talk nonsense

Liu Donghai seemed to hear the most childish joke in the world, laughing and saying that the pulse of the witness can only reflect the heartbeat speed, and at most, he can infer the health of his heart. How can you hear that I was shot in which year and had several operations altogether? Hum, even a three-year-old child won’t believe your nonsense.
Mo Yifan doesn’t get angry at this, but it’s very cool to say that three-year-old children really won’t believe it because they are naive to you, an adult from China, and don’t believe the ancient Chinese medicine in our country. Then I really don’t know what to say about you.
China’s medical science has a long history, which is comparable to that of foreign ghost doctors, and the pulse diagnosis is also vast. The physical condition of people is mainly reflected in the tongue and eyes, of which the tongue and eyes are more intuitive and relatively simple. Western medicine also knows that judging people’s condition from the tongue and eyes is simply taking advantage of the importance of pulse conditions.
The actual human pulse condition is a mirror reflecting the working conditions of various organs of the body, which can not only reflect a person’s timely physical condition, but even the abnormal changes in the past will leave traces on this mirror.
However, this is a mysterious and mysterious magic mirror. Ordinary people can’t understand it. Those foreign ghosts don’t understand it, but because they can’t find the basis of the subject, they recognize whether this question is true or not.
If everything in this world can be explained by science, then scientists all over the world can take up their posts and explain many phenomena by science. That’s because the level of science is not developed and perfect at present, so it’s even more important to continue to study science instead of questioning those who are objective about the authenticity of things. This kind of behavior is simply a cover-up.
Forget it, I guess you are casting pearls before swine if you say more. Don’t you just suspect that I just said those things that I have already found out through other channels? Well, now I’ll say something that happened to you recently. It’s an unusual physical condition. I think it should be your personal privacy. The second person will never know it. Er, should your two bodyguards avoid it first?
Liu Donghai has long been refuted by Mo Yifan’s remarks. Listen to Mo Yifan’s sudden interruption of his absolute privacy. He can’t help but be curious. But he doesn’t believe that Mo Yifan can really know what secret privacy is. Even if it really belongs to his privacy, there is no need to avoid these two cronies. So he waved his hand and said something. Just say it. Don’t be mysterious in front of me. Tell me about my physical condition and what privacy is there.
Well, since you’re not afraid of losing face, let me get this straight.
Mo Yifan looked at Liu Donghai with a straight face, and suddenly Zhang said the word wet dream, so Liu Donghai’s Zhang Chou face suddenly turned red.
What are you talking nonsense about, wet dream? I’m so old.
This fact is embarrassing enough. After Liu Donghai was shocked, he had to desperately deny it
Actually, there’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you have to deny it. Well, I guess it’s true. You’ve been to wet dream three times in the last two months, and the third time was last night.
Mo Yifan said calmly that although it is a strange story that wet dream can still happen at your age, I don’t think it seems that you are worthy of respect.
Liu Donghai, who is worthy of respect, heard Mo Yifan make his wet dream so clear several times. First, he was surprised, and then he felt that Mo Yifan’s mysterious words were just wet dream, so it would be good not to laugh at them. What respect is there?
Mo Yifan explained that wet dream is a very natural phenomenon. I think many men have experienced it when they were young. Now, the general explanation for this situation is that long-term abstinence leads to excessive sperm, which is also very common. However, a man with a status like Mr. Liu must have a lot of what kind of women he wants, while you have been abstaining for a long time. It must be because of the disability of your legs that you are ashamed and don’t want money to force women. That’s why I say that Mr. Liu is a respectable person.
This Liu Donghai is finally thorough. Mo Yifan calculated it carefully for one or two months, but it was a wet dream who had passed three times. Of course, he would not let people know that every time he changed his pants, he secretly threw it into the toilet and never left a trace. He was sure that this matter would not be known by the second person except himself. However, Mo Yifan could make it clear that this was because he really saw it from his pulse.
Thinking that he had been consulted by several top experts in that world-famous big hospital, he had to be pushed around again and again for filming and testing, and finally he was able to make a diagnosis. But Mo Yi, who put three fingers on his pulse door for a few seconds, was able to thoroughly understand his physical condition, even though he was clear about wet dream several times, which made him inexplicably feel a strong sense of terror, as if he had no secrets in front of this young man.
But at the same time, a new hope was raised in Liu Donghai’s heart.
In the past three years, he has completely accepted the cruel fact that his legs are paralyzed, and he has almost given up hope that he can walk upright like a normal person one day.
However, Mo Yifan’s diagnostic ability has made him understand that Chinese medicine, which has always been despised by himself, may not be as bad as the western media said, and those world-recognized experts may not necessarily make mistakes
Liu Donghai knows the hypothesis that people in this world can cure their legs, so this person must be the young man in front of them.
When he saw Mo Yifan picking up the small medicine chest, a deputy commander had to leave. He couldn’t help but worry and worry. He couldn’t care less about his face. He said, Dr. Mo Mo, I shouldn’t doubt your medical skills or the greatness of Chinese medicine. I was ashamed of what I just said. You trust me, too. Since Dr. Mo can diagnose my condition so clearly, I don’t know that my legs have not been cured yet.
Mo Yifan pondered a little and said that it was the right method to treat Mr. Liu’s legs with acupuncture. There should still be a chance to be cured. After all, the possibility of your disease being cured for too long is very small, less than about 10% chance.
Ah, really
Dong Liu Hai Wen suddenly trembled with excitement. Although Mo Yifan said that there was less than a 10% chance, it was still a big surprise for him.
Because he had been treated in Germany for a year, the top international experts had solemnly sentenced him to a term of imprisonment in both legs, recognizing that his knee joint nerves were completely necrotic and incurable.
Because he was deeply disappointed, even a 100% recovery may be enough for him to go crazy for a while now.
Dr. Namo, can you help me with my illness?
Liu Donghai’s voice trembled when he said this sentence. After all, the meeting between the two people was not very pleasant. He was really afraid that Mo Yifan would refuse.
Mo Yifan waited for this sentence, but he deliberately hesitated to say that you can treat a disease, but you will suffer great pain during the treatment. Well, it is a kind of pain of life and death. Because your knees are dead, I have to stimulate the three strongest feelings of pain, numbness and itching in your legs with acupuncture, so that the necrotic nerves can slowly recover. This process is really painful. It is definitely unbearable for ordinary people. Are you sure you really want to treat this pain, but you may not be able to cure your legs?
No problem I’d like to
Without thinking about it, Liu Donghai promised to say that even if there is a one-hundredth chance, I am willing to try the pain. Compared with the mental pain of the disabled, what is the physical pain?
That is all right