The man thought for a moment before answering. His thumb and forefinger were pinched together and reached into his pants to grope for a little creature scratching his groin. He held his finger up to him and it seemed that his nails were yellow and thick, and he strangled something. His hands were big and his skin was keratinized and covered with white dander.

He said that the bull got lost a few days ago and somehow died. This stream is the most tasteless from other sources. In the past two days, a strong stench suddenly appeared. He found the dead cow because he searched along the coast. He took a rope and thought that everyone could work together to pull the cow out of the water.
Inman looked at him a few times at Weixi and then turned to look at the huge bull. He thought it would take a group of horses to pull the cow.
Let’s try, he said, but the cow is too big. It’s better to think of other ways.
The man didn’t know Inman’s words. He tied the rope around the cow’s neck, and then the three of them pulled the cow’s body out without moving.
The lever man said he could pry it if he could find the right stick.
You don’t have to come to us, but you can saw it yourself. Vichy said that I have a good saw, and you might want to buy it when we’re done. He ran to the river bank to get a cross-cutting saw, and it was like working with an adult for the first time, son.
Inman thought it was a bad idea. He sat in a fallen tree and watched the two men get busy with their work. They were full of energy, but they were in the wrong place. He remembered the engineers in the army who were so full of energy when building bridges or other facilities. The real value of engineering formed a great irony. In the end, a lot of manpower and material resources were wasted and a job was not done in Inman’s view.
By this time, Vichy had sawed three thick sticks, and in a blink of an eye, they put a few big stones in knee-deep water, each with a wooden stick, trying to turn the cow over, but the cow trembled a little, and the three of them pressed together in the water. This time, the cow did move. The problem is that even if the lever was pressed into the water, it could make the cow pick up a foot high, and then they would be unable to bear it. When their hands were loosened, the cow crashed back into the water.
I see. Vichy said that we can pry it up first, then kick the stone to the surface to support it, then change it to a higher stone, pry it up again, and then add more stones to the surface to support it, so that we can turn it over step by step
Inman visually measured the distance from the cow to the shore.
Even if we turn it over, it will still be in the water, he said
Then turn it over twice, said Vichy
That will make it shore, Inman said, but it will still rot and pollute the water.
Vichy said that he was completely fascinated by the engineering industry that embodies masculinity.
Inman wants to see them stay here until dark, pry up the bull, cushion it with stones, and then pry it up again, and repeat it endlessly for hours on the road and rest, and the good time will be delayed
Inman walked to the shore, picked up Weixi, put it on the ground saw, returned to the water and put the saw on the cow’s neck.
Come on, whoever goes over there and holds the other end, he said
Vichy was very disappointed, but the man grabbed the saw handle at the other end and didn’t pull it a few times, so they sawed off their heads, then sawed off their forearms and legs, and finally sawed off their hind legs and bellies, pouring two piles of dirty black liquid and spewing general stench. Vicy watched and suddenly bent down and vomited, and cotton-like meat in a pool of acacia pods floated away with foam.
The man looked at Weixi Gaga and laughed as if he had seen something particularly funny. His stomach was too delicate, he said
He’s a priest. Inman says his career gap is too big for this job
After they finished, the stream was covered with cattle carcasses one by one. They dragged the carrion from the water as soon as possible and threw it far away, but the stream was still red, reminding Inman of the stream in Fort Shipes.
If I don’t drink this water for several days, Inman said
Say to the man, I think so
The man Inman washed his hands and arms while swimming in clear water.
Come to my house for dinner. The man said it was appropriate to sleep in a hayloft.
Unless you are willing to buy this saw from us, Inman said to the man
I want two dollars in federal bills or fifty dollars in confederate bills, said Vichy, getting excited.
Take it. Inman said no money.
The man picked up the saw blade in one hand and balanced it on his shoulder. Inman Weixi followed him along the side of the stream. The man seemed to be humorous because he cleaned up the drinking water source. He didn’t go far. He stopped and put a finger on his nose, blinked at Inman, and then walked to a tree hole in front of a big oak tree. He put his arm in and touched a cork to stop the brown bottle.
I still have a lot of bottles of wine hidden nearby, he said in case of emergency
They came and went among the three people by the trunk of a bottle. The man said that his name was junior, and then he told the story that he traveled around and made a living by fighting cocks when he was young. He said that a Dominican rooster was special, and he was alive for two things. No matter what kind of opponents were defeated in front of it for several months, he talked about those epic battles, which were full of dramatic victories. When the cockfighting was going on in the barn, Dominica’s corns saw that it was about to lose, and it flew to the beams and stayed motionless. The audience was cynical and reached its climax. It suddenly fell like a hammer and hit the opponent’s body
Junior said that during his trip, women threw themselves at each other, which was as fierce as throwing at their opponent Dominican chicken. He remembered it deeply. She was a married woman. Her husband invited junior to stay in a cockfight for a few days when she got home. When the woman saw him, she was rubbed against his oil. One day, her husband went to the well to plow the land. When she bent down to get a bucket, junior came from behind and lifted her skirt to her back. He said that the bottom of the woman’s skirt was not wearing pants. He just held her in front of the wellhead and generally shook her from the well. After a bucket of water was quite dry, he put the rooster under his arm and left. He wanted Inman Weixi to believe that he had experienced many such wonderful days, and I had many affairs, he said
Vichy’s brain was dizzy after drinking. He thought it was wonderful. When junior finished speaking, he called for a while and then vaguely said that this is what a man should live.
Live like a cockfight, that’s my goal, he said wistfully.
Junior said that roaming day was really comfortable, and all his troubles were from settling down and getting married. After three years of marriage, his wife gave birth to a nigger child for him. What is even more irritating is that she refused to say that her biological father’s name deprived junior of his revenge and he wanted to divorce, but the judge refused to approve it because junior knew she was a slut when she married her.
Later, she asked her two sisters to live at home. In terms of lewdness, junior’s wife can be regarded as one of diamond cut diamond who gave birth to twins. Although she is several years old now, junior can’t say for sure the specific age. A pair of wild boars are almost the same. Family members, including twin mothers, don’t even bother to give them their names. When one of them is alone, she points her thumb at the child and says that little thing.
Junior said that he believed that he should marry a thirteen-year-old girl and raise her according to his own requirements. How many times did he say that he stayed up all night thinking that he would live in pain and never die? The only way was to cut their throats while sleeping and then blow his head off with a shotgun or escape to the forest until he was finally chased by a dog and killed like a raccoon.
These words cooled Vichy’s excitement for a while. After that, junior put the bottle back, shouldered the saw blade again and led them to turn a corner or two on the road, and saw his room. The junior family occupied a large area in a wet depression along the road. It seems that no one has ever repaired a wall, which has fallen off the river stone foundation, so the high side of the building seems to be tied to the center of the earth.
There are some pyramid-shaped cockfighting cages scattered in the courtyard, which are made up of peeled branches by honeysuckle Hua Teng. Cocks stare out from the holes of the cages. To their cold eyes, the world is just giving them a chance to fight. There is a faint white smoke in the chimney, but a thick black smoke rises from somewhere behind the house.
They had just walked into the depression from the road, with one or three legs and a short piece of hair. Suddenly, a beagle jumped at Inman from the bottom of the porch, and Inman would have to be more careful not to call the dog. Before it got close, he kicked it early and the puppy flew away and fell to the ground motionless.
Inman looked at junior and said, I have no choice.
All dogs are not thieves, said Vichy.
Junior just looked at the dog and said nothing.
At last it staggered up and limped back to the porch with three legs.
I’m glad it’s not dead, Inman said
I don’t give a fuck whether I’m dead or not, junior said
They came to the front of the house and entered the kitchen and dining room. junior Ma took a bottle from the bowl kitchen. The ground in tin cup’s house was badly tilted.
Inman sat in a chair by the table and had to hold the ground firmly with his feet, or he would slip to the lower wall. When the wall saw a bed by the fire, it seemed that his family didn’t even care to cushion it, so they turned the direction to make the head of the bed face higher.
The wall is attached to the newspaper, cutting pictures from some angles, and the ground is parallel. Others are not aligned. Maybe it is measured by a level. The fire in the fireplace is not strong and smoldering. An iron stove rack emits a smell of cooking carrion in the charcoal fire. The furnace is very inclined. Before entering the chimney, the smoke directly sticks to the side wall and jumps.