Yin Ningluo believes that she is not a coquetry woman who is good at treating men. Even if this man is really close to her, Yin Ningluo always speaks with a mild voice. She said to Junling, "I will try my best to protect myself even if I am not you."

Yin Ning collaterals, she can’t speak soft words, but she can control every word of Jun Ling’s emotions. When her eyes meet, Jun Ling is already white, so a woman is doomed to be robbed in his life.
Deliberately finding a topic to preach to Yin Ningluo is actually to divert her attention and ask her to put all her thoughts on the ankle where he is talking. Naturally, I can’t feel the pain. It seems that Junling is very successful.
After the wound is treated, Jun Ling will take off Yin Ning’s skirt when she gets up.
"What are you doing?" Yin Ning collaterals seemed to be frightened by his sudden movement. The reflexive hand covered his chest and looked at Jun Ling with alert eyes.
Although handsome, you should not be an animal.
Although it’s my fiance, it’s still a while before our wedding night.
should not
The heart thinks so, but the words from Jun Ling let Yin Ning realize how superficial she really is.
"I’m going to help you unzip the back of your skirt." Look at her and watch her eyes. Jun Ling has some nai. Isn’t he so hungry in her heart? His eyes rested on her injured ankle and continued, "Are you sure you still have a foot injury?"
Yin Ningluo stopped talking. Because of the reality, the zipper at the back of the skirt is very high and extends all the way to the back of the neck. If you want to finish the solution, you must step on your feet and have injuries, which Yin Ningluo can’t do.
So Yin Ning collaterals shyly asked Jun Ling for help, but it was a pity that the man was so good that he seemed to lean on the bathroom sink with a pair of black eyes and an intoxicating smile, holding his arms and looking at her condescendingly.
Seeing him like this, Yin Ningluo was a little lost and silently raised his hand and pointed to the back novel "Please help me"
Jun Ling seems to have smiled and lifted her leg and walked over to sit in front of her. She reached out and untied the zipper behind the skirt. Yin Ningluo felt that the skirt was a little loose, and at the same time she felt Jun Ling’s warm breath at the shoulder.
She undressed as if he were more nervous than her.
It took some effort to untie the zipper. At the end of the atom, Yin Ning’s cheeks were already purples because the atmosphere in the bathroom was a little grinding.
After helping, Yin Ningluo said "thank you" to the man, which was both a thank-you and a refusal. Yin Ningluo really meant to thank you for going out. She wanted to take a shower.
1 need to be persistent. In fact, there are different fates in this world.
"I don’t help" seems to be a deliberate statement by the bad guy.
"Aye, you’re quick to get out!" Yin Ningluo gas knot is not the only reason to treat this kind of person. The bath water is warm in the bathtub. Yin Ningluo suddenly thought of splashing him with this water, so he must be forced out.
Remember that Yin Ning collaterals really poured water on Jun Ling, which is why Jun Ling didn’t expect to be driven out with Yin Ning collaterals’ cheerful smile.
Angea happened to walk by outside bathroom door and saw Junling wet. She asked, "What’s wrong with you, young master? You need me to put water in your room and take a shower first."
At this time, Junling saw angea’s eyebrows still smiling. Obviously, he was infected by the outsiders. He waved his hand and smiled and said to angea, "No, you go first." Junling looked down at his clothes. How strong can a little girl be? He was a little bit hurt.
The original angea was going to the kitchen. When she passed Junling, she heard him say to the people inside the door, "You have a foot injury. Be careful not to take up the water. If it’s really not good, I’ll go in and help you. Just don’t be brave."
"Don’t worry about it." People inside are like people who are holding back their anger and are very resistant to talking to outsiders.
Jun Ling put his arms around his chest and leaned against the door panel and smiled happily.
Although his back is turned to Junling, angea’s face is smiling at the moment. These two children are really a pair of stooges.
A few hours later, Yin Ning collaterals hit the bathroom gentlemen, Ling Jun’s face, and so many signs broke into her sight. "You have been waiting here." She asked that there was some incredible light in her eyes, and she also said that he would not wait here.
Unexpectedly, Jun Ling looked at her, but her eyes fell on her feet. "How dare I leave easily when your feet are hurt?" Yin Ning was picked up by Jun Ling Daheng.
Yin Ning collaterals were afraid that they would fall, and her arms around Jun Ling’s neck let him carry her into the bedroom.
That night they were lying in bed and Junling held her from behind.
At night, Yin Ningluo looked at Jun Ling’s palm by the light blooming at the head of the bed. She put her hand in half with Jun Ling’s head-up light. Both men and women had a pair of white hands. Yin Ningluo smiled, "Your hands are really beautiful." If compared with Yin Ningluo’s daughters’ hands, they all looked a little inferior. Before Yin Ningluo always admitted that ice skin and jade meant that women’s skin was good, and it was not until today that she found out that she was also a shapeable man.
Jun Ling smiled and played with her hands. Later, Yin Ningluo looked at the palm of his hand. Jun Ling’s palm texture is very clear and the color is also the healthiest color. Look at her palm texture. It’s messy and complicated. It’s like autumn withered leaves.
In contrast, Yin Ningluo frowned and said something to Jun Ling, "It’s really right that all the good things are taken up by you alone."
When Junling didn’t react, what did she mean by this sentence? Yin Ningluo had handed the palm of her hand to Junling. "You see that your palm is smooth and shiny, and then look at me like a dry leaf. Sometimes even I can’t tell where it is."
Fortunately, Yin Ningluo has the spirit of entertaining himself. After saying these words, he smiled at Jun Ling, intending to tease Jun Ling’s heart. Unexpectedly, he said something that aroused thousands of waves in Jun Ling’s heart.
Yin Ning said with a joke, "Maybe I’m unlucky, otherwise my palm wouldn’t be so messy and you’re so perfect. We’re together, and I may lead a life of cholera in the future."
"Don’t talk nonsense." Jun Ling’s high voice and breathing are suffused with anger. Over the years, Yin Ning’s collaterals have never seen anger. At least when facing her, Jun Ling never seems to be enduring anger like this.
Jun Ling once sat up from the bed and moved her hands over Yin Ning’s eyes. The darkness seemed to be mixed with too many emotions. For a moment, Yin Ning saw the bitterness in Jun Ling’s eyes. The man said that his voice was shaking. "Ning Er, remember that if it hurts me, I will give you all these good things. I hope you are safe and happy."
I don’t know what Jun Ling’s words made Yin Ningluo sad that night, but her eyes were even wet later. I remember that she answered him a "good" in the misty tears.
Jun Ling loves Yin Ningluo, but she knows Jun Ling loves Zhang Yuxi, Yin Ningluo, but I don’t know who will know that there are actually two people in her body, one is Zhang Yuxi and the other is Yin Ningluo, and these two people are just one person.
In June of 9, a truly Yin Ningluo era came.
From June to July, 2009, the general manager of Yin Ningluo Yinhai Group rose by 5 percentage points in one month, reaching a record high.
In September, another month later, he led Yinhai Group to buy shares. At that time, the hottest communication media made a big noise, which made the business community know this young but vicious woman.
In September, Yin Ningluo’s name ranked third in the city’s rich list. She was the first woman to enter the rich list, and since then she has set a new record for the rich list.
The city is a financial city, with high-rise buildings and bustling downtown. Most of the commercial media walls are playing Yin Ningluo’s heroic demeanor in turn, introducing her to the business world with great ambition.
In the media wall, there are two people sitting in a black Mercedes-Benz car. The main driver’s seat is Gong Nanmu and the deputy driver’s seat is He Yuemeng.
He Yuemeng looked at the media wall through the window glass and was confident. Yin Ning’s eyes were sad, but she sincerely lamented "She is really strong."