I don’t know how long it’s been since the doorbell rang. Song Danfu jumped up from the sofa and rushed over to the sliding door for an instant. She froze:

Chapter 50 Get rid of him
I was determined not to see him again. Less than half an hour later, Song Danfu appeared. It’s a pity that she failed to do so. She stood at the door with one hand and purple eyes fixed on her. Her deep eyes were like a bottomless Wang Haiyang.
"Why are you here?" The tone is very bad. Just because Song Danfu is blocking the door doesn’t mean she will let him in. She wants him to go.
"I’m worried that you’ll starve to death to give you food" depends on her eyes to guard against Yang Yang’s bag in her hand and a light smile. The purple eyes instantly lit up the color.
It’s the heart that comes out of his mouth, but it’s so hard to beat Song Danfu’s heart. He came to feed himself, and someone like Gu Qingyan came to feed her. No way.
Eyes from his hand bag Song Danfu choose not to believe.
"You don’t need to leave." Song Danfu doesn’t accept his feelings. He firmly doesn’t believe that he is in his heart. He must have some purpose, that’s all.
Kindly send her food, even if she doesn’t appreciate it, she will drive him away from Gu Qing’s shallow mood.
"Your attitude was not so cold when I was gasping for breath this afternoon." Gu Qing’s eyes were full of sarcasm when he was angry and extremely smiling. "How come now that Gu Yanchen is back, you have changed back to that Song Danfu who loves Gu Yanchen deeply?"
Song Danfu’s face was as white as paper, and he couldn’t refuse him. He forced him to own Nai and felt guilty about Gu Yanchen. It was like thousands of fine needles were pricking her heart.
He just came to wake her up. How miserable is she?
"I don’t want you to leave me alone." After a long time, she trembled and pushed Gu Qing to push him out to Song Danfu and shouted, "Go out, I don’t want to see you."
"Song Danfu, are you a chameleon?" Gu Qing looked at Song Danfu coldly at the door without moving.
I often hear that women are fickle, but I didn’t expect Song Danfu’s attitude to change more rapidly, and she could catch up with the chameleon.
"What do you mean" Song Danfu one leng how to pull the chameleon again?
A brief stare blankly just gave Gu Qing a shallow chance to push her.
"Bubai" walked into the door in public, and when he passed by her, he leaned over and dropped a sentence in her ear that almost made Song Danfu feel the best.
Heavy door Song Danfu chased Gu Qing shallow into the living room "Gu Qing shallow I let you leave my house, did you hear?"
"I heard that" I let go of my pocket and walked into the kitchen to see the unfinished counter. Half of the ingredients were everywhere, and I took out two pairs of chopsticks and handed them to Song Danfu. "Here."
"What are you doing?" Song Danfu looked at him warily. He heard that he wanted him to leave the words and nothing.
"What can I do to give you chopsticks besides eating?" Pulled her hand and shoved them into her hand. Gu Qing urged, "It’s not good to eat noodles quickly if they get cold."
After that, I sat and ate it as if I was really afraid of getting cold.
Holding chopsticks in her hand, Song Danfu trembled with anger and did not move. Compared with sitting at the table and eating noodles, she looked like an intruder.
Remembering that every time he confronted each other, he was in the wind. Song Danfu adjusted her mind and lived in anger. She sat opposite Gu Qing shallow and looked at Gu Qing shallow and slowly said, "Gu Qing shallow, I hope you will leave immediately after eating."
"But" this review is very refreshing, and the bowl is pushed to Song Danfu. "Eat quickly. This is a floor shop. It tastes good."
Seeing that he is so frank, Song Danfu can’t say anything too much. Stretch out his hand and move the noodle bowl closer. Uncover it and eat it slowly. Discuss whether the noodles are delicious or not. I hope he will eat them quickly.
After eating a few mouthfuls of Song Danfu, I didn’t want to eat it. Sitting opposite Gu Qing, she couldn’t think that she had been in bed.
Song Danfu, you are shameless.
Song Danfu reviles herself in her heart. She is already very sorry for Yan’s brother. This room belongs to her and Yan’s brother. You can’t have to drive him away here.
Looking up at Gu Qing’s shallow Song Danfu, I still don’t talk. Gu Qing’s shallow first frowned and asked, "How come the noodles are not delicious?"
He has been paying attention to Song Danfu’s behavior. After she took a few bites, she didn’t move her chopsticks and lowered her head. She didn’t know what she was thinking. This made him doubt the taste of noodles. He also ate noodles, but he didn’t care about the taste. For him, if she ate together, everything would matter.
"It’s not the face, it’s you." Song Danfu simply put chopsticks on his chest and looked at Gu Qing.
"I" Gu Qing was surprised by what I asked.
"It’s you," Song Danfu said bluntly. "Did you hear me tell you to stay here?"
"I heard you." Gu Qing’s face doesn’t change color. "But I’ll do what you say."
"You" Song Danfu DengYuan eyes didn’t expect him to say that is outrageous and unreasonable.
"Since you don’t want to eat it, don’t eat it." Chopsticks in your hand were thrown on the table, and you got up and walked to the bathroom.
Song Danfu got up and chased him out of Gu Qing’s shallow bathroom and asked, "What do you do?"
"Isn’t it very obvious?" Gu Qing’s shallow evoked purple eyes at the corner of his mouth, as if they could confuse people.
Song Danfu lost his mind in an instant and didn’t respond.
"Aren’t you tired?" Gu Qing asked her shallowly. He felt tired for her because he kept him like a thief all the time.
Song Danfu didn’t know how to answer him. His breath filled her nose and she felt that danger was approaching.
Seeing that she was confused by herself, Gu Qing’s little smile became more gentle and gently held her in her arms, and her fingers rubbed her cheeks carefully, so that he could not help but want more heads approaching.
"Well," Song Danfu gently sang a feeling of warm breath blowing in his ear and got a fright. He quickly pushed aside the shallow flash.
In her eyes, the precaution stung Gu Qing’s shallow Toshihiko, and the plundering light flashed in his purple eyes. Instead of grabbing her back into his arms, he gently said, "I’m going to take a shower."
Gu Qing shallow walked into the bathroom and took away the puzzle he had set up. Song Danfu was greatly relieved and patted his chest to be glad that he had escaped.
Then I thought that this was my own bathroom, and Song Danfu quickly chased it in without thinking.
In the bathroom, Gu Qing-shallow is undressing his buttons to reveal his bodybuilding chest muscles. It is very ambiguous that Song Danfu let out a scream and immediately turned away from him.
Gu Qing shallow move a joke with a smile "this is to take a bath with me":
Chapter 51 Stop
Gu Yanchen stepped into the family living room. A figure rushed into his arms and hugged him tightly. There was joy in his tone. "Chen, you are back."
Caught off guard, regardless of Yan Chen’s eyes, I stared straight at Song Xiaoling’s eyes and let Gu Yanchen reach out and push her hand. When she just left the old apartment, Dan Fu did the same. Does her eyes represent Dan Fu’s attachment to him?
Isn’t Dan Fu urging himself to come back a kind of naixin’s wish to leave this idea for himself, which makes Gu Yanchen feel inexplicably better, and when she can’t find Song Danfu in the afternoon, she will accumulate haze and disperse, thinking that Song Danfu is waiting for herself in the apartment, and Gu Yanchen’s eyes unconsciously emerge with tenderness.
Song Xiaoling was ecstatic and didn’t push herself. Does it mean that he also thinks that he must be pregnant with his own child, but he is not satisfied with her wife and still cares about his own flesh and blood?
"It is true that people often say that a little parting is better than a wedding." Mrs. Gu walked slowly over and joked, "How long will you two be so affectionate?"
Gu Yanchen saw the person in her arms and immediately pushed her, which didn’t mean anything.
Immersed in happiness, Song Xiaoling fell to the ground while she was caught off guard.
Old lady Gu was frightened by the road "Xiaochen, what are you doing? Hold Xiaoling."
Gu Yanchen didn’t move. His deep eyes were as calm as water. Looking at Song Xiaoling there gave people the feeling that he was too surprised to react.
Song Xiaoling was desperate, and her heart was white. Such a fall in her belly would definitely lose her mother’s performance. Song Xiaoling covered her abdomen with her hands and looked at Gu Yanchen with a pair of eyes, complaining and unwilling.
The body didn’t have the expected pain. For a moment, Song Xiaoling’s feet were steady. She was surprised to see that she had saved herself. The housekeeper touched the housekeeper’s eyes. Song Xiaoling was confused. How did she feel that the housekeeper’s eyes had the meaning of hating iron and not producing steel?
This feeling is not the first time that Song Xiaoling is quite sure that her middle-aged housekeeper didn’t pay him before marrying Gu Yanchen. What do you mean by looking at herself like that?
Old lady Gu hurried over and asked Song Xiaoling if there was anything wrong with the child.
See Gu Yanchen in situ Song Xiaoling heart limit injustice simply embrace gu old lady burst into tears, she cried gu old lady’s heart is tight anxious inquisition.
Gu Yanchen didn’t speak. He took a heavy look at the housekeeper, cold and terrible.
Who wants him to meddle? Song Xiaoling just saved him some trouble when she dropped her baby.