Lance looked up and said, then let’s each write our thoughts in our hands and see if the three of us want to go together

When three people finished writing a hand, all three people wrote Elena in their hands.
Speaking of this mysterious girl, it seems that she hasn’t appeared for some days.
Even President Sikelman respects her when she comes to the elite knights of Ponte Assassin Empire as a guard. Mr. Courtas and the three of us seem to have received special attention. Randall suddenly said
Yes, just like Randall said, which lady said she would take the college exam, but no one was seen at the exam site. Isn’t it strange that Lance nodded?
I said, guys, this question doesn’t seem to be something we can think about if we want to. Leon didn’t say the answer.
It’s true that many things can’t be answered by thinking. They don’t know that Elena is talking to President Sikelman in the other hall of the NCO School at this time.
Miss, the three of them are really outstanding talents. Miss is not mistaken, said President Sikelman
Elena smiled and said that adult Sikelman felt the same way, which made Elena so happy.
Miss, special arrangements will be made for the course.
I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s my hope that everyone will receive education together.
Then do it according to miss
On the other side, master rumbert is also holding a celebration party for smooth access.
The man who reported the master’s investigation into the palace has come back now, Judy said
What did Rumbert say about putting his glass down?
Lillian, the imperial princess, seems to have not appeared for a long time, Judy replied.
Rembert raised his eyebrows.
When the imperial calendar was 398 and the continental calendar was 968, it turned from August to September, and Randall Leon Lance had entered a new chapter in his life.
The first chapter elite class test
When the spring of the imperial calendar in 399 years shines on Linkfontein again, it is time for the new recruits to leave the freshman training camp for detailed distribution last year.
Every year, after completing the first year’s work, the new recruits will combine the best performers in this year, which is referred to as the Imperial Elite Class for short. The members of this class are also a group of people closest to Garland officialdom.
Now Randall Lance Leon is at the threshold of whether to be assigned to the imperial elite class.
The regular meeting, Zeke Fred Diawi, was present at the meeting together with President Sikelman.
At the meeting, the list of six famous members of the imperial elite class was announced, which is somewhat expected by everyone. After all, it has just entered the spring, more than half a month earlier than the usual list.
Randall Leon Lance’s name department is on this list, which can make the three of them feel at ease.
That evening, President Sikelman called a special meeting of elite class names.
In this list, there are 36 people who belong to the Lombard Mission, 18 people from the Kutru faction, and 6 people who have not confirmed to join the faction for the time being. Among these six people, Randall Leon Lance has three seats.
Calling this meeting is to announce the final plan of the second name list. President Sikelman said at the meeting
At present, the six members present are all the best in the class, but I have to tell you here that three members will eventually enter the imperial elite class, and everyone will listen quietly to the principal’s speech
The assessment method, Chief Diawi, will tell you in detail.
Diawi patted himself with half-white hair and walked to the front desk and gave a military salute. He said that 6 into 3 is a test for everyone. It is our elite class. Unfortunately, if we don’t enter, it doesn’t mean that everyone loses the opportunity. The army comes to the place where the survival of the fittest is eliminated. If you behave well, you will definitely have a chance.
Next time, I will give you an assessment. Six members can be divided into groups, and each group of three people will be distributed to each group with five gold coins. Everyone will go to various places to purchase rations. Please listen carefully and ask everyone to ask for 10,000 soldiers to prepare rations urgently. The final assessment results will be evaluated according to the methods and methods when purchasing quantities.
Everyone will be divided into groups tonight, and I will come to you in an hour. The list of groups has not been divided into groups, and we will be randomly divided into groups. You can have any questions.
Everyone seems to be thinking about the grouping assessment method.
Lord Diawi, my question is lance.
Say lance farrant
I want to ask if it is illegal for adults to gain the advantage of purchasing quantity only by using military funds. Lance has cleverly discovered a loophole.
Of course, it’s illegal. Diawi said that it’s illegal to use private funds or expropriate agricultural products from one’s own territory. I know many of you here are nobles and even lords. I hope everyone will not violate the rules. We will ask you to write a detailed implementation plan for our inspection.
Lance listened to Diawi’s answer and sat down with satisfaction. He did so to suppress Rumbert’s financial advantage because he knew that even if Randall had his own fief, he would not go.
Mr. Diawi, I have a question, and so does Kutru.
It can be said that Kutru
Is it illegal? Ways and means are all workable. Just reach them. Kutru asked pertinently.