Pure Yin immediately couldn’t help but stared at Liu Fei. "Are you eating? Where is it so easy? "
"Even to refining don’t also have to find the material? It’s far from enough to discover all the power of this golden body skull. It’s better to find the refined artifact fairy gold, otherwise it will be blind to this golden body skull! "
"Er … so complicated?"
A listen to also find refining artifact fairy gold Liu Fei suddenly some lack of interest.
Nowadays, the resources in the spiritual world are extremely scarce, even the ordinary natural resources are scarce. Is it really easy to find the refined artifact fairy gold?
"Come on, don’t be too discouraged."
Xu may have noticed that Lu Fei’s face was disappointed and lost its purity, but he couldn’t help but quickly comfort and said, "Leave this matter alone and I’ll find a way!"
[339] Brother Shanda?
? After returning to Maoshan, Chunyang’s funeral was immediately scheduled for Qian Qian.
As early as the founding of the school, Mao Shanzong had strict regulations on the affairs of his disciples, and everything had to be done in accordance with the ancestral system. Although the whole process was extremely cumbersome, Lu Fei saved a lot of things and everything had to be done step by step
The only difference is that almost all the schools of Chunyang Featuring the Right Path have come here to offer their condolences, which is an affirmation to Mao Shanzong and a support to Lu Fei, the new leader!
As soon as the funeral was over, Li Longyang immediately found Lu Fei with several high-level officials of Ge Zaozong. Lu Fei didn’t want to know that their purpose must be the "Du Ren Jing"
As early as in the underworld, Lu Fei promised that Li Longyang would come out safely and they would introduce Master Huitong to discuss the "Du Ren Jing".
It happened that Master Huitong also found Master Huitong at the first time in Maoshan Lufei, introduced him to the people of the Pavilion Soap Sect, and told Master Huitong all their origins.
Will Master Yu Huitong promise to award The Tale of Du Ren to Ge Zaozong, then it won’t be Liu Fei’s business. He promised Li Longyang that things have been done in this matter, and it depends on their own fate.
However, what Lu Fei didn’t expect was that Master Huitong actually kicked the ball back to Lu Fei after hearing the whole story.
Master Huitong means that he has already given the Du Ren Jing to Lu Fei. Whether Lu Fei will give it to others is beyond his control!
His meaning has been very obvious, that is, he will directly hand over the decision to Lu Fei! If Liu Fei wants to, he can now award the Du Ren Jing to Ge Zaozong.
"Please also ask Lu Zhangmen to make it!"
A listen to the decision has been finished in the hands of Liu Fei cabinet soap all suddenly a happy look at Liu Fei eyes at that time is also full of hot hurriedly shouted at Liu Fei fuels.
Lingbao’s wonderful sutra of measuring people is the ancestral sutra of Gezao, and its importance to Gezao is self-evident. If it can be restored through the Buddhist sutra of measuring people, it is expected that Gezao will be revived. They can’t help it.
"This …"
Liu Fei was immediately dumbfounded and couldn’t help but take a look at master Huitong. Why did he leave such an important matter to himself to decide?
Suddenly, Liu Fei’s mind flashed, and this just reflected the meaning of Master Huitong.
Look at this posture. Master Huitong is deliberate! He is trying to make himself sell cabinet soap through this matter.
Everything is in full swing in the autumn of life and death, and once you grant the Classic of Du Ren to Ge Zaozong, that Ge Zaozong is bound to owe yourself a great favor!
In this way, why doesn’t the cabinet soap Sect face its own Maoshan everywhere?
In other words, Master Huitong is actually helping himself in disguise! I will better support the Maoshan situation myself.
At the thought of this, Liu Fei couldn’t help but appreciate a look at Master Huitong, and said, "Good! I will give you the method of "Du Ren Jing"! "
"Wait a minute!"
At this time, however, far away is suddenly there was a Hongliang sound.
All one leng consciousness and looked in the direction of sound to the past.
After seeing the bearer clearly, several high-level officials of the cabinet soap Sect quickly bowed to this person and then respectfully shouted "visit the head!" "
"Boss? Even the head of the cabinet soap Sect came in person? "
Liu Fei is still in a daze. It’s over half a year, and the head of Soap Sect in Baige has fallen to the ground lightly. Then he went straight to Liu Fei and smiled, "Hehe … I’ve heard so much about Lu Zhang!"
"Er … I’ve heard a lot about Li Zhang …"
It was not until this time that Liu Fei reacted and quickly returned a gift to the cabinet soap owner
"Lu Zhangmen Gao Yi being original is really admirable!"
The head of Gezaozong once again solemnly embraced the fist at Lu Fei and immediately turned the conversation. "Is this" Du Ren Jing "so light after all, is it not justified?"
A listen to these words, they couldn’t help saying that Li’s head was caught in the door? The somebody else Liu Fei has promised himself, but he has got up sweetly?
Among them, all the cabinet soap cases were immediately dumbfounded but didn’t know what the owner meant. Doesn’t he want to repair the ancestral scriptures?
"Why am I a little confused?"
Liu Fei dug his forehead, and there was a whisper in his heart. Maybe this Li Zhang didn’t want to owe himself a favor and didn’t want this "Du Ren Jing"?
"Lu Zhangmen, please don’t get me wrong!"
Li Zhangmen quickly interrupted Lu Fei’s reverie, and then said, "Du Ren Jing is as heavy to my cabinet as Taishan Mountain, and it is justified to study Du Ren Jing. If you have an unkind feeling, please hope that Lu Zhangmen will definitely agree!"
Looking at Li Zhang’s face, Liu Fei couldn’t help being more suspicious and immediately said, "Li Zhang has something to say."
"Well, I want the dog to worship you. Do you know what Lu Zhangmen is like?"
Li Zhang looked at Liu Fei with a face of dribbling eyes full of hope.
"ha? Come into my door? "
Liu Fei was immediately dumbfounded. He actually wanted Li Tianbai to enter his door? I’m still a half-hanger, and now I want to accept my disciples?
"ha? Actually want to worship Lu Feishi? "
Li Zhang’s words were not only dumbfounded by Liu Fei, but also immediately dumbfounded by Ann and others! To say that this master Li is somehow also a faction leader, he actually wants his son to worship Lu Fei?
This fucking … What the hell was he thinking?
"This …"
At that time, Liu Fei hesitated for a long time before saying, "Lee’s boss is not willing to be able to …"
However, before Lu Fei could finish his sentence, Li Zhangmen shouted directly to Li Tian in the crowd, "Tianer hasn’t come in to visit Master yet!"