"Poof" a windson throat itch one mouthful blood gushed from the mouth, and my heart was filled with horror. Thunder is not the kui, but the aftermath made him suffer minor injuries.

Further away, Tess felt dizzy from the aftermath, as if he had been hit hard on the head, but he managed to keep his eyes wide open and stare at the center of the metal ring, where a fist-sized black hole appeared in the middle of the glassy virtual center, surrounded by coils of cracked lines like cobwebs
The light of the metal ring suddenly becomes dazzling, and the small hole in the glassy void is getting bigger and bigger. Soon, it will be connected with the metal ring to form a huge black hole with a diameter of 30 meters. From time to time, you can see seven | > strange and charming.
"Plane channel! It’s a plane channel! " In the distance, Tess suddenly screamed with excitement.
After windson spat out one mouthful blood, he felt that his state had recovered a lot. When he heard Tess barking, he smiled and raised his hand, which caused the little devil’s soul to fluctuate and ordered, "Go and see if it leads to the earth."
When the little devil heard the command, he immediately flew into the plane channel.
On one side press a way
Windson like didn’t hear the words of Tess generally unhurriedly put away the mine-accumulating bottle and took off most of the armor that had been destroyed before Shi Shiran entered the "purple light"
One and a half minutes is enough! Now the key is to wait for the little devil to confirm whether the other end of the plane channel is the earth’s plane. If you venture in and now you go to an unknown plane, it will make people want to cry. There will be no thunder the next day.
Soon the little figure of the little devil appeared again in the "Purple Light" scanner. Seeing that it made a gesture of affirmation, Lin Feng finally breathed a sigh of relief, and he was so excited that he couldn’t wait to go home at last!
"Let’s go, Palindus. I’m leaving!" Windson light say with smile
"Well, take care!"
"Let’s go, let’s go, there’s no time!"
"Goodbye!" "Purple light" has been adjusted to the strongest defensive state, manipulating it to fly away from the channel leading to the hometown plane …
There is a fleet of advanced equipment floating quietly in a vast virtual space between Jupiter and Saturn in the sun. Without a logo, you can’t tell which force it belongs to, but since you can openly appear in the sun, you can already guess their background.
At the moment, this fleet is strangely surrounded by a big circle in the middle of the sky. Except for a few other starships, they all point their ships at the circle and shoot energy beams of different colors from time to time. With the help of the dense mecha and space fighters, all floating objects in this virtual space are smashed into powder.
And that a few ships will ship to the circle of starships in a relatively dense formation will be a heavy cruiser faint vault in the middle.
In the temporary laboratory of heavy cruisers, more than a dozen researchers in white coats are busy with instruments, while in the corner of the laboratory, more than a dozen people, old and young, men and women, are sitting or gathering. Most of them look nervous and stare at the large virtual screen in front of them. The atmosphere is a bit heavy.
Suddenly a crisp and pleasant sound broke the silence in the laboratory. "Grandpa, are you sure Brother Xiaofeng will appear here?"
Sitting in the sand and wearing a dark black gown, Master Sun Jingchang nodded with a wry smile. "Little Moon, please spare Grandpa. This is the tenth time you have asked Grandpa this question … Don’t worry, the place where Grandpa gave you the plane coordinates of Xiao Feng’s brother is the circle. If Xiao Feng can play the plane channel, he will definitely come out from here." Even if he answers this question for the tenth time, the master still makes it clear that there is no impatience, which shows how much he loves this granddaughter.
After listening to Sun Yaoyue’s dialogue with Master Sun, several other women in the laboratory were still nervous, but their faces could not help but show a smile.
"Little Moon, you are so worried. Brother Xiaofeng, be careful that other sisters will be jealous." A dignified and straight-backed man stood with his hands behind his back in front of the virtual screen, and the old man suddenly smiled and said.
"Grandpa Chen …" Sun Yaoyue quietly looked at several young beauties around him, blushing and not getting angry.
My little girl’s sample attracted a chuckle. Qin Xinyu held her in her arms in the previous step and gently said something in her ear, which made Sun Yaoyue blush even more. Sun Yaoyang also teased a few words when he saw it, but he was beaten by his baby sister. This fellow grinned and begged for mercy.
"Didi …" It was in the corner of this brother and sister’s slapstick lab that an instrument suddenly sang and immediately attracted everyone’s attention.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-five Family reunion
When the instrument rang, Master Sun Jingchang suddenly felt refreshed. "What’s the situation?"
"It is reported that the detector of the President of the Dean shows an abnormality nearby," a researcher reported.
"Is Brother Xiaofeng coming?" Lively Sun Yaoyue and Blue Beibei jumped up at once.
"It should be like this …" Master Sun Jingchang said vaguely.
"Look!" Has been silent ChuYu suddenly pointed to the virtual screen in alarm.
They hurried to see that there was a place in the virtual display on the screen, and the surrounding lights shone like glass.
"It is the barrier that has been solidified, and the small wind is coming out!" way
Perhaps it has long been commanded that when there is an abnormality in the virtual space, the starship opposite immediately moves around for a moment, and a purple light with arm thickness passes through the glassy virtual space like a sharp arrow across the sky and the earth, and grazes the surface of a starship and shoots to Jupiter in the distance.
"Boom …"
There seems to be a faint thunder in everyone’s mind, and a ripple visible to the naked eye rises on Jupiter’s surface, which makes everyone look at each other. Is that lightning in the sky? It’s amazing …
Just when everyone was amazed, the purple light passed through the glassy void and turned into a black hole.
"It’s the plane channel breeze coming back!" Master Sun, who has always been as cool as a cucumber, couldn’t help but get up and strode to the front of the virtual screen and stared at the huge black hole in the screen.
The researchers in the laboratory are busy without waiting for orders. This is a clear record of the earth’s federal times, and the formation of ground channels is undoubtedly huge for future research.
"Ah Feng …" Qin Xinyu murmured with his hands clenched in fists and his body trembled slightly.
Chen Li sighed and carefully took Qin Xinyu’s hand and patted her on the shoulder. "Don’t worry that Xiaofeng will definitely come back!"
Qin Xinyu Li nodded and held her breath with everyone waiting for the arrival of windson.
"coming!" A small figure suddenly appeared in the black hole, which made Chu Yuxin shout with joy and then disappointed. It can’t be windson.
"It’s a little devil!" Sharp-eyed Sun Yaoyue saw the little figure at a glance.
The little devil appeared in the black hole for a moment and then went back.
At the moment, a purple mecha with simple and elegant shape and smooth and beautiful lines appeared in front of everyone through the plane channel …
The feeling of crossing the plane seems to be almost the same. First, all the instrument lights in the "purple light" cockpit are extinguished at the moment, and then there are streaks of colored light passing by. With the passing of colored light getting faster and faster, there is a huge pressure around, which makes Lin Feng involuntarily summon up the true yuan to prepare for the possible danger.
Fortunately, this time there was no accident. It seems that after a moment, the lights of the "Purple Light" department returned to normal.
"Are you back?" Windson took a deep breath and wanted to see a surrounding environment, but immediately got a fright … Seems to be surrounded?
The scanner shows that there are hundreds of starships surrounded by "purple light". These starships are very familiar with the modeling. 1oo is the federal division of the earth.
"Is it a small wind?"
"A Feng?"
"Brother Xiaofeng (brother)?"
The "purple light" communication channel suddenly came in a mess, with men, women, old people and few calls
Lin Feng instantly relaxed, sighed with relief and clearly replied, "It’s me!"
"Long live!" A cheer full of surprises rang in the cockpit of Ziguang.
"Wow …"
Just put away the "purple light" and two white flashes fell on Lin Feng’s shoulders, followed by Lin Feng, and he felt the cheeks on both sides wet and familiar with the touch.
"Did the doll miss me?" Windson smile gently will shoulder two little things in his hand.
Two cute little things happen to coincide with each other. The little head doesn’t even like to play the devil’s advocate with Lin Feng. This time, there is no funny golden double pupil.
Surprise of reunion
"Xiao Feng!"
"A Feng!"
"Brother Xiaofeng (brother)!"