Good door Qin Shaojie took off his shoes and sat next to Ouyang Yao and gently lifted the quilt. He saw Ouyang Yao holding his knees tightly in the cup with his hands like the same injured and afraid kitten, and his body was still trembling slightly.

"F, don’t cry," Qin Shaojie called softly.
Ouyang Yao ignored him and answered, and he also sobbed.
"Stop crying and spanking."
"Didn’t you say you were going to squeeze me into earthworms? Why don’t you do it now that I’ve delivered it myself?"
Qin Shaojie chattered, but Ouyang Yao didn’t hear it.
"Hey, little girl, smile for uncle," Qin Shaojie continued. "Smile for uncle, and I will teach you to practice."
Suddenly Ouyang Yao stopped crying and slowly raised his head and looked at Qin Shaojie with tears on his face, which really made Qin Shaojie feel distressed.
"Are you serious? Teach me to practice? "
"Yes, teaching you to practice will make you a famous woman in the spiritual world," Qin Shaojie said hurriedly when he saw the effect.
"Do you think about it? A woman who doesn’t love beauty is the biggest natural enemy of a woman. It is said that a woman is thirty like a wolf … not thirty like tofu. This means that a woman’s physical function will fail as soon as she is over thirty, and then she will become a little old and finally become a wrinkled old lady. She can watch her youth slip away quietly, but please note that if she becomes a yogi, she will not have such pain again."
"Do you want to be young and beautiful forever? Do you want to be free from years? Do you want to live a thousand years? Do you want to fly over the eaves and avoid being a woman of the new era? "
Qin Shaojie took out an air pill and held it in his hand and said, "This is no longer a dream. Yes, this is really no longer a dream."
"Please see, this is the company’s specially developed special-effect Dan medicine gas pill."
"Eating it is like cheating and making you young forever overnight."
"Eating it is like learning peerless martial arts secrets and making you a yogi overnight."
"Yes, it’s the gas pill. Don’t want one thousand nine hundred and ten to be ninety-nine. You need nine hundred and ninety pieces. Do you have it? What are you hesitating about? Hurry up and act. "
Qin Shaojie didn’t even take a breath. He said that this pile is like selling fake drugs.
When it comes to selling fake drugs, I have to sigh that this thing is really cheating.
What is the most embarrassing place to say? Still talking? Naturally, the TV station responded to the call of the state to crack down on counterfeit drugs while advertising and selling counterfeit drugs.
"Poof bursts" Ouyang Yao was amused by Qin Shaojie. Looking at Qin Shaojie’s serious expression, Ouyang Yao couldn’t resist it, especially the 99-year-old shouting that it was professional enough.
See OuYangYao smiled Qin Shaojie then relieved hurriedly said "how are you interested in woman? Recently, the industry’s big reward guests were the first to order beautiful women to buy one get one free, and buy a pill to send a peerless handsome guy. "
"oh? How handsome is it? " Ouyang Yao asked
"Handsome" Qin Shaojie said seriously.
"Which handsome guy is that?"
"It’s just me when you can’t have them." Qin Shaojie pointed to himself.
"Well, then," Ouyang Yao paused and said, "I don’t want to buy the pills, but I want to see the trick."
Say OuYangYao light quickly got up from the bed and then handfuls of Qin Shaojie pushed on the bed.
For a moment, it was a pair of trousers and bras, and Qi Fei gasped and groaned. Two glistening bodies in a dark room were intertwined, and they changed color compared with the tragic war.
"Ah" As soon as Ouyang Yao met Qin Shaojie, he tried his best, but in the end he was defeated by foaming at the mouth
"Let’s try it again," said Ouyang Yao, sweating like the same fish, climbing in Qin Shaojie’s body and charming.
"I also want to give you a baby."
"Well ….." Qin Shaojie said with a big sweat, "F has been planted for three times, and there are enough kinds. Don’t worry, now you can plant so many kinds until next autumn."
"Oh, you’re a rogue." Ouyang Yao looked at Qin Shaojie with eyes full of spring water and said, "Look at the boiling hot and try again."
"No, no, no" Qin Shaojie hurriedly said that he didn’t want to be really squeezed into dried earthworm.
Bah, bah, how can it be that earthworms did it?
"It’s not because you seduce me in my body." Qin Shaojie wronged and said, "Come and get down to business."
"This is the business?" Ouyang Yao took a white look at Qin Shaojie, then his body slowly slipped, and then Qin Shaojie felt that his little earthworm was wrapped in a warmth.
Holy shit, it’s so exciting
As a result, Qin Shaojie had no moral integrity and was once again levied … (Omit 990 words here) "I’m not coming," Qin Shaojie said with difficulty. Then he found his clothes and took out an air pill and said, "Yaoyao ate it."
"ah? Really eat? " Ouyang Yao holding Qin Shaojie neck some surprise asked
"Of course, otherwise you and I will lie to you?"
"I, you are teasing me."
"…" Qin Shaojie is depressed. Does he look like a cheat? Or is it true that this woman can’t tell whether what she says is true or not?
Five fingers into claws Qin Shaojie gave Ouyang Yao a soft and hard squeeze on his chest, and the final conclusion was really big enough.
"I hate it," Ouyang Yao said angrily. "Are you telling the truth?"
"Of course," Qin Shaojie said solemnly, "Our company never makes false advertisements."
"You dare not measure it," Ouyang Yao said. "Be careful that I copy your company."
Say that finish Ouyang Yao took Qin Shaojie’s gas pill in his hand and swallowed it without thinking. In an instant, he felt a warm current rising from the lower abdomen, and then the warm current was scattered and spread to all parts of his body.
Chapter 422 Take me to fly
"Sit still" Qin Shaojie put Ouyang Yao’s body righting right hand on Ouyang Yao’s abdomen and delivered a real yuan to help Ouyang Yao guide the heat flow cycle in the body.
Half an hour later, Ouyang Yao slowly opened his eyes and looked at Qin Shaojie and said, "Oh, how strange!"
"What’s strange?" Qin Shaojie laughed
"I don’t know, it’s just that I feel particularly comfortable and I have strength again …" Said Ouyang Yao, glancing at Qin Shaojie, who had been fighting all night and was tired at this time, and said to the little guy.
"No, I’m not coming." Qin Shaojie shook his head again and again and pulled it over. "You’d better take a shower first. Look at you."
"Huh?" Ouyang Yao listened to Qin Shaojie let her take a bath and looked down at her body. The glistening body was no longer there. It was covered with pieces of black things like mud, and it also smelled a lot.
"Oh, why is it so smelly?" Women love to be clean. Ouyang Yao found that she smelled almost like flies, and she didn’t even say anything to Qin Shaojie. She ran into the sanitation without wearing a towel, and then there was a rushing water in the sanitation.
The effect is really good. Qin Shaojie took out another gas pill, then looked at it in his hand and said to himself
According to the effect of Yaoyao eating this food, it seems to be not bad. After half an hour of self-guidance, it has saved the trouble of practicing qi and directly entered the foundation period.
I don’t know if everyone has such an effect after eating it. If so, it would be much easier. Qin Shaojie secretly thought that if so, it would take each person half an hour to make a few practitioners in the foundation period, and then teach them to mix the true qi and let them practice slowly.
"This thing is a plug-in." Qin Shaojie looked at the pills in his hand and said to himself that there should be a little more North Ghost War.
If Bei Ming Zhan knows Qin Shaojie’s thoughts, he will definitely swear by the ceiling.
"You prodigal son gave me most of my precious materials with these ten gas pills. I wouldn’t have given them to you if that old guy Simon didn’t ask me for them. Do you still want to mass-produce them?"
Qin Shaojie is still wondering how to fight with Bei Ming. Ouyang Yao has come back from the shower.
When I went out, it was dark, but when I came back, it was white, which made Qin Shaojie dizzy and his little brother was very disappointing again.
Ouyang Yao is beautiful. After gas pill cutting, bone cutting and marrow washing, the whole person becomes temperamental and extraordinary. All those toxins in the body are discharged, and the skin looks smoother than that of newborn babies.