is hold hands.
Yunfan Laoer blasted Shu Yi for genocide, and Liang Yi had promised her to take revenge. Now she just touched him, and Liang Yi naturally won’t let him go.
This is a one-sided battle. The attacking party is attacking with a magic weapon from a distance, while Tianyang and others even save the fight back, while the platform magic weapon is located in the other side, while struggling to dodge.
"Damn, this place can’t teleport!" The sudden change made the monks of the Xingyue Sect completely passive, and they were used to teleport to avoid attacks in the outside world. During the distracted period, the monks managed to dodge and defend.
Ah-a series of screams sounded in Lingbao, and there were more than a dozen monks in the distracted period of Xingyue Sect in one round of attack.
The strongest three people in the Moon Sect, Tianyang, The Hunger Laoer and Yunfan, naturally received special care, especially Yunfan, who seemed to see that this guy was a soft persimmon. Seven of the eleven monks in the first wave of attacks attacked this unlucky guy.
One man was suddenly attacked by seven monks of the same rank who were stronger than him, and the result can be imagined. This time, even if he tried his best, he still could not escape the bad luck.
"Ah, damn it!" Dragon hate treasure ring evil dragon golden claw is torn YunFan defense armor almost at the same time.
The situation of "escape" is critical, and the sun is no longer laughing. At this time, a round face with a sense of joy is full of anger. Seeing this, I waved my flying sword, easily hit three or four magic weapons, and I will flee to the distance when my body flashes.
"Hey, this guy is also a double major in dharma, and it seems that he is going to drive out evil dragons." Liang Yi’s eyes are slightly bright, and this day Yang can easily destroy the soul, the old black magic gun and the magic weapon of Qilin Mountain Qin Tianfeng jointly attack, and his strength is instantly revealed.
Chu is the platform of the red blood magic sword Liang Donghua, who jointly attacked The Hunger, but The Hunger, the old demon of The Hunger, was very strange, and a bloody roulette full of blood ShaQi was wiped out by the first joint attack.
The first wave of attacks cut off a third of the masters, and the monks of Xingyue Sect dared not stay any longer, and fled in Tianyang and The Hunger led by the old demon.
Brother Xingyue escaped, but the remaining three monks did not continue to pursue, but looked at the other two monks warily, and there was absolutely no goodness.
"Hey, why are you so nervous?" Liang Donghua smiled smugly: "Now I hate the flies being driven away, so we should continue on our way."
Say that finish take the lead in a certain direction.
"What medicine does this old thing sell in the gourd?" Liang Yi is very confused. It is reasonable to say that this old thing should be dealt with towards Zhu Xi. You know Zhu Xi ruined his statue in those days, and now it is the biggest threat to him.
"Small, because you saved me from trouble, and I think you are more pleasing to the eye, I woke you up." Liang Dong Hua suddenly sounded in Liang Yi’s mind: "You should be careful of two people, one is Zong Yanxian and the other is Sirius Daozun."
Liang Yi heard the words, but his heart tightened. Lian Yin said, "Old man, are you telling the truth? Why do you want to help me? "
"Is it true that you can tell everything from me?" Liang Donghua sneered. "What can I do to help you? Because this time I’m not coming for the innate treasure. I need your help. It’s up to you whether I can get the innate treasure or not."
"What?" Liang Yi: "You won’t lie to me, will you? You lost your way for thousands of years because of this innate treasure. Now you say that you don’t want this treasure, and you have to help me seize it. Will you and I believe you? "
"Things are different now," Liang Donghua laughed. "Now this treasure-colored Nero banner is very big for me, but it is not as indispensable as before."
"Say, what happened?" Liang Yi is now confused by this old saying. Heart way, it seems that this innate treasure seems to have something else to hide.
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"Xiao, did you get a powerful magic weapon just by secretly taking risks to seize this treasure-colored Nero banner?" Liang Donghua sneered at more wonderful novels, please go to the novel thread.
"Isn’t it?" Liang Yi doubt way
"Of course not," Liang Donghua disdained. "Congenital Lingbao is very precious, but I have lived for hundreds of millions of years. Although I haven’t got congenital Lingbao, I have worked hard to forge several magic weapons for hundreds of millions of years, but I don’t have to be much worse than this treasure. Besides, I still have a congenital magic weapon in my hand that is more powerful than ordinary congenital Lingbao. I am really greedy for this innate Lingbao power. After all, no one will think it bites his hand if there are many good things.
"In that case, that you come again? Isn’t there any secret in this? "Liang Yi is an indigenous one, what innate magic weapon and innate Lingbao. He is also hearsay, and he doesn’t know what to pay attention to."
"Hey, hey, Xiao, I now extremely doubt that your root is a small native who has gone through a great fortune in this world." Liang Donghua sneered: "If these things have a place in the celestial world, everyone knows it, but you don’t know it."
"Never mind where I come from," Liang Yi said indifferently. "You’d better give me a reasonable explanation first, otherwise I won’t help you."
"Hey hey, you look like a little costume, and I almost cheated you." Liang Donghua said with a smile, "Let it be, I’ll tell you something about the uniqueness of this innate treasure."
"The innate magic weapon is the magic weapon of the fairy family that was born naturally at the beginning of chaos. More wonderful novels, please go to the novel thread. I won’t say much about its power and beauty, and you must have heard of it." Liang Donghua explained: "This innate treasure is a rare kind of innate magic weapon, and its general difference is that the innate treasure awakens the spirit."
"Innate Lingbao is not necessarily worse than the innate magic weapon, but its value far exceeds the innate magic weapon."
"Because, the most precious thing about innate Lingbao is not its power, but that every innate Lingbao contains a trace of heaven and earth information."
"By chance, some mighty men realized the cultivation method leading to chaos from the innate treasure, thus proving the respect of chaos."
"There are a few congenital Lingbao devices that are straight; Take shape, and become the top almighty in the three realms. "