Patty finally straightened up in the arena and took a serious step towards Ye Tian. At this moment, he also remembered that the three brothers had discussed the knot and wanted to defeat Ye Tian at no speed.

Although the speed of the earth warrior should be the slowest, in a way, speed is the nemesis of the earth warrior, but this one is not established in Ye Tianshen.
Although I don’t know how he did it, there is no doubt that the speed is always in his hands in front of Ye Tian. The faster you are, the easier it will be for Ye Tian to borrow the speed of the other party, and then you need to gently hand over the weapon, and everything will be over, just like that assault.
But is it just slow? If it’s not that simple, Ye Tian is not qualified to be their master. If Ye Tian wants to enter the phase, he must reduce the flaws.
Looking at the venue, Buddy slowly pushed towards Ye Tian, and Essien Baggio’s eyes flashed up. That’s right. This is the only possibility that the three brothers summed up that Ye Tian entered the phase. The way to slowly approach the Lord is not to ask for help but to ask for it.
Looking at Bharti’s bearing, he stepped over step by step. Ye Tian was puzzled at first and then smiled. At the moment when Bharti approached the front ten meters, his right foot gently stamped at the moment, and the thigh thickness was nearly two meters higher than the sharp stab, and he stabbed the body of Bharti in the past.
Feel the fluctuation of your feet, Buddy. How dare you neglect this? If you are hit, even if you are not a eunuch, you will die of pain. How can you continue to fight?
Think about Buddy’s sudden oblique flash, and at the same time, the sharp assassination point will be as slow as one step, and everything will be finished.
Bad is that Bharti breathed a sigh of relief and Baggio Essien screamed at the same time around the venue. Just as Bharti flashed, Ye Tian had a charge and jumped to the ground at Bharti.
Hoop, bang, stare at Ye Tian in an instant, and make a green light. Now Badi is in the arrival position before landing, and at the same time, he is closely connected to Ye Tian after charging, and a war tramples on him.
Before Buddy’s feet landed, a white gas wave oscillated instantaneously to trample on the impact in the war. Before he landed, Buddy fell into a dizzy state.
After a war trampling on his right foot, Ye Tian’s body momentum didn’t stop there for a moment. With the help of the charge, Ye Tian’s body instantly turned around, and his right foot turned to his left leg. After turning around, he slammed into Ba Di’s abdomen.
This kick after turning around is very scary. It is definitely a heavy attack method in the tire boxing, especially Ye Tian, who also uses the foot force of charging and rushing.
Bang, dull roar, Badi flew like a golf ball, his feet were not high off the ground, and he almost wiped the ground, so he flew straight to more than 50 meters and slammed into the stands around the arena, which made him stop.
After snapping violently, Buddy crashed into the fence, then bounced back to the ground. If you look closely, the fence was full of cracks after being hit by Buddy.
Seeing this, Essien Baggio opened his mouth wide at the same time for a long time. Baggio struggled to say hello to Essien. Did you find that Master seems to be?
Well, deep nodded his head. Ai’s hard and astringent way. Yes, the master didn’t fight at all because of his energy, so he kicked Badi to 50 or 60 meters.
What? How is it possible to hear Essien? Thea couldn’t help exclaiming.
Not only West Asia, but also Nina in the United States and Canada are unbelievable. You know, Patty is a tenth-order master, and Ye Tian can’t beat Patty without moving energy. This is too exaggerated.
A good half-day Baggio Essien looked at each other and said two words at the same time. Yes, Ye Tian easily blew Bharti away again and again. In fact, he accurately captured Bharti’s flaw and then blew the most appropriate blow at the most appropriate time.
Nai looked at each other. Baggio Essien’s heart was full of nai. They wanted to keep the Lord quiet or show less flaws. But I didn’t expect that although they didn’t show any flaws, Ye Tian was not a piece of wood, so he could force his opponent to crack.
Not to mention others thinking about the arena, Ye Tian was lost in thought, frowning tightly, but I didn’t notice it just now, but now I have successfully completed these moves, and Ye Tian finally found out that it was wrong.
It is true that Ye Tian, no matter how strong he is, doesn’t know how strong he is to this share, but Ye Tian is keenly aware that it is not the same before he moves to attack.
How can I put it? If you want to move or attack, you have to generate an anti-gravity force to get rid of gravity, and then you can jump away. The whole process is divided into two steps: one is to counteract gravity, but to drive the body.
But now that the first step has been omitted, you don’t need to counteract the gravity. When you move your mind, you will instantly start your body and jump. Almost when you move your body, you won’t feel the fetters.
And the most important thing is that everything is smoother and faster than action, and it makes people feel comfortable and almost groan.
Carefully speaking, the day before yesterday seemed to be wearing a set of Jin armor, and every move was very heavy, but now this Jin armor suddenly disappeared and almost flew at random.
Slowly bow your head and look at the phoenix necklace on Ye Tianchao’s chest. Yes, so many changes are definitely not the only cause. It may be that this phoenix necklace is attached.
A little thought of Ye Tian turns white. Although this phoenix is a fire creature, there is nothing faster than the phoenix in this world, and the peak of speed is the phoenix.
Although I don’t know, there is no doubt that once I wear the Phoenix necklace, Stephan Yip will not be affected by gravity, but will also be super accelerated and will not be affected by wind and other factors. Instead, she will use wind to drive her body to carry out various movements.
In order to confirm my guess, Ye Tian excitedly looked up and looked at Badi Avenue, which slowly climbed from the ground. Badi put your darksteel sword method to use. I won’t take the initiative, but my hands will defend and evade.
Hearing Ye Tian’s words has been disheartened. Buddy suddenly lit up his eyes to avoid not striking back. That thing still hopes that even if Ye Tian will defend against it, he will not be afraid of really bumping into each other. Buddy’s confidence will not be repelled. In energy, Buddy does not suffer.
Thinking that Buddy wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, hey hey smiled and inclined to hold the darksteel epee and jumped toward Ye Tian. Since he didn’t fight back, he was evasive and defensive, so he was a cathartic one.
Soon Buddy rushed to the front of Ye Tian, and the darksteel epee in his hand roared with fire all over the sky, chopping at Ye Tian and leaving no hand.
In the face of this crazy blow, Ye Tianmian doesn’t wave his body slightly, and then he instantly turns sideways. The sword with the fire all over the sky wiped Ye Tianmian’s body and cut it in the place.
For this stuttering emperor, he knew very well what Ye Tian said. He must have been blown away again now, but since he didn’t do it, everything would be easy to say.
Thinking about Bharti’s sudden drink of the darksteel sword method, the instant exhibition of the darksteel epee sounded a piercing roar and staggered toward Ye Tian. Outside the venue, the audience all opened their mouths. When people watched Ye Tian’s figure, they dodged in the shadow of Bharti’s sword, neither fighting back with their hands nor defending against it. Simply avoiding it easily evaded Bharti’s attack.
Although Buddy is a fire warrior and the sword is a black iron epee, the attack speed is not slow. This is the case with the black iron sword method. Once it is put into use, it needs to be controlled with skill. The speed is getting faster and faster, just like an accelerating plane dancing to the extreme. It feels like the speed is not in the wind sword method.
In the middle of the sword shadow, the grass in the wind is generally accompanied by Badi’s attack, swinging violently, which seems to be invisible but wonderful to avoid. Finally, Badi’s big sword didn’t even touch the edge.
Watching a fierce battle with two people with horror, Baggio shivered and said, Is Master Tian a land warrior or a flurry warrior? Even a flurry warrior can’t do this. Not to mention the avoidance skill list, just say that the flexibility of moving speed is not comparable to that of a flurry warrior.
Speaking of which, Baggio turned his head and looked at Essien Dao. Your sword is the fastest among the three of us. Are you sure you have stabbed Master now?
Pale looking at Ye Tian’s floating figure, Essien bit his lip for a long time. Essien shook his head and whispered, it’s impossible. I’m already satisfied that my sword can’t stab the master quickly and I can stab the virtual shadow.
Hearing Essien’s words, Baggio turned his head slightly and looked at the field. When he saw that Bharti’s dark iron swordsmanship had reached its limit, there were swords all over the sky as if four or five swords were attacking at the same time.