Ji Xiaotian quietly shook his head at Lu Yun and motioned for Lu Yun not to pay more attention to the officer fluttering Lu Yun’s eyesight. If he couldn’t see clearly, Ji Xiaotian occasionally showed a little smile. Just as Ji Xiaotian said, he didn’t care about the officer fluttering here. How to arrange the law and talk about mechanical human things.

Robots are far beyond ordinary people’s imagination, and they have experienced some things in such strange ways as Ji Xiaotian’s. They are just a drop in the ocean, and their ferocity is even better than Ji Xiaotian’s. They are like locusts, and they will plunder as many mineral resources as possible, no matter what type or quantity. If there is a little bit, they will be cleaned up and transported directly to the super earth.
According to the statistics of the celestial world after a war hundreds of thousands of years ago, tens of thousands of planets occupied by robots have finally become a planet with no resources. In the garbage planet, nothing but barren land is left on that surface. The original residents of the celestial world have long been tortured to a place.
Many of them starved to death alive, and the rest of them would have starved to death if the counter-offensive army sent by the celestial body had not gone too fast. Their situation would have been better.
The successful counter-offensive of the celestial army came in vain at the end. It turned out that those planets could be easily recovered because robots and humans had no value in taking these planets. They tried to retreat as if they had been driven away by the celestial army. Actually, those people gave up all the planets themselves and came to a big retreat.
In this way, the victory of the celestial beings is very doubtful, although for the average person, the promotion of the celestial beings or the victory are all white for the real understanding of the lovers. If it is not for the mechanical human body, there has been a certain change or they have plundered enough resources. Maybe the celestial beings are still afraid and have to make a big question mark.
If Lu Yun hadn’t reached the level of fairy and traveled around for many years, I’m afraid these news wouldn’t have been known. Even if he had, he would have been some ordinary people, so he introduced them all the way to everyone. At the same time, everyone was completely shocked and faced with such amazing facts, including the fact that the official was fluttering in one place and both of them became very ugly.
"Brother Lu, if you have any idea, just say it together. Anyway, we people have lived in Feiyun Castle, and everyone listens to you."
Ji Xiaotian remained calm enough when he was shocked. He was very clear about what the ultimate goal was when Lu Yun said these words. He was also ready to accept Lu Yun’s request. Anyway, although his own strength is good for the time being, it is still a little worse to protect them. Maybe it will be better after some annual meetings, but it is not unacceptable to have a ready-made force as big as Feiyun Castle attached here.
Judging from what Ji Xiaotian has learned so far, Lu Yun is still quite a nice person. Without that kind of high elevation, he would not become so snobbish. On the contrary, he still has a sincere heart, which is the most rare thing. If Xiaotian and Lu Yun had not known his true strength for so long, no one would have imagined that such an amiable person turned out to be a noble fairy.
"Do you really mean that you have no problem with what I say?"
"Good, good, very good, that’s all right!"
Ji Xiaotian didn’t say it’s okay to say this. Lu Yun seems to be greatly relieved. He really doesn’t know how to shape his mood. He has been here for so long. That is to say that Ji Xiaotian has expressed his position. Now Ji Xiaotian has finally expressed his position. Lu Yunhua’s so much thought is a real result. His heart is more excited and satisfied.
Lu Yun is happy to talk, so he doesn’t pay much attention to discretion. How much does this ask with some questioning meaning, that is, Ji Xiaotian has a good temper, and he is still a calm person. If he is an official, he is so impulsive that he is afraid that he will turn against Lu Yun on the spot or even fight directly.
Rao is so small that his face is not good-looking, and the Teng and others around him are also looking pale and staring at Lu Yun unabashedly.
"This Lu Yun is really a cheeky Xiaotian brother, that is, Lu Yun dares to push his nose and face. If we leave everything in the hands of Lu Yun, we people will not be at ease."
Although many people have benefited from Lu Yun’s kindness, after these days, Teng Teng explained that everyone is in vain. Little genius is a real contributor. It is impossible for Lu Yun and Guan Piao Piao to come and help. If you think about it, you can know that Ji Xiaotian regards Ji Xiaotian as a real savior in one of the huge people. In case of conflict, then Teng’s family must be on the side of Ji Xiaotian.
Now, Lu Yun shows a little bit of annexing Ji Xiaotian. They all mean that Ji Xiaotian and others are taking their hands. Everyone just feels outraged. If it weren’t for watching Ji Xiaotian’s failure to make a hair or talking very calmly here, many people might turn against each other on the spot even if they want to offend an outstanding fairy.
"What medicine is Liu Yunxiao selling? Why do you really want Xiaotian brothers to take refuge in Feiyun Castle? But to say a kind word, is Lu Yunxiao serious?"
Although the official fluttering is not as backward as the Teng family, Xiaotian’s side is not much worse. He belongs to that kind of warm-hearted person. As an official fluttering, he won’t put his idea into the plan. Think about it. This is not Liu Yunfeng’s official fluttering. On the other hand, it is also a great annoyance. On the other hand, it is also a lot of doubts. Seriously stare at Lu Yun.
"Hey, hey, what are you all looking at me for? Did I say something wrong?" Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Lu Yun didn’t care at all, as if everyone’s reaction was already in his expectation. He wasn’t afraid that everyone would look at him like this, because he came to feel guilty, but now he doesn’t live too early. He smiled and said something that made everyone somewhat embarrassed and embarrassed. Lu Yun really threw out what he wanted to express.
"Well, Xiaotian brothers, I won’t go around with you. In fact, I think it’s very simple for Xiaotian brothers to take charge of Feiyun Castle for me. In other words, I just want to hand over Feiyun Castle to Xiaotian brothers. From now on, Feiyun Castle will not be with me in Lu Yun. Of course, if Xiaotian brothers want me to stay in Feiyun Castle, I still want to know what Xiaotian brothers mean."
"I don’t think I heard what brother Lu clearly. Could you please say it again?"
"Say it again and say it a hundred times, brother Xiaotian. I mean, it’s always a trouble to give you Feiyun Castle, and it can’t really be played in my hands!"
Even Ji Xiaotian refused to believe that repeatedly asking Lu Yun is such a hard answer. This answer is so decisive that there is just some slight doubt that Lu Yunji Xiaotian has a face of shame, and the rest of the people are even more embarrassed. Look at Ji Xiaotian and look at Lu Yun’s mouth. I really don’t know what to say.
Ashamed, absolutely ashamed, everyone has the same idea in their hearts. It’s true that they just felt ashamed of Lu Yun’s unbelief and hostility, and their faces are getting hotter.
In an instant, everyone thought of a word that was also widely used in the celestial world.
Chapter three hundred and thirty Dan medicine new ke method
Chapter three hundred and thirty Dan medicine new ke method
Especially the official fluttering thought that he knew enough about Lu Yun. He didn’t expect that in the end, Lu Yun still gave himself an unexpected performance. Even the official fluttering probably couldn’t do such a thing.
"Lu Yunxiao, you have gone up again. I was wrong about you!"
Officer fluttering had to sigh a lot-it was Lu Yun’s move that made him happy. He sighed naturally, but he had not seen Lu Yun for many years. He could just send this Feiyun Castle out. This is such a strong tolerance, which is much stronger than the arrangement of the ground room before Lu Yun. It means that all the strength of Lu Yun, including Lu Yun himself, has been handed over to Ji Xiaotian.
Even if the officer is so straightforward, if he really wants to help Ji Xiaotian, he is willing to say that it is difficult for him to give all his money to Ji Xiaotian, but Lu Yun is different and laughs and does such a thing.
This is the place where Guan Piao has to admire Lu Yun, and his heart is getting a little white. Why Lu Yun can quickly enter the level 9 fairy, and he is still stuck in the level 7 fairy?
Tolerance This is a kind of tolerance, which is not white before the official fluttering, or it is a little vague. Now it is like giving the official fluttering a window that can’t be clearer, so that the official fluttering suddenly broadens up, and a generous temperament appears in this way. The epiphany of the official fluttering makes everyone’s center of gravity inevitable.
Others’ reaction may be slow, but Xiaotian and Lu Yun are both level fairies, and the level officials are fluttering here. If you don’t know the difference, you will become a level fairies master in vain. The two of them took one look at each other and couldn’t believe the look of surprise and surprise, and their eyes all went to watch the officer fluttering there.
"Ha ha, brother Xiaotian, this is really wonderful. I just said that our hands are a little thin. I didn’t expect the official brother to break through soon. This is really great. Isn’t there a lot in Du E, so let the official brother increase his strength?"
Lu Yun took the initiative to wake up before Ji Xiaotian spoke. When Ji Xiaotian was about to break through, if Ji Xiaotian sent the official fluttering again, Du E Jindanga’s original official fluttering was collected. Those who made the official fluttering have very strong strength as soon as they entered the level fairy after the breakthrough. Even if they lost this face, Lu Yun would fight for the official fluttering.
"Liu Xiong you this is what officer brother, it is not my brother, don’t I will be stingy with a little Du E then? Don’t say it’s the official brother, it’s the whole range of Feiyun Castle. If one of our own needs this thing, anyone can come and ask me for it! "
Counting Xiaotian is obviously dissatisfied with Lu Yun’s attitude, which is equal to counting Xiaotian as an outsider to see such a thing at other times. Now it is an important moment when the official fluttering is about to break through. Xiaotian is willing to devote himself to it. While talking here, he took out a large number of Du E then, not grains, but bottles and bottles, and lost them to the official fluttering.
"This is? Du E then? "
Officer fluttering is still immersed in his breakthrough, which points out a little bit of consciousness to meet the things that Ji Xiaotian threw over. He also didn’t expect Ji Xiaotian to be so generous. So many bottles of Du E then almost didn’t make the officer fluttering out of the breakthrough state, that is, the officer fluttering people stayed in the seven immortals for too long and had enough ability to calm down quickly. This didn’t really have any big problems.
It’s obvious that Xiaotian took this into account, otherwise a cool-headed person like him would not have done such a stupid thing. The official fluttered and it was calmly accepted that he had thrown bottles of Du E Jindaji Xiaotiandi with a very satisfied smile on his mouth.
A moment’s official fluttering makes these doors so cheap. Du E then received one or two, and no more than ten at most, so he got a symbolic point. With the help of Ji Xiaotian, he now has concerns to make him stuffed into his mouth for five Du E then at one time, so the pure power flooded into his body.
Pentium power is so horrible that I feel a little scared and worried when I let the seven-level immortal officials fly. Fortunately, the magic of Du E elixir is here. It will not make people who take elixir medicine feel empty and not be replenished. Often, when they reach the human strength, they will naturally slow down with the maximum strength of Du E elixir medicine, so that the official fluttering body can gradually adapt to this sudden strength and lay a solid foundation for the further development of medicine.
The spiritual strength of Du E’s elixir is still mainly reflected in this respect. The official fluttering person is the peak level of the seven immortals, that is, it has reached a breakthrough. This spiritual strength should be said to be extremely powerful, but it is still far from enough compared with these Du E elixirs swallowed into the mouth.
Powerful spiritual forces flooded in like the tide, which was tantamount to expanding the spirit knowledge sea several times in the form. At this moment, it became even bigger. It turned out that the official fluttering spirit knowledge sea was more than doubled abruptly. This was because the official fluttering ability was limited, avoiding the official fluttering and thus collapsing. The effectiveness of Du E then was forcibly prevented, and the official fluttering spirit knowledge sea was only doubled or so.
Just this time, the officer was pleasantly surprised, and when he came, he felt that his spiritual strength doubled in an instant. According to common sense, he suddenly needed to keep practicing before he could fill his spiritual knowledge. I didn’t expect that when his spiritual knowledge stopped expanding in an instant, powerful spiritual strength poured in again, but this time it was not to expand his spiritual knowledge for him, but to fill his spiritual strength directly.
"This is?"
Guan Piao Piao was stunned once again. He never imagined that Du E then was so good. It was simply a super abnormal mental strength growth machine. If Du E then could go to Guan Piao all the time, I really didn’t know that my mental strength would be as strong as strong. Just when he thought like this, the change happened again.
Compared with coming, it’s not too much difference. Before, it was the official fluttering who broke through and occupied the absolute initiative. But now, when the change appeared again, the official fluttering did not take the initiative and passively accepted the spiritual knowledge of the sea. The original remaining Du E then once again played an effect, which actually made the official fluttering expand again and doubled.
That’s not to mention the fact that the sea of spiritual knowledge has been expanded twice as long as it was. After this expansion, the sea of spiritual knowledge has been filled again. I don’t know how many times it has been repeated. Anyway, this is how things keep happening when the official is floating, which makes his spiritual knowledge expand and expand again, and his energy and strength increase and increase again.
In the end, Guan Piao Piao himself couldn’t remember exactly how many times it happened. Generally speaking, he knew that he swallowed Du E elixir, and he exerted all the efficacy and played it very well. Until he finally felt that the wonderful taste was gradually decreasing, he clearly realized that this spiritual transformation was completed here, and Guan Piao still had many Du E elixirs in his hand. He didn’t hesitate to continue swallowing it.
"Well, what’s going on seems to have no effect? Are all these Du E elixirs fake?"
After waiting for a long time, the surge of spiritual strength did not appear. On the contrary, the whole person felt that he had consumed a lot of spiritual strength because of the spirit of Zhongli. In this way, an odd idea came into his head, and he didn’t know how to tell Ji Xiaotian that after all, it was a pill given to himself by Ji Xiaotian. If you directly ask Ji Xiaotian like this, you will even lose Ji Xiaotian.
However, if you don’t do it yourself, you will get a lot of pills. As a result, you can’t accept it because you can clearly feel yourself. If you don’t exert a little effect, I am afraid it will be bad here.
So the official fluttering is a very strange appearance, where the mouth is not silent, nor does it make the official fluttering feel as uncomfortable as it is. If it is not still in the state of breakthrough, it has not been completely separated. There is such a ready-made cover-up. Perhaps this embarrassment alone is enough to make the official fluttering crazy, so the official fluttering feels no better.
Embarrassment is really embarrassing.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Nine fairy?