Everyone talked about it and started to discuss whether Ye Xiang would like to be a member of the orcs. After all, he is a human being.

"Well, it seems that everyone has an idea that he is a human monk. I can tell you this. He is not a simple human monk. You all saw that he has the breath of’ swallowing the beast’ and can display the magic spirit. Now he is half man and half beast." The animal emperor finally came out at this time
"Swallow day beast? How is it possible? "
"This is our god beast ….."
Then they knew that the beast emperor would not feel wrong. After all, the beast emperor is a descendant of the swallowing beast. Although the blood is not very pure, it is still not wrong for this feeling. Please remember the website. If you like to be carefree and drunk, write "Tu Shen Mo Jun"
Chapter three hundred Swallow the Beast of Heaven
"Just now, I also felt carefully that his cultivation is the Dragon Magic Collection, which is said by human monks. Now he is studying the six-level realm, and there must be no follow-up * *. Although there is no animal emperor city, it can help him get such benefits. He will not forget our kindness. From this person’s performance, it seems that this person is definitely a grudge and will not be ungrateful. {Rankings}"
The Beast Emperor then uttered a series of words.
Still arguing, all the monster beasts are carefully considering Xiang Ye’s speech at this time. After all, the beast in their beast clan is the’ swallowing beast’. Now Ye Xiang has the breath of swallowing beasts, so he should be able to be all over. Now the most important thing is to look at Xiang Ye’s own attitude.
Finally, the result of the discussion came out, that is, once the human monk is willing to stay in the beast emperor city after three years, they will definitely support him and will not oppose him.
"Good, let’s believe it. If this person finally stays in our animal emperor city, the situation that our ancestors unified our animal kingdom may appear again." The animal emperor is also looking forward to it at this time
After listening to this, they all moved in succession. They didn’t expect the adult of the animal emperor to value this repair so much. It’s just a five-level peak. The human teenager actually spoke the word "unification" and other friends were watching:
Then, after a word from the Beast Emperor, monsters left the hall one after another. They all left with limited expectations. Of course, there is another important thing, that is, almost everyone has some magical Dan’ medicine’ more or less, which is already very happy for them.
The night in the beast emperor city is very beautiful. I know that I will go to the beast emperor city the next day. It is always calm for Xiang Ye, but it is difficult to continue to meditate for one night. Looking at the long-lost moon in a tall wall in the beast emperor city, Xiang Ye is somewhat secretly surprised.
In other cities of the West Demon Empire, it is almost impossible to see such a beautiful moon. I didn’t expect the moon’s color in the beast imperial city to be so fascinating. The bright yellow glow makes people feel calm at this time. At this moment, she is also beautiful and moving.
There is silence around the city wall, but it is a quiet environment without the noise of human monks
"Ye Xiang’s little friendly interest, this beautiful night scene is something you can’t see anywhere else."
Xiang Ye, who was meditating, was awakened by this strange sound and turned to look at it. It turned out that it was the face that was more refined than the average’ female’. Sometimes Ye Xiang doubted whether the animal emperor was a’ female’ person.
Xiang Ye, who shook his head, smiled at this time. "The beast emperor seems to be’ quite’ interested. Isn’t this here!"
After listening to Xiang Ye’s words, the Beast Emperor didn’t say anything, but smiled slightly at Xiang Ye. Other friends were watching:
Two people so straight on the wall like two straight trunk turned out to be no shaking firm’ pretty’ shape at this time is a bit lonely and sparse.
"Do you have something on your mind?"
"Ha ha, who can’t have something on his mind? The beast emperor also has something to do."
"Well, let’s talk about our own worries. I can probably guess Ye Xiang’s little friend’s mind."
"oh? Let’s hear it. "
Next, the more Ye Xiang listened to it, the more he was surprised. At this time, the beast emperor said almost everything about him. From his practice to his experience of killing the East Dragon Empire by the Tsing Yi friar, he once met a beast that swallowed the sky, and so on. These things were actually calmly said by the beast emperor.
"How do you know?" At this time, Xiang Ye was already’ dew’ out of his deep fear. These things were not his closest people, and he almost didn’t know. For example, if the beast emperor didn’t say it today, he would forget it himself. After all, he didn’t care about the strange monster beast at that time.
Looking at Xiang Ye’s surprise at this time, the beast emperor still said faintly, "Xiang Ye Taoist friends are not so afraid. Although I almost know your details, don’t worry. I won’t want to treat you like others. On the contrary, I will help you to help you become a real strong man."
After the Beast Emperor spoke these words, Xiang Ye was even more puzzled. He didn’t know what the other party would do to himself like he didn’t know the Beast Emperor before. Other friends were watching:
"Let’s make it clear, otherwise there will always be some bumps in my heart and I always feel that someone is thinking about me, which will make me uneasy," said Ye Xiangnai.
"Forget it, brother Xiang Ye, don’t know too clearly. It’s not good for you to know these things too early. When your strength reaches my present state, you will naturally know it. Now you need to know that I really help you to strive for ascension. Our enemy is far more important than us. Think about the man who wounded you in the abdomen. You must know that he is not an ordinary person." The animal emperor did not say at this time that the reason was to sincerely persuade Xiang Ye.
Looking at the beast emperor at this moment, Xiang Ye knew that the other party would never tell himself the truth, even if he asked for it, there would be no consequences.
"Come on, since the Beast Emperor’s adult doesn’t want to say that I’m not forcing myself, there are some things that I don’t want to do. How do you know that there are no more than three people in this matter?"
Yes, Xiang Ye told Grain Rain about the beast swallowing. No third person knew about it. In fact, the appearance of the beast swallowing changed Xiang Ye’s fate. First, it enhanced his soul power. Most importantly, Xiang Ye has been making the soul power drill, which is almost the most important killing move in Xiang Ye, and saved Xiang Ye’s life several times. It can be said that Xiang Ye would not have appeared today without the soul power drill.
What Xiang Ye feel magic pupil appear and swallow day beast has a lot, but because Ye Xiangxiu is still too low now, it is still not clear about some changes after his soul force has merged with the swallow day beast demon nuclear.
"I can still explain this problem to Ye Xiang Xiaoyou. Actually, there’s nothing wrong with it. I know that you’ve met a devouring beast, and I know that you may have killed it and absorbed its demon nucleus. The reason is that my body is a descendant of devouring beast. Naturally, I can feel a little breath of devouring beast from you." The beast emperor said without hiding at this time.
Heard the beast emperor words at this moment Xiang Ye also understand each other what will know swallowing day beast.
Looking at Xiang Ye, it eased some breath a little. The beast emperor continued, "Swallowing the sky beast, the natural emperor in our monster beast world will be killed almost as soon as it appears. Because there is no human or monster beast willing to grow up, the reason is naturally that they are too rebellious. Once they grow up, the base will be the enemy?"
"isn’t it an exaggeration to achieve the enemy at level seven?"
Xiang Ye nature is some doubt.
"Ye Xiang Xiaoyou don’t doubt that I said that there is no exaggeration to swallow the beast. You should also have some experience, right? Your magic pupil can now make some magic souls divine, which is almost the same enemy in the same order." The beast emperor suddenly spoke Xiang Ye magic pupil at this time.
"Magic pupil? Does the beast’s majesty mean that my magic eye, magic soul and divine light all appear because of swallowing the beast? "
"Yes, otherwise, what would you be? Is it that you are born with a magic pupil? If you can have a magic pupil, this kind of person will definitely be chopped to death. Other friends are watching:" The animal emperor said with some movement.
At this time, Xiang Ye finally determined that the reason why his magic pupil appeared was that the beast swallowed the sky when he looked at the beast emperor again. The other party seemed to see the doubt in his eyes and talked again.
"Swallowing beast is just like its name. Adult swallowing beasts have almost no rivals because their two magic pupils almost don’t swallow anything unless they are repaired far beyond it. Otherwise, fate can be killed and swallowed. Every adult swallowing beast is almost a peerless murderer everywhere. Recently, the magic pupil appeared, saying that it is said that one move swallowed hundreds of thousands of troops of two empires. Surely you have heard about it."
The Beast Emperor gushed about swallowing the abnormal condition of the beast. At this time, Xiang Ye finally understood what he was. As soon as the magic pupil was displayed, there would be so many people who wanted to compete for it. That is to say, there were some seven godsworn wasteland cities. At this time, Xiang Ye’s heart was full of expectations for his future strength. If he was as bad as the Beast Emperor said, he would reveal the mystery that had been bothering him a little bit.
"Let’s stop here, Ye Xiang Xiaoyou. Have a good rest tonight. We’re going to the snake emperor city one day. I hope we can solve your health problems smoothly, otherwise, even if your talent is outstanding, there will be no"