"Immature also can eat no matter" Liang Yi took one look at Jiuxuan Zi Long Fruit Tree, picked the fruit which was almost 9,400 years old, and jumped aside in soaring. Ganoderma lucidum quickly pulled out more than a dozen thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum strains from it, and then flickered out of the blue sky.

A blue spirit day hunger strikes again, but Liang Yi can’t care so much at this time.
"Little princess, come on, I found something good." Liang Yichao yelled at the mine.
Ah, "Liang Yi called a woman who didn’t get the answer. She wanted to look for it in the past, but she heard the bottom of the cave coming. Tuoba Jiayi screamed with heartbreak.
Liang Yiwen’s busy clothes wrapped Lingguo Ganoderma lucidum and rushed over.
"What’s the matter?"
"Nothing" TaBaJiaYi some panic shook his head a little face white scary.
"I, I have food here that I hid a few days ago." Tuoba Jiayi was a little embarrassed and handed Liang Yi a cloth.
"What?" Liang Yi some don’t believe took the cloth, only to see the bloody inside the cloth wrapped a piece of half a catty of blood food.
"No, this meat is still fresh and bleeding, and it is not black blood of wild animals." Liang Yi looked at TaBaJiayi with a grim face, but saw that her half was hidden behind a huge stone, and her eyes were weak and she looked at herself like a child who made a mistake.
"What did you do?" Liang Yi light roar a dashed to her and pulled her out.
Ah, "the scene in front of me made Liang Yi completely stunned. Is a bloody calf still coming to bandage the calf?
"You cut your own meat and feed it to me?" Liang Yi suddenly collapsed to the ground and two tears of regret fell involuntarily.
If you had entered the scene of Bilingtian earlier, you might not have been born.
"You can’t die, we can’t die. I said I would treat you well." Tuoba Jiayi tore a piece of skirt and bandaged it up for herself.
"I know I’m annoying, but"
"Stop it, it’s all my fault." Liang Yi sighed slightly and handed her the Nine Xuanzi Longguo. "You eat this first!"
"Nine Xuanzi Longguo Millennium Ganoderma lucidum!" Tuoba Jiayi looked at things with disbelief.
"It’s a net. Don’t tell me you dug a hole." Tuoba Jiayi’s face was calm and terrible
"I’m an asshole. I don’t trust you. I hurt you." Liang Yihu handed him the little princess with tears in her eyes. "I Liang Yi swear to heaven that if I doubt Rio Tinto again in the future."
"Stop! I don’t need to listen to any vows!" TaBaJiaYi dazed zheng suddenly laughed "I cut the value of the meat" and picked up nine XuanZiLongGuo heavy bite.
"Mmm, it tastes good."
"Jiayi, I didn’t mean to deceive you." Liang Yizheng was about to explain but was stopped by Tuoba Jiayi.
"Don’t explain that everyone has their own secrets. I don’t blame you. You can risk your secrets to get these babies for me. I can’t cut this meat." Tuoba Jiayi fought back the pain and smiled at Liang Yi. "These days, I have been thinking about what my cultivation is and what is heaven? Is it true that I have always asked myself, is it worth it? "
"Listen to me. I’ve learned a few words with you these days. These words should be your guidelines. Maybe you don’t even feel it yourself. Do you want to hear it?" Tuoba Jiayi smiled and said
Liang Yi "Those words?"
"Yes, yes, no," Tuoba Jiayi said with a smile. "So if I cut my own meat, we can get out alive if you have the strength to work."
Liang Yi "But I"
"You’re not wrong and I’m not wrong. You don’t have to take it to heart." Tuoba Jiayi said with a smile and continued, "I know your name is Stars, not Liang Yi. You dug these herbs out of the cave."
Liang anecdotes suddenly shocked when he reacted, the little princess had chewed off the nine Xuanzi Longguo and a little blush appeared on her face.
"Now that you have learned a few words from me, I will send you another word." Liang Yi looked at TaBaJiayi with a full face of guilt.
Tuoba Jiayi "What is it?"
"I would rather bear the burden of heaven than Qing!" Liang Yi then flicker into the blue spirit day to leave TaBaJiayi with a face of surprise. After Liang Yi disappeared, he left two drops of tears of joy along his cheeks involuntarily.
"what do you have?" When Liang Yi was holding the things back again, TaBaJiaYi truly asked
"I dug a healing pill in the cave" Liang Yixiao handed TaBaJiaYi a handful of pills.
"Giggle later, I’m going to dig some treasures. I just ate nine Xuan Zi Long fruits and I have great strength." Tuoba Jiayi swallowed all the pills with a charming smile.
Liang Yi took out a small bottle of red powder and gently handled the wound for TaBaJiaYi.
Tuoba Jiayi saw that Liang Yi’s eyes were full of shame and some could not bear to say, "I heard that there is a kind of medicine called coagulation Dandan that can repair damaged limbs."
Chapter DiYiSiYi Be honest with each other
Coagulation Dan I’ll get you Liang Zun nodded solemnly. "You have eaten these ganoderma lucidum, so you have the strength to dig a hole. I’m afraid I can’t move now. Tuoba Jiayi handed Liang Yi the remaining Millennium ganoderma lucidum with a weak smile.
Looking at Tuoba Jiayi’s left leg swinging in pajamas, Liang Yi couldn’t help sighing and grabbing a thousand-year-old ganoderma lucidum to eat quickly.
Even the great monks in ancient times could not bear to give up such a luxury as eating Ganoderma lucidum for thousands of years.
After a little recovery, Liang Yi grabbed the star sword and continued to move.
Finally, after being trapped for nearly five days and fully digging for more than ten miles, the two trapped people finally ushered in a glimmer of light. "Jiayi is almost a month away from us entering the Lanling Forbidden Area. If you find an exit again, you are afraid that you will be a saint." In the dark days of the forbidden area, Liang Yi is carrying Tuoba Jiayi and marching in the rolling mountains. Jiayi’s little princess "cutting meat feat" can’t make her a disabled person.
TaBaJiaYi swallowed nine Xuan Zi Long pulp body strength has been significantly enhanced, so it is not difficult to make a way for yourself. However, Liang Yi could not bear to suffer when she landed, and always carried her on her back.
She is naturally happy. Now Tuoba Jiayi is eating and drinking, and Lazarus is almost always bored. When Liang Yi is in a good mood, he will grab Liang Yi’s ear and tell him to run around.